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  1. Heading into the new year above .500 and then getting stronger down the stretch. TO be honest I already bought in when I signed my lifelong Sabres fan card 50 years ago
  2. Phil's style just did resonate with this team IMO.. The team gave up on him and that's usually a tell tale sign of a coach.
  3. that's a tough pill to swallow...…. Very sad an unfortunate...
  4. That's the hope... Less minutes and paired with someone who has stronger defensive game with a coach who's scheme has a place for his strengths... With our defensive injuries were going to be finding out IMO, as I don't see us being in a hurry to trade him.
  5. good points.. Just trying to look at it with rose colored glasses on I guess
  6. Risto could be reborn under Krueger. A coach who may know how to use him properly and stabilize his metrics.
  7. I agree I think that's the plan. Also gave us some chips to play with to negotiate a deal when it reveals itself
  8. We've spent the last few years building up our pipeline, and its still a work in progress. We are not trading Risto unless we get a very very good return. We are not trading our prospect pool or draft picks for fill ins unless that deal heavily favors the Sabres IMO. I believe we need to let the pipeline compete for the 2C position and the rest of the roster wait for the right deal to present itself. This team is ripe for improvement but no where near ripe for a deep playoff run, therefore why force a deal to make ourselves half relevant this year. I too believe coaching can bring the biggest difference from last year to this year. Is Ralph that guy, stay tuned.
  9. Minors then.. Didn't realize he wasn't eligible.
  10. Need to see them in action this preseason Mitts should be stronger and obviously more experienced this year. Cozens IMO starts in Rochester and Gets his 9 games before the season ends.. Even if he shines in camp he is most likely not ready for an 82 game schedule
  11. LOL got my GMs mixed up.. Bouncing between multiple topics on multiple boards does that
  12. big difference. O'Reilly had a $7.5 million roster bonus do that would of greatly affected dead cap space if we traded him afterwards. yes it was not fruitful, but Beane was determined to remake this team and it didn't include O'Reilly and a $7.5 mil roster bonus.... I do not see an O'reilly situation for 2 reasons. Risto has a manageable cap hit, and is worth what he is being paid. So we can wait this one out. The 2nd We will run Beane out of town if he trades another higher end asset for peanuts. He can't afford to short arm this one
  13. $5 million you can easily invest have it earn income while you draw down on that and have it last 50 years easily... Heck My lifetime earnings to date $3 million and I'm over 50.. My wife retires next year and I will retire at 58 (7 years) with less than a million and we will live well the rest of my days from there on with little issues Now it does come down to the your comfort level of quality of life, but I will be down sizing https://retireby40.org/can-retire-5-million-dollars/ https://retireby40.org/early-retirement-withdrawal-strategy/
  14. just a sloppy start. were poised for a 3rd period come from behind victory. Its the way of the Buffalo
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