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  1. ddaryl

    Tim Murray’s revenge

    This team will get better. They're still young and some of these kids are in their first full season in the NHL. They tend to burn out the last quarter. I wish Tage could become Dave Andreychuck. He has the size not the muscle yet. But his long reach should give him an advantage in front if he can take and dish out the beatings. Right now he doesn't dish it out much, and doesn't get in there and get dirty
  2. great trade iMO.. and NHL expereiced D capable of playing top lines and 20 minutes a game for 1st and Guhle... You don't get a young player like this for less IMO
  3. ddaryl

    Playoffs! Do you think we make it?

    My heart says yes..... But their play since November says close but no cigar
  4. ddaryl

    Skinner Contract Watch

    I guess there is some merit to trying this, given our lack of consistent 2nd level scoring but no I don't pay attention to much of the non sense
  5. ddaryl

    Skinner Contract Watch

    That goal he scored last night was just gorgeous. The way he opened his skates to circle around the defender on a wide angle then fire that shot to upper far side from a short angle. Yeah I hope he's on board being Eichel's line mate for years. Just so damn purrty
  6. ddaryl

    Vegas is good enough to win the cup

    sure they can... either way the teams creation will go down as genius
  7. ddaryl

    pick for Karlsson

    you just lost your posting privileged. HELL NO
  8. ddaryl

    Dahlin going to be a Sabre

    Every single scouting report I have read every interview regarding him says he is a generational talent From what i can see he is definitely that
  9. ddaryl

    Dahlin going to be a Sabre

    Dahlin is an off the charts talent.. Very exciting indeed
  10. ddaryl

    Holy Mackerel! Sabres Win Dahlin Lottery!

    Buffalo was like a Library book in regards to winning the draft lottery. we were overdue Dahlin Mittlestadt, Reinhart and Eichel. Very exciting indeed
  11. ddaryl

    Would you like to see Terry sell the Sabres?

    Terry can own te team for as long as he wants... He's dedicated to the processs. He may not have got it right but he is dedicated to getting right eventually
  12. ddaryl

    Sabres sign Andrew Oglevie to ELC

    ogie oglethorpe for the sake of the game they should lock him up in San Quentin. The mans a criminal
  13. ddaryl

    Google Image Search "Eichel" Right Now

    Eichel in German means acorn https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eichel how that translates into Dick is not quite understood
  14. ddaryl

    Anyone Considered Cheering For a New Team?

    I would never stop cheering for the Sabres. Might not watch them much when they suck but I'd stop watching hockey in general 1if the Sabres didn't exist Same with the Bills.. Never once did I ever consider a new team.. Buffalo is in my blood and I would not an doculd not enjoy any other teams ever.