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  1. 2 games against Boston University Game 1 2-0 shutout Game 2 4-3 OT loss https://nuhuskies.com/sports/mens-ice-hockey/roster/devon-levi/7734
  2. Northeastern Huskies the web address is NU but I was referencing to the the NE part of equation in there name
  3. to be honest I'm just taking the stats off the NE Huskies website for Devon Levi.. I thought they seemed off... Maybe is accumulatve for the year. must be but I'd have to do math to verify and I'm not that motivated The NE Huskies hockey page is a little hokey.
  4. Tough Weekend for Devon and the Huskies against Boston College 4-4 Tie on Friday. 4 GAA on 40 shots, .944 SV% and a 3-2 loss on Saturday 3 GAA on 36 shots .941%
  5. SO are we back to the long Novemeber thru January season slump? This does not bode well for an up and coming team. They have to get their ***** together fast
  6. Should start a new thread... Who does Alex Tuch look like... There seems to be a few options
  7. Hmmmmmm, I've recently come to realize I have never seen Alex Tuch and Dave Grohl in the same room together
  8. Never liked the Black and Red look, and I still don't.
  9. He is defintely behind the pace of 2021 - 2022 shutouts. He had 4 SOs in the 1st 9 games played last year, compared to this year he only has 2 so far. He did miss a weekend of duty (2 games) do to being ill this year. https://nuhuskies.com/sports/mens-ice-hockey/roster/devon-levi/7734 But his GAA is stll solid... He also had 3 losses in his 1st 9 last season. This year 2 ties and a loss in the 1st 9 https://nuhuskies.com/sports/mens-ice-hockey/roster/devon-levi/7734
  10. Levi with 2 wins this weekend. Both against New Hampshire. on Friday 6 - 2 2 GA, 1.75 GAA, 25 shots, SV% .943 on Saturday 3- 0 2nd shutout of the season 0 GA, 1.53 GAA, shots 33 SV % .950
  11. Been here before with hot starts. I need to see us play well through the Holidays. Historically over the last decade November though January is usually where our season tanks to the point of no chance for the playoffs. Defense is giving up to many odd man rushes and hopefully they will be able to fix that part of their game. But I feel this year they are poised to do better though that stretch...
  12. Now if they can get the Powerplay working at a similiar rate we could turn the volume up to 11
  13. I looked it up and I can say I would of never guessed it It was Perreault with the 7 point game....
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