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  1. Once it became habit I pretty much wear seatbelts all the time. Interesting times pre-80's where nobody wore them
  2. Equally surprising about the Bills 17 years of futility. Its safe to say Buffalo is not a city of fairweather fans.
  3. Tell me she knows about shrinkage Jerry (or as I refer to it, Turtle-ing)
  4. not working at two bills drive either .. Been a few days.
  5. Just weed, which is not just good its Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Weed does not make you lazy...... that's just an untrue stereotype... There are a tremendous amount of people in all walks of life who enjoy it, hold jobs, pay taxes, and retire with money in the bank etc... I've probably known more Alcoholics with less ambitiion that are struggling with their health then anyone using weed. Now back to our regular scheduled program.... How about those AMERKS!!!! Solid win
  6. That could come into play....never gave that mucht hought as I just figured Levi is an RFA... but you are correct someone can offer a large contract....
  7. someone else would have to figure that out... Not even sure what advanced metrics we would be looking at
  8. top goalies cost that much, going cheaper is not the answer, and going forward it's not going to get cheaper https://www.spotrac.com/nhl/positional/goaltender/ not sure why 4 to 6 years is overkill for a top quality net minder
  9. My issue is Cromrie and UPL.... I would realy rather replace that duo with a Hellebuyck..... but thats a trade that would cost us a bunch of pieces and not sure KA is thinking this way. But I would be way more excited if we got rid of the non dynamic duo and traded for Hellebuyck and then extend Hellebuyck for a 4- 6 years while Levi earns his 3rd contract... Assuming his 2nd deal will be a a tweener deal
  10. Actually he is committed to Michigan State. That link has it wrong https://teamusa.usahockey.com/2023wjc-treyaugustine
  11. We don't know for sure but I think we have an idea. His metal lapses don't seem fixable to me. I just think this is part of his game he will never be able to fully shake. Don't want that trait showing up when we're pushing SC runs But that is all personal opinon, hopefully he proves me wrong
  12. https://www.lines.com/nhl/drafts/player/kenneth-trey-augustine-39822 thought you might find this interesting
  13. got to keep the pipeline full till you find them, but when you do the path is paved with gold. The question is outside of Leinonen we pretty much know what we have in the system Just for interest Here are the G's we drafted since 2000. The Bolded are the ones who actually played NHL games 5 straight years we drafted Gs from 2002 to 2007 with only one recognizeable name. Not being able retain Ullmark is the biggest issue for the Sabres today. Since 2011 We seemed to be drafting Gs who do make it to the NHL. Yr. Rd. Name 2000 4 Ghyslain Rousseau Baie-Comeau Drakkar [QMJHL] 2002 4 Marty Magers Omaha Lancers [USHL] 2003 8 Jeff Weber Plymouth Whalers [OHL] 2004 5 Michal Valent Martin Jr. (Slovakia) 2005 6 Adam Dennis London Knights [OHL] 2006 2 Jhonas Enroth Sodertalje SK [SEL] 2007 5 Bradley Eidsness Okotoks Oilers [AJHL] 2009 6 Connor Knapp Miami University (Ohio) [CCHA] 2011 6 Nathan Lieuwen Kootenay Ice [WHL] (played in Rochester but only played in 7 games for Buffalo 2012 6 Linus Ullmark MoDo Jr. [Swe-Jr] 2013 5 Cal Petersen Waterloo Black Hawks [USHL] 2014 3 Jonas Johansson Brynas (Sweden Jrs.) 2017 2 Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen HPK [Finland-Jr] 2019 3 Erik Portillo Frolunda [Sweden Jrs.] 2022 2 Topias Leinonen Jyp (Finland Jr.)
  14. I still believe what we see is what we get with UPL.. He is not going to get much, if any better, but that's my opinion based on seeing him being incosistent year after year. Levi is entrenched as the future, but behind him and the near future there is nothing to get excited about... Leinonen is a wildcard but really hasn't proven he'll be ready for the NHL anytime soon, and after that we got nothing. The way I feel is I would like to see a few drafted G's placed throughout the Sabres system and let the cream rise to the top. I agree which is why I think you want to have multiple young drafted G's in the system as I mentioned in my reply to Curt
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