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  1. Family Court. Order of Protection violation. Seems like it. It's sad. That's all.
  2. That's getting closer to regular season lineup. DASTARDLY!! MUST WIN!! GO SABRES!!
  3. That is 3 seasons from now. By then the cap should be a lot higher. It's been treading water due to COVID and such, but is scheduled to really take off again in a year or 2. By 2024/25 it may be as high as $100M+ and the Sabres will not likely be a cap team or up against it even with new contracts for all the shiney toys. By that time they will be settling in for a good run for about a decade. With many of the current players not on the team anymore.
  4. I agree with this, but think it will be a 2 year player contract not 1 year. Then AGM or some such after that. Long time no see. How are you doing? Don't be a stranger.
  5. A tough loss against a good team in less than ideal conditions. The Bills could have easily won this one. No team will win them all. I think that a few questionable coaching calls cost them the game more than anything else. That said, it seemed the the heat was a factor in the offense execution as the game went on. At this time of year in south Florida I think this should have been a night game. The Bills are and will continue to be fine.
  6. It would be a big mistake IMO. Also, Kyle will NOT request a trade. Never !!
  7. Thanks all. NS reporting for duty !! We lived to tell about it. We (collectively and relatively) in the Halifax area were very lucky that Fiona hit a bit further north east ... pretty much smack on the Canso Causway that links Cape Breton to mainland NS and point north east. Pictou County, PEI and the south west of NL are destroyed. Houses with people in them swept put to sea on Port-aux-Basque, NL ... one woman was rescued a second was recovered yesterday. We had power back on about 24 hours after the storm. Many others are still out even in other parts of Halifax area. Forget about CB and Pictou County. And spare me with this post-tropical nonsense. Call it what you want, but when Fiona came ashore it was packing sustained winds of 100 miles / hour + it's a ***** hurricane.
  8. Yes. I'd bump it up to an even $3M per on a 2 year deal.
  9. I agree. It's 100% about stability and the feeling that he knows what he is doing.
  10. The Sabres were going nowhere under the first 2 clowns. And there seemed to be other issues. The Sabres are going in the right direction and KA has kept his nose clean.
  11. Any team would gladly take Zemgus in a trade. In basic economics demand being high and supply low means the price is high and likely rising, but this is the NHL and things don't always work that way. All good teams have their Zemgus. He is 'worth' his weight in gold, but the Sabres will never get that on the open market. So, he will not be traded, nor should he. I think he will be signed to a 2 year extension at a rise in pay of 500K / year. Depending how that goes then maybe another after that. I expect him to retire a Sabre by the time he is 32 or 33 and he will get a job in the organization someplace.
  12. FIONA !! https://weather.gc.ca/hurricane/track_e.html
  13. Comrie ~ 50 Anderson ~ 10 UPL ~ 15 Subban ~ 2 LEVI ~ 5 ... !! 👀
  14. I think he will be traded to LA by July 1, 2023. He will be sighned to an extension ... 8 years ... $120M ... $15M AAV.
  15. Mark my words ... If The Great Satan does not win the cup this year Matthews will be traded before July 1, 2023 when his NMC kicks in.
  16. WOW!! I suppose he is worth it for what he brings, but this is just crazy $ to play a game, as are all pro sport contracts. Seems like just yesterday the Winnipeg Jets signed Bobby Hull to the first ever $1M contract. That's $1M total. I can't remember the length of the contract. I think it was Hull and the Jets.
  17. Fantastic win !! This team looks unstoppable on O and D. Seems like only injuries and / or bone headedness can stop them.
  18. He will be a PPG 1st line centre. Or very close to it.
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