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  1. Huge Sabre advantage in SOG and face off win percentage. WOW !! Sure I know it means nothing unless they get one more of those magical things than the other guys, but still. Montreal keeper playing like his pants are on fire so far.
  2. I believe the Jays were used by this guy to up the offer from the Dodgers. I don't think he ever thought about joining the Jays. I'm with you on sports being terrible. Enjoy your break. Maybe we will see you around from time to time.
  3. You appear to have noticed that our friend in Old Scotland entered the time warp again. Paging @steveoath to the just after Labour Day Habs GDT ..
  4. @nfreeman, could you please adjust the month in the thread title? Thanks. Maybe put a tag to ease the search for this beaut next summer?
  5. Sometimes that is all it takes. His head wasn't quite right and the change in scenery hopefully helped. Fingers crossed.
  6. Thanks. I did not know this. I don't watch on a TV .. stricktly *pirate satellite*.
  7. I married a French Canadien from Montréal, so I will allow it.
  8. Appears to be a Hockey Night in Canada and SportsNet Regional Game. The leaves from the Great Satan are always the National Game.
  9. It's December .. September 9 was the start of camp, or there abouts. MUST WIN !! GO SABRES!! SWORDS !!
  10. Apparently he is in Toronto. Private reservations have apparently been made at a swank Susi joint very near Roger's Centre. No completely reliable source saying much, but this seems to be a thing.
  11. No official announcement yet, but the interwebs are all a flutter in Blue ...
  12. He is such a joy. He really is having fun out there.
  13. A great Historian once said ... *it wasn't over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor and it aint over now .. who's with me .. LET'S GO !!*
  14. Excellent all round effort. That's all anyone can ask for. Great game and win.
  15. We do have a live one here don't we. Hottest of the hot takers, but saying nothing much atoll.
  16. The simplest and most direct answer is often the best answer.
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