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  1. We consolidated our funds with Fidelity Investments. On average our investments increase 15% yearly. They take a percentage based on the value of our portfolio. You decide how aggressive you want to be with stocks, and they do the detailed buy/sells. They make more when we make more. An advisor is assigned to you. They also provide credit and debit cards, and checks, and you get cash back for using their card. I was able to retire last year at age 60.
  2. Strange that Pittsburgh is only playing one game.
  3. Imagine if she walks up to the Cinnibon with her husband and kids, not knowing he’s there. 😳
  4. Kids always sing the anthems so slow, like it’s an audition for American Idol.
  5. Aaron Dell signed with San Jose. Mark Jankowski signed with Nashville. I was hoping he’d come back to the Amerks. Matt Moulson age 38 has retired from Hershey.
  6. He’s on the last year of his contract, and at his age if his game falls off it would be a bad look to have the captain as a healthy scratch. Tuch is the future for the Sabres. The time is now.
  7. I don’t think they should make a 4th line player the captain. Give him an A, and make Tuch the captain. He’s a top line player with the attributes you want in a captain, and could be so for years.
  8. Ottawa was playing well before they got hit with injuries last season. I think it’s fair to say they are the division’s non-playoff team with the best chance to make the playoffs this season.
  9. Go to a sports bar that has ESPN+.
  10. Topias Leinonen, JYP Jr. (FIN-JR): the first impression of Topias Leinonen is just how big he is at 6-foot-4, 214 pounds. His larger frame means he is able to easily cover most of the net without having to put as much effort into his movements. Combined with his quick hands and controlled reactions, Leinonen might be on many radars— especially if he makes it to the second round. In 21 games with JYP Jr., Leinonen posted a SV% of 0.916 and a GAA of 2.28. He played 4 games in the more advanced team within the Liiga and notched a SV% of 0.825 and a GAA of 5.02. His numbers weren’t stellar in the Liiga but goalies need a stretch of games to be fully assessed and with some more development, it is expected that his numbers will improve. His puck-handling skills have been praised but more importantly, his ability to distinguish when to simplify the play and when to take a risk with his passes. He needs some improvement on his rebound control as well as his lower body stability in the net but overall, the consensus on Leinonen is that he is smart, confident, and has the potential to showcase some exemplary skills on the bigger stage. While Brennan is slightly ranked ahead of him, there has been some debate on who the better prospect is. https://www.silversevensens.com/platform/amp/2022/7/5/23194664/2022-nhl-draft-profiles-goalies
  11. Maverick Lamoureux’s mom slipping his dad the tongue. 😜
  12. They won’t have enough room in their new tiny arena for all their players.
  13. I guess if they want to resign E Kane AND make a big goalie FA signing like Jack Campbell.
  14. Would have liked the Sabres to pick up Zack Kassian. He’s the type of player they lack on the bottom six.
  15. I hope it’s not Yurov, unless he’s already boarding a flight with Don Luce.
  16. Who’s the top player next year that Chicago is tanking for?
  17. I’d rather get a sure thing than potential that may never be realized. Offer them Mittlestat and Ryan Johnson as an opening bid. Then throw in a draft pick if necessary.
  18. Lost by 1 point, and won the SabreSpace fantasy hockey league. I’ll take it.
  19. Give Sabres fans a reason to cheer and they show up. The crowds were great and enthusiastic for the win over Eichel and RJ’s celebration.
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