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  1. No way is Joki moving up to top pairing and Samuelsson dropping to 3rd pair.
  2. If they play as bad as the prospects vs the Pens yesterday then they’ll all be unwatchable.
  3. It’s there secret plan to get him games in Rochester for rehab.
  4. Once again if Lingran took the body he wouldn’t have got a penalty.
  5. So many times a forward will come down the boards and the defenseman will try to poke check instead of taking the body.
  6. Will these games be streamed or only on radio?
  7. My Uber driver said he drove Bettman and Pegula in his Pontiac Sunfire, and heard that the new affiliation with ECHL Jacksonville is the first step of a franchise swap between the cities.
  8. I still have the 45 record of “We’re gonna win that Cup”. I think the Sabres highlights including the Thank You chants are on the B side.
  9. At 6’3” sitting in the seats is a painful experience. I have to turn my legs to the side to fit.
  10. Have some respect, he was a 6th defenseman, darn it ! 😡
  11. They were previously affiliated with the Chicago Wolves, perhaps they’re trying to renegotiate. Or they could share an affiliation with another team. The Sabres once shared the Amerks with Florida.
  12. Redmond won the AHL Eddie Shore outstanding defenseman award in 2018-19, so he must have had some skill.
  13. In OT, either a 20 second shot on goal clock, or you lose possession if you bring the puck back out of the offensive zone.
  14. Regarding uniforms I would say home team wears dark until January, then switch to white at home for rest of season. That allows the home teams to promote their dark alternate jerseys before Christmas, but let’s fans see some more variety after.
  15. That would reward the offending team as they’re having trouble clearing the zone, they get a stoppage in play to catch their breath, reset positioning, and a faceoff to win possession again. They could even call a timeout.
  16. A goal should count no matter how it goes into the net, including kicked in and high stick. Both take skill and are too subjective to call properly. Also 3-2-1 point system; 3 for regulation win, 2 for OT/shootout win, 1 for OT/shootout loss.
  17. I can say from experience that once you get in your 60s and your health issues increase, having good medical and dental insurance is more important than higher pay if you’re already at a decent pay rate. You can be relatively healthy and still have issues requiring treatment and prescriptions. I’m retired and without dental insurance I just paid $1500 for a crown.
  18. If I’m trying to make my career a priority, I’d choose Rochester. There’d be too many distractions in Jacksonville starting with the weather, that could make you lose focus.
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