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  1. It would be quicker to fly Ryan Miller in from LA.
  2. It would be logical if you sign a contract for a station to carry your games that you would include an out clause or right of refusal if said station was ever not able to carry the games to the outlets that were available when you signed. That’s potential advertisement money that’s affected. So yes, it’s his fault if he didn’t cover that contingency. And the Flyers game was an exception against another bad team, not the typical opponent. They are in Bahston.
  3. I’d pick a western team; Colorado or Anaheim. I can’t root for Vegas because I don’t want Eichel pulling an O’Reilly playoff run and making us feel even worse.
  4. He signed the deal with the radio station that uses it. Wasnt that Ottawa game last night entertaining? 🤣
  5. The Sabres playoff chances are about as good as they were for the unicorns trying to catch Noah’s ark.
  6. We’ve had plenty of young players over the past decade whose spirit has been crushed by the continual losing. Better they play for a playoff team and bring that winning attitude next year.
  7. Skinner-Thompson-Tuch Olofsson-Cozens-Okposo Girgenson-Mitts-Asplund Jankowski-Eakin-Hayden Put all the young talent back in Rochester and let them gel together in a playoff run. No further need to expose them to a losing season.
  8. Brian Duff said the Amerks have not won a game this year in which they scored less than 4 goals.
  9. I want Quinn and Samuelsson to go back to Rochester. Let them get some playoff experience that they won’t get in Buffalo. This is another lost season anyways.
  10. I didn’t like that Granato kept putting Thompson and Tuch out on the PK. They’re not used to playing it and it showed, not to mention they wear out two of their top offensive players. It should be left to bottom six players Asplund, Eakins, Bjork, Jankowski, and Hayden.
  11. Like the first. The second is too similar to old Leafs jersey.
  12. I think it’s silly when teams use alternative uniforms that require different colored helmets and gloves. Use the same design but with the current team colors.
  13. The honors he’s received are appropriate. But its not comparable to Jackie Robinson.
  14. Matt Murray was going to start but has a non-Covid illness, so Anton Forsberg is in goal.
  15. I’d be happy if he’d just tie up a guy’s stick in front of the crease. He gets outmuscled too often.
  16. I’ll just DVR the hockey game and watch it afterwards. Plus you can fast forward past commercials and between periods.
  17. Miller going to be a UFA so he’s likely to be traded at the deadline this year. Possibly Butcher too if anyone wants him.
  18. I didn’t rank him higher because I haven’t seen him play and don’t know his strengths.
  19. Power Dahlin Samuelsson Jokiharju Fitzgerald Bryson Psyek Ryan Johnson Miller Haag Laaksonen Prow Butcher
  20. The league will probably freeze the ping pong balls again and help Montreal, as they did when Matthews went to Toronto.
  21. I guess that means Matt Robson and (insert goalie) will be coming back from Cincy to Rochester. Wonder if they’ll let Dell or Houser play Utica tonight before they go up to Sabres.
  22. I was coaching a U18 team over 10 years ago when our player got upended in front of the other team’s goalie. His skate went up and cut the goalie across the neck. We coaches ran out and applied pressure until the EMTs arrived. The goalie was awake the whole time, and his father was his team’s coach. Fortunately it did not hit an artery and he recovered. But everyone felt sick after that and we just canceled the game.
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