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  1. He may be deflecting, but at the same time I find him easier to listen to and follow than former HCRK. Granato seems to be a good communicator vs. the intellectual BS artist that Krueger was.
  2. Yes, but wouldn't it have been even more interesting if Jack wore a Bruin's hat and Sam wore a Canuck's one!
  3. At some point I wish teams (including Buffalo here) show some backbone and say "you're under contract, we expect you to be a professional and fulfill your part of the contract....end of story)! The Sabres are going to get hosed on any deal, so do NOT make a deal and instead make this situation work and keep him on the team. I still don't want to see him traded even after the presser.
  4. I missed it....just reading comments now. I'd like to hear management's view before making any judgment. I'd like to see both Jack and Management to put on their big boy pants and figure out how to resolve their differences vs. some kind of public divorce where we the fans get screwed. I still want him on this team.
  5. I appreciate your optimism, but IMHO the Sabre's went from BUTT ugly under HCRK to putting lipstick on a pig under HCDG. GMKA still has a lot of work to do.
  6. Jack will be back as GMKA will find that he won't get much better than an ROR-type return and he's not stupid enough to repeat the worst trade in franchise history as did his predecessor.
  7. Nothing worse than a bad injury in a meaningless game loss. EDIT - looks like he's back out there!!! Good news
  8. Sorry, but disagree. He's played 36 games this season and is a +1 before tonight. No other D-man with > 30 games is even close to that.
  9. Have any of our defensemen done their jobs tonight? Feels like it's just a question of who sucked the least this game.
  10. Perhaps, but I wonder if he has not seen this kind of speed and movement (Pittsburgh) before....and still trying to adjust. Meanwhile the Sabres look slow tonight.
  11. Tenacious as well....stay's engaged on the puck vs. spinning away....seems like an GMKA kind of guy.
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