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  1. Consolation prizes have been part of our problem over the years.... McDavid > Eichel Stamkos > Okposo Babcock > Blysma
  2. McCabe may be wondering how the hell he can avoid catching whatever disease is affecting the rest of the D-Corp tonight.
  3. Maybe ditch the name Sabres and change it to the Buffalo "Snowflakes"
  4. IT feels like a weird game....you see some strange things from Alberta.
  5. Dahlin is all over the ice...maybe he's trying to remind everybody that Buffalo also has a #1 overall in this game.
  6. Hutton just seems to be a magnet for fluky goals....who's got the whammy weenie on him???
  7. Carmel Corn

    The Power Play - How to Fix It?

    IMHO, I don't see a scenario where the PP improves without a constant net front presence and more shooting. Whether it is Sam or somebody else, maintaining the space in front helps to open up the rest of the ice. This team struggles with quick and accurate passing on the PP and ultimately their reluctance to shoot plays right into the opponent's PK efforts.
  8. Carmel Corn

    Jbot Do Something Already - 4 Saving the Playoffs Edition

    We're not going to get their 1st round pick this next draft. They have ROR on their team = lottery.
  9. It was not a cheap shot by Eichel, but McDonaugh and other Tampa players came after Jack like it was. Now compare that to the reaction of the Sabres players after Sergachev hit Larsson with a clear cheap shot to the face. Anybody from the Sabres go after Sergachev????? Zip, Nada, Squat as usual. The Sabres may act like a more unified team less some of the castoffs from last year, but they don't act like it when one of their own gets clearly abused by the other team....pathetic (but nothing new with Buffalo)!
  10. Carmel Corn

    Housley Should Have Until End of December

    Agree that the roster is not a perfect match for the system and it will take more work for JB to fill the gaps. I also don't believe you make a HC change just for the sake of change and unless you have a strong sense that you have a better coach lined up, you proceed with caution (ex. Coach Q is not a given). That being said, I believe it is fair to judge Housley on the PP effectiveness. It has struggled in the bottom half or third of the league since he took over from his predecessor. An "offensive" minded coach should be accountable for at least showing improvement in the PP, but I feel in our case coach Phil has failed. He has the tools to work with here and it is fair game to be critical of the team's performance here.
  11. The teams current prospect pool of forwards (ex. Oloffson, Nylander, Asplund) may or may not develop at the NHL level. Even if some do, I do not see a lot of center depth which causes me to still think trade or FA is the best route. That being said, I see another gap in personnel that also has no prospects in the system....and that is toughness. Don't just build a team to make the playoffs, but also to win in the playoffs. For the playoff grind, a team needs to have guys who can hit and nasty to play against. Guys who cause the other team to look behind their backs. Guys who help prevent the other team's tough guys from taking cheap shots on your skill guys, etc. I see very little to none of this on the team now and in the system. Teams built with some pieces like this tend to help deter other tough guys so its about playing the game vs. intimidation. The Sabres still have a lot of work to do here to get the right pieces to contend for a cup.
  12. But he lowered himself down to the level of Jack's elbow. Granted his back was somewhat to Jack, but IMHO it was simply a collision where his was bent over and Jack was not. Incidental contact is all that it looked like to me and I do think there was some acting...he acted like it was a cheap shot and it was nothing like it.
  13. Whichever ref made that call must have had a car accident where the telephone pole jumped out in front of his car.