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  1. None of us are in the locker room, so we don't know. Perhaps it means that a young kid is willing to show the rest of the locker room that he is willing to do whatever it takes to win. Whether the rest of the room cares? Many may not, so it may not accomplish a better result going forward. I don't think Cozens is expecting the other stars to throwing punches, but maybe his intent is to inspire the other players to break out of their complacent comfort zones and do something different than they are now to try and win. I for one am not confident it will work with this bunch of players
  2. It can be debated whether it elicited any response from the team. The stats would say NO, meaning no perceived "lift" in the play of the other players....disappointing. I would say though that if this were a home game last night in front of a full arena, the response from the crowd might be deafening....which still may or may not inspire this current team, but at least the fans in the stands would be charged-up.
  3. We may have witnessed a watershed moment for this team. I'm not trying to be overly dramatic, but I can see myself remembering this game as the emergence of #24 as a a real leader on this team vs. just another talented young kid who's just trying to blend in.
  4. I would LOVE to see him start the next fight....let the kids show the so-called seasoned vets what passion and emotion looks like.
  5. Cozens to the rest of the team....LET ME SHOW YOU HOW SH!T GET'S DONE!!!
  6. I could be nuts, but tonight's game seems a lot quieter with the real people in the stands. Maybe I'm getting too accustomed to the artificial crowd noise. Cozen's MVP!!!!!
  7. Agree....it's important that someone like him can come in and play regular minutes as a left-handed left-side d-man. I was hoping somebody like him could step up.
  8. I seriously think Hutton needs one of these.....
  9. $3.9 million per year > 6 or 10 or 15 (or more).....sorry, I'm not holding my breath that the Pegula's see anything else but the $'s vs losses.
  10. Kreider's expression looks like "Did my shot really go in?" Ugh!
  11. Maybe Hutton should be the first Sabre to start a fight?
  12. RK's brilliant lineup tonight...second line is painfully slow to watch. Hall has nobody to skate with him. Put Cozen's back up there Ralph!
  13. Steve Smith or somebody has to teach Dahlin to never turn your F'in back on an opposing forward coming in like that.....Geez!
  14. Montour and Dahlin trying to out do each other for worst defenseman of the game award so far.
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