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  1. Just wish McCabe could stay healthy as well. Between him and BOGO, you might get a full season with the two of them put together.
  2. Agree! First, I need to see a lot more from Mittelstadt to convince me he is ever going to be a legitimate top 6 player. Maybe eventually, but I also say maybe NOT suited for the NHL game. Second, I am not convinced that Sam is our 2019-2020 2C. Top 6 winger, yes...but have not seen enough evidence that he can transition to the center role at this level. A viable 2C (for 2019/2020) is not in our organization today and we need to trade for it. That 2C would need to become our 1C if Jack gets knocked out of the lineup for injury.
  3. This team can really use goal scoring period, whether 2nd, 3rd or 4th line. Spending a 3rd round pick is a modest investment (Rangers were probably wanting more originally, but now they want Panarin so they cut loose Vesey to create more cap space). Vesey will want to test the market again as a UFA, so he will be motivated to have a career year. Buffalo can then maybe recoup the 3rd back from a team looking to add a rental at the trade deadline. I think this is a good value move.
  4. Hopefully we can get a 3rd round pick back for him at the trade deadline.
  5. Agreed, 2C is much more important. Jack can miss games due to injury, etc. and we need center depth that can step up.
  6. Would love to see somebody who reminds me of Michael Peca. Small in stature, but played (and hit) above his weight class.
  7. OK, but why does it seem that the Sabres is the only blind squirrel in the NHL that cannot seem to find a nut....ever (maybe Olofsson can break the cycle)?
  8. This team needs secondary scoring more than defensive prospects. If you don't obtain fUture scoring talent by way of the draft then it is asking a lot to do it by other means. Terrible pick!
  9. Nice job Botterill....I did not think you can make the worst trade in hockey history any worse.....and now I stand corrected. It may now be the worst trade in all of professional sports....any sport! Not happy!
  10. I stayed up for this?!?! Stupid me!
  11. Yes....need to roll the dice for a potential impact player after making the worst trade in hockey history.
  12. I really like this idea with Krebs....Crap, the Knights just got him.
  13. I was kind of hoping he would end up in the western conference.
  14. Zegras would be nice....I fear Detroit will pluck him just before us.
  15. I like McCabe a lot, but I do not trust his durability.
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