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  1. "If" he gets fired....Bruce Boudreau. The man knows how to win and has done so on multiple teams. Strong track record of winning with multiple types of player rosters, meaning he can adapt the style to the players he has to work with.
  2. Disappointing....for a change they outplay a team in the 2nd and all they need to do is play a sound 20 minutes for the win. They simply don't know how to play with a lead. They haven't won in Chicago since 2007!
  3. Feeling more like a repeat of last season.....going to a shootout feeling like an automatic loss.
  4. I didn't say any of that, but whatever makes you feel happy with yourself....including calling other posters crap! I'm not a millennial, so it does not bother me.
  5. Pffft, I like how you think you know everything....even when it cannot be proven right or wrong!
  6. I'll take the 1979 team any day. Players in 1979 were motivated to give max effort because if they didn't, they would be sent to the minors. Todays players lack the same motivation and feel sorry for themselves if they don't play. They may be bigger, stronger and faster, but softer in heart and character. As I said I another post, level the playing field by having today's players use the same equipment in 1979 and see how they do!
  7. If I recall, the Sabres beat the Soviet team...so I don't think it was exactly Slapshot old-time hockey. Yes the game is different in many respects, but I would like to see today's players can use wood sticks and old fashioned skates and goalies using smaller heavier pads and straight-bladed goalie sticks and see how they do.
  8. They had a lead with 3 minutes to go....officials gave Boston a gift PP which they converted. Pulled their goalie as well. Scored the winner with just a few seconds left in regulation. Florida clutched defeat from the jaws of victory.
  9. Sure why not! Let's put Mittelstadt and Tage on the next PK as well!
  10. I would have liked to have seen what a full season would look like with him....too bad he got hurt so early.
  11. Confused again with the defense pairings....seems like it's musical chairs again.
  12. Really liking Montour on point for the PP....maybe there is hope it can make a difference.
  13. Jack deserves an assist on that one too, but won't get one....shame.
  14. Some good news in the league....Florida is beating Boston with 3 minutes to go....just a one goal lead though!
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