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  1. Which is a good reason to replace the regime with new management that targets different kind of prospect talent.
  2. Ralph should be fired for hardly playing Kahun. He's been one of the more productive players and deserved ice time....I'm ready to move on from Ralph's version of "blah-blah-blah". I'll gladly take the risk of another GM and HC.
  3. They need to take off those 50th anniversary jerseys and wear the cheap Chinese fake ones....as they are imitating a real NHL hockey team.
  4. The first line just isn't getting it done....what the hell Ralph, try some different combinations please! What are you waiting for.....training camp?!?!
  5. I'd like to see Angry Rasmus Dahlin vs. what looks like the comatose version tonight.
  6. Maybe Ralph should pull the goalie on this PK. Why not...since there's a 50-50 chance they'll score even if we leave JJ in there.
  7. Great job by JBOT to bring these guys into our organization. Must have been worried that he didn't have enough bodies to ensure that nobody stole the empty chairs from the press box.
  8. I'm appalled by his below average power play and bottom-dwelling penalty kill coaching. I'll take a Gallant or Laviolette please.
  9. I agree in general, however I wonder if it is so much Terry P. vs. Kim P.? Is she not accountable too as the so-called (self-proclaimed) President? JBot has to go, but I wonder which of the Pegula's is actually more clueless (if not both)!
  10. Plus being possibly the worst team down a man in the NHL makes Jack a dull boy.
  11. LMAO - former HCPH pumping his fist after walking off the bench. Never saw that kind of emotion while he was here!
  12. Under RK's watch, key aspects of this team are worse than HCPH. I don't think he is the answer for HC. How about fire JBOT, get a proven GM who can hire a proven coach who will kick some player's butts. They can keep RK as the team motivational speaker who can help these boo-boo kitties feel better after a legit HC rips them a new one.
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