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  1. I am not convinced he will be fine. I would prefer seeing him included in a package deal to get a real 2C. I don't think he will make much of an impact for the rest of this season, so nothing lost. JB will not send him to Rochester, but even if he did that means we get no contribution this year. Hopefully next year Cozens can be in the lineup as our 3C.
  2. I am not referring to Buffalo itself for the very reasons you mention in your first point. I am saying that it may have something to do with your second point about working for the Pegulas. Seymour is no longer in charge. Going back to an earlier post from somebody else....I don't think someone like Lou Lamoriello would consider it. Again, it's not the city itself, but the ownership (despite the deep pockets).
  3. Okay, but let's also not assume that top level GM's and/or coaches want a job in Buffalo either. Money may not be the issue, but it seems like the only ones who want the jobs are those unproven ones who can't get the same opportunity with other teams.
  4. I don't have any data, but it seems like a fair number of former players end up living here when their playing days are over. If there's any truth to that, then there must be something about the area that they like.
  5. Sadly, I have to wonder whether the effort would be the same even if the team was healthy. Worthless and weak is now ingrained in too many players now.
  6. Yup...and on Thursday we play Boston, where there is never a lack of moxie....jealous!
  7. We may not win this game, but this could still be pivotal as the time where Jack walked the walk and showed the rest of the guys that this really is his team. Everybody expects him to score, but how about getting dirty tonight and don't forget how he consoled Dahlin when he got benched.
  8. I prefer the angry versions of Dahlin and now Jack. We saw angry Jimmy and I like that too. Heck, how about angry Casey next?
  9. I didn't see that coming....good for Jack!
  10. Unfortunately, it seems like the only GM and coaching talent we can attract are first timers.
  11. Yes....I rather see Asplund in Buffalo and Mitts in Rochester.
  12. Make that 6 assists now...really nice feed by Mitts on that last goal.
  13. Yes...and then bring in Pommers and Vanek to calm things down (sarcasm). My point is that we have one legitimate center in the lineup and not much else up the middle. If Jack gets hurt, then we have nothing left.
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