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  1. JBot's recent tactics are kind of like how we manage food at home. We buy expensive stuff (ex. steaks, seafood, etc.) and throw it in the freezer. It sits there day after day, week after week with no action. We decide it's finally time to do something with it and take it out. By then it has freezer burn and we decide it's no good and throw it out with no return and/or go get fast food. He has mishandled situations like BOGO and Scandella and went after convenient (but useless) targets like Frolik. He cannot be trusted to salvage what assets we still have left.
  2. Here's my list....see if you can figure out a pattern here: Casey Mittelstadt, Alex Nylander, Mikhail Grigorenko, Joel Armia, Dennis Persson, Marek Zagrapan, Keith Ballard, Jiri Novotny, Atem Kryukov, Barrett Heisten
  3. Sorry, but the caption of this video is incorrect. It was actually before the game when JBot heard that Montreal got a 2nd and 4th for Scandella.
  4. With less than a week to go and nobody else in this organization to manage it....absolutely! Nothing like a great plan coming together....welcome to hockey heaven!
  5. Affirmative....in addition to the glitches on the ice.
  6. I was hoping they might be looking for a backup goalie, meaning Hutts.....nevermind.
  7. Did Dahlin just pass R. Bourque for most points by a teenage d-man?
  8. Maybe Jbot will trade our 1st round pick to get Scandella back.
  9. If he can notch a hattie, then I say opening bids start with a 1st round pick.
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