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Sabres at Capitals 7 pm MSG

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Good News: Another varsity hockey game today

Bad News: It's at 4:30pm, so it will be over in time for me to be able to suffer through the Sabres game.

Well, I won't suffer.  Suffering implies feeling and I don't feel anything regarding this team.

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2 hours ago, WildCard said:

I'm at the point where I hope we lost so bad somebody gets fired...again

That leads nowhere, but maybe you're on the right path. If fans want to understandably pull for short-term pain for long-term gain, the hope has to be that one more bad season, in Pegula's anniversary year, finally drives him to do the right thing and save the team he (allegedly) loves by selling it. I doubt it happens. He might love it on some level, but he loves owning it more. I went back and watched his intro presser. He thanked Tom for saving "my hockey team." Did he mean "my team" the way we all would mean it? Or something else he owns? I have no doubt how he meant it. My team. My lake. My earth. My ocean to pollute in a vile yacht. His stewardship of precious things is suspect. The ego. The horror.

Maybe the ego, on second thought, is the path to our mutual salvation. You're doing fine with the Bills. Cut your hockey losses. You'll leave with plenty of good will. Good God, man, save yourself — and us in the process.

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