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  1. With the signings of Hall and Staal do you think other good players are thinking it might be a good time to give Buffalo a shot?
  2. Picking up Staal and Hall, if they don’t do noticeably better I’d be surprised. They have enough in the top six to tinker and adjust so no excuses this year.
  3. Or maybe Kim’s allowance gets reduced and the cap goes up
  4. Skinner Eichel Reinhart Hall Staal Cozens Good mentorship fir Cozens on a line like that
  5. Busy with work but seems like KA is taking it slow. I really thought Kahun would’ve been signed.
  6. You should replace the Most Interesting Man in the World in those Dos Equis commercials.
  7. I agree, it will be a big retirement ceremony before the first home game. Im kidding and I agree. He will be a positive role model for Jack.
  8. I got really pissed off then calm. Not good for blood pressure.
  9. I haven’t skated in over a year. I’ve been thinking about getting back into hockey though.
  10. Camp Pendleton. I didn’t feel it but other people did and I had to look it up in the news.
  11. I hope KA brings VO back. He’s a welcomed addition to the PP. I’d like to see him start the season with Jack and Sam which helps facilitate a Skinner/Staal reunion. Three years at 2-2.5 mil to start negotiations?
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