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  1. Quite a roller coaster ride in such a short season. High hopes to nothing in a couple short months.
  2. The role they play is signing the paychecks KA tells them to.
  3. Any positive play by this year’s Sabres needs to be in context. In this case they lost against a bad team adding to a crazy losing streak. If they put together a few good games against better competition then ok. But tonight’s game isn’t a measure of improvement.
  4. Do we throw a party or something? 10 years is impressive. Shout out to SS posters and all those who still faithfully watch the Sabres hoping this will be the game the franchise turns it around. I think I lowlight reel of the last 10 years is in order.
  5. Fitz-no name beat the snot out of that guy.
  6. Bryson better knock this **** off or he’s going to the fourth line.
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