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  1. The night before you know you are catching an ear full at work. For something you didn’t do.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wavy.com/news/virginia/this-is-what-we-know-ahead-of-mondays-gun-rights-rally-in-richmond/amp/ Well this will be interesting. I’m not too familiar with WAVY so please check other outlets. One thing that stuck out was the name of the group whose members were arrested. They call themselves The Base. Sounds familiar.
  3. McGregor wins in his return fight! That... is awesome.
  4. Girgs gives his stick to the dman. Ray will now talk for 30 seconds about it.
  5. Eichel letting Nashville know he will do whatever he wants. Nice scoring chance.
  6. 20 dads with pissed off faces taking their belts off. A lot crying will be heard outside the locker room.
  7. Let it be known. When Skinner becomes the whipping boy it started with this post haha.
  8. I think both sides are anticipating something. Neither want to be the aggressor. If Iran is busy looking for external threats how dedicated to internal stability is their government?
  9. Not trying to come off as combative but I don’t see why anyone has an issue with Larsson. I remember when fourth lines got a handful of minutes and were dubbed the energy line. I think he is a competent bottom six forward who can play third line when needed. When KO has the puck it seems like not for long. When Girgs has it its a matter of time until he falls down. Of the three he has smoother hands and plays with more of an edge. Not sure what the numbers say but of all the bottom six I’d rather have him out there in a defensive situation. A quiet professional who accepts his role and stays within it. Other than that I’m all in on the OP’s assessment.
  10. Why did that Red Wing leave Bogo to double team the man in front? Not complaining but wow.
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