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  1. The news is saying we have images of Iranian freighters carrying missiles. Meh. Not sure I’d cancel a trip to Europe to go to Iraq but ok. Same news talking about how Iran could destabilize Afghanistan. 😂 I guess GIRoA, Taliban, Haqqani Network, and Al Queda/ISIS will just share the land, opium, money, and power.
  2. Just wait. Might not be anything but a show of force in order to keep the Straight of Hormuz open or protect tankers in open waters. No point getting spun up just yet.
  3. Not war yet. Show of force. Apparently the front row seat we gave them for the last almost 20 years didn’t work.
  4. Trump wins then the same arguments continue. Same talking points on both sides probably more investigations. Trump loses the other side makes accusations and investigations. I don’t think the divisions will stop when Trump is not the president. They didn’t start when he became president. I think we continue down this road until we hit a breaking point.
  5. And someone else moves in. People on both sides will say the same things only the people saying them will be the opposite of today.
  6. You would have to ask a lawyer who specializes in that area. I would imagine it goes to the Supreme Court. At that point the citizenry will decide how they will react.
  7. I don’t know if you are serious or joking. Hate the guy all you want but give the Generals some credit. The ones I’ve heard speak don’t seem like they do things without thought.
  8. I support the guy but like I said I don’t think we are to the point where the military will subject the country to martial law.
  9. It takes more than an accusation considering how decentralized our military is. Firing up a base and making a legitimate case to commanders, subordinate commanders and so on is another thing. I’d relax on that one.
  10. What exactly do people think he will do to not relinquish power? The only way to know is declassification of everything. That includes if the DOJ followed protocol. To make that determination one would have to know the laws governing a CI investigation and criminal investigation.
  11. I have a feeling there will be updates to your opener in the near future. Hopefully one that says Skinner stays and a 2C comes to town.
  12. Because the post was in response to another’s with a link titled “Payback”. The idea being some view the dossier as a major component leading to the FISA warrant. So it depends on how view the last two years. Even if you believe the dossier was not integral to obtaining a FISA warrant Steele is supposedly an FBI informant. Did he begin providing his services to the FBI before or after the dossier? This is important IMO for context. If he became an informant after producing the dossier could it be the FBI believed it was credible information. I would guess so considering the FBI thought Steele was reliable. “That information came from the Steele dossier. At that point in the FISA application, the FBI included a lengthy footnote in which, referring to Steele as a "confidential human source" and "Source #1," it said "the FBI assesses Source #1 to be reliable." It also suggested the people who hired Steele might have had a political motive and were "likely looking for information that could be used to discredit Candidate #1's [Trump's] campaign." -Washington Examiner If he was already an informant prior to the dossier are we to believe Fusion GPS just so happened to outsource their research to an FBI informant? Could the Ohr’s marriage have led to Fusion GPS getting the idea to use Steele? If so that in itself is another problem. Trump surrounds himself with dumb people probably to boost his ego. To curry favor they broke the law but I do not think at his direction.
  13. Yep and this goes with my earlier post about Papadopoulos. The guy is an idiot through and through. 20 something year old who thinks he knows what he’s doing. Amateur hour on both sides of the aisle.
  14. So if you track the QAnon phenomenon then quite possibly. Outside of that this is a necessary oversight action. FISA warrants are supposed to rely on vetted information. As it seems the Steel Dossier provided a foundation we need to look at the veracity of that information and if it was vetted prior to FISA application signatures. This goes into how the information was presented to the FISA Court. Essentially if it was not vetted but presented as though it was there is a problem. The origins of the dossier stem from opposition research on behalf of the HRC campaign. From what I understand they paid Fusion GPS, possibly through Perkins Coi. GPS then went to Steel who is a former, foreign intelligence personality. If Steel was somehow still tied to a foreign intelligence agency at the time of payments then HRC essentially used a foreign intelligence service to provide information on a U.S. citizen. Apparently the dossier was provided to the FBI from elements within the U.S. Government. If so, it should have stayed within official channels during the conduct of investigation. However that did not happen, hence leaking. Fun Fact, Bruce Ohr who is a member of the DOJ is married to Nellie Ohr who is/was employed by Fusion GPS. Conflict of interest? There is smoke so now we will see if there is fire. If the was any misconduct in the above it is pretty significant.
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