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  1. Hutton did ok tonight and last night. This team is more fun to watch getting shut out than previous years Sabres when they won. Staal is MIA. Risto is a beast. Heavy hitter and seems more responsible in his own end. PP moves their feet and the puck. Creates more chances. I would like to see Skinner on a line with Cozens.
  2. Hell of a question. Staal is like the Phantom of the Opera out there.
  3. I like the new Eichel line. I hope if Staal’s line doesn’t start producing RK doesn’t cut and paste from Eichel’s. You know, instead of moving Skinner where he belongs.
  4. We have our first and third line. Put Skinner on Staal’s line.
  5. Olofsson is getting some chances. I like Tage on the third line. Gotta move Skinner to Staal’s line. Jack needs to shoot and then shoot some more. He’s the opposite of Afinogenov right now.
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