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  1. I like the post. To the bold, spot on. If “Grant” depicts Reconstruction correctly it halted after his presidency from a civil rights perspective. There was some progress but the next big step came during the Civil Rights Movement around 80 or 90 years later.
  2. Confusion on NG or police is probably the HMMWV (Hummer). We sold a bit to police coming out of Iraq/Afghanistan. Edit: I went to the Twitter page and watched some others. 1. The media arrests you could go either way. Cops are moving their lines down the road. If they let people get behind them it is a risk. I get they’re media and all but I also understand clearing the street. Tell you what though kudos for being out there. Pretty ballsy. 2. The nurse video I’m not sure what to make if it. Something seems odd about the girl being interviewed. Can’t put my finger on it. 3. Cop throwing up the white power sign. He’s an idiot who should not be there. The sign has been debated and I’m not going down that rabbit hole. Either way he knew what he was doing and does not possess the maturity to be in that situation. 4. Back to first video. Whoever fired that shot is a dumb***. That’s how people get hurt. Clear example of either poor training, poor decision making, poor situational awareness or a combination of everything. Cop is lucky it wasn’t a head shot.
  3. Looks like it says “Police” on their body armor. Other than it’s pretty ******* stupid firing into a house like that, not to mention it looked quiet. If so it’s improper escalation of force. As in from 0 to stupid.
  4. Mark R. Levin @marklevinshow · 7h 1. There’s an insurrection taking place now. Anarchy. The governors must send in the National Guard. The president must now lay the legal predicate for potentially sending in the regular military.
  5. Ok. Since you don’t totally buy the AntiFa theory do you have your own? I based my thought on what I’ve seen in a few other videos and what I’ve read. White people dressed in all black using terms like comrade showing up to charged events to stoke the flames. There is a possibility it’s something or someone else.
  6. You mean like the idea floating around that it’s cops in disguise? I already said the intent was to show video proof of outside extremist interference. The comment was was a personal thought on if AntiFa would do this. You continue to try to make something that is not there but never disputed my comments of bias in other posts. It seems clear to you because that’s how you want to see it. Which is why you don’t point out bias in things that vilify the right only.
  7. Yep. I posted a video of what appears to be AntiFa. Then in the same post I said I believe they are there to take take advantage of the situation. Now tell me how you know beyond doubt what my intent was. For a third time you fail to get the details and jump right to accusations. I also like how you ignore where I pointed out bias toward the right. Instead you cut and paste snippets to fit your agenda.
  8. So if I don’t post two links showing right and left then I’m automatically bias? There’s no way the intent was to simply provide evidence there’s more going on and that nefarious actors are there? Did you actually read the conversation that ensued? You know the one where I identify the KKK and Aryan Nation as well. I did that to provide information and show that I also view right wing extremism in the same light. I pointed out bias in a political cartoon posted in the politics section. That cartoon depicted Trump supporters as fat, uneducated white people who make up complaints of government overreach. Next to that was Floyd being killed by the cop. Seems kind of bias to generalize an entire group of people like that. Rest assured it was defended. So when there is evidence of leftists doing something wrong there better be something showing the right being just as guilty. When the left makes a point bias is just fine. Again, your lack of understanding the context of the conversation and inability to gather the details allowed you to sling arrows where it was unnecessary.
  9. The video was a black lady confronting two white women spray painting BLM on a building. Both women were dressed in black and one uses the term comrade. The dress and the verbiage match AntiFa. The subject was AntiFa, not extremism as a whole. Never once did I dispute right wing extremism in this country. Never once did I try to to put the blame squarely on left wing extremism. So I will correct you because you are wrong as in wrong about the context of the conversation.
  10. https://www.bitchute.com/video/0WLwhbx9WkLz/ Im not there so I can’t confirm how truthful this is.
  11. So you want me to address the right wing even if the subject is left wing?
  12. Totally agree with this. I made a long post a while back meant to be funny. The summary is JBot gets experience and when fired nobody really holds it against him as it was a learning experience and the Sabres suck anyway. IMO if he gets fired he’ll get picked up quickly so he doesn’t have much to lose. Maybe the Pegula’s look at the fan base like a little wind up toy. Say the right things to get them stirred up but when it’s over it’s pretty disappointing. I don’t live in WNY anymore but from what I remember, during the winter you have the Sabres and snow. They know fans will buy those tickets at first no matter how much they complain. In the end the GM has minimal pressure and the owner keeps collecting the rent. It hits real rock bottom when the only good thing about the organization says I’m done.
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