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  1. I like VO. He almost makes scoring look easy. Vesey looks alright. Showed a nice shot on the breakaway. Good pass and vision for Sam. Dmen either give Jack room or he just makes it seem that way.
  2. Then what do you want? Whistleblower comes forward. Trump is impeached and in prison 24 hours later. This isn’t Judge Dredd. Maybe this allegation should trigger an inquiry which could then lead to an investigation. I’m not a lawyer but it makes sense to look into something before condemning someone. If he messed up then hold him accountable. The problem I have is this idea an accuser is never wrong and should always be believed.
  3. I can use my knowledge of historical incidents to say there is a chance the whistleblower was incorrect. Im sure that person was sure in their mind which is why they reported. However not every whistleblower is correct. We will not know for sure until that information comes out. Believing an accuser just because of who the accused is does nothing good for our justice system.
  4. Probably. The other problem I have with this situation is the whistleblower may be incorrect.
  5. Good question. I think it should be. Im not arguing the event. Im arguing how MSM handles this kind of stuff. American’s don’t need a report’s analysis, just the facts. Then again how would they fill that 24 hour cycle?
  6. I am harping on this because so far all we know is somebody complained about the POTUS revealing classified information. Did he? If not then there is no possibility the law was broken. Until we know what information was revealed and just as important to whom, then it’s speculation based on someone’s perception.
  7. Below is from the CNN article. Previously they admit it is unclear which country is involved or any specifics at all. This single sentence is an example of MSM citing opinion as fact. I do think this sentence will be the narrative going forward. I hope the complaint comes to light. If he did something wrong he should be held accountable. Until that information is known, MSM should stop trying to influence the masses and stick to reporting what is known. “There must at least be a possibility that Trump abused his power or committed a grievous ethical lapse in dealing with the foreign leader.”
  8. I’m not disputing the history of oppression but I think at some point we need to use the past as a lesson learned and not a foundation for double standards.
  9. Washer and dryer broken from the move. Laundry mat works good. Meetings come snd go. Trade alerts, analytics and line combos must be kept up on.
  10. Serious question. If I a black person wants to dress up like Vin Diesel for Halloween, are they allowed to paint their face white? IMHO it’s racist if the intent is to demean based on skin color. It’s not racist if you are simply trying to complete the character. This wasn’t an issue 20 years ago, why now? Again just my opinion.
  11. Eichel Game 1, 1st period at 14:43 Assists by Dahlin and Skinner
  12. Let’s pretend this is real. Who could the Sabre(s) going the other way be?
  13. I hope this game ends up on YouTube. From my WGR feed it sounds fun to watch.
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