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  1. SABRES 0311

    Leafs fans respond to fourth loss in five games

    Is it leaves or leafs?
  2. SABRES 0311

    GDT: Blues @ Sabres 3-17-19. 5PM

    Guy is old. Still like him more than that homer Jack Edwards. I don’t why but I get annoyed when Huberdeau scores and the Florida announcer yells “hooby dooby doo”.
  3. SABRES 0311

    GDT: Blues @ Sabres 3-17-19. 5PM

    RJ: Oreily looking for Eichel
  4. SABRES 0311

    GDT: Blues @ Sabres 3-17-19. 5PM

    Meh. They’ll blow it in the bottom of the ninth. J/K good shot.
  5. SABRES 0311


    I want them to lose now. Would definitely give us something to talk about from April to October.
  6. SABRES 0311

    GDT: Blues @ Sabres 3-17-19. 5PM

    Yeah I haven’t watched the last two. Not protesting or anything. In fact I intended to watch them but it just didn’t happen.
  7. SABRES 0311

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes 3-16-19 7 PM

    I hope not if for no reason other than a decade of what if threads (Drury/Briere). 😁 Seriously though I think that’s one team he would say no to. The guy waived his no move to go to Buffalo to get out of there. Might as well have put Vaseline on his pimp hand and then smacked their owner in the face.
  8. SABRES 0311

    GDT: Blues @ Sabres 3-17-19. 5PM

    Not ROR’s fault the Sabres suck.
  9. SABRES 0311

    GDT: Blues @ Sabres 3-17-19. 5PM

    We got two second overall picks and a first. I doubt another teenager (who is not hyped up) is going to put us in the playoffs.
  10. SABRES 0311

    Should we root for the Sabres to lose out?

    This made me think of why I am still watching games. Then answer is it is entertainment. Even if the product sucks it is still hockey and you never know what will happen. With that, I do not support tanking the rest of the year. I want the team who gave Tampa fits to play every game. The fans bought in to tanking a few years ago and we believed their would be a light at the end of the tunnel. If we are forced to endure not just bad hockey but indignity again then it’s a shame. Thats what tanking is for anyone who forgot. Losing on purpose makes you one thing, a loser. If it didn’t work a couple years ago why should we believe it will now? Trust is a two way street. It’s an embarrassment to hear Sabres fans at home cheer a loss or opposition goal. Anyone who falls for the “ends justify the means” thinking again is a sucker. Sorry but I’m just as pissed about the state of affairs as anyone else.
  11. SABRES 0311

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes 3-16-19 7 PM

    You would have to watch both games at the same time.
  12. SABRES 0311

    Is the Nashville system worth waiting for?

    I think this bleeds into fire Phil or not. If we get a new coach that wants to go a different way then it’s a new system for the players to learn. GM has a choice to make. Keep Phil and let him keep trying to teach that system. Fire Phil but hire a coach who who can pick up where he left off but with a different approach. Or new coach new system. If GM feels Phil has lost the room then it narrows it down a bit.
  13. SABRES 0311

    F'N...tastic Fridays....

    Dynamite drop in. Same here.
  14. SABRES 0311

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    I’d like all that too but the last couple of years has shown the opposite.
  15. SABRES 0311

    3 shut outs in a row? That's a trend!

    Not too many games left so they will just play it out as is. Maybe some changes will come in the summer.