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  1. Paintball gun and frozen paintballs work well. So I’m told. Seriously though. Entitlement in twenty-somethings mixed with a thin skin. I thought it was an age gap thing and maybe I just don’t understand where they are coming from. Now I’m wondering if they don’t understand reality.
  2. Cam Talbot looking a little skiddish. Oilers and Flames forgot it’s an exhibition. If the Oilers keep this hunger alive I won’t be surprised if they go deeper than expected.
  3. Good game in Alberta. Oilers and Flames gettin at it.
  4. Flyers beat Pens 3 to 2.
  5. I think he gets this year to show Adams/RAKRU something. If there isn’t some noticeable improvement he’s in a package deal. Just guessing though. He’s got a hard shot and size. I have faith Ralph can put it to good use.
  6. Same here. My kids did fine with a third of the year being distance learning. This includes one taking an AP class. I still want school to open but my family is able to accommodate distance learning. Other families are not as fortunate and school also allows kids an opportunity to develop socially. Long story short each school district should do what makes sense for their district. Full school, distance learning or a combination. One thing I learned as a parent is to question if seven hours at a school is necessary for my kids to learn and develop.
  7. Yeah i heard he asks for consent now.
  8. Any thoughts on the EO allowing drug importation? I’m not an expert but my initial thought is it creates competition which maybe means lower prices.
  9. Watching the game replay and he did the same thing to the Yankees on the other side of the plate. Amazing how the guy is still in the league.
  10. I cheated. Conscience.
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