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  1. Oh really. You have all the right in the world to think our country’s greatness is crumbling. I on the other hand think there are lessons the government should learn and incorporate into future response planning. We are resilient enough to bounce back from this. While we may not be setting the standard for dealing with COVID-19 I guarantee other countries will look to the U.S. on future matters. I’m not going to lose faith in our ability to make it through. Its one thing to call out a mistake to fix a problem. Your first paragraph is something else. This country is more than one administration’s failure.
  2. So that’s it then? Everything this country has done in its history wiped out because of one administration’s response to a virus. Yeah I don’t think so.
  3. Yes it is the point. The ball got dropped. Doesn’t mean the country as a whole is a joke. To address an earlier comment. The U.S. is good at warfighting because we have been in quite a few conflicts throughout our great nation’s history. Pandemics within our borders, not as much. To put it bluntly practice makes perfect. Im not completely disagreeing with your assessment of how the issue has been handled. I’m disagreeing with your original statement that our greatness is crumbling.
  4. Our country is great because of the so called little people. I could care less what another country thinks.
  5. You can only control your little sphere of life just like me and everyone else. Situation sucks but you can have impact on those around you better than what you are worrying about.
  6. Americans and humans as a whole have made it through worse. We will get through this.
  7. There’s a shot across the bow. Get in your fox holes boys we’re going to war.
  8. I would not be surprised if Paul used his contacts to get access to testing. I also have no evidence for it so I need to be honest on that. The stimulus bill went up to 2T during negotiations. I wonder if any specific businesses get ear marked funds. If so which of those businesses have ties to politicians. I’m probably just going down a rabbit hole though.
  9. He has the money and connection(s) to get tested. Does that answer the question?
  10. People are starting to spin the Chinese Virus verbiage. China is trying to blame the U.S. military for COVID-19. Trump calling it the Chinese Virus combats their narrative.
  11. I do not like the idea of bailing out banks and businesses. In my mind it’s like the banker giving you an extra 500 in Monopoly. Unfair to the other players. Its not the system that’s wrong it’s how some people abuse it. Does that mean we have to change the system? I bet if we did people will find new ways of abusing it. My profession comes down to two points; mission accomplishment and troop welfare. You have to take care of those subordinate to you because without them the job doesn’t get done.
  12. Is it capitalism or those executing? Power and greed lead people to abuse a system. If that’s true then it’s not the system that has to change it’s the people participating that have to change. Im hearing rumblings about the U.S. and China wanting patents on COVID treatment. Really? Maybe worry about that after we’ve figured out a way to take care of the problem before arguing who will profit.
  13. COVID 19 is man made to reduce the population COVID 19 is being used to test the population’s submission to martial law. Once you have COVID 19 it never really leaves your body. I just saw this after I posted.
  14. Well duh the Sabres desperately need a winger who can finish. Edit: thought I would the first one to make finish joke.
  15. I love him too. Really stimulates the mind.
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