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  1. Who volunteers to be the stuffed animal?
  2. Geez come to Buffalo and leave a snowflake.
  3. Toe drags seem to work against Minny’s defense.
  4. Let me guess. Jack got a 4 minute penalty because the other has no balls to drop the gloves. More like Minnesota Soy Boys.
  5. Hey Vesey hit the net. From five feet out. Progress!!!
  6. Pretty sure the fans are gonna pull out the shanks.
  7. Risto plus something for a top six winger to play in VO’s spot with Jack. VO takes Sobotka’s place on the second line. Maybe Sobotka takes KO’s spot. Or maybe Vesey takes VO’s spot on Jack’s wing and VO takes Sobotka’s. Vesey can’t buy a goal but he has shown moments of trying to create.
  8. How many times do you see NHL dmen do that stupid backhand saucer pass. Useless?
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