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  1. People always say they will make their voices heard at the polls but they don’t need to wait that long. Look at the BLM issue a couple years ago. Bunch of citizens on horseback with guns had their voices heard. Good combination of 1A and 2A.
  2. Hobbs and Shaw comes out on August 2nd. I always liked Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham so I already give it five stars.
  3. Hume seems like a pretty reserved type of person. Just wants to report the information.
  4. We will prove them wrong the first half of the season.
  5. I’ve found a good blend of country (Hank Jr) and podcasts help pass the time. I also like to add Metallica, Nirvana and others. Like @darksabresaid it’s gotta be a wide range. I even tolerated very very little Cardi B but that was for my daughter. I have to stress it was not for me.
  6. TBH it wasn’t just CCR but it did make up a good part of the drive. That might be a good thread.
  7. San Fran was a bit of a shock. I couldn’t tell if I was driving on trolly tracks, a bike lane or a car lane.
  8. One step/day at a time. You seem like a fighter and I believe you will get through this.
  9. Made the trip home driving from San Francisco to WNY listening to CCR. Realized a couple things. 1. How happy I am to be back in the states for good (I think). 2. Some people shouldn’t drive.
  10. Hopefully Eichel turns him inside out with his deceptive speed next year. That or a puck to the junk.
  11. Good signing. Two year deal gives some wiggle room in the development department for the younger guys. His experience on winning teams (already mentioned) should provide a steady hand during those friction points during the season.
  12. You might be able to continue doing so.
  13. Movers just left. Spent five hours sitting in the living room watching them do their thing. Now we spend the next three days shining the place up.
  14. I agree Iran is pissed about the nuclear deal but if our drone was actually in their airspace they would have shot it down either way. If it wasn’t in their airspace shooting it down does nothing for them. I think if Trump wanted war with Iran he would’ve used this incident. Or maybe Iranian influence on insurgent and narcotic operations in Iraq and Afghanistan which impact U.S. personnel.
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