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  1. Yeah there is no conceivable way he stays. Or maybe he does and common sense doesn’t apply to this organization.
  2. Eichel hurt his neck on that play. RK will say it happened in practice.
  3. Just want to point out we have been unhappy with this team’s inconsistent effort over the years. At least now they are consistent.
  4. Got home late from work and just watched Cozens fight. He held his own that’s for sure. Been watching him closer as the season goes on. He definitely comes to play and i can’t wait to see how he develops.
  5. Skinner and Eichel both not up to expectations. Here’s a crazy idea, put them back together for a while. What’s the worst that could happen, you lose a game? Been there done that.
  6. Skinner had success on Eichel’s line in the past. The current way is not working. Seems like a simple solution to a simple problem. At this point I think we can speculate whose gone first, Skinner or RK. My money is on RK.
  7. I hoped Skinner enjoyed that one time he was in the top six.
  8. Yeah and Ville Leino couldn’t go a whole season without scoring a goal.
  9. According to my eyes they pass way too much which feels weird to say. I also think too many years of bad habits may be too hard to break.
  10. It’s always darkest before the dawn. I think a legit President of Hockey Ops and a no BS coach is what this team needs. The bandaid has to get ripped off. No more sweet talk about the positives after a loss. I am starting to think the sweet talk is a way for management to use the media to save their jobs. Focus on those supposed positives and the boss looks like a jerk if he fires you. I dunno.
  11. What is RK’s system? Real question because I don’t get what’s happening on ice. These guys overpass in so many different situations. Is the system designed to do that?
  12. How do you start and end the third with a man advantage, down by two, and not get one shot? That’s actually impressive they didn’t even get one on accident.
  13. Some of these guys are mentally checked out. Coach can’t get them going. It’s not just a player or coach problem. It’s both.
  14. ZERO SHOTS ON GOAL SO FAR IN THE THIRD. If a change is going to happen it needs to happen soon with this condensed season.
  15. Monotone McGuire. No emotion. He’s like the Captain Marvel of hockey.
  16. Even COVID can’t get Skinner into the top six.
  17. I dunno the camera doesn’t show. Kill joys think it discourages the act.
  18. Halftime Show music had an 80s/90s feel to it. Easy to follow. Not bad. Only dislike was the part where the camera and performer kept spinning around.
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