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  1. Good for him, wish him the best, though lots of L's against the Sabres.
  2. This could be down to just Skinner being plain atrocious though....
  3. Not that I dislike Sam in any particular way, but much like every other player on this team, he seemingly becomes next to useless when not playing with Jack. So at this point, no I don't see a 2C on this team. Unfortunately.
  4. I have no evidence to back this up, but I always thought that naturally gifted players are worse coaches, because they are unable to properly teach, something that comes to them naturally. Or I could be totally wrong 🤣
  5. Yes Hasek was a superstar, but these guys would kill the 2020 Sabres with Roloson in net too, hence the “no superstar” comment. Also, although the Sabres lost the finals, it’s not like the Stars had their way with them. There’s a sequence in game 4 where Derian Hatcher gets drilled three times on the same shift, and a slow-mo of him collecting himself after the third hit - He just has that look of “These guys are for real....” all over his face 😊
  6. During the lockdown I sat down and watched some of the old 1999 Series games. Wow... Just WOW! Take Dom away, even with Roloson in net, this team was a nightmare to play against, and I feel 100% convinced that the 1999 team would sweep the current Sabres in any series. Without Dom. No superstars, just plain hard work and the occasional pest.
  7. But Kim Pegula likes JBot - And "She realizes, maybe it’s not popular with the fans AND THE STAR NO. 2 DRAFTPICK, but she has to do the things that she feels are right,”
  8. Please. No more Hutton. Good lord.....
  9. Yes, but unfrotunately our goaltending was shite, and our forwards are mostly undersized AHL'ers.
  10. Yes. The Sabres are made up of 50% AHL caliber players. In a perfect world we wouldn’t make that deal, but with the current team? Yes. Only problem is JBott would probably bring 3rd and 4th liners 🤬
  11. I only saw the game on Youtube, but all the post-game ceremony skate-around stuff was in a seperate video.
  12. 1. X-Wing 2. TIE Fighter 3. X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter 4. Wing Commander III 5. Wing Commander IV 6. Falcon 4 Superpak 3/4 7. Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3 8. NHL series Yup, I’m old....
  13. Kristian


    Mortality rate for elderly is higher, but you’re forgetting the shadow-figures. Studies claim that every confirmed case needs to be multiplied by 27, to give a best estimate of the actual number of cases. The problem with this one is not it’s mortality rate, but that a staggering number of people contract it, all at once.
  14. Kristian


    Everything got shut down here nationwide, yesterday. All non-essential public employees have been suspended, all schools and universities closed down, all public events canceled, and everyone in the non-production private sector are encouraged to work from home where possible. The idea is no longer to contain the virus, but to slow the rate of infection, to keep the healthcare system from collapsing.
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