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  1. No idea, but I doubt we’d be worse off, simply because we’re last half the time. But yeah, we could’ve been last all the time. Things are good.
  2. I’d take absentee owners, at this point. We have “managing & meddling” owners, who are absurdly ignorant when it comes to hockey decisions.
  3. Likely, someone the Pegula’s are too stupid to hire.
  4. If RK was my coach, I would’ve checked out too.
  5. More talented, or better player? Jack is by far the more gifted hockey player. Bigger, longer reach, stronger on his feet, great hands, vision etc. Drury in his prime was a much more complete player than Jack is now, as there’s nothing he couldn’t do, except throw bone jarring checks, or play goal. Jack is better in the other teams end than Drury, hands down.
  6. Ah! Sorry, my bad, misunderstood - I thought when you said it was his job to lose, that you wanted him to keep losing 😂😂 Don’t I feel like a doofus...
  7. Ah, right. Forgot about him. Probably cause we still sucked. Not Ryan’s fault.
  8. How long has it been since we had a guy who could win faceoffs, and actually play some hockey too? Chris Drury?
  9. For a shot at the no. 1 pick? Nope, sorry - I want the kids to learn how to win, a heckuva lot more than another high pick. I want them to learn how to win, and I want them to learn to LIKE it.
  10. Feel bad for Tokarski on that goal though, solid performance afain tonight. He can let in all the goals he wants, when the game is over though. Don’t care 😂
  11. Sabres outworking the Pens tonight. Never thought I’d see a Buffalo team put forth this kind of effort night after night. Thought it died in May, 1999. I’m sold.
  12. I don’t think either option is right. I don’t think they’re a bad team, but they’re not a good team either. They are however a very young team, and right now it appears Granato is teaching them some basic, good hockey habits. I like that.
  13. And to keep him long enough to lose 18 straight. The guy should, at the very least, had been canned after 10 losses in a row. It’s not like he’d taken them anywhere to deserve any benefit of the doubt.
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