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  1. 26 goals for another team last season? Let's see, what does that equal in "Sabres goals".... Hmmm..... 3? Joking aside, why not? Maybe he has a pulse, at least. Oops, read the salary wrong - NO THANKS!
  2. Those are Ville Leino numbers.... 😳😳😳 The Tank Commander is back!
  3. Skate around the perimeter, pass a lot, miss the net a lot, loose the puck at the blueline, get scored on. Yeah, they use plan B a lot...
  4. I agree. I absolutely hate what I’m seeing, but I actually think 80% of this is on RK. You can simply tell this team is not listening to him. They look like high-school seniors who just can’t get out of class fast enough on a friday, while the teacher keeps on babbling. This team needs a Tortorella. And what’s ironic is, I think he wouldn’t have to go all crazy on them either, because everything about him and his demeanor says no-BS. This team needs a no-BS coach, just teaches what he preaches, and will tell the media off in public to have a players back, if need be.
  5. That board shot was the most emotion I saw from the team all night. Great job, Mr. No. 1 pick... Great job.
  6. No need to Rush Kyle, take your time at the blueline.
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