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  1. I think it was last season or maybe the season before. Paul accused him of giving up on an opposing breakaway that led to a score. It looked like sam was going to punch him right in the mouth
  2. It took 6 years, but I officially have a man crush on Sam Reinhart
  3. Schopp and the Bulldog are the worst. I’d rather listen to the sound of two senior citizen men making out than listen to 5 minutes of their show
  4. I was at that Steve Bernier game. There was a mad rush in between periods to buy one of the very few jerseys they had for the game. Thankfully they were sold out by the time I got there or else I would have bought one too
  5. One more goal and he’ll equal Hall’s offensive output in a sabres uniform I believe
  6. Howard and Jeremy is the best sports show on the station
  7. Imagine creating an account just to ***** post and then never come back here again
  8. Which to me just makes it that much more disappointing. They’re playing good hockey finally but it doesn’t matter. Maybe if they would have pulled the trigger weeks sooner on Krueger
  9. I just want everything about this season to be over. Such bitter disappointment. Cozens looks like the real deal, and Mitts might actually be a player, everything else is *****
  10. Welcome to thunderdome, bitch
  11. At the time, on paper, the ROR didn’t look that bad. In hindsight it was pretty bad obviously. This trade is just baffling. Adams got absolutely owned by a division rival. I wonder if he got a nice steak dinner before he got *****
  12. Biggest win of the year. Not many to choose from but whatever
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