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  1. Had no idea there was a difference to be honest, just looking at that now pretty cool. I've never kayaked in the ocean, closest I've gotten to that is a tourist excursion in the Caribbean's but that doesn't count lol. Atlantic sounds really cool.
  2. Thanks, NS. Coincidentally I will agree with you as well, kayaking is a lot of fun. It's a great feeling to get out on the water like that, and it's a great workout. I like river/stream kayaking more, but lakes are good too.
  3. Learned how to change pads + rotors yesterday. Not a handy man at all but my buddy showed me and I got to make sure the lady's vehicle isn't a death machine. Working with your hands is fun; if I can do them nobody should be taking them into a shop, it's a ripoff.
  4. To be clear I think they'd let you join if that's what you're worried about.
  5. That guy tries way too hard in that video, making every single line some hyperbole as a joke.
  6. Only the Cards and Chargers concern me in that list.
  7. I remember this play, just unreal speed and vision from Tremaine here.
  8. That twitter thread does make a good point. Over 650k emails investigated in Washington, a notoriously shady organization, and the only thing that comes out of it is Gruden's head on a plate? There's just no way that: A) If the owners wanted that covered they wouldn't have and B) Gruden is the only one in there with some shady stuff.
  9. The emails are out there for those curious. They're something alright.
  10. It's not only me saying it. I'm far from the minority in this opinion here. Exactly.
  11. Milano will be back next week. AJ Klein is better in the run anyways. We need Oliver and Star to stop Henry.
  12. @SDS @nfreeman @spndnchz Any help here please? Really frustrating/alarming to see so many threads instantly disappear like this.
  13. Either whomever started all of these threads decided to delete them and quit the board, or SabreSpace is having a Facebook/Instagram level issue.
  14. Title speaks for itself, seems to have gone missing. Tried to view someone quoting me and got a no permissions error message.
  15. Saw that. Good news for us. If he's in Carolina though it's only a matter of time until he's a Bill again.
  16. He's not coming back to Buffalo. He never wanted to be here in the first place.
  17. He'll be in TB or KC by Friday.
  18. I mean I'm a vaccine guys and all that but those are wildly different situations. I just don't understand what drives this level of commitment/disdain for the Bills.
  19. lol I knew you were gonna post this
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