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  1. Can I get Sabres games with this even if I live in the Buffalo market?
  2. I need Sabres hockey in my life. I don’t care how “selfish” I am. Suck it
  3. We are also still paying Cody Hodgson.
  4. I’m on episode 7 of the Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. If you like scary stuff I highly recommend
  5. Never said you didn’t like it. Awesome. I like it too. A loaf of rye bread with dill dip is a very underrated appetizer. Also, what have we come to when we are sitting here arguing about the most overrated breads.
  6. I make bread for a living. It’s definitely multigrain bread. Without rye bread, what would a Reuben sandwich be? Multigrain, 12 grain, it’s all BS
  7. I had tickets to The Rolling Stones and Motley Crue this year. Was planning on going to several others. Thanks China
  8. This is a pretty good read on the kid. https://www.si.com/hockey/news/sabres-jack-quinn-is-ready-to-prove-doubters-wrong?fbclid=IwAR3j4EGV-fuLmWn2IQtn9IoLrti5a9FIMJiNR8eO4e_zmSu_C-9hrB-aqbc
  9. Not really any angst, but I’m holding off labeling him “generational” also. He’s still young but this will be his 3rd season. Time to start putting it together
  10. I’ve never watched a single Bond movie but I believe Sean Connery was the best. Is that even a debate?
  11. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/nhl-power-rankings-ranking-31-174932656.html Id say these ranking are pretty spot on
  12. I liked the pick personally. Him and Cozens are both still question marks. I definitely hope they both turn out better than Stafford and Ennis
  13. People were so mad that we drafted Quinn so high. You have him as the 6th best 1st round pick in the last 30 years
  14. Here’s a fun fact, your 3rd fun “fact” is more of an opinion. But I hope you have more of these, I’m learning an awful lot
  15. I really couldn’t agree more. He needs to make some big strides this season to live up to his pre draft hype. I’ve seen flashes but he needs to put it all together
  16. People who make left hand turns are the worst
  17. I heard on WGR the other day that it’s looking more like February 1st for a start date
  18. 100%. Social media in general is to blame for the downfall of society. It’s not about being there, it’s about showing everyone that you’re there. I recently deactivated my Facebook because it’s just a toxic place now that the election is “over”. Just so much hate and hostility...
  19. TikTok is part of what’s wrong with society. Hey everyone, look at me...
  20. One thing the team still severely lacks. Too many times I’ve seen Jack or Dahlin or even Jeff Skinner get roughed up and absolutely no retaliation from anybody
  21. The NHL doesn’t have the lucrative TV contracts that the other leagues have. The owners are more dependent on fans for revenue. Makes sense to me. But there needs to be a season
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