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  1. Yeah, for sure. And as if my team doesn't already make me ?
  2. bunch of flakes to be sure
  3. Sorry to learn, spndn Prayers for healing for family
  4. Glad you were able to get out and hit some. Tennis is a game for a lifetime and I've played since I was twelve years old. Hope you had fun!
  5. Not only does my team make me drink, My team's ownership takes my drinking to another level !!
  6. go Sabres! And to all my SS friends, take good care
  7. https://www.battelle.org/inb/battelle-critical-care-decontamination-system-for-covid19
  8. Stay strong, NS
  9. I anticipate this email in my inbox at any moment!
  10. surely understandable...safe flights and good times
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