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  1. What Thorny said is spot on and I am rather amused by JBott's roster build strategy.
  2. SO glad he is ok. I never had any fun at that age
  3. Happy 4th sabrespace! Like scotty said, all fingers, all toes and everything in betwixt
  4. some players even play together in Summer beer leagues
  5. I relished those names and all the creativity that went into such
  6. I'll be ok with this when we see results
  7. Yep, thanks Hoss. I've resigned myself to not seeing him in blue & gold...
  8. So, Duchene has not visited nickel city, just Nashville and Montreal, right?
  9. Wifey and her best friend from high school going to see ELO in July in Columbus. We will go to see Kansas at the local arts festival and then in August, I hope to checkout Blue Oyster Cult in Portsmouth.
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