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  1. Your response was condescending and mocking don't act like it wasn't. Wanna nitpick? Fine. I said two other times it happened. My point was it happens elsewhere, the fact that it did was my only point.
  2. "Are they? It may seem like it but who knows, I'd be curious to see the numbers" Look, there's the doubt. Do I ever respond to you like that? Quote you and basically call you a moron?
  3. As usual a joy to interact with. We get it Liger, you're smart and everyone else is dumb. My post clearly expresses that I'm not sure of the numbers. For someone who routinely freaks out when they think they're misquoted here you are doing the same.
  4. Are they? It may seem like it but who knows, I'd be curious to see the numbers. Even if they are they started out just the same here, as one-offs. My point is I don't think you can say it's simply one thing, like gun culture/laws. This stuff happens all over the world in wildly different cultures. It makes it a much more difficult issue to pinpoint.
  5. No, they're not. 2019 New Zealand Mosque shootings and the 2011 Norway Attacks to name a few. Especially the latter which is just an insane story.
  6. I mean conversely, do all people with similar mental issues commit the same acts? Don't get me wrong I don't think there's a single great answer here just playing devil's advocate.
  7. Beyond the offense Mcdavid is just so impressive. He's skating his ass off on dump in, finishing a check, contesting for every puck, then flying back on the forcheck. He's unreal and he has the effort and leadership to match
  8. Edmonton's jerseys are a travesty
  9. Rochester has as a sneaky great food scene. Not original food but great restaurants
  10. I'm very confused by your posts, do you not believe something happened or...?
  11. Yeah I definitely get the trepidation. I'm still not sure I believe every single person was there but that's what was reported. https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/usgogo/murphy_im_told_its_in_fact_every_single_bills/
  12. Pretty sure Diggs flew in for this
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