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  1. If you already have your foundation in piece you don't need a Marner though, you need 3-4 roster guys to roll more than one line
  2. Well that's on top of the $8M Sam's base salary would already have to have been, and the 2 first rounders you already spent on acquiring him $12M + four firsts = 1 Sam Reinhart at 70 points + 3 other 1st round picks, which can translate to roster players in trades or just drafting them.
  3. But so is $12M + four 1st rounders vs $8M + two 1st rounders
  4. I don't know about way better. And at some point you have to consider what his cost is, financially and asset wise
  5. Also, instead of using 4 1st rounders and 12M+ on Marner, why not just use two of those and trade some team for a young player instead
  6. Imagine going from Barrie to Myers. Woof
  7. Imagine giving a 29 year old Tyler Myers 7x8M 😄
  8. If so cross Vancouver off of the Risto/Barrie list
  9. Honestly amazed it's 'milquetoast' and not 'milktoast'
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