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  1. It's not an old story, and the guy isn't really a source. It's a joke on the internet to take absurd template stories like that and fill in the names of different players to troll/rile up fans on different forums.
  2. Is BuffaloNill just shitposting copy pasta then? Like the marine story?
  3. I really, really doubt Eichel said any of that. His interactions/involvement in the community have pointed to the exact opposite of that response to fans.
  4. You mean people would do that? Just go on the internet and...lie? That's crazy
  5. Seems likely they weren't. I'm still in the camp of if you can't get a prospect of that level back, you keep Eichel.
  6. Wonder if some sort of 3-way deal between Sabres, Wild, and Montreal can work where we end up with Rossi, Montreal gets Jack, and the Wild get a ton of prospects.
  7. Still not sure what Montreal could offer that would rival Rossi, Zegras, or Krebs.
  8. I'm not trying to argue with you lol I just literally don't care about how much he's paid. You're quoting me in a discussion in which I'm not concerned about at all with his pay and responding with the contract details. I am talking about the reasoning reported by the Buffalo News for why he wouldn't go 6 years: ”Ullmark, for example, signed for four years in Boston and reportedly wanted six from the Sabres, a scenario that would have severely impacted the development curve and playing time of Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen, the team's top prospect goalie.”
  9. Again, I'm not discussing, at all, if the contract is good or not. If it was 6x5, or it could have been 6x1, and that still wouldn't be what I'm discussing.
  10. I wouldn't pay Ullmark that, but that's not what I'm discussing in the quote I took from SDS. Adams explanation is simply the term, not the cost, and only because it affects UPL/other goalies potential playing time years down the line, not because of Ullmark's injury history.
  11. I'm not sure how two extra years does that to UPL. Just bench Ullmark. Or if you're that upset about potential playing time for an extremely unproven goalie prospect 4 freaking years from now, trade Ullmark when the time comes. That is an insane reason to not sign him. Honestly I don't believe it.
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/BuffaloVogl/status/1420852313196007433 Former teammate weighs in in Jack the leader
  13. You want...what this team? Trying very hard to think about what that bleep could be
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