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  1. WildCard

    Practice Report: Monday, 12-10-2018

    Curious, why?
  2. edit: apparently I never have any idea what day it is 😄
  3. WildCard

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    Mean we have a rookie QB that is the highest ever taken for us against the Jets rookie QB they drafted at #3 overall. If that doesn't do it for you maybe I'm not sure the NFL is for you
  4. WildCard

    The even randomer thread

    Quick find a folding table
  5. We need to play the Kings every 15 games. Reset the counter
  6. WildCard

    2018 - 2019 Lineup

    We need McCabe and Scandella back so bad And for the love of god, can SOMEONE not on the first line do something??
  7. I don't see it watching him honestly. I'd be interested in hearing an argument for it tho
  8. Unreal how much of a joke these refs are honestly this is absurd