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  1. Very immunocompromised dad got his first dose today. Already feeling relieved.
  2. Are these even allowed to be classified as 'NHL' games anymore?
  3. Agreed. Plus, if we do try and build through the draft (which we should have done 5 years ago) we'll screw that up anyways.
  4. I'm at the point where I hope we lost so bad somebody gets fired...again
  5. Summed it up perfectly. Completely apathetic towards this team; if anything mad that we're going to waste 3 golden opportunities of star players in their primes. This team isn't going anywhere with Krueger and Adams here, and they just got here. Can't wait to waste 3 more years, again. On the plus side the Bills are more entertaining than I've ever seen in my lifetime, so that's awesome. Welcome back by the way, hope everything's going well 🍻 I honestly laughed when I got the notification we lost 3-0 yesterday after having an NYI franchise record 0 shots in the 3rd the night before.
  6. Wonder if we'll break another record for a timeless franchise tonight. Maybe we'll have 0 shots in the 2nd period this time instead.
  7. Ralph needs to go, and we need experience back in charge. A GM and a HC with experience.
  8. Seems like quite a few people in here are coming down with it, hope you're all doing alright. I just signed up for my vaccine in April, my parents both got another one rescheduled for the upcoming weeks. Fingers crossed.
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