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  1. Packers - Chiefs was the first ever Super Bowl
  2. That matchup, for all of the history on the NFL's 100th anniversary and for just the players themselves, is the NFL's wet dream
  3. Quite a bit coming off the books next year. Ton of decisions for Botterill and Krueger
  4. So with 34 games left and 51 points currently, we need 45 points, so we need to go something like 22-11-1
  5. Skinner should be back by the end of break and Oloffson by February IIRC. Flagg and I think Brawndo had it in the lineup thread
  6. If Ullmark can continue to play like he has we have a shot. We get Skinner and Oloffson back soon. Dougie Hamilton got hurt tonight, Morgan Reilly is out for the Leafs, and the Flyers lost Hart. Still, comes down to how we play though, and which team shows up. Playoffs would be absolutely huge for this team, almost like when the Bills snapped the steak
  7. A needed win for us. Got one more in Nashville before the break, let's win that and be in a good position with some momentum
  8. Really? I thought Dahlin's dad was one of the few that mad sense
  9. Worth noting that Orr did that in two seasons two, not just one teenage season
  10. Ullmarks gotta realize he can't over commit for that. Not a terrible goal for him to give up though
  11. True, Ullmark would never cheat on his wife with her sister
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