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  1. Because denying someone a once in a lifetime career opportunity is a sure fire way to make sure nobody ever works for you again
  2. Pretty sure this guy was given every opportunity to succeed in the NHL and blew it being an *****
  3. We're the only team that has to do that though, and that's just inept drafting and asset management; at least those things are based on variables you can control, and not how cool your city is.
  4. What makes the NHL so much fun is the drafting and development of players. I love that I can watch a guy we scout, draft, and root for stay on my team for years on end. I don't wanna be the NBA and watch Anthony Davis walk out the door
  5. Radko Gudas > Sean Couturier confirmed
  6. (Brassard on the verge of becoming an Islander)
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