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  1. Agreed with ... (damn that's a hard name to quote) Anyways, they might if they have new lines?
  2. Time to move on from Anaheim. I don't have time for a crazy intro so whenever somebody feels like putting one together they can put it in here
  3. We literally cannot do basic hockey things right now. This is just embarrassing
  4. We've been saying this for 4 freaking years
  5. We're immediately reverting back to our old ways of trying to do too much
  6. Not sure Dahlin can play any worse tonight
  7. The boarding should have been 5m too, and that's the 2nd time they've jumped us. Absolute garbage reffing tonight
  8. Ullmark is pathetic tonight
  9. What a ***** pass by Reinhart
  10. Not sure how I feel about this considering your profession...
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