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  1. ***** you 😄 Edit: Supposed to say God - Dmn you, which a lot less harsh than what the asteriks have lol
  2. . Brother and Grandpa were big fans. Got into them the 2005-2006 season, easy to understand why . Eichel - pushed for the tank, never had a superstar on our team in my life like that before. 2nd would be Ryan Miller, loved his compete, attitude, and his dominate season . Senators brawl, winning in that shootout and everything about that, watching it live, was amazing. Close 2nd is Brier's OT goal against Philly in game 1. First playoff experience, was in an old van with my headphones plugged into the radio searching for any station I could that had the game, driving all the way up from SC at night. Arrived at my Great-Grandmother's house just in time to run inside and switch on this old, box tv and hear 'DANNY BRIER! DANNY BRIER!' . Sell them
  3. There's no shortage of those
  4. Is there still no word on when the NHL draft takes place? I'm guessing September at this point
  5. He has been. Money talks though
  6. After Nike and FedEx pull their sponsorship/request a name change, the Redskins are likely to have a new name https://www.nfl.com/news/washington-redskins-to-undergo-thorough-review-of-team-s-name
  7. @TrueBlueGED You still around man?
  8. WildCard


    There's the travel ban from the US to the EU made by the EU. Looks like I'll be canceling my European trip scheduled for September
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