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  1. WildCard


    - Quote from most people in Oklahoma
  2. WildCard


    They definitely have the enforcement resources. Hong Kong made that pretty clear
  3. WildCard


    It's 10000% going to happen again. Covid-19 isn't in the first time this happened. They were told it would, and to shut down the markets, and they immediately reopened them and blamed someone else, all while completely lying about their numbers. The same exact cause, lying, and response from China for SARS happened again here, and will continue to happen. Imagine if COVID-19 had a 30% morality rate?
  4. WildCard


    China re-opened the wet markets already. Unreal
  5. Watched Kingpin for the first time. This movie is hilarious 😆
  6. WildCard


    Almost seems too good to be true
  7. WildCard


    I just read 2 months of social distancing (June 1st); Maryland and Virginia have set June 10th as their date. I'm not gonna make it that long lol
  8. Same. It's so far away, and even if it weren't, the NFL does not miss out on money
  9. Any new coach would have been asked the same kind of questions about their experiences and possible GM candidates. The reason the McDermott-Beane connection is so often brought up is that it's been said for a long time that McDermott chose Beane, not that he just had input on it, because everyone in Buffalo thinks Pegula is a fool. There's no point in bringing up the McDermott-Beane prior connection other than to imply McDermott had a very strong saying in choosing the next GM when in reality he probably suggested him and others and that's all; McDermott wasn't confirming or denying Pegula's potential choices
  10. WildCard


    It's hard to think that's a positive when they needed 30k but got 4k
  11. Which isn't the same as McDermott selecting Beane which is the narrative
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