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  1. Big #Bills updates from Sean McDermott’s weekly appearance on @WGR550: - Guard Cody Ford is out for the season after suffering an injury during practice this week. - WR John Brown is out for this week’s game with an ankle injury. - Mitch Morse will start at center. — Jay Skurski (@JaySkurski) November 27, 2020
  2. Probably due to the new way they're doing it (mRNA)
  3. So are we done with moves? Is this it? Training camp (tentatively) is expected to start in 3 weeks
  4. Saw CNN said we might hit 20M+ cases by January. Isn't that herd immunity levels?
  5. I just lob them it's up to someone else to finish...
  6. Could very well be the case
  7. If I'm them I take them down asap and try and put the pandemic, with the politics and unease with it, behind them. But yeah that stuff costs money so I'm assuming they'll just store it for later use if they need it again; definitely be dumb to toss it.
  8. Is that the wing fest? I just heard about that last year.
  9. Why wouldn't places take them down? I can't wait for all of the night events/specials bars are gonna have once this is all over. They're gonna be itching to celebrate and bring money in.
  10. Any chance we have a normal summer?
  11. Oddly enough 2020 has been a very good year for me personally 😄
  12. Thanks! Similarly my gf can't believe I lasted this long
  13. Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you all for choosing the Vikings and making me champion of the Survivor League.
  14. The 'like' button on mobile is white and ends in with the background, can't even see it. Just a heads up.
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