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  1. Seems like a very Sammy Watkins thing to do
  2. This is honestly the most likely scenario 😄
  3. It'll be good to get Allen, Edmunds, all of those younger guys some more experience in a big game like this
  4. It's official, we have the SNF game against Pittsburgh
  5. The Bills? His beautiful wife? Being a billionaire?? 😉
  6. Something something McDermott is a dinosaur
  7. Sobokta underwent knee surgery today
  8. Saw "Knives Out" last night, thoroughly enjoyed it. Also saw "A Bridge Too Far" the other night too. Something about those old war movies that they just can't replicate anymore
  9. Just ***** or get off the pot already, Jason
  10. Very worried about Gallup vs Levi Wallace. The Dolphins and others have exposed him as being a prime target to throw against in avoiding White, and Gallup is very good. Plus ya know, that offensive line and Zeke against our very poor run defense and average pass rush
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