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  1. @MattPie or any other developer...do you have any experience with MongoDB Atlas, Realm, and android studio?
  2. Milano and Edmunds both out Sunday #Bills HC Sean McDermott said "it's too early to tell" whether or not either Tremaine Edmunds or Matt Milano will need to go on Injured Reserve. — Joe Buscaglia (@JoeBuscaglia) September 18, 2020
  3. Cirelli = 80% alone, 70% with Staal Staal = 25% alone, 10% with Cirelli However you wanna word that is what I meant lol
  4. Agreed, and again I do like the move, but I just don't want that to be it and think we're set. And those percentages are independent of one another 😉 Just cause the Sabres don't do it doesn't mean it doesn't happen lol again good trade, gotta be more though. If this is it we're not there yet We've added respected former captains with leadership and all that before yadda yadda yadda, gotten us nowhere. Downside? Only downside there can be is Adams and crew thinking this is enough. I hope they won't
  5. Feels just like when we gave T.O. the keys to the city lol
  6. Cirelli or Monahan would give you years of viable young talent and offensive production. That would be 80% to making us a playoff team, and with Staal we get what, 25%? Again, good move and all that, but this can't be it for the center position
  7. A ton that have been discussed on here. Staal is freaking old, he can easily lose a step and not be nearly as productive. He's here for 1 year, so we're back to relying on Cozens to be ready in his sophomore year, something that is so far from a given. It's a stop-gate that is only getting worse, in a condensed season, and there's nothing after him, especially if Larsson is gone. You think Marcus Johansson just buys legitimate 2Cs? Staal is a fine piece, relying on him to be an integral one with Kahun and Reinhart as his wingers is setting yourself up for failure
  8. Haven't made the playoffs in a decade lol show me more. Good move, sure. It's not making us a playoff team though.
  9. I don't see how this changes anything honestly. If he's not a 3C we still suck
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