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  1. Same, I'm glad we do. I've come to expect better from their social media team though. Chiefs' and Chargers' had something cool, although the Chiefs' actual release was bad.
  2. Edit: This is ***** awful lol
  3. Really ***** us here with the Chiefs/Titans back to back away games in prime time
  4. Barely though. I get the very high level comparison of the bold, but they aren't remotely comparable beyond that. Sammy Watkins would have to be a top 5 proven QB in his prime for that to work out. Beane/McDermott caught some flack sure but moving on from Watkins wasn't exactly like trading away Josh Allen
  5. They didn't have anyone nearly comparable to Reinhart or Eichel. Injury plagued Sammy Watkins doesn't count, and Dareus didn't amount to anything after becoming overweight and useless
  6. That's a bucket list kind of game right there
  7. Getting rid of his college coach doesn't help though
  8. If all the reported leaks are correct, the Bills will play at Saints on Thanksgiving Night (11/25), then 11 days before their next game - MNF (12/6) at home vs. Patriots. — Sal Capaccio 🏈 (@SalSports) May 12, 2021
  9. He's got 4 more years, let's ride them out and try to win with him. Why not?
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