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  1. Quoted cost of repair at a dealership: $13110. Actual cost of repair at a trusted mechanic: $257. I love my car; the dealership quote almost made me cry, until I confirmed what little diagnostic work they did (nothing) before they quoted me for an all new crate engine. Christ was I happy to get it away from that dealer and get it to my guy. Even my guy was skeptical about being able to find/fix the issue, but I encouraged him a little, and he did not disappoint.
  2. Not always true. Many labor unions thoroughly examine the business opportunities and business practices of the companies that employ their members to find ways to increase revenue or efficiency. Example: Company: We need to cut employee benefits in order to save $X. Union: We've determined you could do A, B, and C to save just as much money without cutting employee benefits, and you maintain good employee morale and retention. The financial growth and success of women's professional hockey is in the mutual interest of the NWHL and NWHLPA.
  3. I think the outer shape should have been a circle, not a shield, BUT this logo will probably be worn as a chest patch, so the badge-like shape will look good on the jerseys next to the circular main crest. It is also noteworthy that the color palette is the modern set. If this patch was intended to be worn on the third jersey, I wonder if this means the third jersey uses the modern color palette too.
  4. Crisis averted. Best wishes in recovery.
  5. Pegula was the owner when Lindy Ruff was fired before Darcy Regier was fired, so I'm not sure what the basis for this potshot is.
  6. He's under contract as an assistant coach for the Rangers. You hire an assistant coach that brings some skills or experience (offensive/defensive tactics, special teams, motivation, teaching) that your coaching staff needs. You don't setup for failure by hiring your next coach as an assistant. Lindy's experience would certainly help some coaching staff, but it'll be up to Krueger, Smith, and Botterill to decide what skill sets they need to add, and Lindy won't be in consideration (see #1).
  7. Retain Steve Smith, hire Kevin Dineen and maybe Ulf Samuelsson.
  8. Out of curiosity, all those that would have lost their ***** if the Sabres hired Lindy Ruff as Head Coach say "AYE."
  9. Fascinating. Ralph Krueger over Lindy Ruff.
  10. Yep. See my post wherever that thread is. Cal Botterill was a hockey coach and teacher of Ralph Krueger. Nice. Star Trek builds character. That "we ***** up" article from the Edmonton Journal was eye opening. They buried Krueger at the time, only to realize in the next years with Eakins how bad the roster was at the time, and now go just short of offering an apology to Krueger. Good read. Paints an entirely different picture of the one-and-done season and really thrashes MacT.
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