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  1. Gotta believe that even if the Jeff Skinner-in-the-bottom-six functionally works, it'd be very tempting for Kevyn Adams to fish him out there just to rid his salary cap of a $9M bottom six player. That said, I don't think they've given up on him yet, at all. But Jeff would have to be working well in the top six or doing something downright magical in the bottom six to keep that target off his back.
  2. Oh, I know. I just wanted the satisfaction of typing out the words "I cropped his nuts out."
  3. They didn't. I cropped his nuts out before uploading the underlying image.
  4. They *****in' rejected Michelangelo's David. Philistines! BOOOOOO
  5. It's cool we don't WSH again until tomorrow night. And then next Friday. And then next Sunday. #meatgrinder
  6. Agreed. He had at least that one perfectly clean takeaway and immediately moved it straight up the ice past the redline onto the tape for a Sabres odd-man rush.
  7. The royal blue just elevates everything. Even the seats in the arena finally make sense and look great with Royal blue on the ice.
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