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  1. FWIW, I count blessings. We're blessed that the Kings are in deadass last place and we're not subjected to insufferable posts about we should have hired Todd McClellan.
  2. NHL.tv, which is usually ok, was a real piece of ***** last night. Logged on successfully and casted to TV from phone ok, but then it started stuttering constantly. Logged off phone, switched to laptop on the same wifi, and got the multiple locations error. Logged off and shut off laptop and phone several times to no avail. Tried a 2nd phone, no worky. Tried a 2nd laptop, same issue. Then after a while, it randomly started working on the 2nd laptop. But a new issue started where the game video just stops, and the in-browser controls refuse to appear, so you have to refresh the page to regain control and then scroll to the part where you left off. Except this new issue occurred about every four minutes. It took me about two hours to watch the first period. So then I just watched the game recap video, which also took me about twenty minutes to watch five minutes of video because of the same issues on the NHL's piece of ***** website.
  3. Jonas Johansson has earned his keep, working his way up from Sweden to Cincinnati to Rochester, bettering his SV% and GAA along the way. Meanwhile, Hamburglar appears to have been playing like hot ass in Rochester. Likely Hamburglar will backup Johansson night to night, and UPL will get 5-8 callups to Rochester this season, like Johansson did over the past couple of years.
  4. The Sabres at night are big and bright Deep in the heart of Buffalo
  5. Just a heads up for @SDS: in dark mode, I can't see the text in the OP for *****.
  6. Team 5v5 CF% by center through three games: Eichel (50:22) 49.5% Johansson (37:45) 55.2% Mittelstadt (26:12) 41.9% Larsson (32:19) 68.5% 5v5 Offensive Zone Start %: Eichel 67.9% Johansson 47.4% Mittelstadt 71.4% Larsson 31.6% Not only is the Larsson line kicking opponents' ***** in shots allowed vs taken, they're doing it while starting more often in the neutral and defensive zones. Not considered: quality of competition.
  7. I'm not a pessimist, but by game 25 last year, on November 27th, Housley had the Sabres at 17-6-2. Krueger has the Sabres at 2-0, on October 7th. I know this poll attempts a trial of Housley, but without the context of a substantially similar roster one year later, it is too early to tell if coaching makes the difference for this team and condemns Housley. I like what I'm seeing so far.
  8. Labatt Blue in celebration of the home opener. I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's not easy to come by out here.
  9. Incredible game. Incredible night for the fans and players. I guess there's only one thing left to do...
  10. The puck support (proximity of teammates away from the puck to give targets for short passes and give close help with turnovers) at both ends was better than I've seen in years. Really good and obviously coached. Made breakouts and zone entries a thousand times more effective while hampering the opposing breakout and minimizing own-zone turnover risk.
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