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  1. I'll do you one better: why is Jake McCabe?
  2. There was a significant amount of ownership and fan pressure to pull the team back from the tank, and, make no mistake, time by itself was not going to make the team better.
  3. Better and refined asset management league-wide and longer term contracts for better-than-scrub level players- this effectively killed the UFA market. On the trade market, teams may not want to leverage futures for players susceptible to a expansion draft.
  4. Scott was always the better person.
  5. We'll have a different look. Different personnel and different coaching. Which is what we need.
  6. AND Scott told the Toronto heavyweights to come fight him, not the kids, and they fought the kids anyways. Follow that up with idea that Scott can't tell the Toronto bench "I'm fighting whoever comes out," and then not do it. I do blame Kessel for swinging his stick. That's outside the code. But effectively, it was Carlyle that jumped Kessel.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/byscottpowers/status/1066029067667980289
  8. "Well we definitely loved the size and the overall ability that he brings. He's got speed and playmaking ability, plus dangerous in front of the net. His character is rated tops from our scouts." -Ralph Krueger
  9. Analysts think Byram at #4.
  10. But Hall is currently only under contract for one year. No team will pay a #7 for a one-year rental. If the Devils even think there's a legit chance Hall won't sign, then they know the return for Hall only goes down as time goes on. It would be highest bidder, which we're equipped to win, for less than the #7.
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