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  1. In case no one else noted: Ullmark's contract, unlike Reinhart's, takes him to UFA upon expiry.
  2. It's risky asset management. But this is definitely management saying 'put up or shut up.' We're going to see what works and who wants to be here and the rest are getting moved.
  3. This. 100%. If he didn't want to be a Sabre, he would have held out for a deal that took him right to UFA and didn't give the Sabres another chance at RFA. Good deal for both parties.
  4. Thank you for sharing that. That type of ***** has never been part of the game or sportsmanlike at all. Slurs against race/sex/gender/orientation/religion isn't gamesmanship, it's being an unsportsmanlike ***** or worse. We don't want that in the game or in life. Some of us work to actively take that out of the game, by setting the example, teaching, enforcing codes of conduct, even banning players. Several times I've played against players that have used slurs on the ice, gotten themselves into penalties and/or fights, and after the game were sportsmanlike enough to come to our locker room or our captain and explain, "Hey, I didn't mean to say that. I was angry in the moment, but I know that's not ok. That's not who I am." And go on to apologize to the player and the team. It can be a teachable moment. But there are many players all over the world that face discrimination or worse everyday and never get that apology. Your coaches were right to curb it, but they can't be everywhere all the time. We hope that coaches and captains create a culture of inclusion, but it can be an uphill battle against the influences of players, friends, parents, siblings, or even the community. Some people like to pretend the problem doesn't exist, but as you know from your life experiences, it exists, it needs to be acknowledged, and it takes effort to keep it out of the game. Know you're not alone in carrying the torch, and know that if you do, others will follow.
  5. Salary cap hit about 300 bucks. No movement clause.
  6. Money's not everything. I'd opt for 46 years old over 69 years old.
  7. Doc Emerick is well-educated, well-versed, has outstanding broadcast skills, is undeniably objective, and is very likeable. Do I like hearing him? No. But it's not his fault. I'm spoiled by Rick. I'd rather listen to Rick. I cherish Rick and the time he has left with us. The fact I am forced to listen to Doc and not allowed to listen to Rick is an artifact of the business that is hockey media: it's a byproduct of begrudgingly necessary media exclusivity deals in professional sports. I understand it, but my logic and reason don't prevent me from being annoyed by this. Not Doc's fault. I'm also a much bigger fan of the radio-style play-by-play call (wherein the action is described between whistles and color commentary is reserved for stoppages in play) than the modern television-style conversational call (wherein background and stories and tales or yore are interjected directly into the play call and are not reserved for stoppages). The radio-style that I love is the polar opposite of the style of team Doc/Eddie/Pierre. Not Doc's fault. Even more subjectively, Doc's voice is not a good voice. Its nasal tone grates. Not Doc's fault. I believe Doc got as far as he did because he was a good regional broadcaster that graduated into being the sincere best of an extremely mediocre -and at times straight bad- national broadcast bunch that never received enough attention or investment into quality. Not Doc's fault. He's had a long, successful , award-winning career in broadcasting, which is itself something to be admired.
  8. https://www.nhl.com/sabres/news/buffalo-sabres-steven-fogarty-free-agent-nhl/c-319475170 https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/114771/steven-fogarty
  9. Interesting phrasing. Why imagine yourself as Terry telling KA to do anything when you could just imagine yourself as KA and offersheet Dunn yourself?
  10. That would ***** the Canadian teams pretty good and benefit the US TV deal. The NHL is loosely grouped by time zone so that fan attendance at 7pm games corresponds to prime time television for both home and away fans. Going to an all-Canada division would brutalize the Canadian TV ratings. But maybe the NHL has already done the market research and has determined that grouping the Canadian teams together as outcasts on SportsNet/TSN will maximize the profits of a US television deal. edit: Rereading this as COVID-related, which would be necessitated by closed borders. Still max weirdness.
  11. 6-3 PP Skinner-Hall-Staal-Reinhart Eichel-Dahlin
  12. It's there. It will be exploited. It won't be exploited equitably among all teams. I'm not saying there's any way to stop it. But journalistic integrity can help to both slow it and keep it equitable.
  13. Let me correct this. It sounds stupid, but this ***** works in politics and other industries, and it's already being used in professional sports, and it won't surprise me when it's tried in the NHL.
  14. Absolutely agree. Specifically, it's economically good for the media businesses reporting the information as content, as their revenue is aided by views/clicks/etc. That's how TSN makes their money and that's why EPSN reports more than the final scores. The league and teams might benefit as the league media contracts swell, but it's a secondary or tertiary effect. Does Taylor Hall sign with the Buffalo Sabres if there's a persisting rumor Jack EIchel will be traded? Maybe or maybe not, but it sure doesn't help the Sabres' case to land Taylor Hall. The front office confirmed they used playing with Jack Eichel as a major selling point for Hall; Hall confirms he looks forward to playing ona team with elite players like Jack Eichel. I can't find it now, but there was at least speculation, if not a source-confirmation, somewhere that the Sabres front office was quietly pissed that Jack Eichel trade rumors were spun up bigly at a national level just a couple of weeks before free agency- the feeling was that this hampered their ability to sell the team to UFAs that wanted to win. It sounds stupid, but this ***** works in politics and other industries and it won't surprise me when it's tried in professional sports.
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