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  1. Saw that last night when it aired. The whole episode was hilarious, and when Bruce said "penis," everyone watching did a double take, Harvey then F-bombed, and everyone lost their *****. Good TV. I want to get a Bruce Smith jersey just for that moment.
  2. Sens rebranding for this season, will go back to something close to the 1997-2007 logo, and unveil a new third. https://www.thescore.com/nhl/news/1985413 Old logo:
  3. If I had to guess, it's the TV rights. There could be fine print in the TV contract in the event a season is shortened or playoffs are cancelled that describes very specifically how and when NBC/Sports can back out of counting a season as a season under contract or can somehow prorate their payment of the contract. Current TV contract was $2B for years, so it could be up to $200M in play. Especially important if the TV contract terms are distinctly from CBA terms (ie, this year counts as a contract year for players and they get paid, but the league doesn't get all of the TV money). And if it's not explicitly a contract language problem, it's the NHL posturing for the negotiations for the next TV contract, demonstrating that even in a disaster, the rights to the league broadcasts will still be profitable. The league has already begun contract negotiations, but put them on pause until the end of the year. Every single thing the league is doing is to boost that potential TV contract. The current contract was enormous when it was signed, and the next TV contract, as TV networks increasingly rely on live sports to fight revenue loss to streaming content providers, will be even bigger. The previous contract was $75M, current one is $200M. Throw in Seatlle (13th largest US TV market) and Vegas expansions, watch other leagues' rights skyrocket, and I wouldn't be surprised if the TV contract doubles to $400M/year.
  4. I think the nature of the game and the nature of COVID transmission could mean that several teams have experience breakouts. As of July 6, 35 players tested positive. As of today, the Penguins isolated nine players because they were exposed to someone (not another player) who tested positive. Auston Mathews (TOR) tested positive, and confirmed today that he had the virus and is now healthy. Once games get started, it could get real weird, as the NHL has prohibited teams from announcing COVID-related test results or any other injury information. You might just see players disappear from benches and rosters for weeks at a time with little to no explanation, even if it's not COVID-related.
  5. Agreed. Life extends beyond the game. The health of the players, coaches, staff, workers in supporting industries, families, and fans is above sport. No one should be shaming those who exercise that right. In separate thoughts, it's going to be really interesting to see game rosters not at their fullest/best and it's going to be really interesting to see if they can keep COVID away from the games.
  6. From wiki: "The 2020 NHL Entry Draft will be the 58th NHL Entry Draft. The draft is tentatively scheduled for October 9–10, 2020, and will be held virtually after initially being scheduled for June 26–27, 2020, at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec." Worst Zoom call ever. Knowing the NHL, it could work great, or it could be so shoddy that the frustrated Sabres draft Taro Tsujimoto Jr to make a point.
  7. By the way, with the possibility of Olympics comes the possibility that not only is Jack on Team USA, but by 2022, he's potentially the captain of Team USA.
  8. It's summer. Best *****-tier pisswater. Go. Personal Top Rankings: Blue/Blue Light Yuengling Canadian Genny O/Cream Ale Gansett Miller Lite PBR High Life Old Style Modelo Coors O Hamm's Tecate Corona XX Worse/worst: Coors Light Bud Heavy Bud Light Keystone Steel Reserve Kirkland Light
  9. That's a nice thing. I wish him well. I also like NJD hiring a rival NYR assistant coach. But according to the Devils website and wikipedia, Tom Fitzgerald is still only the interim GM. Interesting to see an interim make a permanent head coach hire.
  10. It is. Speaking of which, Dominik Kahun finished the season with 3.36P/60, which was good enough for 15th best in the league. If he plays the same time on ice per game as Eichel, he should finish next year's 82 game season with 101 points.
  11. Interesting read, but the method is shady AF, which the author recognizes, but then ignores when wielding judgement. The author lays out the weakness: But then smashes Buffalo for taking Brayden McNabb instead of Mike Hoffman, because defensemen don't score points. Additionally, the method characterization is not performed round by round, because it loses, badly, where it counts. The Sabres clearly beat the hell out of this method in the first two rounds. Summing up the WAR for the top-60 picks, the Sabres outscore this method by 22.6 to 8.3. It's an overly simplistic approach and the author over simplifies the analysis of its effectiveness. It also ignores many real draft pick benefits not measured by NHLe, such as, meeting organizational depth needs. I'm not sure Rochester would ever get any defensemen if BUffalo exclusively used this technique. However, like any good fiction, it does raise an interesting philosophical question. Regarding later rounds, should teams ignore organizational depth needs in later rounds to try to swing for the fences for the NHL team?
  12. In happier(?) news, the NHL is attempting to schedule three games per day in the two hub cities, at 12pm, 4:30pm, and 9pm local time. This means that if you're on the east coast, you could be seeing games nonstop from noon to 2am, as Edmonton is 2 hours behind. TBD how many games will be nationally broadcast. If you were jonesing for hockey and you wanted to get your hockey fix, that would do it. https://www.espn.com/espn/now?nowId=21-41095824-4
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