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  1. When you're a born competitor and you've strived to win something your entire life but have yet to do so, it's probably crushing to lay it down.
  2. Non-fancy stats, as of 4/14: Team Records: Ralph: 6-18-4, 0.286 P% 2.07 GF/GP (31st), 3.39 GA/GP (28th) 28.1 SF/GP (27th), 30.8 SA/GP (19th) Not Ralph: 4-7-3, 0.393 P% 2.79 GF/GP (16th), 3.50 GA/GP (30th) 26.9 SF/GP (27th), 36.4 SA/GP (31st) Goalie Records: Ullmark, regardless of Ralph: 9-6-3, 0.583 P%, 0.917 SV%, 2.63 GAA Not Ullmark, regardless of Ralph: 1-19-4, 0.125 P%, 0.890 SV%, 3.57 GAA Goalie Stats: Under Ralph: Linus 5-4-2, 0.919 SV%, 2.44 GAA Hutton 1-9-1, 0.884 SV%, 3.43 GAA Johansson
  3. I gotta think that we're waiting for a team to make a move, possibly a trade with a 3rd team, to clear cap space to land Hall. Should be decent return if a team's willing to go through that hassle.
  4. The other night, they went with seven defensemen and only eleven forwards. Do they put Artuu D too?
  5. ***** referee #49 Reid Anderson for causing the turnover on the reverse that led to NJ's 5th goal when it was 4-3 with 1:43 to go. He'd been reffing from the far side all period before making no effort to get out of the way of that reverse, which caused the turnover and immediately setup NJ for the quick goal. Referees are trained to get out of the way of the puck on plays like that and, when he kicked Sheahan's reverse pass straight to the NJ forward, he told Sheahan, which you can hear on the ice-level mics, "I'm *****in' standin' right here, where do you want me to go?" Effec
  6. Only the Sabres (3-0-2) and Leafs (5-0-0) are unbeaten in regulation in their last five games.
  7. There are many reasons why we were so, so bad and many reasons we're improving now. Goaltending is one of those many reasons, but it is not the only reason.
  8. Reminds me of a late 2003-04 season, but worse. Sabres were 12-18-2-1, then pulled to 28-26-6-1, faltered a little bit, then went on a 10-4-1-3 tear to finish 37-34-7-4, one spot out of the playoffs. That season was transformative for the organization and gave us momentum to launch into the rule-change-era with high confidence. This season's lows were much lower and the adversity was much tougher. Whichever players survive this year's mess into a Blue ang Gold sweater next season will surely be battle-hardened. We won't get the benefit of a rule change, but we will get the benefit
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