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  1. I like it. Tasteful, classy. Like nice formal attire.
  2. Just had breakfast there two weeks ago. That place was delicious.
  3. Now that I think about it, preferential national coverage of teams based on their ownership is pretty ***** up. Not new, but ***** up.
  4. Many of them are really bad, but never forget that we are spoiled by RJ.
  5. $0.525 more than our RFA qualifying offer. Half what Ullmark('s agent) was asking. This puts Ullmark at #46 in highest paid goalies. Hutton is #34. #32 makes $3M; #62 makes $0.75M. We'll be fine.
  6. Unscientific babbling: Using Evan Rodrigues award as a model: Evan Rodrigues: $2.65M Sabres: $1.1M Arbitrator: $2M = 58% of difference + Sabres Linus Ullmark: $2.65M Sabres: $0.8M Arbitrator: 58% of difference + Sabres = $1.87M Using Carter Hutton games played as a model: Carter Hutton: 50GP, $2.75M Linus Ullmark: 38GP / 50GP * $2.75M = $2.09M Using Carter Hutton shots against made as a model: Carter Hutton: 1541SA, $2.75M Linus Ullmark: 1146SA / 1541SA * $2.75M = $2.05M
  7. Dead man. Although if I get the shooter in the condition he was at the time of my birth I miiiight have a chance; he scored 46 goals that deason.
  8. I'll do you one better: why is Jake McCabe?
  9. There was a significant amount of ownership and fan pressure to pull the team back from the tank, and, make no mistake, time by itself was not going to make the team better.
  10. Better and refined asset management league-wide and longer term contracts for better-than-scrub level players- this effectively killed the UFA market. On the trade market, teams may not want to leverage futures for players susceptible to a expansion draft.
  11. Scott was always the better person.
  12. We'll have a different look. Different personnel and different coaching. Which is what we need.
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