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Complaint Thursdays

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Our office and manufacturing areas are almost fully packed up and shipped out.  For sale sign in front of the building this AM.

 Very soon we’ll be making a move we didn’t want to make.

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5 hours ago, WildCard said:

Company suspended annual raises and 401k match for a year

We just suspended 401k match. Raise time is in October. They'll wait til the very last minute to tell us they're gonna ***** us out of those.

I'm back to work everybody! Today was my first day back since mid March. I walked in and saw the exact same guests in the exact same places. And while I was away someone ***** my inventory up damn good! Holy balls! Just call me to come in! Don't touch my ***** system! It took me an hour and a half to get it fixed and just when I thought I could relax, we're getting another shipment today, so someone else's paws are gonna be digging around in my inventory room! 

Same as it ever was.

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I lost my mother three years ago today to cancer. She was 69 and died nine months to the day after my father died. They were good people. Full of love and honesty. 

She didn’t fear it one bit either.


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