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  1. It's not really that outlandish of a statement. Even recent late round hail mary draft picks like Brady Austin manage to get 5 NHL games on their resume.
  2. It's to save money. Much of the league reduced to the absolute minimum allowed roster size during the break. They all save some money and some of these guys get a little extra playing time.
  3. Without digging too deeply into it, I'd imagine that you might have something like 5 top teams, 5 bottom teams, and then a giant muddled mess in the middle. Good luck to someone who seriously tries to rank all of that.
  4. I hadn't really thought about it until just now. The fire power in this division is incredible. I'm not sure any other division comes even close. 5 out of the 8 teams are represented in the top 15 scorers list, 7 players total.
  5. That and Hank has pretty much the greatest name of all time. And what's this El Camino launch you mentioned? Did they do something more with it other than the netflix release maybe 6 or so months ago?
  6. See, there's the problem. They will now be tracking any fan who is lucky enough to get a game puck. Once they take it home, that chip will interact with their cell phones, their smart tvs, and their amazon alexas. Soon enough, the NHL will have all of their bank accounts and will turn their lights on and off all day while the people are off at work. Seriously though, I wonder how the home viewers would have the option of what they do and don't see during the broadcast. That sounds like something that would work only with an NHL-designed streaming service. Surely I wouldn't have any of those options watching the random NBCSN broadcast. The quote did mention "primary screen", so I'm not sure how all of that could apply to a "one size fits all" product like that.
  7. Sorry, I meant the Dave "story" and I went back and edited my post. But on that note, I bet most never even saw it. Hell, we're talking about a league where a good number of players have just accepted incorrect pronunciations of their names for years. I don't think a nameplate error is going to send up any red flags.
  8. https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwj826ak_qPnAhWAlnIEHZplBE8QjRx6BAgBEAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.gettyimages.in%2Fdetail%2Fnews-photo%2Fwayne-gretzky-wearing-a-jersey-with-the-wrong-spelling-of-news-photo%2F53125145&psig=AOvVaw37-1R9fcKwRrFeWBTXKWSx&ust=1580221585774835 No one ever signed with the Rangers ever again. My guess is that 50% of pending free agents probably asked "who" when hearing about this story (the Sabre story, if they heard at all). The other 50% said "I would have spelled it that way too".
  9. Or one event can be completely unrelated to the others. But somehow we choose to lump in a jersey typo along with on ice problems because they're completely the same thing. Basically, people who want to bitch will bitch.
  10. That shoulder injury for Thompson really sucks. They shifted him onto what should have been a better development path, only for it to be quickly derailed the second he earned a brief look back in the NHL.
  11. Scoring ten doesn’t stop the road team from getting 11.😉
  12. Mancari never had that moment at the NHL level. From your list, he's the one guy who turned into a very good career AHLer who did get a few chances here or there in the NHL. So I'll give him that much, he at least established a level for himself and maintained it throughout his career. The rest had their flash and then quickly fell off. I don't know if some guys just quit once they realize they won't make the big time, but I appreciate a guy like Mancari who still thrives at the AHL level after realizing that the dream is probably dead.
  13. I always think of him as a pre-lockout player. But anyway, looking back on his stats, it's amazing how quickly he fell off after a fantastic first season. I want to call it Gragnani disease, but that one was just a playoff series.
  14. It looks like there was a big spike in his power numbers once he got to Colorado. That just happens to be right around the same time that two who should not be named had a home run race that no one likes to talk to. I'm not interested in casting any doubt on Walker because like I said earlier, as far as I'm concerned, every single player was juicing... even the scrawniest dude out there. Actually, I suspect that guy the most.
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