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  1. We’re doing the sandals resort at Ocho Rios. I think you just described my plan word for word.
  2. It’ll be radio silence from me. I’m cutting myself off from the phone as much as humanly possible. It will be nothing more than a high priced alarm clock and camera.
  3. Off to Jamaica in the morning. This is my first ever trip out of the country (America Jr. doesn't count).
  4. I call BS. He was only 9 years old during that summer.
  5. Probably just because they're hockey players. I feel like what they have listed is typically how these things are described, spice up the wording to make it sound better. They're clearly focusing on the off-ice portion here. It's like "above and beyond". Do we really need both words? I was going to say maybe we'll be able to test this one someday, but that day is already here. Tom Wilson is nominated too. You can't paint a picture any more clear that they're not focusing on the ice.
  6. So basically you're suggesting that no one on the entire team is any good to the community whatsoever. They're all a bunch of self-centered a-holes who don't give a thing back. As I said earlier, go take a look at the description of the award. It's a humanitarian award, not a "captain material" award.
  7. Wasn't that something that was mentioned a few times too by Moulson back when Eichel lived with him/his family?
  8. It's a shame they couldn't throw one more BC goalie in and had to settle for one from NU instead.
  9. You kids with your loud music, and your Dan Fogelberg. Your zima, hula hoops, and Pac-Man video games. No one is ever safe from southie. Your IQ will take a 20 point hit just from being within 20 feet of them. You'll walk in a doctor and walk out a vegetable.
  10. Perhaps we should focus on the full description of the award as opposed to just 1/3 of it.
  11. My office is on the 4th floor. Right now there's a grasshopper on the window (no ledges or anything, just a flat wall of glass). I know it's nothing crazy, but I'm probably going to spend the whole day waiting to see where it goes next. My money's on a bird swooping in.
  12. Is he a guy who makes a lot of contact during his at bats?
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