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  1. If you're the carolina owner and you're unhappy with your road jerseys, you should probably come up with something better than their new replacement.
  2. So there's the griffin that is half lion and half eagle. I wonder if the greeks have a buffalo bird.
  3. I thought it was avocado toast. Isn't that the only food youngsters care about these days?
  4. During my drive to and from work each day, I've been watching them essentially build an entirely new highway for about 4 years now. The main portion of the project is these two crossing exit ramp overpasses that will connect to the new highway. Watching them slowly build those overpasses has been interesting. You don't realize just how much goes into that until you actually see it in action. Anyway, I finally drove on that new section of road today. The overpasses aren't open yet, but at least the 4 years worth of temporary lanes with no shoulders are finally gone. One accident won't cripple that part of the drive anymore like it has for that entire time.
  5. I really wish they’d move on from that whale breaking out of the C logo. It’s always looked awkward to me. Isn’t there some sort of corporate connection though that will keep them using it?
  6. It must be Sabre day because the 4OT double shut out is on now.
  7. It comes up in just about every site I click on after a google search. I'm sure we can question the validity of some of this stuff, but pretty much everything ties it to the explosion of 3rd jerseys. Your other good reason is that teams created new uniforms, and wanting to boost sales, they wanted to wear them at home. I'm content accepting the combination of those two explanations. The league wants more money, that one's not shocking. As for how burdensome it is, you need to remember that they're not just lugging around two sets of sweaters. There's also the extra set of socks, the second helmet, and in some cases, a different shell for the pants. It's not going to take up a back breaking amount of space, but suddenly becomes much easier to accidentally forget one piece.
  8. Is this the same kitchen that Archibald Leach, Bernard Schwartz, and Lucille LeSueur have never been in? *Yes, I had to google the three names.
  9. Most teams at the time of the change had 3rd jersey with color. It was forcing road teams to bring two sets of jerseys on road trips. That’s why they switched it. Scrolling through the jerseys from last year, unless someone else has a new one, we will be the only team with a white 3rd.
  10. I hope it gets to live on beyond just this year as a third jersey. That will give some people the home whites they want for at least a few nights.
  11. So I randomly turn on the nhl network and there’s a Sabre-flyer playoff game from 2006. The very first thing I see? @elcrusho and his Stanley cup
  12. To be fair, that team apparently spelled their name wrong on the initial founding paperwork. Rather than fix it, they decided to run with it.
  13. Short of an executive coming out and telling me I’m wrong, I still believe that they did want to go back to the originals all the way back then. The switch away from the Adelphia colors was obvious, but they did it at a time where, along with the ducks, they were forced to be Reebok guinea pigs. The only question is why they decided to ride out the navy for so long after that jersey failed miserably. A branding nightmare is my guess.
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