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  1. So spamming when they’re told to stop. So you mean topics just like this thread or everything you’re ranting about now? Seriously folk, it a hockey message board. Let’s continue to whine like it’s North Korea. Bitch bitch bitch. This place is so much better when we get over ourselves. With each passing day I keep expecting the plug to be pulled Fortunately others can handle a lot more whining than I can. keep looking for that works without bias. It exists in the same place as that world without a sun.
  2. Meanwhile, around the NHL... Seeiously, can we at least spin it off into a more appropriate thread? I’m going to have to dig up the old whiskey one of this keeps going. Wait, who am I kidding? I’ll go visit that regardless of what happens here.
  3. Well technically the price I paid was the value of the house itself. It’s called thermal distortion. High efficiency windows basically are too efficient and can focus sunlight onto siding and melt it. Other neighbors have dead patches of grass from it. This was warranty work today. The entire side of my house was replaced. Fortunately since it was the side of the house none of those nails find their way into the driveway. That’s a big issue in these new construction neighborhoods though. The contractors leave nails everywhere. I picked up a nail three times. The worst was getting one 9 days into a new set of tires. We’re out of construction though, so our tires are now safe.
  4. Yeah, it’s a bit of a confusing point to make. https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/9009/johan-larsson
  5. The people who replaced my siding yesterday? Yeah, they’re not so great at cleaning up.
  6. The discussion was not removed. It can be found by those who want to participate. I'll reiterate my "meanwhile, around the NHL..." comment because discussion about this board's moderation are not discussions about the NHL. And yes, I realize that I'm not participating in said thread derailment.
  7. Take for instance a guy who it seems like most posters want to see re-signed. Johan Larsson will not be lighting up any league. And that's the kind of player I think we'd all be very happy to see Asplund turn into.
  8. You leaving. The Sabres winning the Cup. We have so many goals around here.
  9. And also finding a team who is willing to take him on in the short-term, knowing that he'll leave before their season ends.
  10. Now this is a topic I can get behind in this thread dedicated to the national hockey league. Boston losing is good for everyone.
  11. Well it's not like they have tickets sales to market right now
  12. So he graduated but was unsigned up to this point. That's interesting.
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