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  1. I just saw a great stat that I'm too lazy to verify. DeBoer is the 5th coach to be fired since the Detroit Red Wings last won a game.
  2. I pray that this nickname never catches on.
  3. Ha, that should look interesting if it actually works.
  4. Ahhhh re-drafts. That has to be one of the most stupid click bait practices you'll ever see.
  5. That and the hour's worth of video it takes to actually get to the penalty shot in that clip.
  6. One of them is Bill wearing a mask. It may be "Steve", it may be the other guy, but one of them was definitely Bill.
  7. Last night proved it. An elite player would never be left alone like that. There's no other possible explanation for that goal.
  8. That's still a million times better than just leaving the empty one on there. Shame on you, Dallas.
  9. That Stastney spelling is going to take a lot of getting used to if that kid ever makes it.
  10. Why does celebration always require the removing of the mouth guard?
  11. @Drunkard, that all assumes that the leagues themselves don't evolve as well over that time. We're talking about experts at making money. They'll find new revenue streams should things change like that, they always do.
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