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  1. shrader

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    Goalie stats are so tough to figure out and compare. I think Richter would find himself way behind others in line for the HoF. He was never really considered to be among the best goalies in the league in any given year. I know the Vezina may not be the best way to measure it, but Richter's top finish in the voting was 3rd place, and that was his second season. Other than that, he never made it into the top 5. If you can't beat out your contemporaries, you don't belong in the hall.
  2. shrader

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    She was probably looking at the US hockey HoF list because Richter is not in the HoF. The only american is Frank Brimsek. His career ended in 1950, so PA is the only one around here who may have seen him play. Quick is 71 behind Miller. He's 33, so yeah, health and quality of team are probably the only thing that would stop him from catching Miller.
  3. shrader

    Trade Speculation and Rumors 2018-19

    He used to work for them. He's probably begging for a job.😀
  4. shrader

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    My mind jumps to Ken Dryden and Eddie Belfour as Americans since they went the college route, but they're not. And it's funny that you mention the europeans because there's only two of them in Hasek and Tretiak. I'd imagine that Lundqvist will be added to that list someday, but I'm not really sure who else might be the next one. I would have suggested Rinne if he could string together another 4 years or so, but now as I look, he's actually the same age as Lundqvist. And back to Miller, he's probably just keeping that American throne warm for Jonathan Quick, unless LA stays in the basement for a while (if he stays there).
  5. shrader

    The even randomer thread

    My company moved to a new building in December. This place has some sort of smart glass that automatically tints to adjust for sun light. For some strange reason, they didn't put that glass on the east side of the building, where I happen to sit. Now what do you get on the east side? Morning sun. I'm completely blinded each morning right up until 9:15. That's running later and later each day, so I don't want to know what it'll be like by the summer. I'd love to know who that genius was who decided not to tint the east windows. There is a parking garage on that side that should shade part of the building, but my floor is the first one that is fully above the garage. There's also a big building off in that direction that eventually blocks the sun, but as I said, that's happening later and later each day. I'm sure their solution will be to move me, but that's just passing the problem off to someone else and also once the sun is blocked, this is a really good spot. So I'd rather stay here and find a solution. Oh, and before anyone asks, I'm in at 8, so it's not just 15 minutes where I have to deal with the sun.
  6. shrader

    Rochester Americans 2018-19

    It is kind of amusing though to picture the team going with only a combination of three goalies with zero AHL experience. To suggest that those guys are the Amerks future is to completely ignore the process they've been going through to rebuild that organization. I suppose it's nice that Cincinnati is winning, but it has very little to do with the Sabre organization as a whole. There are two people on that team who have contracts with the Sabres. Some might be on AHL contracts, but probably over half of those guys are signed by the ECHL team.
  7. shrader

    The other sports thread

    I was surprised when I actually saw that picture. The talking heads played it up like the team was shunning Lebron. From the picture, it's very clear that he chose to sit off on his own. Whatever the reason was, it doesn't immediately point to "the team hates/is sick of him" angle that was played up for a day or two.
  8. shrader

    The even randomer thread

    Instead of focusing on people who left, I'd much rather figure out how to get rid of everyone else.
  9. shrader

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    This lead me down a little worm hole. Not that I think he's a candidate, but I'm amazed that there's only one american goalies in the HoF, and it's someone that I'm sure most have never heard of. I'm also surprised by how few americans have made it in at any position. I realize they have a very small portion of full history of the game, but still, a bit surprised by the numbers. It'll be interesting to see how much that might change over the next 20 years or so. There's also going to be a big european invasion soon.
  10. shrader

    The even randomer thread

    I'm sure it's different from building to building, but I'm still hard wired to look dead center on the scoreboard. The score and clock was the centerpiece of scoreboard for an eternity, but then those giant TV screens changed everything. If I went to more than one game a year, I'm sure I would have gotten past this a long time ago.
  11. shrader

    The even randomer thread

    As crazy as it sounds, I kind of miss that era of jumbotrons. The stuff they have today, I have no idea where to look for the clock. I always revert back to the classic setup of score and clock at the top, before realizing that it's now on the ribbon at the bottom. Even if it's only a fraction of a second that my eyes are off the game, it's still annoying.
  12. shrader

    Complaint Thursdays

    If you can spend an assload of money on medical expenses, it sure does help with that tax return. Of course, that's if you ignore the actual money you spend there and the need for said medical expenses.
  13. shrader

    Trade: Ryan O'Reilly to St Louis Blues

    Everything's trending upward in terms of point production this year. I'd be curious to see how his numbers compare to the rest of the league relative to where they were in the past. Just as a quick example, Kucherov leads the league right now and his numbers project out to 126 on the year. McDavid lead the league last year with 106. My guess without digging too deeply is that he's performing better relative to the league than he did here at the end of his stay, but some of that boost in production is definitely due to the higher leaguewide scoring. On a side note, an important thing to keep in mind is that O'Reilly's best point season here was his first. He dropped and then leveled off the next two years. Could we see that in St. Louis as well, a quick start out of the gate and then leveling off?
  14. shrader

    Trade: Ryan O'Reilly to St Louis Blues

    The growth of a certain 21 year old also has a lot to do with the so called winning of the trade.
  15. shrader

    The even randomer thread

    All of your posts here are submitted by telegraph, so feel free to let us know once Halifax enters the 2nd world.