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  1. So is he saying he moved out before anything happened? I realize he won’t be in the house for a very long time, but publicly handing out your address like that isn’t a great idea.
  2. This morning on Golic and Wingo, Ryan Howard referred to Anibal Sanchez as "dirty Sanchez". I wonder how much of a scolding he got from the Disney execs the second he was off the air.
  3. I can never trust anyone named Carter.
  4. I remember this one very clearly. I was also in Miami preparing my liver for what was to come. I remember having this giant 1 foot tall german glass of beer as I checked the score of that Avs game. I've never seen something anywhere near as brilliant as Trent Edwards attempting to hold the football over a giant pile up at mid-field, attempting to get a first down. Hey giant stack of defenders, please don't take this ball as I hold it out right in front of your faces.
  5. It seems like Fitzpatrick does that to the Bills every time. He'll follow it up with 18 interceptions next week.
  6. The insanity of dropping glove and blindly diving into piles like that is something I've never understood. I had one of those brawls once in a high school game and there was no way I was doing that. I went with crowd control instead, stopping anyone else from adding to the pile (no @LGR4GM, please don't post a South Park "back in the pile" GIF). I just about died of laughter when some d-bag challenged me to drop the gloves, and then immediately stepped on a stick and fell flat on his ass.
  7. Well that took an unexpected turn. Letting her marry a Pats fan? Shame on you @Neo. Seriously though, I'm glad to hear she's ok. Pats fans can very easily run anyone's day.
  8. Was this an actual QB sack or just that WR sack I mentioned earlier in the thread?
  9. All thread titles should be 12x longer than its first post. I mean, sure, we'd have to ban @Randall Flagg from starting threads, but this rule can't possible go wrong.
  10. This one drives me crazy because I can never get a straight answer on it. Does the goal differential include the fake goal awarded for the shootout win? Fortunately, it's super early in the year and I can in fact do math... (Long Pause) ...It does include the shootout win. That's annoying. The NHL should know better. It should be +12, not +13.
  11. My favorite part is the absolutely beautiful flying tackle from the first Flame to join in... well, that and the homeless look Doughty's got going.
  12. I’ll say the same thing I did during the streak: enjoy this. You never know how long it will last.
  13. Am I reading this right, Oliver got his first career sack and it was a WR?
  14. The only return with cap implications would be Hunwick. We already know that’s not happening. The only other “return” that hits the cap is a recall from the AHL.
  15. Outside of cases where there’s an injury not worthy of IR, carry 22 has always been fairly standard. Why carry three healthy bodies on a daily basis if they’re not going to play? Also, with the one spot open, you allow for flexibility if you need to recall someone suddenly. Then there’s the waiver implications. Even if Lazar isn’t playing, he becomes waiver eligible again if he’s been on the NHL roster for a cumulative total of 30 days (10 games if you play). There’s no point to burning up any of that count if a guys is the second one in reserve.
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