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  1. More remote locations. Even thought it's not true, Buffalo has that reputation too thanks to the giant cities on the other side of the state and the other side of the lake. Remote may not be the right word when it comes to Buffalo, but it's definitely the black sheep when compared to it's perceived surroundings. And what else really hurts is flying into that airport and then the drive over. It's not easy on the eyes.
  2. You want a nice hidden place for a mess? The top of the fridge. "Hi shrader's wife" is written in the dust up there in the hopes that she someday sees it.
  3. But now I'm picturing Ogie Ogilthorpe working in a prison, which brings pure joy to mind.
  4. Does anyone have the patience to explore a couple branches down the trade tree on that one? Outside of Forsberg and Ricci, the rest didn't really spend much time with Quebec/Colorado (especially this Mike Huffman character, no clue who that is 😉 ). And then there was the whole fiasco where they also traded Lindros at the same time to the Rags. It's too bad we can never know how things would have turned out if that one went through instead. Maybe Lindros doesn't get his bell rung and he plays a full career.
  5. shrader


    Are those gloves hard to come by now? I have a giant box of them from a caulk project a while back. And if you have some really wide fingers, you can always cover each of them individually with another latex product.
  6. It has absolutely nothing to do with weather. Every single year they have this poll and every single year Buffalo is near the bottom. The question is typically worded as "the worst road city" though, which is important to keep in mind. When it comes time for a paycheck, there's a huge difference between a bad road city and somewhere you don't want to play full time.
  7. Buffalo has always been in the bottom of those polls. It has nothing to do with Botterill, Pegula, or anyone else in the organization. As long as those polls are being conducted, Buffalo will always be at the bottom. Death, taxes, and ripping on Buffalo.
  8. I saw the first of the new Jumangi's in the theater and the woman next to me completely ruined it. She laughed hysterically at every single line and then explained how each scene was a reference to something from the original. Mass audience laughter can really help a theater experience, but only when things are actually funny.
  9. Thanks for throwing in that last part because I was getting ready to ask how they make space for that move. I have a hard time seeing them stashing him, but I suppose he's dead cap space on or off the team.
  10. I figured you were off in some random foreign country.
  11. shrader


    There's more than one person at Johns Hopkins. And then there's all of their past graduates who are now working somewhere else.
  12. My usual hair cut is always #3 on the sides and then they cut the top. So I'm just going to start with the 3 and see how that works out. I've only ever had a scissor cut on the top of my head, so this is uncharted territory. I'm hoping it works out well though, because it will eliminate my hair cutting budget. The wife can take that money instead for her $85,000 hair cuts. I tell you what though. As someone who has never bought one of these things, reading through the comments while trying to find a decent one? Not fun. It reminded me of that bit in one of the Austin Powers movie where they describe the appearance of Dr. Evil's rocket ship.
  13. I was just hitting the point of needing a hair cut when the craziness started. Today I finally caved and ordered some hair clippers on amazon. I figure that if I’m going to badly botch an attempted hair cut, I should do it early and leave time to recover.
  14. The problem they’re trying to solve is not the draft order. It’s an attempt to recover lost revenue. That said, using the draft order as a revenue tool is an absolutely horrible idea.
  15. I just went on an all out mosquito massacre in my backyard. I've never seen anything like what our entire neighborhood has this spring. There's so many out there that I start to itch just by looking out the window.
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