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  1. The author ignores his own reasoning. Who does the author think Chicago is rebuilding *around*? A 33 year old defenseman? This is as stupid as the Chicago writer with the Kane proposal. Maybe even worse.
  2. Bye Tampa. Bye whiny Jon. Bye salary-cap switcharoos. Congrats Colorado.
  3. If Kadri had a knife, he probably would have chosen that over an actual hockey play.
  4. McDonagh has been a menace to society for a long while now, and Cooper cries too much.
  5. Eleven


    Just wait until August, when we get some photos of @Wyldnwoody44 in an Antarctic midwinter with icicles in his hair and some sort of yak-like animal with a Sabres blanket on its back.
  6. Eleven


    But you LIKE the winter. You bury your beard in the snow and stuff. Weirdo.
  7. Eleven


    And HUMID Omigosh it feels like I put on 1000 pounds when I step outside..
  8. Eleven


    Yeah we know. You like it at the extremes. Nuuk in January? The center of the Sahara? Sign you right up. I'm writing for normal people though.
  9. Eleven


    This is just too much, today.
  10. Taro was talking about Trotz--specifically his decision not to coach the Jets.
  11. Now I looked it up. Trotz is from the Winnipeg area.
  12. Did you see the highlight? MacTavish from Hamilton basically sat on Nadeau for a good four seconds--no call--and then was pretty despondent when Nadeau ended up with the goal anyway.
  13. I'm ok with 6M / yr now if he agrees to 7 years. Otherwise I think a couple/few years at 5M (I don't see him agreeing to 5 x 5). Remember, this team is going to need a lot of cap room in the not-too-distant future.
  14. Stamkos knew where it was, which is why he tried to sweep it out of there well after the whistle. Didn't work.
  15. Look out. Colorado found their stones again.
  16. The "Vasy Says Nyet" sign that some TB fan was waving gave me serious late 80s vibes. Kind of like the scoreboard animations in Major League.
  17. The next time I see the Sabres get the benefit of a hooking call like that will be the first.
  18. Don't be so certain. Every crap could be your last. Just ask Lincoln or Kennedy.
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