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  1. "Please don't make me choose between (1) being a real mod and (2) supporting my party-over-country that is making vaccination political!" Come on. Move on. Let's get someone in here who can do the job. @SDSthere has to be someone!
  2. I hope your *****-spreading doesn't kill anyone, but it probably will, because you're probably spreading it on other social media sites as well. You're sick.
  3. Vendors and staff, too, from what I have read.
  4. Unfortunately, I think he was the opposite of fast and loose on Sunday. He was too tight. He's better when he's fast and loose. Some quarterbacks are better like that (Favre, Kelly); some aren't (Marino, Brady).
  5. Don't feed the troll...
  6. The second one. The Bills played very poorly. @PASabreFanblames Tim and Kerry. More seriously, this game SHOULD mean nothing. The Bills SHOULD still win 13 games and Pittsburgh should be fighting for a wild card spot.
  7. DIdn't they room together? And didn't Ray routinely beat the snot out of Barnaby?
  8. I know you only quoted part of that paragraph; did you read the rest? He didn't do anything with his chances early and so he was stymied later when the steelers knew he had to go big.
  9. I blame the Pegulas. They are meddling.
  10. Four reasons why the Bills lost: 1. Player selection. This team is not the same with Breida instead of Moss. I like Breida, and I like his spirit, but he in no way is a substitute for Zach Moss. I don't yet know why Moss was out, but he was missed. Similarly, if Gilliam is on the roster and you're not going to use him in short yardage, well, then get him off of the roster. 2. Preparedness. That is the slowest O-Line I've seen in a long time. Actually, the entire offense looked like they were hungover. 3. Refs. When will I see a game where I don't have to complain about the stripes? The holding calls against Buffalo were legit (with the possible exception of the second one), but where were the corresponding calls on the other side of the ball? The PI call against the Bills on the Steelers' go-ahead drive was absurd and looked planned. And there was at least one play where a Steeler, tackled for a five- or six-yard loss, was given only a two yard loss. Shabby as usual. And shabby against the Bills as usual. I'll leave it to others to decide whether it was deliberate. 4. Coaching. McDermott was way too conservative in the first half. There were opportune times to go on fourth, but he punted, so he had to go on fourth late instead. There were opportune times to pass, but he ran. There was a flea-flicker on 3d and 1, which is nice and daring if you're going to follow it up with going for it on 4th and 1, but he didn't. The same goes on the defensive side of the ball. You've got a team with a completely new O-line. BLITZ THEM. No, no; let's play it safe and let the linebackers and secondary make tackles. Really bad job.
  11. Today is the day that it should be called the Power Four, if we're going to continue the stupid distinction among D-IA conferences: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10012128-cincinnati-houston-byu-ucf-accept-invites-to-join-big-12?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark
  12. No. They finally almost are through the gauntlet of early games that the PL gave them and can start to win. Frankly, holding a finally-healthy Arsenal to 1-0 is an achievement. I don't know why they got such a dirty deal at the beginning of the season, but it's nearly over. Hopefully confidence isn't shot.
  13. It's called ***** trolling, it's obvious, and it's annoying.
  14. I wholeheartedly agree; I just mean that you're probably seeing more actors on the stage than you would normally. Possibly some extra choreography, too.
  15. Incredible shape or not, he'd be better than whatever the Sabres have right now.
  16. Good. I hope they get it done.
  17. I had two drafts last night, and both started at 8:30. Our league ended at what, about 9:10? The other one--with only ten players--ended at 9:50 with two minute picks. There's no reason why people can't look ahead and be ready to take someone when it's their turn, but some people always will take every second they can (or will abandon the draft without clicking "autodraft").
  18. I definitely remember the Caps doing this. In the playoffs. In a year where they went to the Finals. I think it's even more recent than that.
  19. I don't care one way or the other about bat flips, etc., but when did JomBoy become the Marshall McLuhan of 2021?
  20. This was a good idea. There's nothing to be gained by waiting and this lets people prepare.
  21. Clicking the "draft" tab on the desktop brings me to a bunch of mocks and not to anything specific to our league. Yes, I'm the same guy who had problems with the interface last year.
  22. Where? Geez, Yahoo's interface is frustrating...
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