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  1. Ok, but what's the logarithm of their collective GF/Q?
  2. That's a high price. It could result in more than what the Sabres got for O'Reilly and Eichel.
  3. They both suck. One of them had the respect for the league to do a pullup. But they both suck.
  4. Mittelstadt isn't a player and sub in Bryson for Jokijaru and I'm there. But Adams won't part with picks or prospects so forget about it.
  5. NATHAN PETERMAN ALERT. He is starting for the Chicago Bears. The Jets' secondary must be salivating.
  6. We could have a poll thread about who is the biggest jerk on the board. We could even call it a "jerck off" (had to get around the filter). I'd probably win.
  7. The remake, which was better than the original. Sometimes it happens that way (Brosnan's Thomas Crown was better than McQueen's) and sometimes it doesn't (Ghostbusters).
  8. No, I went from watching commercials to boarding a plane! They had Ocean's Eleven on the plane. I felt honored.
  9. I just saw Michigan run a play. Now it's more ads. F1 always was better than NASCAR, and GP is better than both. None of them are sports, though. NFL is Bills only, for me. And even then, I spend a lot of time either doing crossword puzzles or talking with friends, depending on whether I'm watching at home or with people.
  10. I am sitting in an airport. Like many people who sit in airports, I am looking for something to do. That thing, today, would be the Ohio State - Michigan game. Every time I have looked up at the screen--and I have been in this airport for two hours so far (my parents had an earlier flight)--there is a commercial. It is worse than the NFL. And the NFL is unwatchable except for the Bills. It's that bad. College football is the worst.
  11. The thread title suggests that it's not looking backwards at all.
  12. Wanna win? When Ruff leaves the Devils at the end of the season, and IF he wants to coach again, and IF he's willing to come back here, HIRE HIM. Look at Hoppe's article about last night's game. Ruff is the difference. Enough with the development coaches. Get the right guy back here.
  13. This is tricky. Both the Sabres' and Devils' sites tell me the game is at 8. NOT a normal start time in Buffalo. My phone sports app tells me it's at 6, which, converting time zones, puts it at 7 ET. Google tells me 7 ET as well. I'll have to go with the official site for now. Anyway. The Devils' win streak was broken on Wednesday, with three disallowed goals, much disappointment, and many beer cans thrown at the officials. Let's see the Sabres start a NJ LOSING streak!
  14. I didn't get to watch most of the game, so I don't know about mega hits, but I was pretty close on the score.
  15. OK settle down, Alex. It's just a sweater. It's not your first NHL game.
  16. Let's see another win and be confident in the turnaround! And I mean another 7-2 win with Blues strewn all over the ice after mega hits.
  17. I didn't get to see much--I worked into the evening and then had to pack--but what I did see (about ten minutes of the second period), I liked. Commanded the game from start to finish, mixed it up physically, Anderson played well, killed power plays.
  18. It's just so hard for me to not say what's on my mind, here.
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