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  1. I've always liked Cory Perry. He's a real a-hole on the ice.
  2. The biggest element they factor in is Trolling Bills Fans. It generates approximately 200% of their site traffic and interaction. It's a guaranteed money maker. Say something bad about the Bills and watch the money pile up.
  3. The run game isn't there yet. But the passing game is definitely there. The defense was pretty horrible today. No Edmunds or Milano was a big deal. They were missed. Our kicker lines up every field goal like he's trying to kick it to another state. It's pretty scary. Get the defense healthy. Keep the offense healthy and here we go.
  4. I've hated on Josh Allen for a long time around here. He was damn good today. And last week too! https://twitter.com/pfref/status/1307782894815858688?s=19
  5. Well that was very nice. They spent the whole 3rd quarter and a nice chunk of the 4th giving me agita, but they decided to play a little bit down the stretch. Now go close it out!
  6. The Bills are being carved up by Ryan Fitzpatrick. Stop punting. You clearly can't stop them, so you have to keep the ball away from them. The d-line has no push, the linebackers are not good and Levi Wallace is horrible.
  7. Nothing special. I think he probably clocked me as I was just slowing down to exit. But I was definitely still over 80. I'm just positive that he was looking to bag a drunk at closing time and didn't want to waste his time with a plain old speeding ticket.
  8. Got pulled over doing just a shade under 100 in a 55 at 2am. The cop looks in the car, sees my jacket hanging neatly in the back seat, my shirt and tie are in place. My lunch is on the passenger seat and my tea is steaming in the cup holder. He couldn't fling my licence back at me fast enough. He was at my window for less than 15 seconds. Off to catch a drunk leaving the bar. And I made it to work on time! Don't speed, kids.
  9. I got the notification on my phone and went, "wow, I like this." Glad I'm not alone.
  10. Blame Drake, not Kawhi. 😛
  11. Same thing happened to me!
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