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  1. ubkev


    Wait a minute. So they're saying people actually ***** in bathrooms that aren't inside their own home? Jesus, no wonder we have these pandemics....bunch of animals!!!
  2. I gave mad men 4 episodes. Initially I gave it 2 episodes but then someone said I should give it more time. Diff'rent strokes.
  3. Doc Antel says the director had John remove his dental work and take off his shirt for all his interviews to make him look more meth-head like. Doc says his teeth have been fixed for years. He also says that Carole killed her husband 😄 Its long, but it's funny. To me doc is still a super creep. But anyways, here it is, for your viewing pleasure.
  4. The movie starts on a fade in to Scranton, PA and the first line of the film is "hey Roy, can you get sick from drinking your own piss?" I've never had a movie rope me in faster! 😄
  5. In our beer league the opposing captains pick the shooters from each team. It's pretty funny.
  6. He really got screwed over on that deal though. Totally unappreciated. He should still have an arm right now. Did it all for the zoo's PR and all for nothing now.
  7. My bad. Didn't know Saff was trans.
  8. Yeah, her and that's about it!
  9. Worst human beings on the show ranked: 1 Carole Baskin 2 That affliction wearing dbag 3 Joe 4 Doc 5 The snitch that looks like Honey Boo Boo's mom 6 Carole's living husband 7 Carole's dead husband
  10. Make me an angel that flies from Montgomery.
  11. ***** Carole Baskin! 😛
  12. Joe Diffie died today. Complications due to Covid-19. 90's country for those that are unfamiliar. Had quite a few bangers. Good drinkin music. Hope you're propped up beside the jukebox, Joe.
  13. If Jack Eichel and Connor McDavid played baseball instead of hockey then the buffalo sabres would have made the playoffs more recently than 2011. Just sayin
  14. Probably picking 5th or something like that.
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