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  1. Of course! ....took em off about halfway through. I was sliding too much. Doh!
  2. Today is the very first day in my life that I have ever felt old. I was laying laminate flooring in my man cave for the past 10 hours by myself. My knees are ***** killing me. Ok fine. I've been kneeling all damn day. Knees hurting, I understand. But my back is screaming! I've dealt with back pain everyday of my life since I was 12. It doesn't even hurt anymore. Or so I thought! Jesus Christ, bring on the bourbon. I have ice packs on both knees for Pete's sake!
  3. New (to me) miter saw, table saw, jig saw, air compressor with 3 guns and a slew of other tools! Yep, I'm happy! Oh and some patio furniture too! Yay
  4. ubkev

    2019 NHL Draft

    That suit was bangin! Sure you can't wear it to a funeral, but the draft is a party. That suit was there to party!
  5. ubkev

    2019 NHL Draft

    Well, Soderstrom had the best suit of the draft this far.
  6. ubkev

    2019 NHL Draft

    PS I hate that Sabres wordmark
  7. ubkev

    2019 NHL Draft

    That's all well and good. But did you see how surprised Seider was when his name was called? The wings are lucky he wasn't in the bathroom!
  8. Jerry Seinfeld has his Porsche collection. Jay Leno has like an airplane hanger full of toys. Lady Gaga has a pretty sweet collection. Floyd Mayweather has a ton. Who knows of other celebrities with nice extended garages?
  9. Ford is putting out the Bullitt Mustang again. That color is freaking amazing. The green just makes you look at it. There's one at the dealership about a mile from my house that keeps tempting me to go drive it. Ok, movie cars, and TV cars! Here we go! Kit from Knight Rider! Roger Moore's Lotus Esprit in The Spy Who Loved Me. The S8 and more importantly the chase scenes from Ronin. Magnum's crappy Ferrari. Ferris and Cameron's awesome Ferrari. Charlie Sheen's Dodge MS4 Turbo Interceptor from The Wraith. Elenore. Charlie Babbitt's 49 Roadmaster convertible "straight 8, fireball 8!" And yeah, I'm gonna do it... Dom's Veilside RX7. That car was beautiful. In my opinion it was the best car in that movie (first fast and the furious)better than the Charger and the Supra. Who doesn't love a rotary engine?
  10. I don't know how they're not dust by now! Side note: do you guys have the ability to start threads in here, or is it just me. If so, start em up! If not let me know and I'll check and see what I screwed up.
  11. This could go in the awesome thread, but I'll post it here. My buddy used to be a union floor guy. I never knew that! So now I get professional advice and help on my man cave job. He's literally never mentioned it in the last 10 years.
  12. Love Driving Stick! Freaking love it! Never minded doing it in heavy traffic. I know the new high tech automatic transmissions all all awesome and whatever, but man...I love the clutch and a short throw shifter. Take care of Fred.
  13. GF has a Mazda3. I hate the screen, but it's a way of life now, so I'd have to get used to it. She likes it.
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