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  1. For clarity, I'm not equating Taco Bell with a taqueria, food truck or full blown restaurant. Taco Bell isn't even food. I just like it better than Chipotle and Moe's. We have exactly one taqueria and exactly one food truck. And I can almost never find the food truck before sundown. And after sundown, well...I'm sleeping.
  2. Well of course, but that's what real Mexican restaurants are for. Local joints. Now I want to make enchiladas!
  3. Those were my thoughts exactly! And I get frustrated when things don't fit. Metal you can force, plastic tends to break. Then I'd lose my *****, start yelling at my car, yelling at myself, and her and I don't need that.
  4. That's ok, the crowd under the roof always sucks. As discussed above...who sits at a rock show? 😛
  5. Tried Chipotle last week for the first time and Moe's for the first time today. I don't get it. What's all the fuss about? It's still fake Mexican fast food. Taco Bell, still the undisputed heavyweight champ.
  6. I saw a show at CMAC right after the renovation was complete. Had to be about 2007. It was the nicest outdoor venue I've ever been to. The new Lakeview at the state fairgrounds is also really nice.
  7. I replace my air filters when the air compressor won't successfully clean them anymore. Never done the cabin one though. Seems like a hassle to take out the glove box to get to it.
  8. Eagle are the absolute best. These days I'm using Bauer or Warrior just based on I'm playing beer league and they're cheap and they work pretty well. Hockey Monkey doesn't carry Eagle anymore?
  9. No French Open for Sampras. I can't put him ahead without a Slam on 3 surfaces.
  10. Down 7 lbs since Thursday. 8 more to go. It's gonna be that last 5 lbs that will take the longest. PS - Every handicap parking spot in front of the gym should be for people on leg day!
  11. I'm thinking a lifetime of training wouldn't be enough in my case lol. I won't swim more than 1000 meters, I won't ride more than 50k, and I won't run more than 5k. I'd need a professional trainer and a year off of work.
  12. I've done a Sprint tri before. The swim almost killed me. And I trained for 3 months. I'm 100% positive that I'd drown in an iron man.
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