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  1. Jack did a lot of cute-sie ***** on that power play.
  2. I remember that well. Tom Brady hates Buffalo more than just about anything. He loves beating the Bills so much. He loves sticking it to the fans every game. He loves when they throw dildos at him. He loves the hate. He just loves it. He throws shade on the Bills out of nowhere all the time.
  3. As soon as I was sure he wasn't Punk'ding the fanbase. He'd have to play 1 regular season snap.
  4. Then his would be the first bills jersey I've bought since Jim Kelly's. And Kelly was active when I bought that jersey with paper route money!
  5. Wow...a bing search. I had to correct my auto-correct because it changed bing to bong. Twice!
  6. Glad to see my assessment of Sam Darnold has held up. My assessment was: He sucks. He sucked in college and he sucks in the NFL. He has a throwing motion like a windmill. And Carson Palmer is the only halfway decent USC QB in my lifetime.
  7. Does it make sense that I've had the worst week at work, and I'm actively loving this? Just hate watching the bills?
  8. They suck *****. They're always gonna suck *****.
  9. This is the Bills. The same bills I said would go 7-9. They'll still go 7-9
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