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  1. Tua was inconsequential. He did nothing. We dropped a pick 6 and gave up a deep ball because both of our safeties decided they didn't need to help in coverage. His TD pass was ***** too. And if Taron Johnson looks up in coverage we'd have had another pick 6. They were sloppy because they were winded and cramping because they were unprepared for heat.....in Miami.....in September.
  2. 1. Irresponsible to not be prepared to play in the heat. 2. Allen choked. 3. Fire both safeties into the sun. 4. Tua is ***** horrible. This game was such horse *****. 5. Seriously, how can you not be prepared to play in the heat? That is 100% the reason that they lost. They used 48 guys today because they were poorly conditioned.
  3. A player under center is permitted to stop the game clock legally to save time if, immediately upon receiving the snap, he begins a continuous throwing motion and throws the ball directly into the ground. Thems the rules. They ***** up the snap again. Allen couldn't spike it by rule.
  4. Oh good lord, I can't watch golf! Absolutely despise golf on TV. Tennis is awesome on TV. Again, personal preference.
  5. Every baseball fan who's at least 30 years old has had the privilege of watching the best left handed hitter of all time(who happens to be the greatest player who ever existed) and one of the top 10 right handed hitters of all time. Baseball is great!
  6. Pujols just hit HR #699. And he hit it a freakin mile. He's got 2.5 weeks to hit 1 more. Let's go!
  7. Holy cow, GGG looked old. Canelo did nothing special, but it was enough to win. The judges scorecards were once again horrible! Canelo by unanimous decision, but the judges had it waaaay too close. My score card (117-111) is right(if not generous to GGG), all of theirs were WAY wrong! Bad fight.
  8. Canelo vs GGG 3 tonight. 5 years after a crooked judge took Triple G's win away, then after Canelo tested positive for roids twice, they meet again. I think GGG is probably too old to pull this one off now, but I'm still rooting for him.
  9. Alright! Horrible game. Cuse wins. ***** every single school from Indiana.
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