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  1. Lewis Hamilton leads into the first turn...race over! I love it when Lewis is actually somewhere around 12th. Watching him pass 11 guys is like watching a movie.
  2. Give it time. This too shall pass. It will get worse. I promise.
  3. There it is. Jack just threw Ralph under the bus. "I didn't(hurt myself in the warm-up). I hurt myself in New Jersey."
  4. Whenever the flyers play the sabres I imaging the flyers pregame sounding something like this: "Ok, boys, whos gonna drag their nuts across Dahlin's face all night tonight? You guys know the drill, he's gonna look at the ice then skate away."
  5. Gotta take a quick shower and get back here for the 3rd. The sabres are absolutely must see tv right now. I love hating this team so much!
  6. Good to see the system is preventing high quality looks early in the period
  7. Shot by skinner hits a stick and flies into the netting. RJ: The shot by Skinner is right on!!!!.........and Carter Hart is looking around
  8. The old man has been pretty brutal. Oddly befitting of the team.
  9. I will not stand for any besmirching of Derek Roy's good name.
  10. Baseball season, baby! I'll take the under on the Padres winning 95.5 games this season. I'll also take the under on the Yankees winning 95.5 games this season. I'll take the over on the Marlins winning 71.5 games.
  11. By losing 167 more games than they've won.
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