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  1. And they literally just played Party Up in Columbus after Bobs made that last save...
  2. I once saw John Daly lose $60k on $25 slot machines after shooting 1 stroke off the course record and then withdraw from a tournament. I also once saw Tiger Woods walk into a casino, he wasn't thrilled with the music and asked for some DMX. This is a casino. It's elevator music controlled from God knows where...and he wants DMX! Sooooo we hooked my iPod up and Tiger got his DMX. ....I like them both
  3. Hmm, sounds like a brother that needs to catch a 2 piece upside the head.
  4. Vegas, baby! Helicopter rides through the grand canyon(I'm bad on planes, but good on a helicopter), riding horses through Red Rock, roller coasters, skiing and golf. It's awesome to have every drive carry over 300 yards in that desert air. Comedy shows, heck, every kind of shows. Vegas is fun as hell. And I have never placed a bet in a single one of their casinos. Oh and lake Mead was awesome too. Then go catch a hockey game and tell all your friends who gave you $20 to put on 17 in roulette that they lost.
  5. Come on, fess up. Who's watching Daytona?
  6. Pope Francis defrocked McCarrick. Big meeting of the highest of hats coming up to discuss sexual abuse in the church in a couple of weeks. https://apnews.com/33645dd626674bec9ef6198528267dc6?utm_medium=AP&utm_campaign=SocialFlow&utm_source=Twitter
  7. You're damn right the middle seat gets both armrests! Oh, and if I have the window seat, I'm sorry that you've never seen the grand canyon before, but the screen is staying down. We're not looking out there. It's just not happening.
  8. Travel anxiety? I'm pretty mellow. Sure, I talk to myself a lot, and have 0 patience. But I do a good job of internalizing my rage. Put me in an airport and I'll lose my ***** in a heartbeat. I hate everything about it. People are a large part of it. They suck a lot of the time.
  9. I feel like Connery did a lot of ass slapping as Bond too.
  10. Gosh darn it @Wyldnwoody44! I came here to post underwhelming pictures of my half assed travels and you go posting the damn Aurora!
  11. The amount of times he slaps women in the face...nope!
  12. No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die! Top 5 Bond movie for me. Love it!
  13. I just had the weirdest wings ever. I'm in Lake George, so expectations were low, but they were freaking weird! It's was basically like eating mini KFC chicken but with wing sauce. Not bad, but now what I meant when I ordered wings. Pizza was good though.
  14. Yes! Gary Oldmam plays a little person. Daniel Tosh did a spoiler review of it years ago on Tosh .0 Found it! http://www.cc.com/video-clips/u1lmo5/tosh-0-spoiler-alert----tiptoes--uncut Well worth the 45 minutes! Well...it's worth it if you're me. I've got nothing better to do.
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