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  1. ubkev

    Movies / TV Shows - I Have Watched / Plan To Watch

    Die Hard is better than Demolition Man....but not by much. Willis is better than Stalone. Rickman is slightly better Snipes. Sandra Bullock doesn't have a comparison though.
  2. ubkev

    The even randomer thread

    Gambling Habits.....
  3. ubkev

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    It isn't!? Not saying this to be an ass. I'm seriously shocked. Whose is worse? I can't even imagine that.
  4. Read this little guy today. https://www.gq.com/story/billionaires-climate-change/amp?__twitter_impression=true If I'm reading this correctly we're making no difference at all and the answer seems to be to eat the rich.
  5. ubkev

    The other sports thread

    Sure, they do. But those kiddos are going 0-4 in their NCAA careers against The Orange! .....I hope
  6. ubkev

    Buffalo Bills 2018-2019

    Bills -4 vs Jets. Who ya got? In the first game post Kalvin Benjamin, do they improve noticably? I'm putting the over/under on Josh Allen's passing yards at 212.5 and over/under on his rushing yards at 65.5.
  7. ubkev

    The other sports thread

    It's 5:09am and Georgetown still sucks!
  8. ubkev

    New York State Gun Bill - WIVB Report

    My bad, forgot there was a better gun related thread to put it under. Will delete.
  9. I've had the game on for 5 minutes, they've given up 2 crap goals. I'm going to nap.
  10. ubkev

    What are you eating (or drinking)?

    Venison burgers last night. Venison roast tonight. Crock pot is all fired up and the house is smelling good.
  11. ubkev

    Things that are AWESOME...

    Yeah yeah, take your Bosnian coffee and stuff it! 😛
  12. ubkev

    Things that are AWESOME...

    I have venison burgers grilling up right now. That, my friends, is awesome!
  13. ubkev

    Complaint Thursdays

    Sure it is...
  14. ubkev

    Complaint Thursdays

    Hey old dudes. Why can't you get changed in under 3 hours in a gym locker room? More specifically why do you have to pose like a Saturday Night Live scetch the whole time? I just find it odd to have a conversation with another person while one of you is naked as a Jay bird, posted up like Captain Morgan with a foot up on the bench and the other one is fully dressed and has been ready to leave for at least 10 minutes. And in that 10 minutes Captain nude hasn't made any progress towards not trying to show everyone in the room his dick. What's the deal? Been going to the gym for just shy of 2 decades now and it's the same everywhere.