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  1. Early 90s. I started collecting cards of all sorts in all sports. I'm a Bills fan because my father is a Bills fan. Same with the Knicks, Yankees and the Orange. But Pops is a Ranger fan. I asked him one day why he likes the Rangers and not the Sabres. I couldn't figure it out. He doesn't like the Giants or the Jets. He likes the Bills, why not the Sabres? He told me "Kev, the Sabres weren't even a team until I was 18 years old. I've been rooting for the Rangers for too long to change teams and besides Messier is gonna bring us a cup soon!" (He was right, *****!) So I decided that I was gonna be different and root for both Buffalo teams. Dad said "good luck! And That new Russian kid they got might be good." Favorite Player: Mogilny Moment: I turned 21 in April of 06. Times were very good for a whole lot of reasons. And then our entire defense got snapped out of existence. But it was a very fun run. And a very fun time in my life.
  2. Cucumbers are coming in nicely. I've got jalapeƱos for days. Tomato plants each have about 5 or 6 maters on em. I've got 3 zucchini growing nicely on one plant and my other zucchini plant is recovering nicely from a heavy pruning (tons of new flowers!) And my bell peppers are finally starting to pop out. It's almost time.
  3. Nice! Last night was a Wild Turkey night. Tonight, it's 98 degrees. We don't do whiskey when it's It's Nick Lachey hot outside.
  4. Tanqueray and 7up. Heavy on the gin.
  5. I'll drink pretty much all of them, and I'll add: Utica Club Keystone Ice Beast Ice MGD
  6. While paying him a $150 million injury guarantee. Yes, I think this is right.
  7. Tied for last. And they'll lose the 32 team lottery too! They'll pick DFL.
  8. Wait a minute, here. People don't set off fireworks every single day of the year in your part of Pennsylvania? I've lived in 3 cities in 2 different counties in this state and a day hasn't gone by that I haven't heard fireworks. Oh, and it's about to really ramp up now that they're on clearance! 2 months of grand finale comin' right up!
  9. I'm totally stumped. I can't look it up. I'd just be upset. Someone else around here has got this.
  10. There's a goalie named after a country that doesn't play hockey and.... ....I got nothin' who's the second?
  11. Y And I believe Ullmark is the first U.
  12. Most recent fun nickname I can think of. The Brothers Line: Daniel Sedin - Henrik Sedin - Anson Carter They all had a pretty good year as I recall.
  13. Jagr Bure Fedorov Robitaille Mirasty
  14. That's just positively Freudian.
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