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  1. Woke up. Ham and cheese omelette, tea. Walked the dogs. Showered. Went skiing for 3 hours. Drove home, walked dogs. Got my hair faded. Went to the gym. Worked chest, tris, abs and then ran. Went tanning. Protein shake and a little bit of chilli for lunch. Walked dogs. Just switched my laundry from the washer to the dryer. Starting dinner in half an hour. I think after I fold my laundry and eat dinner I probably shouldn't have to move off the couch again today....
  2. You statement about your ex-wife completely debunking your theory clinched my non-argument.
  3. I was about to argue with you. Now I'm not going to.
  4. Wait, what? Is THIS common practice? Cause I've got fingers, and a countertop and a tube of toothpaste is $2.50.
  5. I've been to Bristol once, super fun little mountain. Holiday is also very fun. You should have a blast.
  6. Got my tickets. Rammstein in Philly! This will be my son's first concert. Should be good times. Also, Black Crowes at SPAC.
  7. Time to make every day Leg Day! Seriously, that sucks. My shoulder is junk. Makes it impossible to do dips without having ridiculous swelling and pain for days afterwards. And I refuse to do assisted dips, so now I find alternative means for working my triceps. I'm just going to deal with it for the rest of my life, because I'm not paying for an MRI and I'm certainly not paying for a surgery.
  8. Based on current projections.... it'll be like a mouse queef in the wind. No one but the remaining sabres fan will notice as we go into another season with no playoffs. No deep playoff runs. No cup. Nope. Just keep drafting in the top ten. Let's do it for another decade. See how that works out.
  9. Been getting pretty into The Band lately. I saw The Last Waltz over a decade ago and thought they were pretty cool. Just started paying attention again. They're dope. This song slaps hard.
  10. Goose Gossage would never vote for anyone!
  11. Guess they should have stuck with blow. Like everyone from the 80s and 90s.
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