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  1. And my fantasy team is done in week 2. Chubb and Barkley both down. Ah well, it happens to someone every year. I guess it was just my turn. Oh...and tough break from the actual injured human beings. I hope they heal up quickly.
  2. Open letter to Daniel Jones. Hey Bro, You *****in suck! Just turn around and hand the ball to Barkley. Signed, my fantasy team.
  3. For real! I was like UB plays club hockey and definitely doesn't have an arena. And when/why the hell did Alumni Arena get ice making equipment?
  4. Don't use the predictive text bar to paste. Tap where you're going to type your message then press and hold down until 'paste' appears. No idea why, but this seems to affect my phone. Might have to do with the keyboard I use.
  5. 1 hour and 11 minutes. Ho hum, 6-3, 6-1. Her second set was excellent. I'd like to see her play sharper angles in her next match against Svitolina. I love the speed of the men's game as well.
  6. Jessie is hitting tons of unforced errors right now! Very frustrating. If only she could hear my coaching. Ah well, she's up 4-1 in the first.
  7. Jessie Pegula is up next on Center Court at the US Open on ESPN 2. I freaking love the US Open.
  8. Can I just send out Wayne Gretzky and Jonas Enroth?
  9. Regular summer in the northeast.
  10. An uninjured Tim Connolly was awesome. Just the best damn hands I've ever seen.
  11. I was going to go see George Strait at Raymond James stadium this weekend, but it's a billion dollars to sit on the freakin roof. Remember when concerts cost 45 bucks?
  12. The best darn boxer on the face of the planet put on an absolute clinic tonight. Terrance 'Bud' Crawford absolutely dominated Errol 'Tue Truth' Spence in their welterweight unification bout. Bud is now the first man to ever be Undisputed in 2 weight classes. He beat the breaks off of Spence for 8.5 rounds, flooring him 3 times, Spence had previously never been knocked down in his career, until the ref had seen enough and called it. Total domination. He's the absolute best boxer in the world. In other news, the UFC event tonight was pretty good. Lots of KO's and submissions. 2 head kick KO's. An all-around fun night for watching guys beat the crap out of each other.
  13. Or driving off a dam... ....yup, I've seen it, and the guy lived. I couldn't believe it.
  14. Wait a minute, here. Nothing But Trouble? The same Nothing But Trouble that stars The Digital Underground ft. Tupac Shakur, while also featuring Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy and Demi Moore? That Nothing But Trouble? Funniest movie a 7 year old can hope for! Loved it!
  15. This guy cuts up his spaghetti. Just sayin'. 😉
  16. I didn't know agita could be plural, but I like it.
  17. I was teammates with Tim and Tom Sestito. ... baseball teammates. Met a few guys with @Wyldnwoody44 when Vegas came to town a few years ago at the sabrespace meet-up game. Got pictures with Marchessault, and McNabb. They were nice.
  18. I've probably seen parts of about 30 years worth of Open Championships. ....the sun has never been out. Not even one time.
  19. He couldn't hop in the car and drive 3 hours? Seriously? It's 1 road. Point of fact , I often drive 3 hours just for pizza.
  20. The latest Mission Impossible was pretty cool. Big, loud, summer movie.
  21. The Home Run Derby is the best All Star event in sports.
  22. Dam "The Hangman" Hooker broke his *****in arm tonight vs Jalen Turner and still won the fight! What a freakin warrior. Rogan asked him in the post fight interview if he broke it and he said "just a scratch." That's so cool.
  23. Alexander Volkanovski is the pound for pound best fighter in the world. Jon Jones is the greatest fighter ever to live, but Volk is more active and he's wiped out his current division and his only UFC loss was a very debatable loss after moving up a weight class. Jones wiped out his division at 205, but he took 3 years off before moving up to heavyweight. He's still the best ever and I know this doesn't make much sense, but Volk is simply the best fighter now. He's a freaking monster. A 5'6" 145lb monster.
  24. This is the best UFC card in years. Absolutely incredible fights so far. Upsets, walk-off KO's, titles changing hands, slugfests! It's just great. And there's still 1 fight to go.
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