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  1. Yeah, those are pretty stupid.
  2. I NEED HOCKEY. I'm reading about people piloting the Millennium Falcon, FFS. The people in the food thread probably are talking about organic peanut butter brands. HOCKEY. NOW.
  3. Do you have the "soap gene"? I do. It stinks. I feel like 90% of the world gets to enjoy cilantro and I taste soap.
  4. Please seek a professional for your emotional and/or culinary problems.
  5. Oh, who''s tied atop the premiership for goals? And who blew out Newcastle today despite a number of injuries? On the Ball, City!
  6. What do you think was missing? Just curious; I didn't go.
  7. You ARE the ultimate suburbanite... I do like La Tolteca's flavor, but their tortillas are like the gummy tortillas you get at chipotle or salsarita's or wherever. I want corn tortillas! Service is weird there, but the food is surprisingly good. Often, I find that places with a great view skimp on the food quality. (Why, yes, Templeton Landing, I'm looking at you;)
  8. Every time I see this, I feel like he should have a cigarette, or maybe a joint, in his hand.
  9. I think I don't like the fake laces.
  10. You want white breezers with blue sweaters?
  11. Both. But there's no way that team belongs in a conversation with the 70s Habs.
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