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  1. What does this even mean? Should we also say that Victor Olofsson is Tim Murray's tenure in a nutshell?
  2. I don't think either of them are Polish.
  3. I really wanted to go to that. But I had just started my job at Tops and, well, all the other stockboys wanted to go to that, too. Seniority worked against me.
  4. It will always be the guy outside yelling pea-NUTS crackerjack.
  5. Possibly. Given the hour, he likely still was doing Charlie work.
  6. Don't blame WC for the caption; blame reddit.
  7. This guy? He's on our forum.
  8. Maybe I am, accidentally. But 2017-18 is pretty notable for Holtby. There is a Cup there! And maybe you were putting words in Robin Lehner's mouth? Let's not assume where he would or would not go.
  9. Holtby is 30! That's not old for that position. And you're off on the number of consecutive seasons, on top of it. Geez. Whether Lehner is interested, the Sabs never will know, unless they approach him. Remember that really smart, funny, and pretty girl from English class however many years ago? If you don't approach her, you don't know.
  10. There is a Cup within that period. Lehner may make other choices, but that is up to him--it has nothing to do with whether the Sabres should pursue him and everything to do with his ability to say "no." But to not give it a shot--from the team's perspective?!
  11. I think you're off track. Lehner would be just one example. Bobrovsky wasn't a mess, either. Mrazek would have hit FA. There are opportunities. Even backups might be better than Ullmark (he is having a nice game tonight) or Hutton (eew).
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