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  1. I think the Bengals are an average football team that got lucky last year. Miami takes that one.
  2. But he has the facts to back up his opinions!
  3. Hamilton had a segment about this today, in the 7am hour. Krebs isn't comfortable there.
  4. And that was for a game in January.
  5. The corollary to that is that they destroy teams in blowouts. When they lose, they usually keep it close.
  6. A lot of them are played during the day, too. And the practices are probably during the day. Look, guys and gals, the Super Bowl was played in 88 degree weather last February, during a period when there were heat advisories in So Cal.* I'm sure LA is less humid than Miami, but yesterday's conditions are not exactly unheard of... World Cups, numerous Olympics, the Australian Open, etc., on top of non-dome college football. Coach McD said that he told his players to start hydrating immediately after the Tennessee game. If so, they should have listened. *https://www.washingtonpost.com/weather/2022/02/09/super-bowl-heat-advisory-california/
  7. Singletary is under-used in general, and especially deep in enemy territory.
  8. You edited your original post, the one to which I originally responded, to correct the error that you had explicitly excluded humidity. The temperature at game time was 89 degrees. I don't care what the heat index was; that is normal playing temperature with or without humidity. I should have stuck to my usual policy regarding your posts and responses. I'm sorry. Take care.
  9. Yessir it does seem so, doesn't it? I had the same recollection. And that is OUR faulty memories! 1990: December 22. 1991: September 1. 1992: October 4. 1993: September 26. 1994: October 9. So in the early 90s, it only happened once. The rest of the home games against Miami were either in summer (1991) or very early autumn.
  10. I am serious--and your post, before you edited it, said *excluding* humidity. I wish I had not cropped it so closely. Anyway, I know what a heat index is. I've lived in the South. It was 89 degrees and pretty humid. It's not exactly unheard of for professional athletes to compete in such conditions. Even amateur athletes do so on a regular basis.
  11. This, on the other hand, has happened. Well, games have been moved, at least. But that's because it was impossible / impracticable to travel to the stadium, and not because playing conditions weren't ideal. I'm with you; play the games in the weather. LSU manages to play Saturday at noon, you know?
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