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  1. Yet, he gave one. So show me the Pegulas' involvement. @LabattBlueis one of the few people who have been here longer than I. (Love that you're back!) But show it. Accepting weird theories as truth is so much January 6.
  2. Eleven


    Cats sometimes lick icy poles. And sometimes icy Poles.
  3. No, they're not. If you want to assert that, show it. Exactly. Would never happen. It's a fantasy world where the owners suggest that contract and then approve the benching.
  4. Ullmark has been incredible lately. I know, he had the "Jersey flu" today, and so he's likely out until 2022 or whatever. But he, omigosh, has been making amazing saves and just covers everything. The Sabres would have won tonight had he been able to continue. I think the Sabs finally have their man in goal. He's not Hasek, but he might be Miller?
  5. No, people (not solely directed to your post) need to stop assuming it as fact that the Pegulas were involved in any way at all, when there is no evidence of their involvement. To the contrary, the Skinner contract may well be a big part of the reason Botterill was fired.
  6. I'm too literal tonight--my fault and not yours. And love the last sentence of the above post!
  7. Switzerland doesn't have its own language. It's mainly divided among French, German, and Italian, with, of course, regional variances of all of the three.
  8. I don't know, but a lot of Swiss do. It's not like the country has its own language. EDIT: Seems he spent some time with the West Germany team, but I still don't see how he's German. He's Canadian, and he also is a citizen of Switzerland.
  9. I don't think he's German or French. He's Canadian and Swiss, from what I know. I think he did spend some time in Germany, though.
  10. Maybe I just wasn't explicit enough--the fact that the Habs are in playoff position was not an impediment to the firing of Julien and neither was the large amount owed to him, was the point.
  11. I had forgotten that waiver is an option. I suppose they even can send him to Rochester if they want, but that contract still remains on the books.
  12. And it's not even a white lie. He did, and it isn't.
  13. I get your point but what do you expect them to do about Hutton and Okposo? No other team is going to take them.
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