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  1. Thank you very much for saying what I wanted to say but just didn't have the words/time for. You nailed it.
  2. It's not whether it's more powerful. It's whether it's more appropriate for the Black players to rely on whitey to get their messages across, and I think the answer to that question is NO. They felt hurt because of racial prejudices and I think it would be natural for them to want someone who looks like them, who had their experiences, to be their face and voice. The face and voice of the 1960s civil rights movement was King, not Johnson and not White people in power.
  3. Thanks guys. Seems like a tempest in a teapot here.
  4. It was at a meeting with a LOT of Black players and a Black NFLPA president (who praised the meeting). I think he was capable of reading the room.
  5. Except that only considers one of the two problems the league had at the time: 1. There were a lot of players who were hurting because of racial injustice. They needed a face and a voice because Kaepernick had been blackballed by the league (and I'm still angry about that). 2. There was a sitting president who was criticizing the league and turning eyeballs off of screens. A Black spokesperson is an attempt to address both issues. That gives the people who are hurting a face and a voice, and also allows the league to respond to the president.
  6. Can someone explain what is going on with Babcock?
  7. It doesn't seem to me that that is what he was doing, at least not from that excerpt. Yeah, I'm over-limit though.
  8. I just want to note that I'm not here to rub salt...I just wanted to post what I had heard from Peters. He's no more reliable than Chad is, IMO.
  9. Or the Jackets or (until last season) the Panthers... There is no need for 30 teams, much less 32 (as now) or 34. This is stupid.
  10. I kind of like the idea but I think it would be nicer to simply rename Perry Street as Jeanneret Street. I mean, who knows who Perry was? Or that Illinois guy, for that matter? EDIT: Perry deserves his street: https://buffalostreets.com/2014/10/27/perry/ Maybe rename Alumni Plaza instead.
  11. Just to be clear, my name is not Chad.
  12. Andrew Peters apparently tweeted today that Dahlin only wants 5 years. I don't have the tweet & I deleted twitter, so ...
  13. How much are they going to dilute this league? Unbelievable.
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