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  1. Exactly why he put himself ahead of his RB on Saturday.
  2. It's almost hilarious. The Athletic has been stretching due to COVID (and who can blame them?) but this has "deliberate hot take" all over it.
  3. If the UB radio crew--not exactly a crack squad of veteran broadcasters--could figure it out, Leipold could. I hold him personally responsible and now I am holding you personally responsible as well.
  4. Not yet...they return to the ice on Dec. 7 and will continue evaluating the roster.
  5. It was to keep the game close. There is no other reason.
  6. The refs are the only reason the Chargers were in that game.
  7. I think my neighbor is making cookies and they smell VERY good.
  8. These aren't real penalties. These are "keep it close for CBS and/or Vegas" penalties.
  9. Ah, I forgot that Clemson gets a redo this year.
  10. I'll be sure to tell the NFL that the Saints game today doesn't count, either.
  11. Your continued refusal to recognize the best team in Indiana, which actually BEAT Clemson, is amazing.
  12. Ravens have COVID? Push the game out five days. Broncos have COVID? Make them play without a quarterback. WWE.
  13. I want to kill the coach for pulling him with 2 minutes left.
  14. Eleven


    The only way that name could be more Canadian is if the first name had been Gordon.
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