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  1. As do I. But if I'm out and about, the phone and iPad are with me. My library, not so much.
  2. I feel like I need to go to confession just for looking at an album cover.
  3. Love how this incident, if it even is one, gets more attention than when his daughter died. Keepin' it classy...
  4. I read on my phone/iPad so you're not pulling me away from it!
  5. @Thwomp!gets it That is almost pornographic.
  6. Let's all settle down. They know the stadium won't be 100% taxpayer funded and we know the stadium won't be 100% Pegula funded. It's just negotiation. And that stadium is a POS and we do need a new one. It's 50 years old. I question the decision to return to OP though.
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