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  1. Peter Puck was here as well. And I miss DeLuca and nobody. I can only see your posts to 2018. But I had the same problem with mine, followed the same procedure that I had followed in the first instance (the one PA lists upthread), and then the really old posts showed up again as if by magic.
  2. November 2010, he's an MD who is on at least his second hospital and you think he was in junior high? It's @Wyldnwoody44 , not wyldndoogie.
  3. Woody joined around the same time--was he there, too? I never was part of it. Did it have a potato chip thread?
  4. You joined in November 2010 but it was just after some other site collapsed. We had a lot of new members all at once, some of whom have stayed and some of whom have not.
  5. Posted October 13, 2005 ยท Report reply Absolutely right--Miller won that game. Another "facet" worth mentioning: discipline. Two penalties--one for too many men (yet again)--was good in the "old" NHL; in the "new" NHL, it's nearly impossible. Sometimes the way to win is to not make mistakes, and the Sabres did that tonight.
  6. Doesn't seem to go back far enough for me, I can only see as far back as 2012, which still is pretty impressive archiving.
  7. Keep this stuff in the pretzel thread, please.
  8. Tom Dempsey, dead from COVID-19. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28996756/famed-new-orleans-saints-kicker-tom-dempsey-dies-coronavirus
  9. Eleven


    Was Strong correct? That's where I'd place my bet.
  10. Thanks. Armed with that information, I went with Perreault and Hawerchuk. I forgot how much different even the rules were when Perreault played. That whistle went every time the puck was frozen against the boards!
  11. All have access to the same level of nutrition, training, equipment, medical care, etc., whatever that level may be?
  12. Eleven


    This is not the Matt Ellis of sickness. The Matt Ellis of sickness is the common cold.
  13. Eleven


    If Madegascar closes its borders, it's game over.
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