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  1. Well, the forum is in favor of it, but just very slightly.
  2. Eleven


    IMO we can appeal to common sense without mocking the rhetoric of idiots, but you may feel differently. I tend to ignore coal rollers for the same reason.
  3. Eleven


    Hey man, I'm just going to address the gas and chip things, neither of which have that much to do with COVID. The gas thing is real; I have employees in the mid- and south-Atlantic regions who are out. Panic buying. Not COVID-related. The chip thing, I think, has a lot more to to with crypto-mining than it does with COVID. @That Aud Smellposited this upthread, and I think he's right. And then @SDScemented it with the "we" v. "me" thing. Again, we live in a society. We have to do what's best for 99% of the people 99% of the time. And that means getting a vaccine right no
  4. Eleven


    This is really freaking simple. 1. If you are a healthy adult/near adult over 16, get vaccinated. (Not sure on the 12+ situation yet but that's looking pretty good, too.) 1a. If you are in the EXTREMELY SMALL subset of people who have religious objections to vaccinations--and I mean EXTREMELY SMALL like even Christian Scientists say it's ok--just isolate. You've probably pretty much done that already anyway. 2. If you are unable to vaccinate for medical reasons, you probably have a lot of other stuff going on, and we'll pray for you, and please remain at home and be safe.
  5. Just give up and invite @darksabre and @josie in already.
  6. Which shocked me, because it is not a hitter-friendly park for players that supposedly are just on the cusp of making the majors. But there it was, last year, hitter-friendly. I took from it that there is a larger difference between AAA and MLB batters than there is between AAA and MLB pitchers.
  7. That is what I understood you to mean. Just clearing up some of the legalese.
  8. Not really. A stick like that is nearly worthless in today's game. Marleau would be better off with the stick he had.
  9. The article says he "is seeking damages from the team in excess of $150,000," which is a common way of phrasing a claim in a complaint to meet some sort of jurisdictional/statutory minimum. I'd bet that's the case here.
  10. I hadn't been following until just now. That sux. There's nothing they can do for you here?
  11. So it looks like 6000 fans per game under the revised plan, according to Ch. 4. Maybe $250 on the secondary market?
  12. Believe me, I still remember the day, the moment, the location, and everything about "she said yes." Bless you both!
  13. For normal people? Probably, although very recent news might impact that and help lower prices; that is, after all, why they moved the sale out by a week. For season ticket holders (and really, how many are there?) who can buy early? No, I think somewhat less expensive. I'm niot sure how much less expensive. If they can sell only 4000 tickets, this is going to be expensive. 10,000, less so, but still, MLB in Buffalo for the first time since the 19th Century?!
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