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  1. https://www.tsn.ca/dylan-cozens-takes-aim-at-wjc-repeat-buffalo-sabres-roster-spot-and-a-moose-1.1526898
  2. https://www.tsn.ca/dylan-cozens-takes-aim-at-wjc-repeat-buffalo-sabres-roster-spot-and-a-moose-1.1526898
  3. Eleven


    Don't drink the bleach. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/sep/19/bleach-miracle-cure-amazon-covid
  4. Eleven


    I think that means "hemorrhoid" in English.
  5. I don't have vendettas against you or anyone else. I will point out that you always see the bottom side of the coin. Always.
  6. Let's just hope they spell it correctly on his sweater.
  7. That is the best episode.
  8. Need more than that, and no, I can't be. I'm a mess when hungover, which is why I don't get there anymore. Sux. I think I may try to find a documentary on the Ted Sator years. That may help with sleep.
  9. They only will be a $70-72M team if they think they need to store some dry powder for next offseason. It won't be out of parsimony. There is no Larry Quinn / Tom GOlisano problem here.
  10. Moulson-level mistake IMO. If he wants 8 x 7, that does not fit the Sabres' schedule for moving forward.
  11. Ugh; on a Friday I normally wouldn't mind, but I have somewhere to be early tomorrow.
  12. Again. All week long. I'm even cooking right now so I can eat something heavy. Worse yet, I'm even responding to PA hot takes.
  13. It IS VERY notable that you didn't post here when everyone was cheering the trade, but waited until there was some sort of misery involved.
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