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  1. Feel free to come to the post game party if we ever figure out where that will be.
  2. You named yourself "John Tucker," and you're coming in here with this? Why not "Paul Cyr"?
  3. Oh, I understand. I'd love to see you, but I'm already pissed off that I have invested in that game. I also have 3/1, and I am taking my closest friend, but I'll bet we spend about 10 minutes on hockey and about 3 hours catching up over a cheeseburger at 716.
  4. Eleven

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    Which brings me back to 2009. With whom are you going to replace him? (And it's not going to be Quenneville, and he's not that great anyway.) Revolving door. It revolves. The Sabres fire and hire and fire and hire. The roster is the problem.
  5. If someone sends me a link to a stream, sure. I'm not going to drive to Rochester for it.
  6. I can't wait for Saturday. Mostly because I'm going to see some SS people. But partly because, after that, goodbye to this ***** team. 4-1 to Florida. Honestly!
  7. Eleven

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    Compare his stats to those others from the same era.. Hasek, Roy, Belfoour, Brodeur. Nope.
  8. Eleven

    Pope Francis implicated

    It's the statutes of limitation in each state.
  9. Eleven

    Around the NHL 2018-2019

    Nope, and if he wasn't on that stupid 1994 Rags team, we wouldn't even be talking about it.
  10. Eleven

    Pope Francis implicated

    All the allegations are from far too long ago.
  11. Okposo needs to retire. He's made a good living. He shouldn't want to squander what remains for his life. I like the guy, and I like him as a Sabre (although he's overpaid, he does his job well, c.f. Hecht), and I don't want to see a bad (or short!) life for him.
  12. Eleven

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    Don't rule out that Jack might be playing at less than 100%.
  13. Eleven

    It's the scoring, stupid?

    Ideally it's the latter. Also, I wear boxers.
  14. Eleven

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    I'm not proposing anything other than the fact that anyone who has been telling me "it's the coach" since about 2010 can't be correct, because we're on coach no. 5 since 2010.
  15. Eleven

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    He also forgot that Ruff wasn't fired in Dallas. He also forgot that the revolving door system hasn't exactly worked.