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  1. Habs. A well-known bust. (I realize I'm speaking ill of the dead, but his disease had nothing to do with his performance.) Hayley is pretty much the female Gretzky.
  2. I think you are both saying the same thing. The third round and later is essentially throwing darts blindfolded.
  3. I mean, once Grewe was off the board, what was he supposed to do?
  4. I mean in terms of setting the market value.
  5. If this is any sign of what Ristolainen brings back in a trade, the Sabres had better keep him.
  6. I’m seeing Subban for Hall on a lot of rumor boards.
  7. I remember getting a red card in a game. Followed very shortly by my father (asst. coach) getting a red card because he was angry that I got a red card. We both were in a LOT of trouble with my mother when we got home about an hour before we were expected. (FWIW, the opponent in my situation also got tossed out, and all we were doing was elbowing each other and joking around; we were friendly.)
  8. To be fair, if any one of us ran a draft, she or he would probably be at least as successful as the average GM. I know we focus on Sabres stinkers here, as we should, but wow, there is a wonderful world of GMs screwing up out there.
  9. I was "meh" on this pick, but because you know prospects better than almost anyone, I've downgraded to "meh minus."
  10. I'm ok with this. Having another center in the pipeline is never bad. But I do wonder whether he will be an NHL regular. (Especially because when you google his name, you get a picture of some baseball player who looks exactly like the guy from Eastbound and Down.)
  11. --Coaches now have *unlimited* video challenges for goaltender interference, offside, and "missed calls in the offensive zone that lead to goals" (think hand passes and pucks that hit netting). --First incorrect challenge is a delay-of-game minor. Second incorrect challenge, a double minor. --On-ice officials will review major and match penalties to make sure they are warranted. --Double minors for high sticking will be reviewed to ensure that it indeed was the opponent's stick that made contact. Per Scott Burnside of The Athletic. This should make games go smoothly...
  12. 2006, 07, and 10 don’t happen without him. The system depended upon his stellar play. Stats or not.
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