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  1. I'm trying to think of how this would have been done, and the best I can come up with is: --Ted gets CBC broadcast at his home, either cable or over-the-air. --Ted calls the game by phone. --Local channel delays its own broadcast to sync w/ Ted's call. @SwampD does this make any sense w/ 1977 technology?
  2. IIRC he had a TV feed (it was televised) and was calling the game by phone.
  3. Washington lost. 3 games in hand now.
  4. So is 21, who was just standing there in the white paint, leaving little space for his teammate 58 to run into. Saw the replay a few times.
  5. Ryan Miller is reading Camus, and the rest of the guys are heavily invested in a drama involving a Big Red Dog.
  6. Frazier was timid. Yessir. I'm moving on. I'll catch the score later tonight.
  7. It's almost like we need a supervisor of football operations above Beane, and then some sort of czar of football stuff above that person, and, well, it's turtles all the way UP.
  8. The "top all-time Vegas goalie masks?" Maybe wait until you're old enough for first grade before we start discussing "all-time" anything.
  9. Just do 60 and it's a tie like we used to see and I'm fine. A 3-1-0 point system like soccer fixes all of it during the regular season, frankly.
  10. From what I saw, which was all of the first and second, and half of the third, you are absolutely right. First period, he was ON and needed to be because the guys in front of him were asleep.
  11. I think the average board age is like 45, though, and it's a 9pm start.
  12. I know the answer, but oh, boy, will it be judged negatively. If I get board-wide assurance that I won't be killed for it, I'll share it.
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