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  1. Follow the steps: Click “add files” below Select photo you want to add Select “show selected” at the bottom of the screen Select “actual size” at the bottom of the screen Choose your upload size. Profit.
  2. Reminds me of my first job as channel changer.
  3. My gift to everyone: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/25/sports/nfl-owners-kaepernick.html?unlocked_article_code=2sUvwJjd1l1_S3A9ndwivodCqhlHbNLmaGIbddrzz7D7lHeMF8cJDhe9m3CKlQe_1zntsO7udM-7VesqiZBfzmgMMT9xpmZ_QpE65xvI9CIER6QkBiGyH2sIddGNnf0AGpNx9auZoWHLzlLbinHDPqygfW-JscU6M9sbUsSrjqEt_LDAGB0sUXO5zRl35f51KwLohCaw0khyq_O3NTIs1eNxDAeDbtU56aQlVOQkgdylOtvqKOD8On3hVeLReRz453P7IW1i8daYkFjdSg6Btsr_4rqZsdpgUc1yz12n1_kmy5HlZQj3bqYK487QjF66DaHBojW-jRXlbAEdsy8&smid=nytcore-ios-share&referringSource=articleShare
  4. I would be surprised if some sense of urgency mattered.
  5. I’m guessing you could probably easily extract what the difference would be by looking at the number of goals scored in the first two minutes during five minute power plays. My guess is that it’s not many more than one.
  6. This has to be the longest post ever here and probably at twobillsdrive also. Lol. I tapped out somewhere around number 13. 🤷
  7. 1. That sounds fine. I’m guessing the number of power-play goals that would be scored onto minute penalties would increase by no more than 10 to 15%. 2. Again, that sounds fine. That’s almost inconsequential. 3. Another one that increases hope, but probably has a little outcome on goals overall.
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