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  1. The assumption is if he did take the time out all would have been well. No one knows that, but fans always take the unknown, wrap it up in a cylindrical package and jam it up the backside of their target as if it were a proven alternative. It is not. Obviously if something fails, everyone says something else should have been done. No one knows if the alternative would have worked. It’s all a fallacy. It’s like icing the kicker. You are choosing one unknown scenario for another. Best case scenario is that you can collect some data that says a TO increases PK percentage some fraction of the overall success percentage. The rest lies in an alternative universe somewhere. I’m a recent hire.
  2. Were his rosters consistently constructed for real success?
  3. Where can I get access to the crystal ball that shows that if a timeout was taken all would have magically been well for Vegas? Or is there data that says PK effectiveness increases X amount immediately following a timeout?
  4. John is a straight shooter. Most likely a quote from JB.
  5. I am in a holiday inn express in Austin Texas and they have NBCSN listed as VERSUS on both the TV and the channel card that comes with that. Lol
  6. If nobody else wants to do it, I can do it. I am on travel right now so you’ll have to bear with me.
  7. Reinhart would love those words whispered in his ear.
  8. It’s odd, since the poster registered, I know because but the registration both exists and I approved it yesterday, and has claimed twice they are unregistered. 🤔
  9. To be fair, I was never talking about his on-ice performance. If there were issues behind the scenes (and clearly there were because he didn't get traded because the GM was bored one day), my contention is that ROR may have made a concerted effort to be a different off-ice guy when he started playing for his third team.
  10. Talent first. Backfilling the physical part is infinitely easier than acquiring guys who put the puck in net.
  11. SDS

    Playoff beards

    To be clear, I actually don’t really care what these guys look like or say in interviews. But the playoff beard tradition of looking like 2 miles of bad road as a symbol of your trials and tribulations during your Cup journey has been co-opted by the hipsters. These guys could just as easily be seen ordering avocado toast and a nice triple IPA in flannel shirts as diving in front of a shot from the point. It’s over man. Just play hockey.
  12. It’s a “feature”. They removed the title for performance reasons. I had no say in the matter...
  13. SDS

    Playoff beards

    time to move on from this. Everyone just looks like a hipster dufus now.
  14. Lol. If you made a post you are registered.
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