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Community Answers

  1. Thanks everyone!
  2. Tampa Bay FTW. See you guys next week…
  3. The problem is that after the first round or two it’s almost impossible to keep up with who has been drafted while still picking the person you want. There’s barely enough time to scratch names off any draft sheet you may have. And if your league is drafting people every 20 seconds it makes it way too hard. I don’t think this happened with us last night. I think everyone was there.
  4. I think one minute in between picks is too little. I think a minute and a half would be better.
  5. So my draft grade was a C, they said I did a terrible job, but I was looking at the matchups this week I have the second highest projected score. 🤷🏻
  6. I’m sorry about that. It happens to someone every year. I generated the random order once and that’s what it gave.
  7. Not a single person has mentioned anything to me.
  8. Yahoo gives you a choice. It can be randomized 30 minutes before the game or you can tell them to randomize it now and let people prepare. No one seemed to push back about the order so I did it this morning.
  9. If you’re using the mobile app, it doesn’t appear to be showing. You can see it on a desktop.
  10. i’ll probably let Yahoo randomize it tonight.
  11. I don't think Gold is happening. I haven't been able to get control of the league from North to help get the rosters in place.
  12. I'm sorry I didn't renew this sooner. It got lost in the shuffle: https://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joinprivategroup?gid=20286&invitation_key=25be6ed07615b85e Password: 2021
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