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  1. What’s the source of this?
  2. Why is this in-depth coaching discussion happening in an old game day thread?
  3. Meaning dark text on the dark blue background?
  4. The lazy sob in me says thank you. 👍
  5. Irwin’s play was lower beer league level. It would be high praise to even call it amateurish. Guys at this level know where they are putting the puck.
  6. No link? I have to do my own research?
  7. Well, he certainly speaks to this fan. I have always held (in the latter part of my life) that sports are just entertainment. If a championship is your requirement for entertainment, you will have wasted far more of your life than a championship may/will return.
  8. I have a fellow administrator over on the Bills side (Nervous Guy) whose son, after being in and out of rehab, overdosed on heroine and died. I'm wonder what parents who lost their children think of using their deceased kids as punchlines to zazz up their social media accounts? You know... to be funny.
  9. I think "con man" is another way of saying "bad person" in this scenario. It implies he knowingly and deliberately tries to deceive people for his own gain.
  10. This would suck, but I think the alternatives are worse. After every Toronto goal I would stipulate that the arena has to show a Sabres highlight against the Leafs.
  11. Given the number of people that keep referring to Ralph Kruger as a con artist, which reflects a deceptive person with bad intent, I thought this may be appropriate.
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