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  1. Well, me, if I can find a decent flight. I don’t remember the price. Face value for whatever they sold for originally. I’d have to look it up.
  2. I’ve got two tix for you then for the 8th.
  3. This can probably be easily proven or disproven.
  4. Is the the number of pull-ups he has done? Lifetime or one set?
  5. I’d like to give you a bag of 200 Fuji apples. Please rank them in DEFINITIVE order from best tasting to worst tasting.
  6. SDS

    2019 NHL Draft

    Things change in 40 years.
  7. SDS

    2019 NHL Draft

    He looks a bit different today. Off to college he goes. People don’t really mess with him anymore.
  8. SDS

    2019 NHL Draft

    My son in elementary school. Everyone loved that hat but the asshats in his grade wouldn’t stop grabbing it so he stopped wearing it.
  9. SDS

    2019 NHL Draft

    Of the thousand thoughts I have and never bothered to express here, I was going to write this in response to a post then another topicaboit 2 minutes ago. Jason has to build an organization, he does not have the luxury of just picking players out of context.
  10. Well, technically he doesn’t draft anything anymore. Unless he tunes into the meat draft on WGR.
  11. This is nearly universal. Every fan thinks their preferences are the best ones. No one gives a crap about the guy or girl sitting next to them or what someone 30 years younger might like.
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