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  1. Points against has always been the biggest factor in FF standings.
  2. I announced it loudly in my living room.
  3. I fixed it to go to the official schedule. Typing in 82 games is a beeotch.
  4. The information that you don’t know is what the coaches are asking each individual player to do and what they are asking them to do as a team. And that changes from game to game, and even maybe even a particular shift. You are also not hearing from the players. You are looking and judging the outputs, without knowing all the inputs.
  5. Eh. This was fine when he was a prospect. Now that he may give us regular things to talk about, those regular things can be their own topics. There’s no reason to jam it all into one place.
  6. Post Malone tonight with my daughter and her friend. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  7. Essentially the top one has no room in the stomach area for me. The 50 feels better through the chest and waist, but the last thing I need is for the arms and torso to be even longer.
  8. Size 46 and size 50. They really aren’t made for people like me. Lol
  9. It’s an arm length thing. The sleeves on the smaller sizes are just so incredibly long.
  10. So, I got a couple sizes in last night. I can confirm these are WAY slimmer fitting than the old boxy Reebok. They are also a bit of hour-glassed shaped. I guess that is meant to fit closer to the waist and then flare out over your hockey pants. If you have a gut it's not the best fit. Also, the sparkly gold sort of falls in the "how do you feel about pink shirts" category. It's certainly a fabric most guys will be wearing for the first time.
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