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  1. The Caps have operated that way for at least a decade. The lower bowl is all corporate seats that are under attended and all the fans need to go to the upper level.
  2. Every sports league should be looking to downsize their stadiums/arenas.
  3. I’m not sure what this story has to do with the missing charts... 😇
  4. SDS

    I owe you all an apology.

    This is correct.
  5. SDS

    Nameplate change

    I did not.
  6. SDS

    Kim Pegula - NHL Commissioner?

    Was it announced that Bettman is going somewhere? Don’t vampires live forever?
  7. SDS

    Slowness on Forums

    The site itself is running fine. There may be an issue with where you are and the path to the server. There may be bad caches along the way or on your cpu. You could try clearing your local cache. Nothing you can do if Verizon or whomever stored a bad cache of something until it gets flushed out. I'm assuming there has been nothing that has changed on your end. Nothing has changed here.
  8. I don't believe I am battling anyone and I have tried my best to de-esculate the conversation. It was intended as a polite request. I apologize if members are reading it as anything other than that. I think the broad leeway that the community has operated under for 15+ years suggests anything other than a Puritan mindset. I'm sorry that this has struck such a negative chord with you.
  9. I'm a little surprised this has generated this much conversation. We've had a language filter installed since day one... It's easily been 14 years. Not sure about the software we had prior. I'm not making a big deal out of it, but as it was observed previously - we have it for a reason. It elevates the conversation, it makes it more family and work friendly, etc... Personally, I like to type the words out if that what I'm feeling at the moment and I just let the filter do it's job. It's still satisfying. 🙂 Also, I'm not picking on the community here - we've had to give many reminders over on the Bills side where the issue is 100x worse. The only reason I brought it up yesterday is because someone took the time out their day to bring it to my attention. Clearly, it was important enough to them to make that report. People wanting a better community is a good thing.
  10. Yeah. If we didn't have enough offense to win these games - he would be heavily chirped for his lack of production.
  11. The issue was his kid visits the board. It’s not an unreasonable request. I’d like to think this crew can appeal to all ages and genders.
  12. They are so good that our community is getting new registrations… 👍👍👍 That has to be the definitive sign. 🤘
  13. Thanks. The board is pretty good for the most part, but since someone took the time to complain we should do our best to clean it up.