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  1. SDS


    Regular soap is just as effective against this virus as any alcohol-based soap. The fat in the soap is what destroys the virus. By all means, look it up because it’s pretty much printed everywhere. There is no need to use hand sanitizer. Regular soap works just fine. please look this up and verify for yourself.
  2. SDS


    What made it crazy was the air of uncertainty. No one is waking up to 1.5 million Los Angeles residents coming down with a virus. Back then we didn’t know what tragedy could happen next. This is just different. I doubt comparing the two is worthwhile.
  3. SDS


    One of my many golden rules… Anyone that says “please share” shall never be shared.
  4. SDS


    I did. We have immuno-compromised people around and this was my first/second year of getting it.
  5. America lives on Mt. Stupid. We see it every day. People sit on their couches and think they can pontificate correct answers that normally come from the effort of 1000s and the careers. If people do nothing in life, just figure out how to get off of mount stupid. Figure out that you’re probably not in the upper 95% of the bell curve. Figure out that experts may know more from their lifelong learning than you do from your couch.
  6. Sounds like a trade the stuff we don't want for all the good things you have.
  7. Wow. And look at you, presumably without that stuff, mean af.
  8. I appreciate you trying to still talk about the game in the game day topic. Thank you.
  9. You could circle the same set of zeros on Sam Reinharts stat page.
  10. I had the same sentiment back in the day. Today... whatever. It was what it was.
  11. The word you are looking for is nauseated. If you are nauseous - you are making ME sick (i.e. nauseated).
  12. So did we have a potential package to beat Erik Haula, Lucas Wallmark, Chase Priskie, and Eetu Luostarinen? I don’t watch the Hurricanes so I don’t know who these players are.
  13. Who is the best center traded today?
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