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  1. All he does is catch a touchdown passes. (Buddy Ryan speaking about Chris Carter)
  2. @SwampD @steveoath please let me know what you were using to read the form when this happens. Please include the model and what orientation you use (landscape or portrait). css files are screen resolution dependent and I may have forgotten something below desktop resolution but above phone resolution.
  3. Ok. That makes sense. It’s probably a light mode reader copying and pasting the text (along with the formatting), and then a dark mode reader comes along. I will look into a fix. If it slips my mind, please continue to remind me.
  4. A screen capture is helpful in this situation. My guess is that you have a residual CSS file.
  5. Try refreshing. The text should be white.
  6. Remember when a healthy portion of people in this discussion were clamoring for the firing of Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott because starting the season with Josh and Nathan Peterman was a fireable offense that showed their incompetence? I do.
  7. Please talk about something specific about Jeff Skinner. One long thread about Jeff Skinner is not helpful to anyone.
  8. SDS

    Stanza plus?

    Thanks. That is just spam.
  9. SDS

    Stanza plus?

    Can you copy and paste the contents of the email? I ask this because that company puts out calendar feeds and I recently uploaded the Sabres schedule into our calendar.
  10. SDS

    Stanza plus?

    When did this start? Did you subscribe to a calendar here?
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