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  1. Even a cursory analysis makes the conclusion farcical. If yelling lead to wins, then sports would be filled with people screaming at each other (Setting aside parents yelling at their children). It requires no talent to scream at someone that they’re not playing well enough. It doesn’t even require any specific knowledge. Everyone here in this forum could yell at another person. My daughter could yell at another person. I long for the day where the mystique of the authoritarian ***** berating slackers to win dies a justified death.
  2. MacKinnon getting in peoples faces is a good fan story for certain fans, but anecdotes can’t really be relied upon as actual evidence of creating success.
  3. You know what they say... 4th is the the new 1st.
  4. He wanted out. Doesn’t that automatically disqualify him?
  5. Normally a killer season for Jack is killing his team‘s chance at the playoffs and killing his coach’s chance of still being employed.
  6. If I was taller I could dunk a basketball. But here we are.
  7. It’s a reference to the debate that referenced the proud boys. (The ones at the front line of the insurrection, where members have been convicted of seditious activity.)
  8. I haven’t seen it mentioned yet, but the short term impact of adding a very, very good local player is that he may put more fannies in the seats. The team really needs to start bringing people through the door.
  9. Pittsburgh beat the Minnesota North Stars in 1991 8–0.
  10. We had smear the ***** up until about 1980 or 1981. At that point a parent heard one of our teammates say that and they complained to the coach (good for them). At that point, our coach said we were no longer allowed to refer to it by that name and so we came up with the name kill the quarterback.
  11. I played seven years of tackle football. I only remember blacking out once for a few seconds after a helmet to helmet contact. I’m pretty sure we are about the same age, and the amount of times I have to search for words is distressing.
  12. I’m legit worried what you would find. I often wonder if you can get CTE from youth sports.
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