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  1. I considered not posting about this in the event someone here is going through a similar situation (or has gone through it). I don't want to discourage anyone from feeling optimistic as each scenario is different but it doesn't look favorable for my mother. She's been on a ventilator for 20 days now. Although nothing appears to be getting worse nothing appears to be getting better either. I suppose that should likely be considered a win but it sure as hell doesn't feel like it. The worst part is the heartbreaking emotion of not being able to comfort a person in their time of need who has
  2. Persevering. To me that word sums up what humanity collectively has been doing for the last year. Watching this listless team infuriates me. It feels like a slap in the face to all the effort and endurance society has been exhibiting. Is that extreme? Sure, but that's how I feel. I've seen more in an ICU this week than I would have cared to in a lifetime. If the Pegulas really want to spend their money wisely they can take that $10 mil a year and give it to the medical personnel on the front line going hard in the paint against this virus.
  3. Just to point out how quickly and drastically things change with this goddam thing my parents ended up getting it recently. Sounded like they were on the rebound the last few days but today my Mom was admitted to the hospital and is currently sedated and on a ventilator. Flying out tomorrow. Fortunately I'll be able to see her through a pane of glass. Better than nothing I suppose. One thing is certain. This is gonna suck.
  4. "Kicking a man when he's down"? I'd say that POS Hill deserves it. Unsportsmanlike Conduct well worth it.
  5. I followed Tampa back in the day. I searched today but it appears I must have pitched my Brad Johnson jersey at some point (John Lynch jersey was out of my price range at Laux). I know it's Brady & Gronk (and that AB a-hole) but I'm enjoying watching KC getting smacked in the mouth. I doubt it's coincidence the Bills and Bucs have gotten overly chippy with them. Glad the hustle players like Evans and Brate put in is paying off.
  6. Thought The Weeknd was a good selection. Dude's got a bunch of hits. Wasn't watching closely due to preparing another batch of wings but it seemed like the sound/presentation could have been better?
  7. Does finally having time and energy to have sex with my wife after three months count as sex with a stranger? If so I check all these boxes. In all seriousness though I think it's a good question but a hot-button topic.
  8. Maybe you're thinking of the movie of the same title or the first season? I believe the episode has only been out for a couple of days, I DVR'd it. I think the character's name is Kevin Mcmahon (?). He was bribed with some chicken wings to spill the beans. He folded like a cheap suit.
  9. Not sure if it was mentioned here but season 2 episode 2 of Snowpiercer has a character born in Buffalo who's being interrogated. Just so happens they conjured up some "Buffalo wings" to help jog his memory.
  10. Not to sound cliche but I think the aspect that angers me most is that I feel like my young childrens' childhoods are being stolen from them.
  11. It's RK's clipboard. For the games he doesn't feel like coaching he just has all the players do some finger painting on it.
  12. First. Got my first last week. No symptoms yet for the kids and myself. Hopefully it stays that way. Thankfully the wife's symptoms have been mild (knock on wood).
  13. Wife got the vaccine less than two weeks ago and tested positive four days ago. I'm starting to feel like the Sabres. Can't win!
  14. I feel Mahomes & Kelce are dissecting us like Brady & Gronk... Good point, I was thinking the same.
  15. And I couldn't believe the spread at Wegmans this week. It felt like shopping right before the Fourth of July. Talk about generating revenue. Pretty awesome.
  16. Soooo, I've kinda been digging the Chiefs rise recently but if we lose to them (Sweet Baby Jesus or whoever is running this circus down here please don't let it happen) I get to have the equivalent animosity that I have for the Cowboys right?
  17. Please let Lazar go full Fitzpatrick/McGregor for his post game interview.
  18. There's still at least one game left for some of that healthy portion to clamor once again. It's my 2¢ and I'll clamor if I want to. You would clamor too if it happened to you!
  19. I'm a big Saints fan as well but if it's Buffalo and NO in the end the Saints can go to hell.
  20. I have no voice left. That pick six did me in.
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