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  1. Just watched The Tax Collector. Figured the negative reviews were attributed to stereotypes/insensitivity. Nope...it just sucks.
  2. Two things. First, has the quality of undergarments gone down hill over the last few years? It seems like socks and underwear do not last as long as they used to. Secondly, has anyone tried the equate hand sanitizer? My wife bought a bunch of big jugs of them and the contents smell like yeast to me. I literally cannot get over the smell, it's nauseating.
  3. Holy ***** that's a lot. Might wanna get a second opinion. That dentist might be trying to recuperate from pandemic losses. Ya know when you go to get an oil change and they tell you your cabin filter needs to be replaced.
  4. Flats and it's non-negotiable for me.
  5. I'm at Wegmans now and just passed that sauce.
  6. Yeah I thought there used to be one on Dick Road too close to St. Barnabas. Near Macaroon's.
  7. Gotcha, I haven't seen any Long John Silvers in this area (not that I've been actively looking), maybe back in the day.
  8. There are Long John Silvers in WNY?!
  9. It's a genetic subconscious reflex. If that would have occurred in WNY and you would have thrown down with the restaurant staff I'm fairly certain the case would have been thrown out in a court of law.
  10. I eat a lot of wings and my wife can testify to that. If we order wings in a restaurant and I'm dipping them in Bleu cheese she knows that the wings suck.
  11. I agree with you. Just pointing out that no matter how they're prepared people like to slap the "Buffalo wing" description on it. It's become generalized. I was also mentioning how wings with a batter are pretty damn good if done correctly.
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