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  1. Indabuff

    SpaceX Launch

    That was very cool to watch (please let JBotts be on there)
  2. Watching Into the Spider-verse with the kids. They're enthralled and I'm impressed so far.
  3. Don't be so sure about that. I can see X-GMTM pulling some Pet Semetary ***** and bringing you and those hell hounds back from the grave to relive the continuous misery of being a Sabres fan.
  4. Indabuff


    No, it's completely contradictory man!
  5. I'm going from ambivalent to Ambien when they play again.
  6. Indabuff


    So I have to look snooty buying a 30 pack of Bud Light?!
  7. Indabuff


    I have a pretty good seal for my issued N95 masks but it's kind of a pain donning/doffing. I've got a supply of the over the ear surgical masks but I get a lot of fogging of the glasses even with the top pinched. Anyone have a surefire way to stop this from happening other than not breathing?
  8. To add, if the Pegulas pried a proven successful GM away from another team I wouldn't bat an eye if that person walked in and said everyone goes.
  9. I liked ROR a lot. He seemed to have a strong worth ethic which goes a long way in this city. I was upset about the trade but as a casual observer I figured hockey minds knew better. His success since leaving wasn't a surprise but it really chaps my hide knowing we let a proven reliable asset like him walk for what was speculated as a squabble. That to me raised the flag for amateur hour.
  10. I listened to the audio of Jack's interview and 95% of it seemed like canned response ***** (to me). Maybe he was cautiously voicing his opinion at the end but it didn't seem there was enough to infer anything new. I do however believe something is and has been rotten in Denmark and whatever the ***** it is I wish it would be resolved already regardless of what it takes.
  11. Someone once sang "even the losers get lucky sometimes". Guess he never followed the Sabres.
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