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  1. Just wanted to thank everyone here for providing great conversation, laughs and input on the Sabres. You all are the best. I haven't felt well for a couple of months now with some GI issues and honestly I kind of have a bad feeling about it. So keep on keeping on and go Sabres.
  2. Indabuff

    [OT] Tattoos

    All three of mine are concealable as well. As for meaning, they represent the timeline of my life. No regrets.
  3. TGIF had free MNF wings back in the day. My "BJ" jersey probably still has stains from them.
  4. I flipped pizzas back in the day. You think I could afford an Alstott jersey?
  5. I was a bit of a bucs fan and it was cheap. Thought it looked good for Monday night free wings at TGIFs.
  6. You should have saved that GIF after I told you one of the two NFL jerseys I own is a Brad ***** Johnson.
  7. No? In my opinion he built that dominant defense before Gruden came in. Gruden won a SB against his former team (Oak). As far as I'm concerned the stars aligned for Gruden... and Brad ***** Johnson.
  8. I used to think that Gruden was a genius but this pretty much solidifies my suspicion Dungy made that SB winning team back in early 2000.
  9. Don't ***** this up McBeane! Boom!
  10. I think Oliver will be gone but would be awesome if he's still there at 9.
  11. Guess on who the Bills pick? I say the Hockenson.
  12. Even if the scumbag is released some team will wait until the media dust settles and sign him.
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