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  1. I personally don't believe he'd be able to pull off the mullet. Maybe a rat tail but that's debatable.
  2. That's what I think he should roll with. A frohawk, or a mofro as I like to call it.
  3. I finally turned the game on and it was 7-1. It's still 7-1. I'll turn it off and it'll end 30-1.
  4. I stopped watching when they started losing consistently. I'm not falling for the same ***** I did last year. Call me bandwagon but the truth is I refuse to invest time in watching a team that can't function as a team and/or shows a lack of effort/heart or whatever the ***** it is. Same ***** different coach. Josh Allen might suck ass in the long run but the dude seems passionate, bought in, ready to work, and ready to do whatever it takes to win. I don't see that in Eichel. I don't see that in this team. Blow it the ***** up for all I care. I may be blind to the nuances of hockey but I think I know when people don't give a ***** and that sure is what I'm seeing. I might be wrong. Whatever. All I know is this team is not fun to watch.
  5. I had to log in at work to give this props. Seriously underrated response.
  6. How was the concert? Wanted to go but had to work. It was raining like a mofo in Lewiston that night.
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