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  1. Please let Lazar go full Fitzpatrick/McGregor for his post game interview.
  2. There's still at least one game left for some of that healthy portion to clamor once again. It's my 2¢ and I'll clamor if I want to. You would clamor too if it happened to you!
  3. I'm a big Saints fan as well but if it's Buffalo and NO in the end the Saints can go to hell.
  4. I have no voice left. That pick six did me in.
  5. It sounded like Collinsworth was doing the same thing, imo. It was nauseating. Funny when the tides turned he started talking up the Bills.
  6. I haven't been this pumped and nervous since the mid 90's. I don't think I'm gonna be able to keep it together. Let's go goddamit! LET'S GO BUFFALO!
  7. Watching Jim Gaffigan stand-up for the first time. I can't stop giggling.
  8. Not sure if the Sabres gameplay or the constant "go boy go" commercial will drive me to insanity first.
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