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  1. How was the concert? Wanted to go but had to work. It was raining like a mofo in Lewiston that night.
  2. Just wanted to thank everyone here for providing great conversation, laughs and input on the Sabres. You all are the best. I haven't felt well for a couple of months now with some GI issues and honestly I kind of have a bad feeling about it. So keep on keeping on and go Sabres.
  3. Indabuff

    [OT] Tattoos

    All three of mine are concealable as well. As for meaning, they represent the timeline of my life. No regrets.
  4. Kodak Black didn't have a good day in this area yesterday.
  5. Jesus man. Calm down. Just leaf it alone.
  6. Got busy with house chores or literally "got busy?". Rhetorical question. They did not look good imo.
  7. Not sure what the sad emoji means but for the record it wasn't a shot at Wilcard (who seems to be one of the most laid back on here) or anyone specifically. Just seems like in general it's been abrasive in most of these threads as of late, but maybe I'm wrong. I'm just going to assume I have nothing better to do and am looking too far in to this.
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