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  1. Indabuff

    Phil Housley should be fired.

    The team really does look lost. Isn't that a problem for the beginning of the season and not the end?
  2. True it's not all doom and gloom but going from first in the league (briefly, I know) to a few stairs short of the basement is an absolute kick in the dick. At least the days are getting longer...
  3. Telling yet doesn't seem to apply to just the hockey organization of Buffalo.
  4. I have a feeling someone knows why and we're just not privy to that information (Whaley pun intended). Something seems to be rotten in the state of Denmark. Maybe it's the win streak or the alcohol talking but this is ***** *****.
  5. Eichel looks dejected, moreso than usual.
  6. How does Buffalo seem to make opposing goalies look like phenoms?
  7. Agreed. He hasn't impressed as of late especially without making any moves that could elevate this team but I'm holding out he has a master plan that might pan out.
  8. At least the front. Those spindly hairs gotta go.
  9. Please Phil just shave your head.
  10. Man it's groundhogs day with these games lately, JFC.
  11. Holy crap you have your hands full!
  12. Same here with a six year old. She asks which colors we are wearing and can identify if we're winning or losing. She gets excited if we're winning but it's back to the tablet after that. It's a start.