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  1. This game was 100% pitiful from start to finish, these guys should be ashamed
  2. Yep, this season is now officially toast.... Not that it wasn't before the game
  3. I def agree with all of this, this team is so unlikeable. Skinner out in back looking and No one will go into the dirty areas and he gives it away. It's a talent issue, but also a fundamental flaw in the way we play as well
  4. Frolik looks awful on the PK and Miller just standing there, ugh, good start....
  5. It's obvious that PA was a wombat in a previous life and is destined to become a flying squirrel in the next
  6. Atlas, because he's holding up the Sabres
  7. My heart, it's broken 💔😂
  8. My pants aren't on, I just have weird legs 😂
  9. I think I've been around this forum long enough that if someone was hoping that, they'd just come out and say it 😂
  10. I've always had a personal belief of a reincarnation so to speak. Since time is infinite in both directions and the moment that just passed is still there, just in the past; and matter is neither created or destroyed, just recycled. I always had this cool thought that when you pass, you become everything until you pass again. For example, I die today, I may come back as king Arthur in the medevial time, then die as king Arthur and come back as a blade of grass in 2150, die as the grass and become a horse in 1875,etc. And because time is infinite there would lack any possibility of running out of living elements that one can become. It seems, comforting, and a very far fetched thought, but maybe 🙂
  11. The one thing I can surely say, I've been to countless places and dabbled a bit into all of the religions that I've come across and at the end of the day, I still have no F'n clue what happens at the end of life. All of the idiosyncrasies in religion and the customs, they're so unique and some quite frankly don't make sense. I think we, as humans, get caught up in the rules too much of the religious texts and forget about the relationship one should have with that religion or religious being that is worshipped. Although Buddhism has really tugged at me since I've experienced it.
  12. Crazy, you'd think having a private helicopter would be safer than driving in California. I am very curious to see what may have caused the crash. Either way, very sad news, probably no words can do justice to console those affected 😞
  13. My girl with me agreed on it also, and she's usually one to find the nicer things when I'm not particularly impressed lol. Honestly I think we may have just had a bad experience, bad timing or whatever you may want to call it. I think if I was 24 again I'd enjoy Montreal 😂😂
  14. The people in general, big city feel but very "hipster/artsy" and overall just not impressive. I expected Montreal-Vieux (old Montreal) to be charming and nice, but really it wasn't that impressive. The city is dirty, full of strange crackheads. The smoked meat was decent and the light show at Notre Dame was worthwhile, but after spending 2.5 days here I would be fine with never coming back again. The outlying areas and Quebec city however, were fantastic. The old town Quebec was quaint and beautiful, the people generally friendlier, the ice skating and overall feel were amazing. Trois Riviers was great, just make sure you know some French as many there didn't speak English, it was fun for me as I know some and got to use a bit. Also disclaimer, I'm not really a city person in general, so I may have some slightly tainted views, but having traveled a ton and being in a lot of large cities I have to say Montreal disappointed.
  15. For as much as I enjoyed Québéc city, I find Montreal to be one of the worst experiences I've had in quite some time! Sad as I was expecting better.
  16. These ice skating trails in Québéc, lacing the skates up and that sound of ice carving through fresh, smooth morning ice.
  17. So eichel didn't win the fastest skater competition!!?? Jbot should be fired immediately for this.
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