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  1. It's just personal preference, I can't watch golf, but I can tennis (for a little while)
  2. Maybe one of the oldest, but not the greatest. Hockey is Superior
  3. I went to Yankee Stadium last night, got some decently priced tix to see Yanks vs Sox.... We stayed about 2 innings. Saw a HR and a few strikeouts. I can check going to Yankee Stadium off my life list, but *****, baseball is so freaking boring! Even on a Friday night against a rival, I found the "post-game" grub to be much more enjoyable than watching actual baseball.
  4. Keenum came in and they rested the starters. In the 3rd freaking quarter. Bring it Miami
  5. They were playing Dalls with Cooper freaking rush at the helm.... Was expecting a win lol
  6. I picked the Bengals twice in a row.... 😱😭
  7. I was just gifted a free ticket, so looks like I'm gonna drink Monday 😂😂 let me know if anyone wants to meet up!
  8. I picked the Bengals week 1 and I'm out of the suicide league, I'm also losing week 1 fantasy by over 70 points 😂😂😂 At least the Bills won
  9. 2 freaking points for Allen Robinson, I'm gonna have a loooong season.
  10. Dude, I watched tennis this week and pulled my groin 😂😂 I used to play at the collegiate level, and I wasn't very good in the grand scheme of things, but even then, the muscle/tendon injuries definitley crept in. I still find in exponentially more enjoyable than golf
  11. I do a long stretch of work starting Friday, so to kill time before the game, I have a full rack of baby back ribs, a 4 pound top sirloin roast and chicken marinating in homeade jerk, all prepped to go in the vertical smoker, and I'll grill a few other things separately. Feast good, watch the bills dominate and have plenty of leftovers for the hospital (honestly the food in that area sucks anyways)
  12. Damn Tara flour, who woulda thunk it. As long as the AST/ALT are going back down then you should be good.
  13. The last time I played, I thought I had a stacked team, but between bad timing with the bye weeks and injuries, I had next to no bench and it tanked my season. This year I took a more balanced approach so I at least have some reliable players in a pinch, at the expense of top loading. I really though JA was going to make it to round 2, but I should have known better 😂🤣. I had so many players lined up that went right before me
  14. Nice! I only road bike, I have an Emonda and a Tri bike. I did the climb up Cadillac mountain and all the Europeans were cheering me on and when I got to the top it was like a mini party 😂😂 they love their cycling. I hit about 48 Mph on the way down, which was also fun. What happened with the food, I hope nothing like Boutulin or anything of the like?!
  15. I think this is my first fantasy draft that I won't use autodraft. Could mean bad things for me 😂😂😂
  16. @Sabres Fan in NS That is beautiful! I might need to move to the great white north eh?
  17. I loved cycling Acadia National Park and surrounding area, this has a similar feel by just looking at pictures. I've been bummed I can't cycle yet until I get this leg/calf thing figured out. I put new tires on the Trek and just tuned up the Specialized in hopes that I'll be able to get back to it soon.
  18. How about the option where he's injured for the year... Knee on knee and ACL tear. He comes back for the playoffs on a mission and wins the Conn Smythe.
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