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  1. I'm actually a bit scared that I recognized that as Connecticut before I even read a single word of your post.
  2. I bet that there are plenty of guys like this across the league. The AHL followers can probably through out a bunch of names of guys who would probably have very similar careers. It's a bit tough for me to pick them out since I don't follow the league, but I did randomly come across this one.
  3. I was all ready to say that Baltimore is in Missouri, but now I can’t.
  4. Are we new to professional sports? He’ll, we’re talking about the league where Tom Brady was listed on the injured list every single week.
  5. Is Ottawa single-handedly responsible for those comps?
  6. I’m willing to accept that these may have not been concussion. You nailed it right there though, there’s clearly something neurological in play at this point. Hopefully the next barrage of tests will pick that up. The stories so far say that there was no structural damage. Those reports are completely useless, what people suspect here is not structural. It would be like if the HVAC guy who came to my house last week told me that my fridge motor is working just fine.
  7. Extension? He currently has no contract at all.
  8. Fair enough. I do think the union should have a lot to say about it though. They put their foot down when it came to training camp conditions, so they should think about it here too. Later starts or flexing games to night time really shouldn't be that big of a deal.
  9. I almost wonder if it starts to push into OSHA territory. Even short of that, you'd have to think the league and the PA are keeping an eye on it. Home field advantage is all about being more aware of where you are playing and being able to build your team towards that setting. It isn't about creating different conditions for the other team. A lot of times that's going to happen randomly, but this one is as intentional as it gets. I do think that the league and PA will eventually try to push for some modifications down there. They have to realize the risks involved. The last thing they need is another death on their hands. Whether it's only scheduling later games at this time of the year or allowing for the possibility to flex the game to night time in the case of extreme weather, they should be looking into something. Hell, it makes for better TV too, rather than having to sit through another TV timeout every 4th play because another lineman just stroked out.
  10. I had to do a credit check recently for a potential home project. It included a series of those “which of the following addresses have you lived at” questions. When it got to which cars I’ve previously owned, these were the options: exotic sports car 1 exotic sports car 2 shrader’s 12 year old average car exotic suv What a fool proof test. No one could possibly guess the right car.
  11. @Taro T, it kind of makes you wonder why they don’t have to use that special protocol for all applications. Is this one of those “why isn’t the entire plane made out of the black box” questions?
  12. Earlier today I was walking out of a gas station. I reached out to hold the door for the guy leaving behind me. This idiot coming in tried to walk directly through my arm. I then repositioned myself to block his entire path with my body. Use the other door you jackass.
  13. Looking at that roster, I found myself wondering "why is their a comma in Rosen's name?". I'm an idiot.
  14. It’s been 7 for me. The rinks are too scattered around here to make it worthwhile. They’re building one in my town though. I’m hoping that will be my gateway back in.
  15. That quote in your post, I never said that.
  16. Even with our crappy goalie situation, if a mediocre goalie gave me that almost-ultimatum, I’d pull the offer and let him walk.
  17. Ummm, that one doesn't end so well for Billy Batts. I suppose it doesn't end all that well for Tommy in the longterm either.
  18. No matter what Ottawa is doing here, I can’t see these 8 year deals becoming the standard for all but a very few of the guys exiting their ELCs.
  19. My son has an incredible game face but *****, the picture is too large to post.
  20. Are they giving pretty much everyone 8 year deals?
  21. Damn, I've been gone for a while. That looks completely unrecognizable and I used to work right across the street.
  22. I found some in the back seat of my car today. Was that you?
  23. They’re not even showing the jersey until November (or it “accidentally” leaks).
  24. Do they have any captains yet or is that an end of camp thing?
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