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  1. Kinda curious to see whether Torts can raise Risto's game. I can see them getting along well.
  2. I think this is one of those areas where NYC is different from almost everywhere else, but I haven't noticed much difference in Uber/Lyft since pre-pandemic, other than: - a bit more expensive - no more shared rides
  3. 2 things: - I think the WGR morning guys are thoroughly mediocre. - Nevertheless, it is true that TT has delivered a single good season, and it's not unreasonable to reserve judgment until he repeats it. If he does so this year, which I think is reasonably likely? Then, yes, he is absolutely the kind of guy, which contenders do need, that comes out of nowhere and becomes a star. Am I very psyched to see whether TT can bring it again, this time with a healthy Tuch, VO and Krebs for a full season, plus Quinn and JJP up front and a blossoming Dahlin, plus Power, on D, all of whom are going to create offense, and a real NHL goalie giving everyone more confidence? Hayell-yes. Do I think he will? Probably, but I'm not putting it in the bank just yet. The Sabres haven't yet earned the benefit of the doubt.
  4. You guys are of course right that if the Sabres are the beneficiaries of the Taylor Hall approach, then yes, we could get Kane for a song. I just have a hard time believing that Kane would do so -- both that the Sabres would be his only acceptable destination, and that he would do that to the Blackhawks. (BTW, I was telling my son the other day about Dominik pulling a similar move when the Sabres traded him to Detroit, which led to me looking up Slava Kozlov's stats -- I hadn't realized that after pouting his way out of Buffalo after 39 games, he had a long and very productive 2nd half of his career with Atlanta. What a debacle for the Sabres.) Good point on the difference between Johnson and Portillo, although it's quite possible that one or both of them could give assurances to Chicago that he would sign with them.
  5. OK, but the price the Hawks will demand for Kane is where the rubber meets the road. Do you not think it will be higher than what I mentioned (#28, Portillo/Johnson and a #2)?
  6. Good stuff here gents. Thanks. Still -- it wouldn't be the first time that an NHL franchise has refused to turn the page at what seemed like the logical time to do so. I'll also say that the picture painted by these 2 posts isn't that of a team that would give up Kane for a price I'd be willing to pay (#28, Portillo/Johnson and a #2 -- and only if Kane signs an extension as part of the deal).
  7. Here's a question: have the Blackhawks indicated that they are planning on a full rebuild? If not, it seems reasonably likely that, rather than trading Kane and Toews this summer, they might try to bring in a few guys over the summer via trade/FA and see if that gets them back into the playoffs -- and if it doesn't work, they can trade those 2 guys, and anyone else that makes sense, at the deadline.
  8. Good analysis. My one comment though is that is he repeats or improves on his production from last season he might be more of a $9MM guy than a $7.5MM guy.
  9. Much of this is fair, and I've been bemoaning KO's play pretty much every year other than this past season, but calling him a 4th-liner isn't accurate. He was 4th in ice time among Sabres forwards this year. I don't think they'll give him more than a 1-year extension -- so if they give him the C this summer, that means he'll wear it for 2 seasons. I think he has enough gas left in the tank for at least 1 of those seasons. If he's as respected in the locker room as many here think, he'll probably be a pretty good captain for those 2 seasons, after which we'll probably see Tuch, Cozens or Dahlin get it.
  10. NTA, but IMHO a bit insensitive. "I just really want to know what's going on" isn't a good enough reason, again IMHO. It's a complex situation, and I'd also like to know how she's doing, and I agree that the $850MM in public money gives the public a bit more of an interest in the situation than would otherwise be the case. But I think it's still way too soon for the public to have a right to know that would outweigh the family's right to privacy. If it drags on for months, or if it looks like the stadium deal might be in jeopardy? Then it's fair to revisit the question.
  11. I agree with most of this but not the bolded. She is clearly undergoing a pretty serious medical situation. That situation will resolve itself one way or another (hopefully with a positive outcome!) soon enough, and at that point there will almost certainly be some kind of announcement. It may take a few more weeks. In the meantime, I don't see how the public's interest is in any way harmed or jeopardized by our not knowing, right now, exactly what her condition is. Yes, she's the 50% owner of our sports teams, and perhaps (not definitely) the 100% owner someday. She doesn't have the launch codes or the deciding vote on an important piece of legislation -- or really anything that someone else can't handle at the moment. Her family is highly likely in the middle of a difficult, stressful, desperate and emotional time. A bunch of articles exploring exactly how dire the situation is would ratchet up the tension on them -- and for what? Just because we want to know? I can't agree with you on this one.
  12. Interesting. If he's named captain -- and Graham sure seems confident that he will be -- then it seems pretty likely that he'll get an extension as well. I think I want to see how this year goes before I'd be happy with more than a 1-year extension for him.
  13. Well, I love the fact that we've reached the point in the summer where we're arguing over how to fit Kane into our lineup, but here goes: Skinner-TT-Kane (yeah baby! yeah!) VO-Cozens-Tuch Mitts-Krebs-Quinn Zemgus-Asplund-KO 1st guy subbing in: JJP Then, after this year, at least 1 of Zemgus and KO will be gone, making room for JJP and whomever else is pushing. It's also fairly likely that one or more of Quinn, Mitts, Krebs and JJP turns out not to be ready for prime time, gets hurt, etc. Does that not work?
  14. I'm willing to pay some combination of #28, #41, Johnson and Portillo, but only if a reasonable extension is part of the deal. I'm not trading VO in this deal. He's a good player, he's just entering his prime, the Sabres still control his rights and the NHL is becoming more of a scoring league. And, most importantly, if Kane really is going to wield his leverage and force his way to Buffalo (!), we don't need to give up VO in the deal.
  15. Exactly. There is no reason a trade for Kane would preclude bringing in a real goalie.
  16. Well, those are 2 real assets the Sabres would be giving up, but if Kane would sign, say, a 3 years x $7MM extension as part of the deal, I'm in. I'd also be in if the price included #28 this year instead of the future #1 and Portillo. And holy mackerel would I be psyched for next season.
  17. Kane had 92 pts and played nearly 22 min per game last year. He is still an elite player. There is zero possibility that Chicago trades him for a package that doesn't include a 1st-rounder and a good prospect -- like, say, #16 and Peterka. Unless he falls off the table this year they will get at least that much at the deadline for him. And there is zero possibility that KA gives up that much for him. There is also zero possibility that Kane signs an extension with the Sabres or anyone else this summer for less than $7MM per year.
  18. Happy Father's Day gents. Well done.
  19. I don't know anything about any of these guys, but Jagger Firkus from Moose Jaw would be an all-time top-10 Sabres cool hockey name.
  20. I think you were likely joking about Eichel, but I'll just say anyway that I'd be shocked if Cam Neely signed off on letting Pastrnak go in favor of bringing in Eichel. I also expect the Bruins to keep Pastrnak and that if Bergeron comes back, they will be in the playoffs again. And I don't think Bergeron will play anywhere other than Boston.
  21. I enjoyed the new Stranger Things episodes. Not as good as Season 1 IMHO, but still pretty good.
  22. While I agree that the Sabres didn’t need this particular deal to get to the floor, I think KA thought he would need something like this at some point, and the rock bottom $700K real cash cost made it too good for him to pass up. The real question is whether, as a number of posters have forecasted, and as all of us are probably worried about deep down, this means that they are going to go super cheapskate mode again and not spend money to improve the team. I think they will, but I don’t see how anyone could be very confident on that.
  23. Maybe. If one were being pessimistic, though, one might divine a plan to spend another year at or close to the cap floor and stay far away from spending any money to bring in any real reinforcements. Hello @PASabreFan.
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