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  1. I think there is a thread for this already, but I could not find it. A good friend and I watched *Tooth Fairy* last evening. He got it for his kids to watch in 2010. It was really good, surprisingly enough. A hockey themed tooth fairy tale. Two grown men with tears in their eyes at the happy ending.
  2. I'll start it off with baseball playoffs beginning tomorrow! I hate the idea of one-game series as too chancy, but I love the idea for the tension and excitement.
  3. Complain about anything you want. 1 complaint, 20 complaints, who cares? No one is really listening anyways. My complaint for this week... Fast food workers who are miserable beyond belief while on the job. If you hate your job that much, do something about it to better yourself in life. Go back to school or do whatever is needed to find a better job. In the meantime, if you continue to stay in your current position, suck it up and put on a happy face. http://forums.sabrespace.com/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gifM
  4. This thread is inspired by this video: http://FunnyOrDie.com/m/25mm If you watch it, you'll know the line I'm talking about. This is a place to share the "things/devices/stuff" that you think are AWESOME and you personally endorse and recommend to friends.
  5. I stopped attending big concerts about 20 years ago. Still hit bar-sized concerts and free outdoor shows, but I just figured my big concert days were behind me. And then a funny thing seemed to have happened. My son got interested in music and is old enough to attend some shows. And for the most part he listens to music that I can really dig. I got my feet wet again last Summer at Artpark but the real fun came when my (then) 13 yr old son started begging me to let him go to the Uproar Festival at Darien Lake last August. Eventually I relented on the condition that I go as well. For the most part the bands weren't bands I would ordinarily listen to but the headliners especially weren't bad, and since I am a reformed (sort of) metal head the last two bands in particular were pretty damned enjoyable. So this year the kid is already begging me to go to a concert with him, and frankly, I was looking forward to the Summer's concert schedule for my own enjoyment. Looks like a pretty fair concert season coming. This is my concert plan for the coming year; June 29 Buffalo Place- Grace Potter and the Nocturnals This band puts on a great show. They have a fantastic old school rock vibe to them. And Grace Potter is darned nice to look at too. If you are not familiar, look them up on youtube. Fantastic rock performers. Darien Lake- Allman Brothers and Carlos Santana Taking the wife to see this one. Two of my favorites from the bluesy end of rock. Darien Lake- Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper Re-living my junior year in high school. LOL Actually, I won't be buying tix to this show. I'll be a volunteer. I am involved with one of the not-for-profits that man the beer kiosks at the venue. I'm already signed up to dish out $12 Bud Lights to the head banging masses. I won't get a look at the stage most likely but I'll be able to listen to the show. \nn/ Darien Lake- Slipknot/Slayer/Motorhead/Anthrax This is the show my kid is bugging me about. Yeah, we're gonna go. I've never seen Motorhead or Slayer in concert so I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure my ears will be bleeding by the time the show ends. And 3 out of 4 of those bands are up my alley. First Niagara Center- Rush Now this one *will* have me re-living my junior year in high school. Going with a longtime friend. I can't wait until October. Anyone else ready for Summer concert season?
  6. I mentioned I was in the Queen City yesterday. Did I see a picture of Cellino of Cellino and Barnes on a Cellino Plumbing truck? Twin? Side gig?
  7. Sabrespace Fantasy Football League is now full. Good luck this year boys. We can use this thread or league board for some trash talking! Don't forget the draft is Thurs Aug. 28 at 10:30 pm. If you can't make it don't forget to set your pre-rankings.
  8. Sucks being a Sabres fan these days, but with all the snow, things are looking up for skiers and snowboarders. Anyone here like to hit the slopes? Sadly, I don't get out as much as I'd like to with two kids playing travel hockey. Last year I think I logged about 6 days total, including 3 days in Banff. This year, all I've got booked so far is Superbowl weekend at Bristol Mountain. Most years my friends and I go out west or at least to the Adirondacks or Quebec. Our favourite spot is the Salt Lake city area where we've got at least 5 or 6 times. It's tough to beat the 500 inches of snow per year and the quality of terrain there. A big trip likely won't be in the cards, but we'll see how much time and budget is left towards the end of hockey season. Hopefully I'll get in a bunch of Holiday Valley night skiing sessions. Cheers! Edit: feel free to post your favourite ski destinations and why you like them!
  9. Let's have at it. No politics. Just good old fishin and huntin talk.
  10. Is anyone going? I just got my tix behind the Sabres bench
  11. For all of you chess aficionados, you may have already heard about the cheating scandal where Magnus Carlsen accused Hans Niemann of cheating during an OTB match. https://www.wsj.com/articles/chess-cheating-hans-niemann-report-magnus-carlsen-11664911524
  12. Seattle Mariners 19(thru 2020) Sacramento Kings 15(thru 20-21) Buffalo Sabres 10(thru 20-21) New York Jets 10(thru 2020) It just happens to be that it ended up being one team from each league in the top 4 droughts. The Phoenix Suns also had a 10 year drought which they are about to snap. I don't follow the NBA at all, so I am not sure if the Kings are anywhere close to ending their streak, but the Mariners have a decent shot of being a playoff team this year.
  13. While this forum sure likes sitting on their computers or phones wasting time talking about food, beer, liquor and sometimes even sports, I can't imagine we're all maintaining a sedentary lifestyle. :unsure: So let's have a thread about it. We can discuss what we do for exercise, our fitness goals, accomplishments, failures, questions, etc. As for myself I'm an active cyclist, beer league hockey player, and I run when the tendonitis in my knee isn't acting up. Thanks to my job and all of the running I've been doing I'm down to 208lbs this summer, which feels pretty good. I managed to set a new average pace record on my bike yesterday before the crankset blew up, and I'm almost down to a 9 minute mile for running. A far cry from my highschool days, but that was a long time ago. My goal for the rest of the summer is to get my 3 mile time under 25 minutes and upgrade the gearing on my old roadbike to allow me to ride a faster average speed, since I'm maxing out my old 53/14 gearing with my normal cadence. What do you guys and gals like to do?
  14. I want to cry. I hate asking this. I live in Amherst, NY. A long time friend of my wife's just moved in with us to escape domestic abuse. She rescued their a 7 month old Newfoundland-Poodle mix named Sally who was getting abused too. But Sally was not well-trained (needs better house training and needs to settle down) and is too rambunctious for our cats, whom she terrifies by trying to play with them. I already love Sally dearly, but none of our friend, my wife, nor I can care for her properly. I work at home, but I don't have the time for her that she deserves. My wife works tough hours. Our friend works irregular hours. All three of us are in therapy. The dog needs consistency and attention that we are may never be able to give. If you or anyone you know and trust with dogs would like to take her, please let me know. I really don't want to do this, because I think once she gets well-trained, she will be a great dog. She is very friendly and affectionate. Alternatively, if you know someone who can help train her, that may work too. But like I said, I worry about the cats who are hiding. I have to cry.
  15. Let's see if we can give this thread a long run. Post up what you are consuming, restaurant, homemade, just something you are really enjoying at the moment, whatever...... It is Saturday afternoon. The wife is not home. And I have no plans. For lunch I just made myself a plate of Yancy's Fancy Bergenost cheese, good pepperoni, and an assortment of crackers. Opened a bottle of Ovila Saison to quench my thirst. Life is good. How about you?
  16. Dunno what to make of this. Adidas ending nhl ties altogether - teams and player sponsorship. Wonder who will be next?? Does anyone care? https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10043662-nhl-to-change-jersey-supplier-when-adidas-contract-ends-after-2023-24-season
  17. I was watching the Spy Who Loved Me on TV and the Ski Jump off the mountain into a Union Jack parachute maybe one of the most spectacular ever in a Bond movie. However it also got me thinking about the Bond Movies. So I thought I'd ask. 1) What is your favorite Bond movie? 2) What is the best Bond movie? 3) Who is/was the best James Bond? 4) Who is/was the best villan? 5) Who is the hottest co-star? 6) What was the best stunt in a Bond film? 7) What is the best gadget in a Bond film? Edit: 8.) Best song - it does not have to be the theme song 9) Best character name other then Octopussy. 10) Worst Bond Film?
  18. I haven’t been using ride sharing much since COVID. My last two rides have been unbearable. The drivers absolutely cranking the ***** out of whatever garbage they are listening to and the temperature has been about 10 degrees in the wrong direction. I don’t recall it being this bad pre-pandemic. Has anyone else had experiences like this?
  19. We're less than a month until the draft. Final rankings lists are being locked. It's time for the 2022 edition of the all-important-useless-Star-Wars-reference/character-based-on-player-name draft rankings: 2022 edition. I didn't want to hijack a real thread with my nonsense, so head to this Sabrespace for the real-world discussion. Last year, the Sabres drafted #1 and took the best Star Wars name/reference on the board and probably ever: Uncle Owen Unlimited Power. (At least, until they draft this guy in a couple years.) Three firsts this draft so I'm splitting it into tiers of who could still be available at each selection. In some cases (Nemec/Jiricek) they're likely to already be off the board, but I'm including their names anyway. Note: The sequence of players is in order for groupings and humor (Miro after Yurov), it has no bearing on order of preference within the tiers. Let me know if you need another player researched. Maybe available at #28... Luca Del Bel Belluz C -- "I'm Luca Del Bel Belluz I'm here to rescue you." = You're who? = "I'm Luca Del Bel Belluz." Del is a common name on wookiepedia. Both Del and Bel are clone troopers. Altogether, the most unlikely clone trooper name in the galaxy. Snuggerud RW -- A Snaggletooth! So old-school Star Warsy it just feels right. Chesley RHD -- Moisture farmer. Howard LW -- Luke: What's a duck? Google it. Mesar RW -- Gungan. Agile, quick, jumps really high and flips. Meesa goin' score goals! Jagger Firkus RW -- Perfect Star Wars name. Not a JAG. Total smuggler/gambler/scum pilot of a trash-heap ship that has tons of speed and secret compartments. And you know I play a mean guitar mindharp. Rinzel RHD -- I'll be the first to say it: "Rinzel will be fine." A cantina proprietor. Deeper dive shows that rinzefruit is a type of produce. Hutson LHD -- Part of the crimelord syndicate... Soon you will learn to appreciate him. Whoa-ho-ho! Pickering LHD -- System in the Mid Rim. And another Uncle Owen as a bonus. Ostlund C -- Imperial officer. 2 Osteds are Imperial navy officers! Amazing. Alater and Wermis! https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Osted_Alater ; https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Osted_Wermis Hävelid RHD -- Imperial ship or Imperial (m)officer (moff) https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Havelon ; https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Haveland Beck C -- Rebel pilot's first name. There's totally a Beck Iceslider out there. Cruz Lucius -- C'mon! The parents named their kids Chaz and Cruz? Anyway, Rebel pilot. He yells something like "I've got the shot!" as the path opens to a direct lane to launch proton torpedoes at the ISD shield generator, followed quickly by "Oh no!" as a wave of TIE Interceptors appear and blast him. Cruz disappears in a fireball. Pretty much the most awesome role to have in a movie. Cool helmet. 1 or 2 lines of dialog. He's the Grizz Frix of this draft! A lifetime on the autograph circuit as the "Oh no! Guy".
  20. I’ve tried in the past, and just can’t become a fan. Bring on the paint drying wall. 😂
  21. I'm in the class of 2007 so I have a few more years before I get a thread, but there's a bunch of you out there who have already celebrated 10 years as a poster on this forum! How many of you haven't yet, or are about to? Who among the class of 2005 are no longer with us? http://forums.sabrespace.com/members/?sort_key=joined&sort_order=asc&max_results=20&sort_key=joined Perhaps some superlatives are in order?
  22. I'm a new season ticket holder (only four years on the waiting list, I thought it would be much longer) and like many season ticket holders, I'm looking to sell some of my seats. Looking for advice from some of you who do the same. It seems like stub hub milks both the buyer and seller for fees and I'm unsure about Craigslist. Any advice? BTW, there in section 114 row 8 and I split the tickets with someone so I don't have all the games. Thanks
  23. The Sabres & Bills doubleheader today got me thinking…did the Sabres, Bills and Braves ever win all on the same day? Also trying to recall, did the Braves and Sabres ever play on the same day in the Aud? Enquiring minds want to know? 😊
  24. i saw on shop.nhl.com they had a coupon that said 20% off sitewide + free shipping on orders 50+, some exclusions apply. the exclusions were the typical, jerseys, specialty items, but at the end it said "other". hmm, other? i tried a sweatshirt which i really liked. i added it to the cart, hit the coupon it said. this item doesnt apply. it matched the criteria for what should have worked but it didnt. i tried a different shirt, again, it didnt work. finally i added about 25 to 30 shirts/sweatshirts to my cart, making sure that all of them matched the criteria for the coupon eligibility. The total bill was 1200 dollars, which as we all know 20% off should be 240 dollars. i added the coupon. 5 dollars off. i didnt want to bother to figure out which item actually worked, but it is such nonsense false advertising that almost all of the items did not accept the coupon. i called NHL shop support, and the lady was nice enough to tell me that not everything will work for the coupon, and she cant help me. i felt pretty pleased. needless to say i didnt order from them. i was able to find a couple of hockey tshirts in my size from amazon for 6 dollars, and even a springtime coat for 14 dollars, so it wasnt all bad.
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