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Found 49 results

  1. Let's see if we can give this thread a long run. Post up what you are consuming, restaurant, homemade, just something you are really enjoying at the moment, whatever...... It is Saturday afternoon. The wife is not home. And I have no plans. For lunch I just made myself a plate of Yancy's Fancy Bergenost cheese, good pepperoni, and an assortment of crackers. Opened a bottle of Ovila Saison to quench my thirst. Life is good. How about you?
  2. Advanced Tickets are on sale now. The Final Trailer debuts at halftime of MNF on ESPN
  3. Sabrespace Fantasy Football League is now full. Good luck this year boys. We can use this thread or league board for some trash talking! Don't forget the draft is Thurs Aug. 28 at 10:30 pm. If you can't make it don't forget to set your pre-rankings.
  4. With Kamala Harris announcing she is running today. Senator from Cal and former Attny Gen of Cal thought it was a good time to put together a list of announced and rumored hopefuls and discuss them. List link: https://abc7news.com/politics/whos-running-for-president-in-2020-list-of-possible-dem-candidates/5047818/
  5. I'll start it off with baseball playoffs beginning tomorrow! I hate the idea of one-game series as too chancy, but I love the idea for the tension and excitement.
  6. This thread is inspired by this video: http://FunnyOrDie.com/m/25mm If you watch it, you'll know the line I'm talking about. This is a place to share the "things/devices/stuff" that you think are AWESOME and you personally endorse and recommend to friends.
  7. Since we have a hit thread about complaints, I thought maybe we could have a thread for Fridays where we reflect on good things, positive moments, rave about a restaurant, new additions to your family, etc. I guess my initial rave would be: Fridays, for many of us, are the end of the work week - which is great! For others, Friday is also payday!
  8. Complain about anything you want. 1 complaint, 20 complaints, who cares? No one is really listening anyways. My complaint for this week... Fast food workers who are miserable beyond belief while on the job. If you hate your job that much, do something about it to better yourself in life. Go back to school or do whatever is needed to find a better job. In the meantime, if you continue to stay in your current position, suck it up and put on a happy face. M
  9. Anyone else like messing about with photos etc? Shall we make a repository? I present "King Ralph".
  10. I mentioned I was in the Queen City yesterday. Did I see a picture of Cellino of Cellino and Barnes on a Cellino Plumbing truck? Twin? Side gig?
  11. I'll admit to despising the Call of Duty series now, but back in middle school and high school I spent hundreds of hours playing them. My rankings for the games I've played a lot: 1) Modern Warfare 2) Modern Warfare 2 3) Black Ops 4) WaW MW was a perfectly balanced masterpiece. It's up there with Counter Strike, the fps of my childhood and TF2, the fps of my manhood.
  12. I think there is a thread for this already, but I could not find it. A good friend and I watched *Tooth Fairy* last evening. He got it for his kids to watch in 2010. It was really good, surprisingly enough. A hockey themed tooth fairy tale. Two grown men with tears in their eyes at the happy ending.
  13. Let's have at it. No politics. Just good old fishin and huntin talk.
  14. Okay, so this came up in the Complaint Thursdays thread this week and since a lot of you seem to know your alcohol, figured I'd ask this here. I'm primarily a vodka drinker; I enjoy the clean taste and versatility in mixing, but I'm a little bored with it. I also enjoy light rum in a mojito during warmer weather, but I'd like to try whiskey or scotch. So what I'm hoping you guys might be able to help me with is: just how does one begin drinking whiskey or scotch? I'd eventually like to get to the point of being able to enjoy some of the good stuff neat or on the rocks, but I'm guessing I'll need to work up to that point since I don't drink it now. Two main questions come to mind: 1) What are some good "starter" liquors, i.e. something good enough I'll have a chance at liking, but not so good that I'll hate myself if I buy a bottle and don't end up liking it, and 2) Is it best to start with a mixer, or jump right in with the undiluted stuff? Any suggestions would be much appreciated -- thanks in advance for the help!
  15. I swear we had a topic like this before, but I couldn't find it in a search. Anyways, new skyway plans: https://www.wkbw.com/news/local-news/city-of-lights-wins-skyway-redesign-will-remove-skyway Pretty cool if they get it done. Color me skeptical, but I like the idea. Sucks for people who live in hamburg, but other than that I think it'll be a good thing.
  16. Hank

    OT: internet

    I pay $99 a month for a gig. I have a TV, PS4 an a shield hardwired. I have four TVs, two laptops, two PS4s, two tablets, one X-Box and five smart phones connected to the WiFi. Between kids, grandkids, the wife and myself, all devices are sometimes used at the same time for gaming and streaming movies/sports. Question 1: am I paying too much for the gig? Question 2: could I get by with a lower service?
  17. I'm having trouble making a lineup decision. I have Mahomes in both my leagues with Lamar Jackson as the backup in one league and Dak Prescott as the backup in the other. The question for today is Mahomes faces the good Baltimore D while Prescott faces the horrible Dolphins. The computer projections have Prescott as the better starter for this week, but can you ever really bench Mahomes? I'm just not sure.
  18. I hear people saying such and such number isn't a good number etc. Or certain nos should be reserved for Fwds or D. Anyhoo, what's your favoured number? Me its Def 26. Two main reasons... Dahlin was a highlight of my first season watching sabres hockey and Matt Beca of the Glasgow Clan who seems to score at each match I get to go to!
  19. It can't be discussed in the memorial thread so here goes...
  20. I stopped attending big concerts about 20 years ago. Still hit bar-sized concerts and free outdoor shows, but I just figured my big concert days were behind me. And then a funny thing seemed to have happened. My son got interested in music and is old enough to attend some shows. And for the most part he listens to music that I can really dig. I got my feet wet again last Summer at Artpark but the real fun came when my (then) 13 yr old son started begging me to let him go to the Uproar Festival at Darien Lake last August. Eventually I relented on the condition that I go as well. For the most part the bands weren't bands I would ordinarily listen to but the headliners especially weren't bad, and since I am a reformed (sort of) metal head the last two bands in particular were pretty damned enjoyable. So this year the kid is already begging me to go to a concert with him, and frankly, I was looking forward to the Summer's concert schedule for my own enjoyment. Looks like a pretty fair concert season coming. This is my concert plan for the coming year; June 29 Buffalo Place- Grace Potter and the Nocturnals This band puts on a great show. They have a fantastic old school rock vibe to them. And Grace Potter is darned nice to look at too. If you are not familiar, look them up on youtube. Fantastic rock performers. Darien Lake- Allman Brothers and Carlos Santana Taking the wife to see this one. Two of my favorites from the bluesy end of rock. Darien Lake- Iron Maiden and Alice Cooper Re-living my junior year in high school. LOL Actually, I won't be buying tix to this show. I'll be a volunteer. I am involved with one of the not-for-profits that man the beer kiosks at the venue. I'm already signed up to dish out $12 Bud Lights to the head banging masses. I won't get a look at the stage most likely but I'll be able to listen to the show. \nn/ Darien Lake- Slipknot/Slayer/Motorhead/Anthrax This is the show my kid is bugging me about. Yeah, we're gonna go. I've never seen Motorhead or Slayer in concert so I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure my ears will be bleeding by the time the show ends. And 3 out of 4 of those bands are up my alley. First Niagara Center- Rush Now this one *will* have me re-living my junior year in high school. Going with a longtime friend. I can't wait until October. Anyone else ready for Summer concert season?
  21. Do we have many UK hockey followers here? We (Clan) just out our head coach Pete Russell (teamGB coach). This sucks.
  22. When is everyone going to see The Last Jedi? I'm going Thursday at 7 PM
  23. Let's discuss favorite beers. I'll start off by labeling myself a beer geek, NOT a beer snob. That will be evident early in this post. I cannot pick a favorite beer. I can't even pick a favorite style of beer. There are so many varieties that it would take a lifetime to acquire and sample them all. And I am doing my damndest to try. I'll start by saying what I don't like. I don't like fruit flavored beers. Well, *most* styles of them anyway. There are a few Belgian styles that use fruit that I enjoy. And I don't like German styled wheat beers either. They have a background banana and clove character that I don't care for in beer. Pretty much everything else style-wise has tasty representatives that I will gladly consume. For me, beer is a situational beverage. So I guess if I am going to talk about favorite beers, I need to list favorites as they pertain to different situations. Summer thirst quenchers My first choice for a beer to have after (or during) yard work or lounging on a hot and sunny day like today is Genny Cream Ale. It is light enough to be thirst quenching yet has more flavor than Bud, Miller, Coors. And for those of you young uns that's never had a Genny Cream but heard awful things, put away your bias and try one side by side against a Bud/Miller/Coors. There is a reason it used to dominate the beer market around here. I think you'll be pleasantly suprised. Also on my list is Southern Tier Hop Sun from down in Jamestown, NY. Like the name suggests, it has lots of crisp hop flavors but is light on the palate and low-ish in alcohol so it won't beat you up on a day where you're likely to dehydrate anyway. My honorable mention here is Labatt's 50 ale. Soft and thirst quenching but has a nice finishing Cascades hop flavor. Beer to drink with Summer barbeque food I like a light refreshing beer with my ribs or Chiavetta's chicken but I want something with a bit more flavor than a cream ale or typical American/Canadian lager. For pairing with summer foods I like a Belgian style called Saison. They are soft and dry but have a bit of a spicy character to them. My favorite is made by a NY brewery called Ommegang. Their Saison is named Hennepin. And it is delicious with Italian sausage w/ peppers and onions or grilled pork tenderloin, yet has the backbone to stand up to a ribeye steak. Patio beer with a cigar in the evening Typically I am a whiskey drinker in the evening but there are plenty of beers that substitute well here, most of them high alcohol varieties. Belgian Quadruples pair well with contemplative moments. So do double IPA's, barley wines, big Scotch ales, and export stouts. I have two favorites. A Belgian style quad by Ommegang called Three Philosphers and a double IPA by Souther Tier named Unearthly. They are rich and chewy and have enough flavor to compete with whatever cigar I am enjoying. Beers to go along with Fall sports and yardwork I'm a traditionalist here. Oktoberfests are my style of choice when the leaves turn. I like Dundee Oktoberfest here. And Sam Adams Oktoberfest is also a very tasty version. Honorable mention goes to a hoppy harvest beer from Southern Tier called Harvest Ale. It is an amber hoppy ale brewed just for Fall. Winter Beers My beer choices tend to the dark and higher alcohol in wintertime. Stouts, porters, Scottish ales end up in my glass most frequently. I like Flying Bison's Scotch Ale best. Rohrback's Scotch Ale is damned good too. And Great Lakes brewing out of Cleveland makes a porter that can't be beat in my mind. Stouts don't start and finish with Guinness but it's never a bad choice if your out on the town. And Guinness is fairly low in alcohol so if you are driving have one of those instead of a bigger, more alcoholic beer. Beers for Spring I've got two. One traditional, and one that's fairly new on the market. Every Spring I have to buy a 12 pack of Genny Bock. Admittedly, it's not an award winning version of the style but it's release is one of the first signs of Spring and is a must buy for me. My ohter Spring fav is a seasonal from Sam Adams, Noble Pils. It is their version of a clasic Czech Pilsner and it is a hoppy, crisp, and full flavored pilsner. Great stuff to quaff on those warm Spring days as the lawn is starting to green over. You'll notice that most of my choices are made nearby. There is a good reason. Unlike wine, beer is best drunk fresh, and you can't get any fresher than a beer in season that was made and shipped less than 50 miles away. Storage that is measured in months really does degrade the subtle flavors in beer. And if you haven't really ventured beyond Blue, Mich Ultra, or whatever your usual pour is, do yourself a favor and start to explore the other styles available. There is an incredible variety of flavors and styles out there. Anyway, that's my long-wided post about my favorite beers. Let's hear a little about yours. (yeah, it's a bit slow at work right now )
  24. While this forum sure likes sitting on their computers or phones wasting time talking about food, beer, liquor and sometimes even sports, I can't imagine we're all maintaining a sedentary lifestyle. :unsure: So let's have a thread about it. We can discuss what we do for exercise, our fitness goals, accomplishments, failures, questions, etc. As for myself I'm an active cyclist, beer league hockey player, and I run when the tendonitis in my knee isn't acting up. Thanks to my job and all of the running I've been doing I'm down to 208lbs this summer, which feels pretty good. I managed to set a new average pace record on my bike yesterday before the crankset blew up, and I'm almost down to a 9 minute mile for running. A far cry from my highschool days, but that was a long time ago. My goal for the rest of the summer is to get my 3 mile time under 25 minutes and upgrade the gearing on my old roadbike to allow me to ride a faster average speed, since I'm maxing out my old 53/14 gearing with my normal cadence. What do you guys and gals like to do?
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