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  1. RaKru is gonna come outta the alleys of Elm Street and wreck some of the lazy bums on this roster in such a way, that even belichik would do a double take, make no mistake, the massacre that was the buffalo sabres will be perished into the depths of oblivion and we will rejoice.
  2. Went to the Erie county fair tonight, the guys at the army truck wanted to tell me that I looked like Cole Beasley 😂😂😂 I forgot he plays for us now as I don't follow the NFL very close anymore
  3. We didn't make it to the mosque for thr formal prayers, but in Uganda the Christians and Muslims live in harmony, so it wouldn't be an issue there.... I took pastor Fred to the sauna in town and we were chatting with a Muslim about Mohamed (pbuh) and Jesus without issue.... That wouldn't fly in the very strict middle eastern countries sadly.
  4. I think with decent nutrition and some consistency it's possible, I have asthma, so that I feel is my biggest hurdle (that and not leaving the country every month).... I'll work out with my buddy for a bit, I'll know by next year if it's something I'll ever be able to attain
  5. Something tells me the Ironman needs minimum 1 year of training no?
  6. remember when we were pumped about risto and his tire flipping..... Now, this is what we're all seeing
  7. My good friend just ran the iron man in placid and made it!!! It's pure torture and idk why anyone wants to do that to themselves. He was hit by a drunk driver on his bicycle a few years ago, was in rough shape, broken femur, and in critical condition, so this was huge for him. With that being said, he was mentioning about doing another one in 4-5 years and was wondering if I'd train with him.... I'm so outta shape, and I'm traveling too much, but now the thought of that finisher medal is in my mind. Adhd is a bitch 😂😂🥉
  8. I already set up my auto draft preferences, soooo, as you wish 😁
  9. That's not a bad idea, when I get back and have actual service I'll do that, I feel like I'm always hijacking this thread 😂😂 That's not a bad idea, when I get back and have actual service I'll do that, I feel like I'm always hijacking this thread 😂😂
  10. Today was a day of EID, many Ugandans are Muslim split with Christianity, we took Wilbrod out as a family.... My good friend who started this "mom Cari", me (dad), my kiddo, and uncle Mugisha (who is basically the glue of our orphanage) all wore formal African wear, konzu and Gomezi for the eid. Apologies if this offends anyone as I partook in the festivities in formal wear, but we really enjoyed the day. We had a great meal and I took Wilbrod to his first ever sauna/stramroom and we relaxed before heading home tomorrow.
  11. Thank you so much, I have been down here for about 2 weeks, sooooo many projects done and so many more to do. We can always use laptops and phones and I usually come every summer and sometimes twice a year..... We are always finding sponsors for our kiddos and sending them to college, getting a grasp on those afflicted with drug and alcohol problems, testing and treating HIV, the list goes on and on. It makes dealing with our first world problems at home difficult sometimes and really puts things into perspective as well. But we appreciate all the help and every little bit goes a long way 🙂
  12. It's hard because I have formal training and personally, I would never embark in medical care without either training or at least someone medically capable by my side. It just wouldn't feel right to me. This is where a semester in bioethics still left me wondering where the line is and when is it actually crossed.
  13. Ill say this much, if a white person, especially from the US was to come to the small community I'm at with even a glimmer of hope..... The people here would take it, because there is almost a 0% chance of any meaningful change without any outside help, that in itself is very sad. I also think it would have been very easy for her to "employ" a local clinician to help along the way, as even I consult with some locals here as the disease processes differ greatly and having some input is very nice.... Also to help translate.
  14. First, to understand, jinja (where this happened) is a mzungu (white person) haven; also very poor area. Because of the white influence, is a much different area compared to where I am, basically towards the west side of the country. The overall thought in the country (I spoke with the president of Kyotera) yesterday, was that there are many good doers here that are genuine..... However, there are many here that are pushing some awful things (homosexuality, *****, etc etc) because they have money compared to Africans, and some alterior motives are at play. It's becoming hard to differentiate because the need is so great and the communities can be so spread apart. When it comes to the locals where I am, not too many know of her, as news often does not travel as it does in our country, for those that are aware, they are upset, but not as much as we would be, because the other option for them was to let the child starve at home, or take them there for a chance, to a woman who has presumed money. Even I am not overly familiar with this situation, I just read up on it and it's rather sad, white privelage is a thing, even if we think our heart is in the right place. What are your thoughts on it?
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