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  1. This job sucks on normal days, it's basically unbearable now, I feel ya @North Buffalostay strong!
  2. With the amount of narcotics I had in me, I was, mentally.
  3. I'll take max domi please
  4. I was hoping to get out there and show my real skillllz but I was in the back getting shot up with morphine for my very nicely faked injury.
  5. So you won't come to the hospital and flirt with me..... And here I thought we had something specialπŸ˜”
  6. I find him to be insufferable as a person. I know many people with mental health issues, I also know alcoholics. They aren't all *****, he is. Still, I'm glad he got help.
  7. Oh boys, I now use proper riding gear (now that I'm an adult πŸ˜πŸ˜‚) also, I'm an octopus not a squid, duh
  8. Honestly I am just hoping for a quick conclusion, we have world renound virologists and people of science on this. On a side note health care workers are being attacked in public, people coming up to them in gas stations and spraying them with lysol, and other ridiculous things. I had to stop at Wal mart (shiver) this morning, after I left an overnight shift, I changed into clean scrubs and showered before leaving, but I was still out and about in scrubs... The evil eyes and stares I was getting was out of hand, all the hoarders were looking at me like an alien with death stares. Kinda eerie, and firmly keeping me in mind mind of belief that we need natural selection πŸ˜‚
  9. I pulled the trigger 😁 y'all can help spread my ashses soon πŸ˜‚
  10. Yes, I am mixing up my years and my diseases, my apologies. The sheer amount of crap we're being put through in the Healthcare field is causing some flip flopping for all of us, mentally speaking. Every day, new guidelines, new procedures, new stories, wading through the muck, etc. I'll put it as plainly as I can from a personal perspective. I was trained in the military to prepare for stuff like this, quarantine, etc. I dont personally belive this is as bad as we are making it out to be; I don't think it's just the flu, but I don't think it warrants national and international shutdown. With that being said, if we are going to declare a national emergency and a pandemic I do have an expectation that those in charge (leaders of health organizations, hospitals, etc) will have their crap together, and we simply do not. I may not agree with everything that is going on, but in my job, I can take orders well. Someone level headed needs to take charge and it's simply not happening (especially in my current local situation). The lack of preparedness and the lack of following through on this social distancing thing makes this feel like a joke.
  11. It's not the flu as in influenza, but it's grossly similar, it's a virus, a novel virus similar to the flu, a novel virus (swine). I'm indurated with information about all of this stuff, but I also have real life experience working through H1N1, we easily could have had this level of involvement with H1N1 but we didn't, even with many more deaths than what the predictions are here with this virus. The Info I'm seeing and hearing from colleagues and news media are varying from day to day and site to site. It's hard to grasp exactly.
  12. I think that is part of it, not all of it, but it's not helping.
  13. I Was at Millard suburban that year I believe, we were using thr GI endoscopy suite as overflow from the ER due to the bad flu, the same precautions held, if you're young and healthy, stay home drink soup. Older people and those who are immuncompromised need us more. This is very similar and the ER's are getting overrun across the globe, I just have seen so much worse in other countries before, including ebola, and some time in Iraq, so it's hard for me to have the same level of panic and fear personally that many others have in society.
  14. Most of the misinformation is social media. But I'm leary of the death numbers.... Let's say patient A has pancreatic cancer, end stage.... Patient gets Covid and dies from pancreatic CA, they still count in the death toll towards Covid. Last week a patient in my hospital (a separate one I work per diem) died, she had Covid, she also had end stage emphysema, so the it's attributed to Covid, not the fact that she smoked 3 packs per day since age 15. Im just frustrated and ranting a bit, but there are certainly some issues at hand in terms of delivery on this matter. H1N1 killed 40 million people, and we didn't do anything. This has killed 20k and we're losing our minds. So, I think it's an overreaction, personally
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