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  1. I just don't like Kane, from my own brief personal interactions with him, and then that situation from years ago with the "alleged"sexual assault. Sadly I have some inside knowledge of the whole story (obviously can't speak on it due to HIPPA and privacy/decency) but that's enough to make him enemy No. 1 in my mind, he gets no benefit of the doubt from me.
  2. Looks like all the juicy rumors have died down.... Sad because I was sure that they were going to make a blockbuster trade last week "sarcasm" πŸ™„ Some good drama to make the off season pass quicker though.🍿🍿🍿🎭🎭
  3. I'll say this, I've personally seen a big increase this week in cases, which is rather disheartening considering it was good for a bit. A common theme is that all the people that made it into the hospital were not vaccinated. We are officially going backwards.
  4. "inner workings" After all, they know more than the outer circle.
  5. I went out the other night with 2 medical directors and a few other co-workers... It was a sad realization that I was the oldest among the whole crew.
  6. Take a bow, shoot for the Star-board side and kiss my aft. Set sail on a new horizon πŸ˜‰
  7. I want all of the hate towards them, no hate on me starting this thread πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  8. Since everyone is so serious and the Sabres will continue to suck, please give us the best name for the Pegula super yacht, and please don't hold back. If you don't wamt to join then fine, but don't bring the hate into here, this is supposed to be a fun thread with some venting release towards the mismagagment of our beloved team. My name "Drillin and Chillin"
  9. No way it's gonna be "Drillin and Chillin" 😎
  10. Pegula just spotted on the high seas after a bargain basement budget busting off season.
  11. This is turning out to be much much uglier than I would have thought.... I wasn't expecting big moves, but man we deserve much better as pretty solid hockey fans.
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