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  1. Man, Pitt with the close win, against Geno Smith. The Watt family ballwashing continued all night (at least TJ deserved it)
  2. True but not fully,we use Fentanyl for pain control also. EMS carries it on some rigs, it's also prescribed as a long acting patch that gets changed every 72 hours in certain populations. I'm seeing a lot more people smoking or injecting this stuff and causing issues, but at the end of the day it is an opiate and causes similar issues to other opiates.
  3. The pressure that GM's inevitably feel to keep their jobs, getting Eichel while injured will allow a GM another season as Eichel heals to sell to the owner/fanbase. There is next to zero pressure on Adams right now when it comes to this situation, it may not feel like it but we have the upper hand.
  4. Botteril and Murray were also GM's Having one of those jobs doesn't automatically make you a smart person. Someone will crack when they feel the pressure.
  5. I hope we meet them in the super bowl, revenge will be sweet.
  6. So who exactly is middle finger directed at 😂🖕
  7. Browns just Hail Murray'd the cardinals to end the half.
  8. The chargers are being absolutely manhandled by the ravens.
  9. McDavid is just on another level, his speed in 1 step is just unmatched.
  10. This Oilers/Flames game has quite the edge, very enjoyable hockey!
  11. I'd be OK with a 4 on 4 10 minute again or simply just one more period of 5 on 5, then shootout or just call it a tie.
  12. A lot of grabbing by the yotes that went uncalled. Let's see what the toker has in the SO
  13. How is that Not a penalty!!! Clear trip Cozens had a rough shift there
  14. Tage still with some accuracy issues, but he's playing better than I've seen him before. This game is pretty tight, I was hoping for another buffalo blowout but they're def the better team overall. Not sure how I feel about butcher, he seems kinda slow and choppy.
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