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  1. Without a lockdown, nothing would have changed, at least not in a significant way, maybe the economy would have been better off, but the people that were gonna get it, would have gotten it. As for the one week I spent in puerto Rico, it still gives me more world perspective than many in this country have ever had. But that's OK, the mainstream media tells us all we need to know. Squeaky wheel gets the grease eh? I'd rather have my head in the literal sand, compared to the figurative sand that we as a whole are living in. Again, I won't back down from this, and neither will an
  2. Jesus, it's a virus, of course it's going to make people feel tired. This isn't news.... The flu sidelines a lot of people too.... I really really wish people had any clue what life is like in other parts of the world, I'd hate to see what happens to this nation when a really really bad disease hits.
  3. Oh man, getting thick with it, it's not even about the vaccine, it's the basic principal about it. The fact that people are brainwashed into thinking that's OK is the problem
  4. Lookin at the way McD played his starters, maybe 2 weeks of rest would be good for JA, considering he'd be perfectly fine if he got Covid..
  5. The people freaking out on TBD over the fans and how we're gonna infect all the players and blah blah blah.... Enjoy the moment
  6. Ummm, have you looked outside the window.... GE owns everything, Amazon owns everything, Disney owns everything.... how many people do you think actually make this world tick? It's not as many as you think. When Bill Gates is giving vaccination medical information, we're past the point of no return.
  7. These refs need to be put to rest. Also.... What. A. Beat down. This team is GOOD
  8. Remember when my team was hacked by Russian Intel and they forced injured players into my lineup?!?! I wonder which SS FF league player was being that.
  9. Well thank God for that. If there was a way I could speed things up for the vaccine, I would do anything in my power just so this world could normalize. I'd also love to get my kiddos in Africa some doses, but that's way out of my hands.
  10. A new strain..... I guess we're just gonna keep this thing going until the world collapses.
  11. A lot has changed, still a lot of animosity between Serbia and kosovo for obvious reasons. It's kinda unique how each country has its own restrictions... Macedonia and albania have no issue with US citizens coming as of now, kosovo and Montenegro both require quarantine and/or negative test to enter.
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