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  1. In Glasgow and up in the highlands, I had no clue what they were saying most of the timeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the other parts of the country I was ok, but the Scottish accent is simply wonderful!
  2. That was the most complete game I've seen all season, that 3rd the Sabres were on the throttle. Maybe the dads need to come along more often! They also matched the physicality which was something we haven't done all season. They play like this, they will win the fans back over quickly
  3. The arena finally got going a little, it's a rarity these days. Pet peeve, after the sick Dahlin move, it went to commercial, some stupid spectrum news trivia, when a replay at that moment would have kept the crowd into it. They showed a quick clip as the faceoff was happening, garbage production
  4. I got some last minute stubhub tix 18 bucks each, so I'll be there, if anyone is going let me know and we can try and meet up πŸ™‚
  5. I'm gonna blame myself and @LTSfor the Sabres woes, it all started in Sweden and hasn't let up since... Curse us, curse us to hell
  6. What a load of crock, targeting.... What has happened to football
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