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  1. Make sure your bike fit is alright, a seat too low will hurt the knees and lower back, and too high, will rotate the pelvis and cause a strain as well. Make sure the seat is forward enough so you're not reaching and I like to keep mine tilted down a hair as I use aero bars when I can 🙂
  2. The swim is the hardest part, I was training well up until Covid hit and then the Ymca's all closed, I was able to do 1.2 miles in like 50 minutes, that's still super slow, but now, it's very tough getting back into swim shape. My last real long swim before this week was March 6th 😞 I have a sprint Tri on August 5th,a half marathon August 16th and then a Half Iron man September 5th. Assuming I don't die, the real. Training starts mid September for Ironman Lake Placid in July. I've already hired a coach and he's brutal lol. Care to join?
  3. The last 3 days I crushed a 1 mile open water swim on Wednesday, a 55 mile bike ride yesterday and just finished a 10mile run today.... It was the hottest I can remember in a loooong time, my body is all but dead, and I was stupid for even doing these things.... That is all 😂😂
  4. Happy 4th, away from everyone, away from home and happy. I'll be back once the world calms down.
  5. That's fine, I'm outta this place for a while... A ***** sociopath, go F*ck yourself
  6. This is the funniest thing I've read on here, y'all people have lost your damn minds. Seek help? That's rich Medicine is about collecting money and prolonging lives far past a time they should be. Ever visit a nursing home?! Instead of quality of life we are focusing on quantity. It's not really that hard to see. Right now quality is in the basement. Also, I never said I would be "satisfyed" dying tomorrow, I simply said that I could live with it as it's out of my hands, don't change up my words.
  7. I just don't understand the big deal with death, we are put here for a finite amount of time for whatever reason. I firmly believe when it's my time, it's my time. If an avalanche takes me out, a virus, a bee sting, car accident, it doesn't matter, it's over, and I don't get to decide when my time is done. Sure there is grieving and some pain with death, but that's part of this life, and so is living and enjoying it. Everyone here that knows me at all, knows that I'm trying to get every last bit of enjoyment out of my time here; I refuse to let a virus change that mentality. It honestly breaks my heart going out in public and seeing people scurrying around like scared little insects, what kind of life is that.
  8. Good for them, I love hearing about people not living in fear! Life is for the living, go parents!
  9. We do our best every day to prevent deaths from heart disease, suicide, etc. This is not different, we will continue to do our best to prevent Corona deaths, but not at the expense of closing off the world. In the end the disease is going to bear out similar numbers irregardless of what we do, we'll just be prolonging it further while causing other negative effects this way.
  10. I'd be very skeptical of a vaccine saving the day, I do not trust the efficacy of a vaccine that is most likely going to be rushed, especially for a virus in the Corona family. I fear that the vaccine will be about as effective as the seasonal influenza vaccine (which isn't that great). Right now, the best science we actually can 100% confirm is that once you have the virus and recover you do have a certain amount of immunity. Now we don't know if the immunity lasts 2 weeks or 2 years; and we have no idea if this thing is going to be a seasonal thing. But having immune protections trumps a vaccination at this point in time.
  11. Yet we keep finding excuses to keep kids out of school longer each year; and we wonder why we as a society aren't that bright 😂😂
  12. The virus will go away once we are immune to it, the longer we do this, the longer it will be around, pretty simple. Obviously you don't agree with my take on this and that is fine, we are simply not going to see eye to eye on it. Herd immunity works.
  13. The mask issue has 2 sides, there's science that shows if 2 people in contact with each other both have a mask on that it's supposed to decrease change of spread. However there is some new science that is claiming that masks have a negative effect on the wearer of them, especially if worn for prolonged periods. I honestly haven't dived into the science behind it yet, so I don't have a solid answer. I think the bigger issue with masks is that many wear them very improperly and many find them so uncomfortable they end up taking them on/off, and don't do that right, so they contaminate their hands and away we go.
  14. I don't mind the cancelled vacations, actually stopping intercontinental travel was probably one of the only smart things done. I would support that through the summer if need be. It's all the other nonsense, masks in public after we've clearly peaked, it's the dumb picking and choosing who is essential, tanking small businesses and then printing money out of the blue for a stupid stimulus plan that clearly doesn't work. It's going to be the absolute fallout this country will suffer because instead of coming at this rationally, we look at NYC and freak out everywhere. There was and is a middle ground in all of this between "lock down" and complete freedom of movement.
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