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  1. I'll say this, Casey is in some serious trouble, no grit, always losing the pick, bad decisions, etc. I know he's young, but there is nothing in his game that has me with optimism. The team flat out sucks tonight in general
  2. This society as a whole is overall screwed moving forward, good luck
  3. Yes just one, it slowed me down significantly, because, aerodynamics and stuff 😂😂 Aww you know just how to make me blush
  4. Just ran 5 miles in Central Park in a hair over 47 minutes.... I'm surprised how well My amateur Ironman training is going so far
  5. Hanging out in NYC for my yearly 3 days I can actually handle it. And Kappo Kakko was signing autographs at the NHL store in times Square.
  6. What a game to be at, it's making up for that Minnesota stinker
  7. 1-1-12 "It's imitate Lehner month in the shootout"
  8. Damn, I didn't think anyone would see me
  9. Sammy watkins screwed me with 0.00 points, and I was soooo close to an upset
  10. Are we better without Dahlin right now? Seriously asking
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