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  1. Mogilny was Latin 😂😂 those tricky Russians
  2. I'm a rookie meme-er, and the mic drop was still epic 🙂
  3. I have no idea who it is. I also don't even remember Kareem hunt 😂
  4. 43 points of Aaron Rodgers on my bench, damn me. At least the bills win so I'm not double PO'd
  5. Thank God the Dolphins aren't good, well sneak out with a win, but man, idk if we deserved it today
  6. I think they take in more, social media especially. I don't think there is a way to avoid it. NFL players almost more than any other sport appear to love their twitter, etc. I was thinking the same thing, that ball was there for the taking, ugh Tre saving our bacon
  7. Every media outlet on the planet, I don't even listen to much news radio, and I hear/saw it.
  8. Maybe a little bit of cockiness here on the bills part, hearing all week that they'll steam roll the Dolphins. Vice versa for Miami, hearing that all week against a rival, maybe some extra motivation.
  9. This is a serious reality check as Tru said, leave it to Buffalo to be favored by 5 million points and then choke.
  10. We kinda suck today eh Pete mozzerela
  11. We haven't had a solid tight end since when, mezelers(sp)? Also whoever has Hauschka in fantasy may just roll this week 😂😂
  12. That's some bs, but it won't matter for this week at least haha. I stupidly started Jones over Rodgers and then Dorsett over Sanu, if I had a chance, I lost it As for the bills 🤢🤮
  13. Just being facetious, but we're currently losing to Miami 😂😂😂 Also you have a stud rb on your bench, and it won't matter in the least as you'll steamroll me this week 🙃
  14. This team will not win a playoff game with the terrible offense we're trotting out there
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