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  1. No matter what, the game will move on, the referees will have no reprocussions and the better team will still be watching from the couch. That's a foreable offense if not one that suspends that official from the rest of the playoffs, but we all know, that isn't gonna happen. I wish I could do my job poorly and still have one
  2. Thanks! I'm still putting the finishing touches up on it
  3. At least the way Colorado is playing.... And rested, I think they'll take it in 5. 6 Max I hope Columbus takes it in the east now. I want Colorado to take the west. Also... The sabres are absolutley nowhere near this type of play and that makes me sad.
  4. Watch the play, the refs didn't even think of making a call until well after they notice him down.... It was high grade garbage. That's what I took most frustration with
  5. 3 stars of the game 1.officials 2.refs 3.stripes I hope Colorado wrecks them
  6. I saw that too, they didn't call it until way after, it was BS, and the knights got majorly shafted, and nothing will happen subsequently because NHL
  7. Wow.... I've never seen anything like this. But yeah, they got jobbed bad by the refs, and I have no real rooting interest in this game
  8. Yeah, I didn't see much at all, except an Injury, unfortunate, but it's a terrible call
  9. Eakin just did something bad, ejected with a 5, Pavelski down hard.....I'm expecting a hefty suspension. Maybe SJS can close the gap on the long PP
  10. Allows us to keep hearing about gallant 🙄
  11. Idk that was a trip on Jones it looked like, weak
  12. Vegas is opportunistic, 2 straight PK's and then bam 1-0
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