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Bold Sabres Prediction for the 2022-23 Season


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Last October just before the season started, I came out with this nugget:

Tage exceeded that prediction.  This year I'm going to make three Bold Predictions.  Feel free to do the same.  At the end of the season we can see who was the best Bold Predictor.

  1. Tage scores 50
  2. Anderson gets 20 wins as the backup
  3. JJ nets 25 goals
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  1. Power will overpower the opposition and win the Calder Trophy
  2. Anderson's old creaky body won't hold up and he won't play 20 games this year
  3. I'll have more than 2 guys on my ignore list by mid January because we'll have too many rookies in the lineup and we'll be out of a playoff spot again for a new record of a dozen years. My hopium bottle is almost empty so so I'm going to tell GMKA to HurryTFU with this rebuild
  4. @nfreeman will break his personal record of "This post is Obnoxious" if #3 comes true. 
  5. Olofsson won't earn his $5M+ contract and hopefully Mitts finally breaks out because he's on the last year of our patience with him.
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39 minutes ago, North Buffalo said:

Anderson gets 20 wins as no 1, upl 10 wins and another 10 from various others... Sabres finish outbof playoffs again... KA fired at end of season.

Wait... you're saying that the Sabres win a minimum of 40 games (the most wins since 2011-12 when Lindy Ruff was coach 39-32-11) --- As an example, 40-37-5 for 85 points or 40-30-12 for 92 points...   and the Pegulas axe their GM for it?

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- Tage scores no more than 25.

- UPL looks terrible at every turn, and the Sabres' goalie purgatory continues

- Despite this, the Sabres finish with more points than this season, but out of the playoffs

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11 minutes ago, North Buffalo said:

No goalie so yes

So the Sabres sign MAF to a big 2-year deal and he blows out his ACL in game 11 with a 4-6 record. UPL gets the callup from ROC to take the reins and goes a respectable 10-14 over the next two months until he too is injured for the year. Anderson is a .901 sv% goalie who's getting by on savvy and goes 20-22. Meanwhile, the kids look good and score in the middle of the pack league for Goals For. The D-corps looks amazing. They're tenacious and fun to watch. And then... it happens. Northeastern and Michigan both fall in the opening round of the Frozen Four tourney to 3-1 (empty netter) and 1-0 scores where the opposing goalie stands on his head. Portillo signs and will finish his business degree in the summer. Levi signs as expected. Both rookies go 3-0 with a shutout down the stretch while alternating starts with Anderson as the backup to guide them.

Final record 40-30-12 for 92 points and the kids have taken over the pipes to finish the season 6-0 with 2 shutouts over BOS (in Boston) and TOR (at home) and a combined score of 31-7.

You wouldn't take that?

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33 minutes ago, French Collection said:

Dahlin gets 70 points and is in the Norris conversation.

I'm not sure about 70 points, but I'll 2nd him getting in the Norris conversation.  It is hard to get nominated, as only 3 among Hedman, Josi, Makar, Ekblad, Hughes, Fox and others (would have to beat out all but 2 of them to get nominated)...but I DO think he is going to get noticed and talked about as one of the 'top D-men' in the NHL league-wide.

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All these predictions are based on a player playing 90%+ games:

Tage 45g

Skinner 35g

Oloffson 40g

Tuch 70pt

Cozens 55pt

Mitts 55pt

Okie 50pt

Quinn 25g

JJ 40pt

Krebs 35pt

Dahlin 70pt

Power 50pt

Samuelson Top Pairing Shutdown

Despite breakout years for all of the above, Sabres still miss playoffs because Adams fails to find replacement level goaltending.

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20 minutes ago, JoeSchmoe said:

Come on... Get in the spirit of the BOLD predictions. Make it 60-70 and we're talking.

Okay but it would still be a great result and big step forward to have those 3 reach 50 NHL goals as a trio considering their total last year was 51 goals (NHL + AHL regular season stats). 

Cozens had 13 last season (NHL), Krebs had 11 (combined NHL & AHL), Quinn had 27 (combined NHL & AHL)

I agree 60 would be an even better, bolder wish.

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