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  1. Girgs had .32ppg game last year. Take a look at this article: https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/analysis/2017/6/13/15759364/the-modern-4th-line-in-the-nhl-more-than-just-treading-water-analysis-fourth-line The point about production: The players examined here averaged 0.30 PPG, which pro-rates to 24.6 points over 82 games. These numbers aligned relatively well with a raw analysis of NHL scoring: the forwards ranking between 271st and 360th in the regular season points standings averaged 0.26 PPG (21.3 points over 82). Looking at the distribution: The bottom 25% produced between 0.00 and 0.19 PPG (0 to 15.6 points over 82) 26-50% produced between 0.20 and 0.28 PPG (16.4 to 23.0 points over 82) 51-75% produced between 0.29 and 0.42 PPG (23.8 to 34.4 points over 82) The top 25% were between 0.43 and 0.62 PPG (35.3 to 51.7 points over 82) So Girgs is slightly above average in terms of points, and it the 2nd out of 4 quarters (2nd highest) I haven't run all the stats but if you look at most NHL 4th liners he is even better ranked among those players in goals per 60 than he is in points. Add to that the fact that he is good at penalty killing, is a great locker room guy, and all the things I mentioned in my previous post, and I'm not sure he is as replaceable as some thing, or that there is a good reason to just expect he should be replaced.
  2. That is where I disagree with you. He is better than that. As I said earlier, what I see, he isnt just a guy 'good enough' for penalty killing....to me is is good at it, which gives him a role on this team. Also, while not super productive, he is pretty good for a 4th liner at actually scoring. This team has had too many players on the 4th line since they have last been good, who just couldn't score at all over the last decade or so (Kaletta, Flynn, Deslaurier, Legwand, Larsson, and many others who played full seasons with 5 goals or less). While Zemgus isn't a first liner of course, he does score at a .5 goals 5v5 per 60 rate....which is in the same area as players like Oloffsson and Okposo over that same period. That isn't insignificant. I just don't see the hungry young guy who is going to play a role on the 4th line that will be better at penalty killing, better at scoring in that role, and will be so much better that you push a guy out like Zemgus who is also a team leader (as much as his position allows). Unless he suffers a major injury, I want him in this team for at least a few more years in his role.
  3. You don't trade him. He is actually decent in terms of scoring 5v5 per 60. Every indication is he is a great locker room guy. And he doesn't just kill penalties, from what I can tell he is actually very, very good at it. He can fill in on a higher line for short periods of time in case you need him to due to injury, and he may not produce much there but he won't embarrass himself like other 4th liners do. You need a guy like that on your 4th line, so keep him.
  4. On 590 radio out of Toronto a couple years ago (after he signed his current deal) there were some of their 'experts' talking about Matthews. They did no come to the conclusion that he would not stay in Toronto long term, but a lot of the things they brought up pointed that way. At the time he wasn't spending much time at all in Toronto in the offseason. They said he had a VERY close group of friends that were from Arizona where he grew up and he spends a lot of time with him. They said he loves his hometown and loves the desert. Again, they drew no conclusions, but it really REALLY sounded like, if the Coyotes were on the upswing he would want to play there for sure when his current deal is up, or anyplace in the US southwest at least (L.A., Arizona, Vegas, Dallas, etc. There is also some speculation out there (prosportsfanatics web sites, Coyotes fans social media) where they seem to be thinking he will be offered $16 million per year to 'come home' to AZ in 2024. Again, this was a couple years ago and things can change, but at the time it really sounded like hocky "in Toronto" was nothing more than a job until he had the ability to choose exactly where he wants to play.
  5. I don't see how Philly has any chance of getting anywhere other than one of the worst teams in the league and worse than the Sabres. The only way I see the Sabres with less points than Philly is a combination of big time injuries in Buffalo, Philly having some unknown emerge into a star, AND a lot of luck on their part also.
  6. To be honest, like reading others opinions on these prospects, but I don't follow the team enough to really have much of an opinion on them myself. 80% of my focus is on who will be on the Sabres this year, 15% on who will be in rochester...5% on every single other player drafted or under contract that will not be in Roch or Buffalo. Again, thanks to those who follow all these young guys and post their thoughts because its something I have a hard time following myself.
  7. I am having more and more of a problem with that. VPNs solved a lot of issues in the past, but in the last 6-12 months, other than for security issues, I am finding them pretty much useless. Many services identify them as a VPN and block all access. Want to write a review using a VPN an it likely won't even show up. Want to stream content from out of the country...used to work with a VPN, MOST sites have them blocked now.
  8. Darnell Nurse is one I don't get at all. Of course I know less about hockey than the players/execs/scouts, etc. But to me he seems to be rated so highly because he is paid well, he 'looks' the part of a great D-man (like Risto), and he as the raw skill/athletic ability. When I see him play though, I see a lot of what I do with Risto...out of position, one step behind the play in terms of decision making, etc. Again, maybe I'm missing a lot of what other see, but I think he is one of the most over-rated 'top' D-men in the league. He is very young, and he is rated a lot higher than Dahlin, but even when attempting to take off my 'Sabres fandom hat', I would not trade Dahlin for Nurse even if you throw in a top pick and a top prospect with him.
  9. I have never been to the harborcenter for any kind of game even practice. I'm considering buying a ticket to one of the non-sabres games (hopefully can sit right up front) just to see what the experience is like.
  10. Not quite sure why, but I'm just not into music anymore. As a kid/teenage, I was just as much as anyone else. Didn't drive a single mile in a car without something playing, anytime hanging out where I could I played something. Now, I just don't do it anymore. Background music is OK, but half the time in a vehicle I have nothing on at all, and I don't care for basically anything new (other than background music sometime) and the old stuff I used to like I'm not into either. I know, different than most people here, but thats the way it has become for me.
  11. I have defended the Tage deal saying you need to look at the percentage of the cap hit at the mid-way point of the contract, so I guess that applies here to but I think this is an over-pay. Is he good? Yes. Very good, Yes. But I don't think he is an 8-10% of your cap guy. He has some highlights were he looks skilled beyond belief, but his production, while very good last year, isn't off the charts. I think his playoff performance is what got him this deal . I don't think it will be an awful deal, I just don't think he is a consistent 30-40 goal per season year after year, top line guy.
  12. I agree with just about everything you said. No one really outside Buffalo has any reason to think they will be better and say so. Eventually, one of these years, they will. But there is no huge reason for anyone to make that prediction now. Personally I think this team will be better this coming season, but I have no expectations that most people outside of WNY will think so/predict so, and I hold nothing against them for that.
  13. I have no inside knowledge at all, and we all hate to 'guess' but based on the info available I agree. It appears it might be something like a clot or a stroke, and maybe the reason there are few statements about her condition are her 'road back' might include some speech issues (which happen in a lot of those cases.)
  14. I agree on the first part, never really understood the attention the royal family gets and what they stand for. Technically I DO 'understand' it, but I guess I don't agree with it. With that said, there are a lot of people that this means a lot to, so this is an important/sad day to so many.
  15. Never said it cant wait...as a matter of fact in my post I said I understand the need for a new stadium first. The only point I was making is that newer amenities mean more to me in an arena than a stadium.
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