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  1. Don't forget Montreal. I think there are 5 or 6 games left where Florida/Montreal/Toronto play each other. If one team tanks, it is likely the others will pick up some of those points from each other. According to NHL.com...remaining strength of schedule for the rest of the year.... Sabres, 4th most difficult remaining schedule in the league. Montreal, 15th most difficult Toronto, 17th most difficult Florida, 21st most difficult There are also alot of sites out there which tell you how likely a team is to make the playoffs, factoring in probabilities both based on 50-50 odds in each game..and others with strength of schedule..and others using very complicated methods like Sagarin's ratings. Of the ones I follow and find have been the most accurate in the past....they have the Sabres at 1-3% chance of playoffs as of today, Montreal at 1-2%, Florida at anywhere from 40-70%, and Toronto most of them all have right near that 55-58% chance. I don't think the Sabres are making it...but if they can reach/beat 88 points on the year (taking into considerations their upcoming schedule) and have a neutral or positive goal differential the rest of the year...I'll be content with the ending of the season they had.
  2. It is an improvement over last year. The sad thing is, it would be their best season since 2011-2012 when they had 89 points (They still have a chance of beating that season) How long go was that? That team featured.......Tyler Ennis was only 21 years old...So was Luke Adam who scored 10 goals in just over half a season...Jordan Leopold and Robyn Regehr lead the D-unit in games played. I really hope this team with Eichel having his great year can top that team and get 90 points.
  3. I had a group of friends back in the day that really hated Andreychuk. I'm not sure why, but there were 3 or 4 of them that said when he scored 30 or so..he should have had 40...he was slow...only scored 'garbage goals' etc. I personally was a fan of him, and no one has brought him up yet...but that is what I remember as a little kid...wondering why so many people (at least in my circle of friends an at school) disliked Andreychuk and wanted him traded.
  4. plus they are actually producing this year....more goal than usual for them. I think Larsson and Girgs are actually pretty valuable as 4th line players on 4th line contracts.
  5. There is no denying what Cozens is doing in the Juniors right now...but many people were saying the exact same thing about Mitts 1 year after his draft. Yet Mitts might not be ready for the NHL 3 years after his draft, let alone one.
  6. Whenever the Sabres play and I'm at home on the computer, I like to check in on the opposing teams twitter followers or message boards for info and amusement.... For the last 10-15 minutes, the Leafs boards have erupted in blaming the officials. Many comments about how the 'league is against them'.
  7. If that is true, then why does it seem he is glued to Eichel like no other 2 players are? If it is true that their numbers don't drop off when seperate, then why is that the ONE thing this coach hasn't done to try to get a 2nd line going?
  8. Ok, I still don't think Jbot has to go. He inherited a mess, and he hasn't made it a lot better but I don't think he has made it worse. The O'Reilly trade I don't put on him....someone (him, O'Reilly, ownership) made the decision he had to go...probably before the bonus was paid, and he took what was probably the best offer. Was it fair value? probably not..but I don't think another GM in his place would have gotten a lot better at the time. With that said, I also don't think he is doing a great job...kinda just sitting on his hands. The moves he has made have been minor, haven't impacted the team in a big time positive way or hurt them long term in a negative way. Skinner deal doesn't look good based on how he is playing this year....but most people wanted him signed and you signed him for what he wanted. What I hate, and really hate about being a fan of this team now is the lack of any activity. Was this year a 'waiting game' year, trying to clear the cap? Maybe. But that doesn't mean you can't do SOME things to at least give the team and the fans something to hold on to for the future. Was there a deal for Risto that may not have been perfect but could have been decent? If so then make it. Is Bogo not going to be here next year? If so, the play Pilut more. Is Dahlin improving and is going to be the franchise D-man...if so then HE should be leading the D-corps in minutes. I don't think you need to rush players up from the minors....but...just do something..do something that gives us fans at least something to talk about and something to hope for...for the future. I don't hate the job Jbot has done because there isn't really a lot to hate..or like...I just hate the inactivity. This isn't the first or second year of a tear-down for this franchise where you have to preach patience to the fanbase...we are rapidly closing in on a decade of it.
  9. I'll add my agreement to this. Someone above laughed at the notion of the cupboard being bare....but it really is. Of course there are players there that are young, but no of them is jumping off the ice and looking like a legit top 6 nhl guy now. If one or more of them really develops into that....well then of course we all want that..but there is little in Rochester that shows the Sabres will be getting a few legit top 6 forwards from there. With that said...the situation is not totally hopeless. You have Eichel, Olofsson, probably Reinhart, and Skinner. That SHOULD be 4 out of 6 top 2- line positions. Is it easy to get 2 more legit top 6 guys...no its not easy...but 4/6 of the way there is not hopeless. Fill those spots....have a 'young guy' 3rd line (Cozens EVENTUALLY, Thompson, maybe Mitts?) and a 4th line that gets only a bit of ice time 5 on 5 but has some quality penalty killing players...now you are competitive up front. So this team could be in the playoffs next year...just i am not betting on it myself. Its not that I think JBott is awful..its just it has been so long since this team has been good...I need to see it happen before I believe it.
  10. If that is what you are getting out of the post, then you are missing the point. Heck, I even referenced the whole point of the post was about the performance of the depth of the forwards in the first line. The point of the whole post points out that it is not a bad thing he is having his '2nd best season', but rather there are a lot of other forwards making a lot more money and having much higher offensive expectations that are doing worse. So yes, this is 'being trotted out as an example of a bad thing' because the point is about most other forward on this team, using Zemgus only for comparison sake. You do not want a guy to be 5th on your team in goals...4th in even strength goals, and one of the few 'plus' forwards on your team when he is a career 10 goal, 23 point per 82 game guy.
  11. Here is something to think about regarding the forward depth on this team....Girgensons this year.... 1 of only 4 players to suit up for all 50 games so far 5th on the entire team in goals. Only 4 forwards on this team are 'plus' players (qualifying players how have played at least half the games). He is one of them. He is 4th in Even strength goals. ahead of players like...Olofsson, Vesey, Sheary, Johanson, Okposo, and every D-man. Basically, he is behind ONLY Eichel, Sam, and Skinner The way he has played the past few years..the fact he is pretty much an NHL 4th liner...and what he is getting paid....he should be ranking a lot lower in those categories.
  12. One reason why I don't think he gets fired...the plan might have all along been to wait for next year and the ownership was in on it. The team went into this year trying to be the 'best it could be' but with the thinking this wasn't the roster long term. If the team is bad..so be it for this year.....or maybe they can 'luck into' something good. They would take 'lucking into' a good season if it presented itself (kinda like the Bills making the playoffs a couple years ago), but this season is more Like McDermott's first or second with the Bills...NEXT years plan is to be like McDermotts year #3.
  13. It depends on what your definition of a 4th line player is. A decade ago on most teams, a 4th line player was a PK specialist that had to have a spot on a 'regular' line for a few minutes of non PK time...or it was an Enforcer...or it was just a bad player on a bad team that had to fill a roster spot. Today, that isn't the case. If Asplund can (eventually) get you 10 goals and 30-35 points or more...plays very good D-zone hockey and is one of your top PK specialists, I'd be just fine with him having a long career with the Sabres. Larsson is a 7-8 goal, 10-15 assist guy over a typical full season...and I'm ALMOST happy with him as my 4th line center at a low cost/cap hit. I'd like to just get a few more goals and 5-10 more assists out of that position though.
  14. I'd be ok with that. I have criticized Sam on this board in the past. I want another go-around with him on a line other than Jack for the rest of the year. I think he has the least chance of 'taking over a game' compared to just about anyone else in the 25 goal/60-70 point range. He has flaws.....but that still doesn't change the fact he is a 20-25 goal guy and 60-70 point guy...and it is going to cost you for that. I'm not elated with a $7 million cap hit for me...but if he can be resigned for that...I'd say do it quickly.
  15. I liked the red and blacks jerseys as well. I'd like to see them as a permanent 3rd to be worn a few times per year.
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