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  1. Ok, its only a few games into the season and this is where I am...I'm not even watching the games anymore. I'm doing other things while on the computer and just checking in on the score/flow of the game by reading this thread. Actually watching the game is worse, and a LOT more boring. I don't know what will get my interest back in actually watching the games. Need to be in a playoff position AND more importantly I want to see this team at least in the top half in goals scored per game.
  2. I don't agree with all your points, but if things don't turn around this year I'm heading toward your side. 1. I don't want to see this team go 100% physical and try to play 1990's or early 2000's hockey, but a move toward players who are known for having that 100% motor (even if it means slightly less talent) I can get behind. 2. I would NEVER want to trade Eichel, but if this team continues to flounder, and you can get a major epic haul for him, I'd consider it. 3. If they are not making the playoffs, agreed. I know here we had a big argument about Reinhart being better th
  3. I agree with a lot of what you said. This game made those points shine..... Okposo isn't worth his contract, but when he is on the ice he is almost always one of the top 6-8 players on this team. Reinhart....I don't know. At the end of the year he is going to get his goals and points, but he is a 'difference maker' in maybe 1 out of every 5 or 6 games. Oloffson is one of the more noticable (in a good way) players on a regular basis now. I'm not ready to give up on Dahlin being great, but I want to see them just let him take off with the puck. Release him from the shackle
  4. When the team isn't that good, you lose a lot of the 'casual' fans. When the team is good, you get a lot more of the casual fans. What do the casual fans bring when the team is good? They want to participate in the conversations, but there is less breaking down the forecheck and the PP and PK systems...and more talk about how they just love the way a goal looks or the way the team is playing overall. I think if the team gets good, you'll still get some technical discussion on here, but those threads will be harder to find because there will just be more casual fans who aren't here now (
  5. I want Dahlin to be great right now and to start controlling games of course, and I wish he would have hit the ground running doing that now, but I can't say he is a bust of a high pick NHL D-man yet. Some players look great right away...Makar and Hughes....but then look at someone like Tyler Myers who looked like he would be all-world his after his first season but that might have been his best year ever. On the other hand, some D-men take years to get to where you want them to be. Chara maxed out at 11 points per season until after he hit his 5th year (and was clumsy at best in h
  6. I can show this from a slightly different angle. What are the odds of a player being a 'difference maker' on any level? For that, lets look at players that have made at least 1 all star team (once again, at least one.....some of them have only made one meaning they may not be 'stars' but at least a difference maker.) Look at the 10 years of drafts from 2009-2018 (2019 and later most players may not have even had a good chance to mature enough to the NHL level) and what is the odds you will get a player good enough to make at least 1 all star team from a period of 10 years of drafts?
  7. I thought the same looks almost the same. I can probably convince myself it is a lighter blue if I really try.
  8. full article here: https://www.operationsports.com/the-operation-sports-nhl-21-simulation-predicts-the-stanley-cup-winner-will-be/ Last year, the official EA Sports NHL 20 season simulation predicted that the Boston Bruins would hoist the Stanley Cup. The Boston Bruins had enjoyed a great deal of team success leading up to that prediction, so it was clear to many inside the NHL world, and even the casual hockey fan, that the the Bruins had strong Stanley Cup odds. In other words, it was not too outlandish to see the EA Sports 2020 simulation. Despite a strong but pandemic-shortened
  9. I'm not worried with Skinner yet until he starts getting scratched, or gets less than 12 minute per night ice time. 3rd line? You can put together a 3rd line that you expect to produce points...it is simply one that gets less ice time than the top 2. If your 3rd line is reserved for players that are valuable..but for whatever reason haven't 'earned' that extra couple minutes of ice time per game...so be it.
  10. There is the issue of his 'politically in-correct' statements...but for me, that wasn't the reason I hated watching him....he seemed to both be such a big time jerk, AND he talked about hockey as if it was still being played in 1985.
  11. Agreed. Skinner is a winger who doesn't even kill penalties...doesn't appear to be great in his own zone an isn't physical. He HAS to put up points to justify every single dollar of that contract. He has to put up 35-40 goals EVERY year of the contract just to come close to it not being a bad contract.
  12. mjd1001

    Goal Song

    I don't know if it is a good choice for a goal song...but I just want to hear more 'sabre dance' at the games and on TV during the broadcast.
  13. I'm under 50 and I care for those names.....I started watching hockey as a little kid and that is what I was introduced to.
  14. I think they have hopes for Vaakaneinen, but It would seem at least for this year, he is going to be a big step back from even an aging Chara. From what I have read of him and followed him a bit, he looks to be a 2nd pairing guy eventually, but not now. He skates good (not great), and doesn't have a glaring weakness, but he isn't exceptional at anything either. Not a big points guy...not a physical guy...just an above average skater that you think will make good decisions in his own end. I really don't know what else they even have in mind back there. I used to live near Boston
  15. As far as Boston goes, I wonder what their plans are on the back end? With Krug and now Chara, they lost 2 of their to 3 minute eaters on the blue line. Grzelcyk is good enough that he can take some more minutes, but I'm not sure what else they are planning.
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