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  1. Normally I am with you 100% on wanting to do everything to get just one pick higher, but I'm not as up-tight about it this year...why? The draft class. Sure, anything can happen. A superstar can come out of this draft....but from everything I have read, there really is no consensus #1...or #2 for that matter. I'm getting the impression that there really isn't a huge gap between whoever will go #1 all the way through #6. With that said, I don't want them picking 8 or worse, but as long as they are in the top 5, I'm really good with it.
  2. Ok, its good that Thompson and Irwin stepped up. But you have to be at least DECENT at fighting. If everyone on the team gets their A** totally handed to them in a fight, then that isn't even a threat/deterent.
  3. I'm 100% with you on the developing part and having patience. I thought there would already be 5 post replying to you saying something like "I'm tired of waiting" or "this team isn't far away if you sign the right Free agent" or "trade those picks for someone who can come in and help right now"......but it has been that thinking..and the moves by the Sabres along those lines that are a large part of why they are so bad (yes, bad drafting has hurt also.) As of right now you have Eichel, hopefully Dahlin is developing into something great. You are seeing signs of legit good thing from Mitt
  4. I'm actually more interested in this season now than I was at any point up until now..and that applies to pretty much most of the 2nd half of last season also.... -Is the step up in middlestats play real? -how will this team play/will anyone step up without Eichel playing? -Dahlin is getting fun to watch -Where will they end up drafting -Can they continue to play more competitive hockey for the rest of the year than they have earlier in the year? Its not a ton, but I'm more looking forward to watching games now that I have for most of the past year or so.
  5. I can't give him a 'bad grade' or say he didn't do well unless we know/hear what other offers were on the table that he did not take. If you want to move Hall, you can only move him for what offers you have. Again, unless we know (or at least have reasonable info) about better offers out there, I cannot criticize Adams....No matter how much I WANTED to get more for Hall.
  6. I think Ulmark is good. Above average. For sure a goalie good enough to win with, but not someone you win BECAUSE of despite a bad team around him (at least long term). he's good enough to steal some games for you though. I'd want him back but not at 'any' cost.
  7. It can be good for both sides. For the Sabres, they get a pick for a player that likely wasn't going to be here, and for the money you would pay him might hurt the team long term, gives younger guys a chance for more minutes. For Florida, they are getting a NHL player with above average 'skills' (skating and shot) to fill in a position of need...and they are giving up a pick that has a small fraction of a chance of leading to a NHL player that will even play as close to as many games as Montour.
  8. About the Rochester part...we are seeing time and time again that players GET better when they spend time in Rochester. Unless you are Eichel or Dahlin, pretty much EVERYONE should spend some time there. Too many people here see where a player is drafted...then see that player have a good rookie scrimmage or play well in juniors and automatically want them with the Sabres. Most of the time that is not how you get a player to be their best long term.
  9. I don't think its a bad move. Its for the rest of the year, hopefully he fills a spot from someone currently on the team who is traded. Hes having a bad year this year in just 27 games played, but the year before he scored 9 goals in 40 games (almost a 20 goal pace over 82), the year before that he scored 12 goals in 54 games (18 goal pace). Almost all of those goals even strength...which would make him one of the top 5 forwards on this team in terms of even strength production.
  10. I'm not sure either. With spring training in Dunedin, I'm sure they have pretty good training facilities there. Also, I'm sure some of the staff, and even some players, have places down there to stay they are familiar with. Maybe its the weather? They played outdoors in Texas for years....and in Atlanta (which can be brutally hot in the summer) but maybe they just think it will be too hot/humid to play outdoor games there the entire season? I'm not really sure myself of the reason.
  11. When I was calculating his stats, the page I was using broke last season up into different totals for each team..hence me thinking the last 2 seasons equal 3 seasons. However as you said, the numbers are slightly different but they still tell the same picture, his production has gone down quite a bit each season since his mvp season and his major surgery.
  12. ice time a bit more than 1/2 through the first....interesting.... Tage 4:47 Casey 3:46 vs: Reinhart 2:30 Skinner 2:31
  13. Olofsson....tied for 2nd on the team this year in even strength goals...and 4th on the team in the last 2 years. I know, I know...he is a LOT better on the PP and you aren't comparing him to a team of all-stars...but its not like he doesn't produce at all even strength like some say.
  14. Okposo...2 goals and 7 assists...9 points in the last 8 games and 1 period.
  15. I know, and Hall seems like a really nice guy...its just its pretty obvious, he not only isn't the same player that he was since his knee injury, he seems to be not even close to what he was before and after that surgery. Hes still a fast skater, but with 3 more years of age on him and that knee surgery, its like he lost 5% of his speed....and that 5% of his speed is what made him the player he was before..and he is more 'just slightly above ordinary' without that speed and quickness he used to have.
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