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    How do we unload Okposo and his contract?

    Unless there is a major shift in the playing style of the NHL...just stop signing middle age free agents (or trading for them and then signing them) to long term contracts UNLESS they are great skaters. Overall, how much more proof do we need that in the long run, signing just about high priced free agents usually hurts more than it helps by the mid-point of the contract? Resign your own, only use Free agency if you find a screaming bargain.
  2. mjd1001

    Game day experience

    The goal song is awful. I hate it almost as much as the annoying train whistle at the Bills games. If the game is good though, I think the 'gameday experience' will be good. The problem is....the Sabres are just starting to be a decent team..and they still have too many 'bad games' at home. And I don't mean just losses...they just score too few goals to be all that exciting. With that said....the building itself isn't that great. I have now been to quite a few of the newer Arenas around the league....they aren't just better than what we have here...they blow it out of the water. The general appearance of the places...comfort of the seats...ease in getting around (concourse width and entrances/exits), food choice and quality....the list goes on and on....it is just more 'fun' in a lot of other arenas to spend a couple hundred dollars for 3 hours than it is in our building.
  3. mjd1001

    What value in a contract for Skinner?

    Comparables? Maybe. I think the biggest thing overlooked by the media and most fans (not all) is cap percentage. In the year you sign him, what is the percentage of the Cap space you are taking up? Kane got $10.5 per year (cap hit, all that matters really) in a year where the cap was...$71.4 million. 14.7 percent of the Salary Cap. What is the estimate of the Cap next year...$84 million is what I though I read? Kane's deal..at the same percentage of the cap in his first year..would have to be about $12.4 million if he signed it this offseason. I don't like Skinner at $8.5...but about 10% of the projected cap space in year one...and less and less as the years go by. I can live with that I guess. The question we should all be answering...if we really want to consider comparables...is what Percentage of the cap we want to pay Skinner in year 1 of his deal...and then compare it to other players in terms of what percentage of the cap the first year of their long term deal was.
  4. mjd1001

    What value in a contract for Skinner?

    7 or 8 years is what it looks like it will have to be. I'd hope for 7, but you have to give him what he wants to sign. 7 at $62 million....or 8 at $69 million. I am thinking it will be in that area. 8 at anything above $75 million and I start to cringe a little bit. 7 years at $55 million or less and I'm rejoicing.
  5. mjd1001

    Playoff Format: Do you like it?

    I'm OK, with it...when the playoffs roll around, I don't lose sleep over it...I just watch the games. But I think I'd prefer the 1-8 in each conference system...and just get rid of divisions totally.
  6. mjd1001

    Eichel Reinhart Skinner

    Here is the reason to break up something that is working. The Eichel-Skinner line also worked when you had Pominville on it. If Reinhart is truly playing better then see if he can give you a lift on a different line. Also, it would be better now to make a move like that to 'try out' some line combos and see how things work. The more time you have to try out different combos, the better the chance you have of finding something.
  7. In the past few pages of this thread, I have downplayed Reinhart quite a bit. Once again, if he is playing like he is now..I'm good with him. What I want to see him do to progress as a player is to become a consistent guy on the scoresheet which he has been for sure lately. With that said...I'm almost ready to see him on a different line again. If he is gaining confidence and his play is getting better, lets try it to see if he can give any kind of spark to another line. I don't want to split up Eichel and Skinner though.
  8. mjd1001

    Eichel Reinhart Skinner

    I'd LOVE to be able to split them up and have some of their production go to a 2nd line. The problem is from what we have seen so far..is when anyone leaves Eichel's line...their production basically disappears. There is no way I'd split up Eichel and Skinner. If you think Reinhart can give you anything on a different line..then I would do that...because it is likely who you plug on the other win in Sams place will give you some production there.
  9. mjd1001

    Berglund suspended, failure to report

    He is on the verge of being erased from existence. Its a thing that is currently going around quite a bit in Superhero movies superhero TV shows.
  10. mjd1001

    Berglund suspended, failure to report

    Was it because he thought there were too many locations? or not enough of them?
  11. mjd1001

    State of the Sabres

    Not too much of a difference. I didn't take the time to 'rank' the sabres in this aspect, but they are still close to middle-of-the-pack. If you take out the top 4 goal scoring forwards and take out Defensemen scoring and use that as your definition of secondary scoring...the Sabres have 30 goals for the season. The NHL average is 34, so they are only 4 goals behind. Vegas has 40, Nashville has 43, Tampa has 54, Toronto has 41, and Washington has 43 on the high side of things. A lot Worse than the Sabres? Boston has 25, Carolina with 27, Edmonton 21, Minnesota 26.
  12. That trade doesn't seem like anything an NHL writer of any kind would come up with. That seems like something only the most hard-core Blackhawks fan could dream up...and a fan that over-rates his own players more than just about anyone else in that city. Proposing a trade like that is something that would get you laughed off of a talk show in any city in the league.
  13. mjd1001

    State of the Sabres

    We'd all LIKE more secondary scoring, but to be honest, the Sabres aren't that bad in that area. What do you consider Secondary scoring? If you look at the league and take away the top 4 goal scorers on each team (I figured 4 because the Sabres first lineis basically is Eichel, Skinner, Pomminstein, and Reinhart....all spending time on the first line and their top 4 goal scorers). Take away those 4 players and how many goals does the rest of the team have so far this season? 47 goals total. How many teams in the league now have more than 50 goals from their non-top-4? Tampa, Ottawa, Detroit, Toronto, Vegas, Nashville, Washington, and Colorado. 8 teams total. How many teams have less than 45 from their non-top-4? Boston, Edmonton, Colorado, Carolina, St. Louis, L.A. and Chicago. 7 teams total How many teams have 45-50 from their non-top-4? Everyone else. 16 teams including the Sabres. In terms of 'secondary scoring' The Sabres are pretty much right in the middle.
  14. I'm not sure I want him at all with that 10.5 million dollar hit for the next 4 years after this year. Would he make this team better on the ice? Yeah, sure, for this year and next year for sure. But that contract in 2-3 years from now...if he starts to slow down even a little bit...that contract may be the thing that keeps you from being a true contender in a couple years. Any deal for him would just START with the Hawks taking Berglund and his deal..and that just slightly softens the contract hit that comes with Kane.
  15. I guess my point is I don't think he is a first line even strength scorer. If we are going to rank him..on a good team..and only this year so far..he is a 'second line' scorer. If you look at his whole career, he would be a border-line 2nd/3rd line even strength scorer. When you combing that with his defensive play and non-use penalty killing....all 3 of those things combined make him a 'replacement level' player in those aspects of his game. What do I consider a 'replacement level player'? For me it is someone who would be an average 3rd liner on an average team. If you ranked the 'ideal' starting lineups for all 31 teams..you get 124 forwards (I know there are more than that because of roster issue/injuries, etc), but a replacement level player is someone who you would slot into the 60-90 ranking. Below 90, and they are not replacement level, they are worse than that.