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  1. The after has a very Gone with the Wind feel to it for some reason.
  2. Buffer Overflow! Without knowing the original title(s), I'd go with "6K 2 A"
  3. I think he's listed as a center, so he gets rated that way even if he's playing wing (my original post was probably wrong). There seem to be a lot more centers than other forward positions, as there are 182 centers and 159 LW and 153 RW [0]. Larsson is the second-lowest LW, BTW. In any case, don't trust me; go look at the numbers and decide for yourself. I don't follow hockey that closely any more, but looking at the first page of forwards I don't see anything out of place by much. We can argue a few places up or down, but I don't have issue with Eichel being #8 or Reinhart being #22 (center). Eichel would be the best center on most teams. If you look at RWs, Reinhart's rating puts him around Kessel and Laine. [0] makes sense, I think the Sabres only have like 2 guys that are RW, Reinhart and Boat being centers. Makes me wonder if all the forwards are rated the same way or if they tweak the weights for center vs wing for things like defense stats.
  4. Well, looking at the actual list I don't see anything out of place. Are you arguing Svobotka isn't the 178th centre in the league? Here's the list, with a link to the detailed rating system: https://www.corsicahockey.com/nhl/players/nhl-player-ratings-rankings
  5. That I don't know. I figure there are a lot of smart people that look at it and it probably bears out results and is adjusted over time to get better.
  6. By some aggregate stat, Boat is #178 in the league for RW. He's lava because generally speaking, if there are 31 teams (and assuming an even distribution of talent), RWs #1 through #31 should be allocated on one per team for the first line, #32 through #62 for the second line, etc. As I understand it, to put it another way your "first line" should be players between 1 and 31, second line between 32 and 62, etc. Having #178 [0] on 2nd line means he's playing on a line well above where his stats say he should (tweener 6th and 7th line). Remember this is small sample size right now, so a couple goals or whatever factors that stat uses probably creates big swings in ratings. If Boat is still 178 in January, there's a question with either his play or how the stat is calculated. [0] If I'm reading right, there are 5.7 RWs in the league *per team* that are better than Boat.
  7. RJ: "Eichel's hanging to the left; now he's swinging around; SCOOOOORRRRREEEEEE!"
  8. Eggplants, which I understand have a slang meaning with the young people.
  9. The web sites don't seem to work well, most try to funnel you into an app. Tanks. I'm surprised the old TuneIn doesn't have it anymore and WGR app is gone? I truly am out of the loop.
  10. SO what's the preferred way to listen on Android these days?
  11. Hey, that's local for me, maybe I'll drive up and scout.
  12. MattPie

    Night Mode

    I dig it, I like night modes. If I were tweaking it, I may lighten the background *very* slightly and grey the text a little. White on almost-black is a little jarring.
  13. Yeah, what were Boomers thinking when they came up with that!
  14. This is the first year I didn't buy-in to GameCenter; I barely watched last year, and didn't feel like spending any time on it this year. I'm mildly regretting that decision, but I'm just superstitious enough to wonder if I should subscribe now and jinx them.
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