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  1. Sure, just come up with very valid historical facts.
  2. I think ideally it'd be the Browns or Steelers if you're going for history, since the other old NFL teams are all NFC.
  3. I'm working an overseas telecom project, and the customer won't let us leave anything connected overnight (for them), so I have to wait until the folks get on-site, start up a laptop that I can remotely connect to and then quit when they leave. With the time difference, that's been roughly 4AM EST.
  4. No worries, I'm sure you went right back to thinking about them after you posted.
  5. I could get behind getting rid of place-kicking. Start post-score drives on the 20/25, and there's no reason to punt from the opponents 45 or so. I think without punts the games would look far too one-sided.
  6. So how does this work, for instance if it had been Ehlers, would you still have yelled "EHLERS!" or would be be "NEXT_BEST_MOOSEHEADS_PLAYER" when talking draft? :)
  7. The Sabres need 1.37 PPG for the rest of 39 games this season to hit 98 (Taro-Pie .600) points. That's 10-game records of 5-1-4 (that's that streak we all excited about), 6-2-2, 7-3, or better. Playing a whole season at that pace would net 112 points. Do the 2020 Sabres have it in them to be among the best teams in a decade? (Answer: really unlikely)
  8. Completely give you that one, I think I'm on the wrong track; I was working on the "the NFL didn't want Baltimore or KC to have to face the Bills" tangent.
  9. I'm bad at math, see my update; 716+585 is almost the same population as KC metro area.
  10. If we're going purely on population, you have a point with Baltimore, but the KC metro area is around the same as Buffalo+Rochester (not counting Lower Ontario). What possible reason would the NFL have to prefer the Chiefs over the Bills?
  11. Taking off your pants after wearing them all day.
  12. Welcome back, XC! I saw your name back in another thread and thought "Hey everybody it's Falco Crosschecking! Crosschecking is back!" Anything back in the past is all water under the Peace Bridge.
  13. I'm not sure I buy that. I love me some kombucha, but what I've had (and made) is way sweeter than any beer. It's a substitute for pop, and you can make mixed drinks out of it through.
  14. I agree. Iron Hill's food is pretty good but their beer isn't elite. Root Down in Phoenixville is fantastic, BTW, as is Bluebird Distilling.
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