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  1. Starting hockey when it's cold out is a bold move.
  2. In General, do people care about other flavors? Don't get me wrong, when I have wings not in Buffalo I almost exclusively have interesting flavors because the traditional ones just don't measure up. I wonder which, Pasquale's on Main (walking distance) is my go-to toe pizza and wings when I'm home. The wings there are pretty good, although I don't eat them often so I may be out of touch. Otherwise, it'd probably be Sorretinos/whatever-its-called-now in the plaza across from Tops. My parents don't like it as much since the ownership change, but that was our #1 before that. Bar Bill has a takeout window in back now, and Hamlin park is nearby. Depending on the time of day, wings in the park is good eats.
  3. Hey! 🙂 It is. It's all money and/or trying to distract the masses from how messed up it is. The NHL is going to be worse; with baseball you have a chance that the opposing teams have minimal direct contact.
  4. That's the strangest looking screened-in garage I've ever seen.
  5. I don't often do this, but told ya so.
  6. FYI, @SDS it appears the "automated" message is forced to black text, so in dark mode it's black text on slightly less back background.
  7. This is all pretty well thought out, except that it's not nearly as grey as you seem to think it is. I'm pretty sure I'd get fired if I did the same thing. "Oh, that's just JR" is *specifically* mentioned in HR training that it's not an excuse. Simple answer is JR should have been an adult and not say stupid ***** about coworkers, or anyone else. I don't know the podcast, so if this is normal he could have declined to appear. If the hosts led him into it, he could have said, "Nah, man, that's garbage. I'm not talking about my friends/coworkers like that, grow up." But he didn't choose to do any of those things, he said stupid ***** and now whining that he's getting called on it.
  8. Really trying to figure out how there's a thumbs up on this.
  9. I'm not as worried about the economy as people getting sick. Shortages in medical equipment are starting again in AZ and the MLB sees no issue flying people around for no good reason.
  10. Restarting sports now is probably the dumbest thing I've heard of in awhile. Case are trending up in lots of places and we're going to start flying dozens of people around, presumably not respecting quarantine requirements. It's a damn game.
  11. I'm not sure I 100% believe that.
  12. I'm more familiar with the Southtowns, so 42 North and Hamburg are goto. If it counts, Southern Tier but that's not exactly Buffalo. My usual Buffalo process is to stop in at Aurora Brew works when I get there, buy a couple 6-packs of interesting stuff, get a pizza at Pasquale's down the street, and drink that for the week. My and MrsPie's parents are local to there though, so it's easy.
  13. Realistically, in uncertain times you jettison the things that are peripheral and not needed so you have time to focus on your core. I'd strongly guess the Pegulas aren't planning on creating a franchise fast-food empire, and the shop wasn't making enough money (with minimal traffic downtown) to be worth the trouble.
  14. All evidence seems to say no, as much as I'd like it to be true. Valuable piece, maybe a great player to run the second powerplay unit, but it doesn't seem like 2C is in the cards.
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