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  1. Oh man, I was at that game. Upper deck, at the Canes blueline camera-side when that goal went it. It was a mad house. That game (and the rest of the series) was the origin of the baby-eating, and "Drunkard" getting into the Canes fans' heads.
  2. To be fair, every head coach (under contract or not) probably called hoping to work for the Leafs, so there wasn't much legwork on Treliving's part.
  3. Dunnno, Appert had one year as USNTDP HC, and 10 as a college head coach when he got the Amerks job.
  4. I'm mostly righty. I use my right had to put the entire clementine in my mouth. The extra fiber is good for you.
  5. I'd think not, 3-6-9 in 10gp for the Avs this playoffs.
  6. Maybe a sign? "Get off my lawn!" Complaint: minor fall on my MTB on Tuesday, but good enough to bruise my knee, hip, and elbow. Luckily, I did it right before a stop so everyone in the group was watching.
  7. I hope we're talking about the kicker guy, cause that guy is a turd.
  8. After a long and detailed search, speaking to dozens of people, we were shocked to find the perfect match in our own org. We're upgrading Joe Amerkski from skate sharpening senior tech to be the 38th Amerks Head Coach. He'll assemble his staff (from other people in the org) shortly.
  9. I think they write "if you get hired by another team, things change" into the contract.
  10. Man, I got to be a pro at rolling through at around 10 MPH and timing the toss so they hit the basket.
  11. I think that works with a stadium in the middle of things to do (based on Google Maps). There's just *nothing* around the new and old sites in OP.
  12. In a bubble, Appert is fine. As a whole, bringing back half of the assistants might be fine. But, you hire from within when you have something that's working and you want continuity. You bring in from the outside if you think you're going in the wrong direction and need new eyes on the issue. I don't think anyone here really thinks things are going in the right direction, such that bringing in Lindy is the *only* person hired from outside the org. I don't think we're going to see shake-ups in the line-up either. Maybe picks or a prospect for a 3/4 C and W to fill out the roster. I might be downgrading from low-contact to no-contact with the team, lol. This is probably the least effort the Sabres could make to change things, which I will match with the least effort I'm able to give following the team.
  13. We're old, lol. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Vancouver_Stanley_Cup_riot
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