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  1. Don't be, I rarely read the mega-threads these days and never would have seen this. Don't (Ger)be so negative, I'm sure he'll measure up.
  2. Catching up on this thread. As a (related?) fact, 27% of Americans believe the Sun revolves around the Earth. https://www.nsf.gov/statistics/2018/nsb20181/report/sections/science-and-technology-public-attitudes-and-understanding/public-knowledge-about-s-t (table 7.1)
  3. You're stuck being so close to Dallas, my condolences. 🙂
  4. Even Rochester plus Buffalo is not as big as St. Louis. It is in the neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Kansas City, but I'm not sure those towns get teams if expansion happen today.
  5. And "small market" in this case is 2x Buffalo metro area plus another city of buffalo's worth of population or two.
  6. OK, it just seemed strange. Like having some mid-2000s plug that had a miracle 20-goal season on the cover of NHL 2020.
  7. So on Golf; I don't follow it very closely, but: Is John Daly somehow relevant? I happened to see a Golden Tee arcade machine at a bar yesterday, and it was all "PLAY AS JOHN DALY!" with pictures of him and ugly pants (even by golf standards). Last I knew, 20 years ago he could hit the ball a mile but couldn't do anything else, and then became an outcast because of something crass or dumb.
  8. Buffalo is #50 on the census metropolitan area list in terms of population. Combined with few large corporate headquarters in town, it looks like a great bet for an MLB franchise. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_metropolitan_statistical_areas
  9. They wouldn't do it if the audience didn't devour it as fast as Kardashian gossip.
  10. It must be the eagles causing it.
  11. Reading through these, I'm glad I didn't post anything; I would have been way too optimistic.
  12. Heh, no problem. Even with that spread, I'll wager that you'd make up that extra $800/mo on home expenses. Furnaces roof, along with the little stuff like lawn care (seed, fertilizer), landscaping, minor repairs, dishwasher, etc.. I'm not sure if you $1000 included property tax and whatnot too. They always quote you the mortgage price, but neglect to mention the (around here) $500/mo you have to sock away for property and school taxes. In any case, house sale is moving along, repaired most of the stuff the seller wanted so far, getting things cleaned out and packed. I went the "pod" route to try it out. Unless it goes pear-shaped, seems like a great deal. For +-$100 more than renting a truck, I get the pod for a month, and since it's local, they pick it up on a scheduled day and drop it at the new place 1-2 hours later direct.
  13. I'm guessing Risto has a ton more ice time, since he plays like 33 minutes per game.
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