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  1. FWIW, Ray does "tell it like it is" at times, but I bet that's not his full unfettered opinion. Just as much as he figures he can get away with.
  2. I agree. That reads like a "You need to sign-off on this PR release RIGHT NOW" statement, not a "I've been searching my heart for years" statement.
  3. Only think about Girgs I haven't seen mentioned is that the contract makes him less desirable in Expansion, but other threads seem like the Sabres won't have an issue protecting him anyway.
  4. NASA's OSIRIS-REx team uses some of the servers my coworkers and I run for doing flight calculations. It's like I have a teeny-tiny bit of space exploration in my resume, lol.
  5. I bet OSP wishes he was still an owner.
  6. Rogers has a body of work that says that was an aberration. Josh Allen had 4 good games, and some last year. No one knows who the real JA is yet.
  7. MicroUSB is objectively worse, the early ones the jack in the device would wear our quickly, so they stiffened those up and now the cables get out of whack unless you're *very* careful. MiniUSB had much more strength but was too thick for device manufacturer's weird thinness fetish. HDMI has never really bothered me. If we're going to delve into less common stuff, the DMS-59 connection on many video cards in the last decade is terrible. You may recognize the pigtail that goes from the video card to 2 VGA or 2 DVI connectors. It's more or less a rectangle, with barely any keying to make sure you get it the right way, but also has 59 tiny copper pins that are easily bent since one of the holes is blocked off if you try to plug it in the wrong way. It's one of *very few* cables types that I've repeatedly ruined by plugging them in the wrong way. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DMS-59
  8. Maybe he's going for a DRIIIIIVVVVEEEEE.
  9. I'm stuck with two questions: What is all the red on the ice? Eddie LeBec? I'm amazed at the two people on the ice being nonchalant about the whole thing. "Hey, the zamboni is on fire, I'ma just gonna mosey over to this end of the rink after a bit."
  10. I have a feeling this one will make the news further than WNY.
  11. That is, I had been wondering where Brian Blessing ended up. Thanks!
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellow_journalism It's likely been around at least as long as the printing press (see "Pamphlets"). Before that, probably just took a lot more work to create biased stone tablets and illuminated manuscripts.
  13. I haven't see anything about Kahun signing anywhere. Still kinda wonder if he may end a Sabre, even with all the additions.
  14. Still kinda surprised here. Crazy. Re the contract, there seem to be a lot of financial aspects that come into play. Without knowing anything outside of an article or two and thinking out load: ESPN article implied that short deals are a trend this year, which makes sense for both teams and players; teams don't want to commit to big contracts without knowing what's going to happen, players in Hall's position may choose to take a short contract for this year, light it up, and then hope that by next year things will be back to normal and they'll get more AAV and term Hall likes Krueger and Eichel Hall may really want to be here and there's a handshake deal in place that the Sabres will pay him after expansion Hall may be wary of the Sabres and will decide if he wants to stay Hall may like the idea of not shouldering the entire load himself. I don't know, has he not been the best forward on many of the teams he's been on? I know he overlapped with McDavid for a year, but otherwise I'm not sure the Devils or Coyotes had anything going on.
  15. This is quite the frenzied tax discussion.
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