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  1. :) Jake Elmer was apparently an undrafted free agent, picked up by the Rangers in March: https://www.blueshirtbanter.com/2019/3/15/18266716/report-rangers-to-sign-whl-free-agent-jake-elmer-scouting-report-lethbridge-hurricanes-dylan-cozens
  2. Where did Elmer go in the draft? That guy was all over Cozens' highlight reel.
  3. Speaking of Gold Circle, they should bring back some of the classic board ads, like "Hills" and "Celino, DWYER, and Barnes".
  4. You take electrical and then add vibration and corrosion.
  5. That's fantastic. A friend had an S15 pickup (aka Chevy S10 in GMC clothing). It had weird electrical issues, like the dash lights didn't work and radio cut in and out. The best was the interior light used to come on when you blew the horn.
  6. I heard he says it, "acroast" instead of acrost.
  7. Posted by someone at 4PM on a Thursday. 🙂
  8. That's awes That's really cool. A guy around here has a CL100; talk about a small bike.
  9. CB750 was named bike of the century, no arguing about it. We'd be nowhere without that Honda. I'm interested in the CL, dark, love scramblers. https://www.motorcyclistonline.com/motorcycle-century-1969-honda-cb750/
  10. Heh, I see an old sale listing for 2 NOS RCA 7027As for $250. OUch.
  11. I had a great Ampeg tube bass amp back in the day. I think I bought the last two 7027A power tubes (at the time) in Buffalo for that beast. I never got around to converting it to 6L6s, but a quick search tells me they're available again for 1/3 what paid for them in 1996. Also, I can't believe I pulled those two numbers out of my head after 20+ years.
  12. I think the language was something like terminate your account and a $400 early termination fee. I'm not sure they really try to enforce it, of course.
  13. NHL.tv at some point had specific language about VPNs, so it may not be very grey.
  14. Have you consulted a urologist on this?
  15. I don't think we're skeptical that it works, but that it's legal. There's no way Area51 is paying the content providers for what it's providing.
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