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  1. Nice part is 6 of them are within 3 blocks of each other so it's really a choose your own adventure situation.
  2. That's quite a night cap, holy cow. I dig it though, even though I haven't had one in awhile. MrsPie doesn't like the Belgian strains of yeast, and I don't drink out often. I once took a split case of Victory Golden Monkey (9%) and Storm King (9.5%) for a December wine tour up around Cayuga lake with a houseful of friends. After getting everyone drunk the first night ("Wow, this is 9%?"), we stopped the bus at a Wegmans before heading back and I grabbed another stout (it was my jam at that time) for something "lighter". It was Brooklyn at 10.5%. Oops. MrsPie and I are all in on the Hazy/NE beers. It's a fad and it'll play out, but it's nice while it lasts. Victory Cloud Walker is good, Sloop Juice as mentioned above, and Levante Cloudy and Cumbersome are also strong. Liberty Bell Ringer DDH DIPA (I do love acronyms, Double-dry Hop Double IPA) is a sweetish DIPA I have in the fridge right now, I'm now looking forward to getting home. And on a final note, I recently moved to Phoenixville PA, which over the last 10 years has successfully transitioned from depressed former steel town to a strange concentration of breweries. In a space the size of East Aurora, there are something like 10 breweries, a distillery, and a punk bar.
  3. Nylander isn't a bust until the pieces he brought in flame out.
  4. I took it to mean in two years of top-10 spots (in the draft) and RK is shown the door, will Risto still have hope under coach number.. 5?
  5. I forget where you are, but we get similar things here in Southeast PA, and it was similar in Maryland. My guess is the differential in temperature of air that heats up across the US and then hits the air off the ocean (~100 miles east of here) makes for afternoon and evening storms a lot. I have a video somewhere that looks like an army of paparazzi.
  6. I think so. If it were Chinese the tables would be packed in closer, and North Korea would have candles instead of electric lights.
  7. I agree. Upgrading OS major versions is always fraught with peril. There are a few Operating systems I'd do it on as a last resort, but in the 20+ years I've been doing IT I've done a major upgrade on a system < 10 times, and those were always weird afterwards and really strange stuff to the point where we tried to retire them ASAP.
  8. But hey, get it wet and you can make a killing on the resale market and skip Tax software altogether.
  9. I don't have that much money, and I still don't care what people think of my hat. The benefits of age, as long as MrsPie doesn't disown me, I'm good.
  10. People will talk in hushed tones of the Summer of 2019 and Nostradarkus.
  11. Only if you name it something like, "A Mid-summer's Sabre Dream".
  12. Josie's right, the pull of the Wolves *is* strong.
  13. I don't have a lot to say on this, but: $3M seems like a reasonable price for a guy that can play in the NHL Despite all the D the Sabres have amassed, I'm not sure we're at the point where the Sabres should be throwing away proven NHL-capable people yet
  14. I think the implication is if he's playing, the bigger-ticket players are out hurt and their per-game cap hit is offset?
  15. We need a "Creeper" reaction button, LOL.
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