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  1. I've kinda told myself that if I keep this up for a year or so I'll spoil myself on something. I've had a few bicycle starts that didn't take; I'm a few weeks into it. Nice thing is I picked up a Burley Piccolo on CL for RosePie and she seems to dig riding. We did 4 miles today on mildly hilly roads. When I do ride alone, not pulling 60lbs of kid and bike around is a revelation, LOL.
  2. If I were more daring, I'm sure the good motorcycle roads are a treat right now. I remember friends telling me about the Blue Ridge Parkway during a government shutdown. It was open (like, the gates weren't closed), but at the first parking area they saw a ton of ranger vehicles parked. That road is OK at 45, great at 55-60, and would be spectacular when empty and at higher speeds. Complaint: I missed that trip. I'm not riding now. Even a minor mishap would result in a trip to the hospital, and they have enough on their hands. I have been bicycling a bunch, which has it's own risks but short of getting hit by the minimal number of cars probably won't land me in a hospital. Complaint: I'd love a better road/gravel bike. My 20-year-old Trek MTB is fine and all but is a lot of work to pedal around.
  3. That'd be a lot of fun. Back around that time I was looking for something sporty to complement my BMW (which is no slouch on the street but can't hang at a track day) and the Aprillas were on my radar. IIRC, they were more compact that the usual competitors (not a plus for me being relatively large) but that sound of the 60 degree V. I love naked bikes (or "standards" as they used to call them). Far more comfortable for the street than a full-blown sport bike and 99% as effective. If the price is right, go far it. At 12 years old, it's past most of the depreciation curve so even if you sell it in a year or two it'll probably be nearly the same price.
  4. MattPie


    Got a link other than "my friend's phone"? Meanwhile, PA Gov closed schools for the next two weeks starting Monday.
  5. PA Gov Wolf has closed all schools for 10 business days. Not surprised, we've been kinda prepared to have RosePie home for a couple weeks. We're lucky; MrsPie doesn't work and I'm able to be full-time telecommuter, so this isn't bad for us at all. In other circumstances, I'd take some time off and go somewhere.
  6. MattPie

    Where is NS?

    Huh, don't know why I thought that. Thanks.
  7. MattPie


    Besides, that was attributed to Vitamin E Acetate. If nothing else, those vape deaths would have infected people around them if it were a coronavirus. https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2019/11/11/20959198/vaping-vitamin-e-acetate
  8. MattPie

    Where is NS?

    Tax season, right? It's April 1st in Canada I think.
  9. I know of the studies you're talking about, but I'm pretty that's predicated on the students also being a full day of class. It's not homework or independent learning that negative, it's that kids are expected to do it after spending an entire day in school. (I'm happy to be proven wrong though)
  10. MattPie


    For the love of god, pull your head out of the microwave man! The magnetron hates foil.
  11. MattPie


    The filter needs whitespace around words to replace them I suspect. Most people don't have that, to be honest. It's a fairly "adult" thing to do. Think about all the jokes around people with nothing but beer and condiments in the fridge. There was nothing but lamb chops at Wegs last night. I'm not much of a meat eater so whatever.
  12. MattPie


    That's cool. Maybe worried is the wrong wording. I'm not "worried" per se, but I'm taking precautions like having some basic food in the house for an extended stay. Not taking basic precautions is cavalier at best.
  13. Their website, however, feels fairly dated. Not geocities dated, but mid-2000s dated.
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