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  1. Terry planning to move the Sabres to Moscow confirmed. High level talks with Putin.😜😁
  2. I’d be praying for Aaron Rodgers
  3. https://twitter.com/CurtisNHLDraft/status/1439029493784629253?s=20 I was most impressed with Laaksonen. He always had tremendous puck skills/IQ, it was a matter if he he would put on pro weight. He has pro weight now. He has always been the most overlooked Sabres prospect. Not for much longer.
  4. What the heck does “circled back to the idea that Jack’s injury has healed/is healing itself” supposed to mean? Are they just sitting in a room guessing? Have they fired all the medical professionals? “Look at this pic of Jack on his Instagram feed, his neck looks fine. OK problem solved.”😂
  5. I knew they should have taken Blankenburg 1OA😁
  6. There are some 24-25 year olds playing in this tournament. What if walk on Jack Reichel from Boston, Mass. plays for the Sabres this weekend to show his skills and how good his neck is?😜😉
  7. https://twitter.com/Austin_Broad/status/1437441418193219585?s=20 The Novikov bandwagon is growing exponentially.😀 the best big Russian dman for the Sabres since Zadorov.😜
  8. Look at the angle of his neck, he's screwed.😜🤣
  9. https://twitter.com/Sabremetrix/status/1433816370429538307?s=20 Someone try to contain LGR😀
  10. https://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog/Eklund/Big-EichelRangers-Rumor--Kotkaniemi-decision-by-5pm/1/113300 Hold onto your a$$, Eklund going on the record with exclusive news!!!🤣
  11. Who will play for Buffalo? The college players and Europeans will be in their camps.
  12. Great deal. I think he will play far above the deal starting this season.
  13. Maybe the outcome of the meeting was the NHL and NHLPA saying, "Seriously Jack, like WTF" and Jack realized he needed to change the pathway forward.
  14. That makes absolutely no sense to me. Eichel being healthy would simplify the trade and make it happen so much quicker. The hold up has been the uncertainty around his neck.
  15. It is a risky surgery as they have to remove Eichel’s entire head from his a$$ without damaging the neck.😁
  16. Retaining $2.5 million for 5 years is lunacy. The Minny deal would have to be blow you away great to even consider it and I don’t think they have the pieces to make it worth it.
  17. What proof do you have that he blew his chance? No one knows any official offers for Eichel. $10 million a year for a guy with a toxic rep. and a jacked up neck with a flat cap probably means the offers were low.
  18. You are probably right but I still think they have had a brutal off-season with these moves.
  19. There is quite a discrepancy in the quality of player offer sheeted between the 2 teams. If Carolina want to pay KK $6 million a year then that is their funeral. I mean they let Nedalkovic go because they won’t pay him, let Hamilton go and then want to pay KK $6 million a year strictly to stick it to Montreal. Very poor management but I will bet this came straight from Dundon and no one is talking him out of it.
  20. https://open.spotify.com/episode/3TD6eaGLo6yWtFFL3fziuW?go=1&sp_cid=6c598a9df3a98dd23aaa5ff391d7334e&utm_medium=desktop&dl_branch=1&nd=1 At about the 45:00 minute mark Gionta starts in on all the issues in the Sabres dressing room when he arrived and was there as captain. He doesn't name specific names but I think we can all figure out some of the culprits.
  21. Your welcome😀 My comment wasn't directed at you, just a generalization of posters across different boards who have been pushing this narrative that Johnson and Power will both somehow leave and Buffalo will be helpless.
  22. I love at the beginning when Forton starts talking that Adams is looking off in one direction and Karmanos is looking off in another. Just a funny visual during a meeting.
  23. blah blah blah Johnson will walk for free, Power will stay 4 years at Michigan and walk for free. Go get some fresh air for God's Sake.
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