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  1. LOL he looks like a 32 year old actor playing an 18 year old in a movie
  2. Skinner Tage Benson Kulich Mitts Tuch JJ Cozens Rosen Nice. Let’s see those lines on Sunday Also, Anderson is there watching practice. The itch is back. We are going 4 goalies on the roster boys!!!!😜😀
  3. Kane would be the perfect signing if he was healthy now. Replace Quinn. Problem is he is probably ready around same time Quinn is. If he is ready earlier I could see them ship out VO and sign Kane
  4. It doesn’t make sense. Mitts is playing that role now and wouldn’t cost assets nor the contract Zegras would want.
  5. I call BS, Eklund hasn’t reported it on Hockeybuzz😛
  6. After watching the behind the draft videos I have no doubt that Adams picks up the phone and checks on every single guy that might be available or is having contract issues. The call probably went nowhere but he atleast checked in to see if there was a chance of a potential deal
  7. Check your meds. Sounds like you mixed them up this morning. You are even more negative and obnoxious then usual.
  8. Are you 12? Grow up or do everyone a favour and get lost.
  9. Well said. He is the perfect embodiment of what Adams wants the culture to be. There is an interview from the end of last season where Greenway just gushes over the quality of person Okposo is and his reputation.
  10. How’s the wifi under the bridge where you are trolling from?
  11. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php/?photo_id=333257695730805 I didn’t realize this
  12. https://www.audacy.com/wgr550/sports/sabres/zach-metsa-hopes-to-turn-playing-for-amerks-into-nhl-contract I can see him becoming the Sabres Matt Grzelyck , small Dman who works his way into the lineup then you can’t take him out because he doesn’t make mistakes. That’s what happened with the Amerks in the playoffs last year and I can see it happening with the Sabres in another year.
  13. I think Novikov, Johnson And Metsa are going to be really fun to watch on that Amerks backend this season. And I think Metsa signs an NHL deal real quick. Add Nicholas Savoie and that’s 4 prospect dmen that will be playing roles on the Amerks. They really have turned the Amerks into a true development team. And Appert has been so impressive with the way he interacts with the media and knowledge of his players. They all speak about their interactions with him during the season. Guy will be an NHL coach down the line.
  14. Wahlberg and Mediema are 6’3-6’4. Strabek and McCarthy are 6’2-6’3 They don't just draft small guys. And size and hitting don’t really correlate anyways. Leafs signed Ryan Reeves. Do you think he will play a big part for the Leafs?
  15. Some absolutely atrocious football tonight with these 2 games.
  16. Well that’s better then saying he will miss all of camp . Hope for a quick recovery
  17. Mike Commodore was saying he is a predator and everything he does is intimidation. He made the point of if he was at development camp and he called a young prospect into the office and tells him to turn on Airplay to put his phone info up on the screen in the office. What if the player is gay but hasn’t come out to his family or friends yet but suddenly his pics with his boyfriend are up on the coach’s screen in his office. Really awkward stuff. I have a strong feeling the phone stuff was the tip of the iceberg and there are other factors at play here as well. Good riddance to the guy. No one from any of his teams has ever had anything nice to say about him.
  18. Yeah but what do those guys know they don’t even post on a message board😜
  19. The voodoo of picking goalies in the first round.
  20. Or just go for the Godfather: Mike Keenan
  21. And be healthy at the right time too
  22. What is the problem with the franchise’s direction? They are in better shape then they have been in 15 years. This just seems like taking something and twisting it so you can shine your light on your narrative of hating the team.
  23. What a mess. They put guys like Jenner and Gaudreau in real bad positions to have to go to bat for Babcock and defend him.
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