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  1. As Liger pointed out, only the one goal was one I thought Comrie should have had. I thought he looked good and I am excited to see an extended run with the NHL lineup in front of him. The kids had chances last night just didn’t go their way. This is the deepest the Sabres have been in years. I can’t see Bjork playing in a healthy lineup so this could be the first time in year the Sabres ice a team with no anchors on it.
  2. Come on. You watched that game tonight and made up your mind on Comrie? That is ridiculous.
  3. Don’t forget Savoie is coming off a shoulder injury that shut him down all summer. Back to backs might not be the best idea for him at this point.
  4. Columbus’ lineup isn’t that strong tonight either. Really excited to see Comrie and the kids up front. I really want to see how Laaksonen plays. He was sat in last year’s playoffs for not being physical. He was much more physical at the prospects tournament. Want to see if he can carry it over.
  5. I wouldn’t do that. Cozens could be better then Robertson in a year, JJ is going to be a good one. Not worth it in my eyes
  6. What would people be willing to give up for him: -2023 Top 10 protected 1st -Olofsson would probably have to be involved -ideally prospects like Rosen or Portillo or Johnson but what if they ask for Quinn or Peterka or Kulich or Levi? Robertson would be a big get bit it would hurt to acquire him.
  7. Yeah Lyubushkin is exactly what the doctor ordered on the back end.
  8. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/nhl-preparing-teams-for-sharp-salary-cap-increase-over-next-three-seasons/
  9. If they want to give the Sabres Robertson we will gladly send Bishop back😀
  10. JJ will be there by the end of the year, not sure about the start right now.
  11. I can’t tell if this is the Flyers opening day lineup or not😜 Disappointed Risto isn’t playing.
  12. Not having Toker or Dell in the Net most nights should be a huge plus too.
  13. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Krebs Cozens Tuch as a line at some point. Skinner Tage Olofsson Krebs Cozens Tuch Quinn Mitts JJ/ Hinny Asplund Girgs Okposo
  14. He must have drowned your cornflakes in urine
  15. 97-99 Sabres, 2005-07 Sabres used this model beautifully to great results.
  16. I really hope Comrie gets the start tomorrow night. I expect most of the big boys in the lineup but it will be interesting to see if Rosen or Kisakov get a look.
  17. Who the 3rd member of the line will be this season is going to be interesting. Tuch plays well there and gives them a physical mismatch against other teams. But he will also strengthen any line and give more depth. Skinner Tage Cozens Tuch are two interesting pairs. Where Quinn and JJ fit into all this may play a factor. I did like the idea of Quinn Cozens JJ yesterday.
  18. You can’t really take a lot away from that game as both squads didn’t really dress anything that resembled NHL rosters. I thought Sova didn’t look out of place. I would like to see them take a flyer on him. Savoie had a couple bursts where he just blew by guys. If UPL could consistently play like that he will be fine. Knock on wood he can stay healthy and put a run together this year. Seeing Savoie, Quinn, JJ, Kulich and Kozak all playing well and realizing that the group is only a portion of the young forward talent in the system is very exciting to think about.
  19. Kozak might be the Sabres most impressive prospect right now. Going from a late round after thought to a guy that gets heaped praise on from the coaching staff. He was great at the prospects tournament and looked good in his first preseason game culminating in a goal. He looks like he could be a really solid two way centre threat ala his mentor this year, Michael Peca. Really excited to see how he develops in Rochester this season. If he is strong on face-offs then that would be huge. He feels like found money.
  20. Every time I saw #20 I thought “ah crap Eakin” then he would make a positive play and I would have to remind myself it was Pilut😀
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