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  1. So is your argument that Adams should have had a psychic look into the future and told him what Hall’s point totals for the year were going to be and pay him based on those? Who cares, it was a one year deal. Adams should get a medal for not signing him to a 7 year deal. Adams is the last person to look at for the Hall deal. Krueger and Eichel wanted it, Pegula said get it done.
  2. From day to day duties. Still does WJCs, draft, Free Agency
  3. Yellow is no contact which means the player is not to be touched. Usually means a lot further away.
  4. To me this off-season is the time to get serious about making a leap forward. Their two biggest prospects, Power and Quinn will be joining the team, Krebs and Mule will be up full time. Adding a legit goalie, a high end RHD and a vet high end forward would do wonders. Spend some money and assets. Between the kids and a couple key adds most of the low end talent won’t need to be resigned.
  5. Peters doesn’t know. His friend/source wouldn’t elaborate more then what Peters passed along.
  6. Jimmy Howard has the records for GAA: 1.19 and SV%: .956
  7. If we trade our other 5 Eichels we might get them.😛 Tuch has been great, ppg so far, fast,skilled, physical, leader. Krebs might need a little more seasoning but I really like his game. Mule should be in the lineup for the next decade.
  8. Quote from Sportsnet’s Marc Spector on the Oilers: ”The book is out on these Oilers: They aren’t deep enough, their goaltending is lousy, and they are easy to play against. So easy to play against.” Replace Oilers with Sabres and the quote is the same.
  9. I think the team to watch with Lambert will be the Isles if Trotz and Brad’s uncle, Lane Lambert don’t get fired this summer. Lane would have the best grasp of the situation. Barzal and Lambert could be an enticing duo.
  10. In a year when everything has been a mess with games and tournaments being cancelled this could be massive for both of these players draft stocks. Good showings at the Olympics could cement both as top 5-7 picks if not higher.
  11. The biggest need is a top pairing RHD. Bump joker to 2nd pairing. That will probably have to come via trade. Look for a team up against the cap. Doesn’t need to be a superstar. Can be a vet. A guy that is dependable to make the right decisions at both ends of the ice and free up Dahlin to free wheel offensively. If it is a long term solution and the player fits the core age range then I would give up Ryan Johnson, one of the later 1sts as part of the deal if the player is good enough. Joker can play 2nd pairing. 3rd pairing I would look for a RHD with some size and grit to pair with Mule. Peters mentioned guys like Gudbranson or Burtuzzo on his podcast and I wouldn’t mind that for the 3rd pairing. Give them an element they are missing.
  12. What is this mess? Skinner-Cozens-Tuch has great chemistry So did Asplund Tage VO Why is this so hard?
  13. LOL If Adams pulls that off then he is a miracle worker. But can he get an unprotected 1st for him?😂😂🤣🤣
  14. Pasternak is the easiest one. Same incredible skill and insane hand eye coordination. Is equal parts playmaker and sniper.
  15. Sounds like a mess. You have to wonder how much his dad is controlling all this and how much this in turn influences his draft stock.
  16. So it might be a track meet next week in KC.
  17. They have always been poor but when you are a touted first OA pick you should lift your team up and standout regardless of the talent around you. If you show up at the arena or tune in he should stand out in some manner against his peers.
  18. Kingston loses to Hamilton 8-1. Wright 0 points Not trying to rip on the kid but it is concerning that his game isn’t more prominent at this point in the season.
  19. McDavid demands a trade close to home to the team he thought he was going to in the draft.😛🤣 I wonder where McDavid would go if he ends up having enough of that mess.
  20. Eagles were awful today and Cowboys are killing themselves with penalties and just not executing.
  21. I don’t know where anyone truly stands this year. With Covid the past 2 seasons disrupting everything and the WJCs getting cancelled it is hard to know. Even all these sites are completely all over the map with rankings outside of Wright at 1 OA. And really Wright hasn’t earned it this year with his play but there isn’t a guy that can easily slide into that first spot. I mean is Cooley even better than Savoie? They are about the same size and play a similar game. This might be a year where it will be hard to get too worked up about who they pick in the top 10 and every team’s board will be wildly different.
  22. LOL I thought that clown was just a random Pats fan having a meltdown. The fact that he is an on air personality makes it all the more satisfying and hilarious.
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