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  1. Yeah McKenzie doesn’t scout or give his personal opinions. He just reports what the NHL scouts say. The scouts weren’t down on Cozens they had him ranked above where Sabres took him.
  2. McKenzie says that Beniers is the only player in the top 15 that projects as an NHL centre.
  3. This is why winning and not having the first pick is the best route. START UP THE ANTI TANK. Of course this is the year they will finish fourth and win the lottery😀
  4. This picture is priceless. Mitts and Dahlin look like kids on Christmas morning.🤣
  5. Bruce Boudreau was on one of the NHL shows and he said when a coaching change happens it takes 2-3 weeks for the team to acclimatize to a new coach and system. So looking at it that way, Granato has them playing really well coming out of the tail end of the 18 game losing streak. overall I think they are much better in their own end. Not fantastic, but much better positionally and night and day breaking out of the zone. As far as defensive play and special teams, again Donny doesn’t have his hand picked staff with him. With his staff in place and an off-season to plan things would look d
  6. http://www.nhltradetracker.com/user/trade_list_by_GM/Brian_Lawton/112/1 Here is a list of Lawton’s trades as GM of TB. I dare anyone to find one that looks decent. What a clown😜
  7. People have to remember that Granato isn’t doing this with his “staff” either. Ellis and Girardi are skill development coaches with no experience behind the bench. It is not like Granato picked people he is comfortable with. It is something that has to be considered. Not saying Ellis and Girardi haven’t been positives but just pointing out he doesn’t have an experienced staff to lean on at the moment. If the kids finish the season strong then he has to be the favorite. How many coaches does this team need to go through? You have a guy in place getting them to buy in and playing thei
  8. Luke Fox loves to rip on the Sabres. He won’t write a thing about all that is going right in Buffalo. Who is Luke Fox anyways? No credibility.
  9. There wasn’t a need for Samuelsson to play today. This is a trial to see if he is ready next season. If he passes with flying colours then I think Jake is gone. McCabe is injury prone and is up and down. He was playing well before the injury though. Matthias would be a bigger, steadier, much cheaper option. That money could be used on Reino, Ullmark, Dahlin Joki etc.
  10. They have a pretty good handle on the talent pool but that doesn’t mean kids won’t develop. Quinn didn’t have great pre draft year but in his draft year exploded for over 50 goals. There will be players like that this year for sure.
  11. Why would the Sabres trade Eichel if he doesn’t want out?
  12. Why do people keep saying they shouldn’t trade Eichel then? It IS NOT the Sabres idea to trade Eichel. This trade will only happen IF Eichel forces his way out and refuses to play here anymore.
  13. The worst draft comment is from NHL scouts he spoke with. That doesn’t mean there are no good players, means no superstars at the top and the depth of players isn’t very good. You are right though, some kids are being undervalued because they didn’t play and have the chance to have a “breakout season”.
  14. https://youtu.be/bxXrPMwuypA Beniers as an underager at the 2019 U18s. Kid was just electric. I have watched most of his film this season but this was a nice treat. I just imagine him and Cozens blowing by players all over the ice each game.
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