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    So #8

    I think there will be several good options at #8. Personally I would love Rossi or Raymond at 8 but I can’t say Perfetti, Drysdale, Sanderson, Holtz, Lundell, Jarvis, Quinn won’t turn out to be very good players if they end up at the number 8 position. I would even come around to Askarov if they felt he is that good.
  2. Haula is a name to keep an eye on too
  3. Problem is Leafs have to dump a ton of payroll to sign him and no one is bailing anyone out this offseason with the pandemic realities. If Dubass can’t dump the money they won’t sign him. Leafs can’t be in a bidding war with anyone.
  4. Minnesota were talking about bringing in Minnesota guys to the team. I wonder if they wanted Mitts for Staal and Adams balked at it and they settled for Johansson.
  5. How do you think this effects the deal you have been talking about?
  6. Imagine if the Habs said yes and they had Brady Tkachuk, Danault and Poehling right now
  7. Why did Montreal grab Allen? That is a lot of money tied up in goaltending.
  8. OK Adams: Danault, Kuemper, Pietrangelo, Tuch, and re-sign Larsson. You have your marching orders, make it happen.?
  9. Flashsabre

    So #8

    With these two you will get to see them play for a couple months before the draft. They might change their stock by draft Time.
  10. $9 x 5 years would be my offer to Pietrangelo. He is a great skater so he is not going to fall off a cliff. Stick him besides Dahlin and you have one of the best d tandems in hockey while developing Dahlin into a superstar. Great defender on both the PP and PK. Tremendous leader with a Stanley Cup. Go with Pietrangelo, joker, Borgen on RD and trade Risto, Montour and Miller for a 2C and an upgrade in net. I doubt he is coming to Buffalo but if he was interested he is the type of player you have to go after to help change the franchise.
  11. But what is the term and length of the deal you are willing to go? $9x 5 years would be perfect but not likely. What if the ask is $11 x 7 years. He is 30 right now.
  12. Flashsabre

    So #8

    For years and years I have watched people list one teams prospects and declare them on the verge of a dynasty. 9 times out of 10 most of the prospects never turn out to be anything. Prospects are nothing until they actually make an impact at the NHL level. They are all lotto tickets. The more you have the better but there are no guarantees. Yes, the Sabres could use some more but they also need some impact NHL players. They can’t go two more years without the playoffs.
  13. Larry. Clifford is a UFA that adds toughness and is known as a real locker room guy with leadership. He can play 4th line and isn’t going to break the bank. Keep Larry, add Clifford.
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