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  1. https://smahtscouting.com/2022/05/24/final-2022-nhl-draft-rankings/
  2. Hopefully UPL can go Wednesday. Switch it up. I can’t watch Dell anymore.
  3. This game is over. Game 3 is over and the Sabres have been eliminated from next year’s playoffs. Try to keep up.😜😀
  4. Dell makes Every Single Shot look like it is going to go in. My God.
  5. Pounding drinks at the arena an hour early, SOLID!! Let’s Go Amerks!
  6. I have never seen a goalie get beat as many times off of face offs as Dell. I don’t know if he loses his angles or what but every time there is a defensive face off I cringe.
  7. It looks like Quinn is slowly coming out of his funk. He is getting more chances and hopefully buries one to get him going. It is great to see Krebs, JJ, Quinn etc getting this experience as well as Cozens coming on at the Worlds.
  8. I have to admit that I do love watching Cozens and Dubois playing together at the Worlds. That would be a long term playoff line. If you knew what Dubois would want on a long term deal then I would definitely consider it.
  9. 9-6 with Chris Cuthbert doing the play by play. They took a time machine back to the 1980s and I loved it!😀
  10. What did they offer up in the trade?
  11. Calgary are making up for all the goals they couldn’t against Dallas. This could be a 10-8 1980s special
  12. I called them and told them you weren’t impressed. They said to hold their beers.😁
  13. It’s not going to happen unless Calgary get up by 4 or 5 late.
  14. It is 3-1 less then 10 minutes in. What are you talking about?
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