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  1. I agree. The thing about Eichel or most other great players is, he can lift up lesser players to a higher level. Olofsson with Eichel seems to have the ability to have his game impacted by Eichel more than Sam does. Not saying he would be a better player with Eichel than Sam would be...just Sam wont take as much of a 'step back' on a 2nd line and Olofsson would.
  2. Generally speaking, if your +/- differential on team goals is even or slightly positive, you are in the playoffs (or at least fighting for that last spot in the conference.) Last year the Sabres were minus 22 for the (shortened) season. Can they make that up?
  3. Video killed the radio star was the 'official' beginning of MTV, but if you want to know where image and looks were pushed over the edge over the quality of music, look no farther than KISS a few years before. I don't think any band that was as popular as they were pushed image and appearance as far as they did.
  4. It may make sense. I have also heard another idea that I didn't like at first, but have been coming around to. How it happens financially (player salary and revenue) may make it not happen....but some people suggested a 'season' of about 20 'round robin games', followed by a pretty big playoff tournament. I don't know, as I type it and think about it I go back and forth between liking it and not...but I guess its not that much different than just a short season.
  5. Well, a deferral isn't bad on the surface, but does the split still remain 50-50 with revenue? If so, the deferral might just be a postponement of a lower cap/lower salary figures. I mean, maybe I'm missing something but if in the end (whether its this year, next year, or 5 years from now), the eventual total revenue is split 50-50...doesn't every extra dollar the players take now mean less in the future?
  6. When you are walking along a sidewalk at night...no where near the road...and the oncoming cars insist on putting their high-beams on the moment they see you on the sidewalk. Really? You are blinding me...and its not like I'm on the shoulder...I'm walking on the sidewalk a good 8-10 feet from the side of the road.
  7. I can see their point and I don't doubt many feel that way. 2 options for how this might go...whatever total revenues the NHL generates (much lower), the owners will present that to the players and say they have to take a similar hit to their salaries. The players will obviously say no. The owners may hold their ground...and if the players give in, we may have a season...but with empty arenas if the players don't give in, there might be no hockey.
  8. That is why I said Almost every topic, not every topic. Yes, Hall and talking about his aquisition was good, but in the past I could come here and find a half dozen or more topics that were fun to talk about and positive about the future. Things are much worse now in that regard until they start showing progress on the ice that lasts.
  9. I'm going to agree with what many have said already...its pretty simple: -Better goaltending. Doesn't mean you NEED better goaltenders, they just have to play better. -A key change or two...Rieder is what the team has targeted. -Luck. Over the course of a season, some PP and PK success is luck. We have seen over the years a team be very good one year...bad the next year..and then good the following year with basically the same players and coaching staff. There is some randomness to it.
  10. I guess its because the Sabres have been so bad for so long...but it seems like almost every topic that comes up now regarding the NHL and Sabres is just not fun at all. Almost everything is something to worry about the team making a mistake, or getting screwed....an arbitration hearing putting them in a bad spot.......not much is fun with the team or the sport following it anymore.
  11. I think you may have exaggerated a few of the points slightly, but part of me agrees with what you are saying.
  12. Hasek because I truly think he was the best player in the league in his prime, and he played for the Sabres. 2nd...Andreychuk...simply because I think he was vastly under-rated by Sabres fans.
  13. Maybe its unfair to compare him to Eichel...but I think of all the games I watched where the Sabres were outplayed..and what I remember of Sam watching him directly is he was no better at moving the puck from the Sabres own zone through the neutral zone and seting up something in the O-zone. And I mean that by either carrying it or hitting a winger in a good position passing. Again, unfair to compare him to Eichel, but when the Sabres were being drastically outplayed by another (better) team, I rarely, if ever, saw Sam make a great exit pass or carry the puck through the zone to take the
  14. Here is the problem. NOBODY really wants anyone that is already well paid. Reading a few message board from other teams..and the biggest topic on most of them is what players on those teams that are highly paid can be traded to someone else who wants them. Listen to 590 out of Toronto..and multiple times per day...the hosts and 'experts' talk about how the leafs need to unload salary and move players who are making money. More so this year than any I can remember..MORE teams want to move those $3-$5 million dollar players off their roster...there is little demand for them and a LOT
  15. There is no player in recent memory that I go back and forth as much as I do with Reinhart. One day I want him here for his career...the next day I think about it and hope he is gone for anything productive. I just can't ignore either argument...he produces points..and goals (maybe not an elite level, but certainly at a level that is hard to replace). On the other hand, he is useless on the PK (not used at all) and not all that great in transition...which makes him a slightly above average point producer and not much else. So what is that worth? I really have NO idea. What I do
  16. At this point, I'm fine with just sitting back until camp arrives. I'd LIKE to see Risto moved for any parts that might help, but now I'm ok with waiting. -Goalie....Hutton isn't your starter, he is your backup. hoping he has a 'bounce back' year, but hes still your backup. -I'm anxious to see what lines might be played with the current roster. -Not 'moves', but lets give some of the guys in Rochester a LEGIT chance to make the team. If something falls in your lap, but all means go for it...but I'm ok with letting things play out with what you have now....trades and moves
  17. That is the key. Its not just Hall coming in and scoring a ton. If he scores 25 goals and gets close to 70 or more points....you don't need a lot more than that. What you do need is for someone who you had penciled in as a 2nd line player to not move to a 3rd line and make that line a bit more productive.
  18. Okposo isn't worth his contract, but WHEN he is on the ice, he isn't a bad performer for the team. 5th on the team in points the last 2 years even with games missed....2nd to Oloffson in PP goals per minute of ice time...and with the shortened season last year..he was on a 14-15 goal, 30 point pace as primarily a 4th liner. I wish he wasn't getting paid what he is....but if you are going to be stuck with that contract anyway....playing him on the 3rd/4th line...with the ability to fill in on higher lines...and putting him on the 2nd PP unit....he's not bad in that role at all.
  19. I guess the thought is he won't be a great 2C, but for at least the first half the season (maybe the entire season), he'll be a 'good enough' 2c, one that should not be the reason the entire 2nd line is useless.
  20. At the moment, Twitter seems to be exploding with Leafs fans who think they pulled on over on Pitt...I'm not so sure though. Kap is only 24 and is basically a 20 goal scorer...with 1rd round talent. Put him on a good line in Pitt and I think you can expect 20-25 goals in a full season. That 15th pick? Nothing to sneeze at, but the history of mid 1st round picks shows they likely won't play in the NHL for at least 2 seasons...and not contribute in a meaning full way for 4 years (if they do at all). Both Toronto and Pitt are in a 'win now' situation, I don't see how this doesn't help Pitt
  21. Great. So he got removed by this, fine...but for years they let his general abrasive attitude, his seeming lack of understanding of 'modern' hockey, his overall being a bad commentator/bad at his job....they let that go for years.
  22. mjd1001

    So #8

    I agree. Building through the draft usually works better than trading draft picks for 'ready now' guys. A small part of the problem the sabres have is that Tim Murray was intent on 'speeding up' the rebuild. The bigger problem they have is they haven't drafted well. You say the rangers were luck to have 2 top 2 picks in 2 years? Remember the Sabres had 3 top 2 picks in 4 years....with 1 of them considered a 'generationa' player in Dahlin..and another that was taken 2nd considered a play that in most years would have been #1 overall. The solution to bad drafting in the past is to
  23. I'm a lot older than you apparently...I have faint memories of Sabres games around 1980....as a kid I became a big fan in the middle 1980s....so I was introduced to Royal Blue for a long time before the red and black. BUT, I really like the red and black. I'd be all for bringing that back for at least a 3rd jersey.
  24. mjd1001

    So #8

    On the surface I see where you are coming from. When I have been bored I'd thought of a formula or 2 of how I think it would be fair...."lottery weighted based on record from last season and 1/2 weighting the previous season, with a slight bump in odds for every year in a row a team misses the playoffs...etc" But, 90% of the problem would just be fixed by getting rid of the lottery totally. If you want to do SOMETHING to penalize teams for tanking...hit them in the pocketbook. The team that finishes last and gets the first overall pick gets a little less revenue sharing..something lik
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