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  1. One reason why I don't think he gets fired...the plan might have all along been to wait for next year and the ownership was in on it. The team went into this year trying to be the 'best it could be' but with the thinking this wasn't the roster long term. If the team is bad..so be it for this year.....or maybe they can 'luck into' something good. They would take 'lucking into' a good season if it presented itself (kinda like the Bills making the playoffs a couple years ago), but this season is more Like McDermott's first or second with the Bills...NEXT years plan is to be like McDermotts year #3.
  2. It depends on what your definition of a 4th line player is. A decade ago on most teams, a 4th line player was a PK specialist that had to have a spot on a 'regular' line for a few minutes of non PK time...or it was an Enforcer...or it was just a bad player on a bad team that had to fill a roster spot. Today, that isn't the case. If Asplund can (eventually) get you 10 goals and 30-35 points or more...plays very good D-zone hockey and is one of your top PK specialists, I'd be just fine with him having a long career with the Sabres. Larsson is a 7-8 goal, 10-15 assist guy over a typical full season...and I'm ALMOST happy with him as my 4th line center at a low cost/cap hit. I'd like to just get a few more goals and 5-10 more assists out of that position though.
  3. I'd be ok with that. I have criticized Sam on this board in the past. I want another go-around with him on a line other than Jack for the rest of the year. I think he has the least chance of 'taking over a game' compared to just about anyone else in the 25 goal/60-70 point range. He has flaws.....but that still doesn't change the fact he is a 20-25 goal guy and 60-70 point guy...and it is going to cost you for that. I'm not elated with a $7 million cap hit for me...but if he can be resigned for that...I'd say do it quickly.
  4. I liked the red and blacks jerseys as well. I'd like to see them as a permanent 3rd to be worn a few times per year.
  5. I agree with you on the Arena. I have visited a few of the newer arenas, and even been to a couple about the age of the Key Bank Arena but the others having gone through a recent renevation...and what we have here in Buffalo is MILES behind what the other cities have. I've said it before on these boards....the Arena DOES matter in todays day and age. If you care about hockey and hockey alone (not the Arena experience) for most people watching at home gives you a better view...better replays...a better overall view of the game. The arena exists for a fan wanting more than just the game, but rather an experience. Whether us 'old timers' like it or not..the experience is now a lot more than just hearing the crowd in person or seeing the players up close (if you are lucky enough to sit that close). The gameday experience is how nice the Arena is...how great of a 'night out' it is compared to just absorbing the game at home. All those things that other Arenas now have that Buffalo doesn't...those are the additions to the 'gameday experience' that goes beyond watching the game on TV that we are lacking here.
  6. Nope, did not read the entire thread. I don't have time to go over every single post in every thread. I try to read most of them, but don't have time for all of them. Just like did you research every post I made in other threads about Reinhart? Because a big thing for me is his even strength production. Or did you not have time to do that and just wanted to die on the hill of your own argument without knowing what I personally think is important in making my posts? Here is the problem with the stats that you referenced that were posted...of those games without Eichel on his line...a larger portion of that production was on the powerplay. To be honest, I STILL need to see him for a prolonged stretch without Eichel now, this year...because even strength is where I'm making most of my decision on him. BTW, cute of you to say that is the hill I wanted to die on....give me the even strength numbers without Eichel, preferably recently, then lets go from there.
  7. False argument? LOL, how can you call something a false argument when you have no idea what the Sabres are even going to pay him? My whole point, that you call 'false' is that Sam has not had enough time away from Eichel to establish a value on him. Give him at least 20 games away from Eichel. What kind of player his he then in terms of production? Does he give you 20 points in 20 games? 15? 10? 5? Before I can make a determination, as a fan, if I think what the Sabres are paying him is worth it, I need a much larger sample size of him away from Jack to figure that out.
  8. I agree with you on visiting Nashville. The bar/nightlife scene isn't really for me, but it is an active downtown area. I have been to a game in Nashville....not in Dallas, but besides Nashville I have visited several of the other Arenas around the country. Every time I am outside of Buffalo and at a different Arena, one thing sticks with me. Just how far behind the rest of the league the Arena/gameday experience is in Buffalo. And I know...a "Real fan' doesn't need the bells-and-whistles that the other Arenas have...but if I'm only in it for the game and not the gameday/Arena experience, than I can see more of the game at home than I can in person most of the time. The Sabres really have to look into improving the Arena. Once you see where the rest of the league plays...the broken seats in Buffalo, the cracked concrete, the bathrooms with no hot water...and all the other little things here really stand out.
  9. I certainly do want to see him play with someone else so I know more of what I have in him. Why would you not want to see if he can carry a line himself..and just give him a big contract without putting him in as many situations as possible? What every other player on every other team that gets a long term contract did has little to do with gaining as much info from your own player as possible. Of all the big money-long term contracts given out....I'm sure many of them ended up not being worth it and hurt the team in the long run because they were given to players that the team thought could be a centerpiece and that player ended up not producing that way. Why not find out now?
  10. Myself I wouldn't let him walk for free, but I do have some doubts about whether or not I want him as one of the top 5 highest players on my team. I really, REALLY, really, really want to see him get some prolonged ice time on a line without Eichel though before I make that decision. At least 10 games, closer to 20 games would be better.
  11. I really don't have enough to go on to make a decision on this. It comes down to 2 things for me that I don't have an answer for: 1. What kind of contract is he going to get to stay with the Sabres 2. I really REALLY want to see him on a line without Eichel before thinking of trading him..or deciding whether he deserves the contract he is going to get to stay here. I really wasn't a fan of Sam his first couple years in the league...because his production was seemingly always on the PP. I'm a bit happier now because over the past 1-2 seasons he has done better even strength and proved he can be a decent goal scorer outside of the PP. Now I would like to see him prove that he can be at least a 50 point guy without Eichel on his line. Throw him on a line with Skinner and/or Johanson..play 20 full games that way and let see if he can put up at least 5 or 6 goals and 12-15 points that way. I don't think that is asking for too much.
  12. I still don't have doubts about him..not yet at least. To me it looks like the plan all along was to get to the point of having a lot of cap room and rebuild from there. That time was always going to be next year. The HOPE inside the organization was the team would be better than it is with the existing talent...but the plan all along was just get to next year. The only way the lack of moves make sense is that he is waiting till next year. Not only will they have more flexibility to make things fit, but with the Sabres having more cap room and other teams not having it...they will also be in a position to dictate terms more beneficial to them in any move.
  13. The bad news is...LA, Ottawa, Anaheim and Detroit are a whole different level of bad. The Sabres would have to do their best work to get down to the bottom 4 in the standings. Those teams are just awful. NJ is below the Sabres, but ever so often they show signs of actually moving the right direction. Either way, even if the Sabres sold off some assets, its unlikely they will be picking in the top 4 in the draft this year (its sad that that is one of the few things we can root for...as it doesn't really seem to help this team anyway).
  14. The Sabres have had this type of team in the past and contended for the playoffs, or even made the playoffs, with one exception. Sabres teams of the past were below average but with good to great goaltending. This team is below average with below average to average-at-best goaltending. Every time I sit down and watch a game for more than 5 minutes...that is the thought that comes to mind.
  15. I have to keep looking at the Sabres Roster and realize how few players are under contract for next year: up front, Eichel, Johanson, Okposo, and Skinner (not counting the Roch guys). That it is. On the back-end..Risto, Miller, McCabe, Joki, and Dahlin. That is really it. There are a LOT of spots on this team that might be/are going to be open. The question/problem is...is there anyone good to fill them? Right now no-one currently on the Amerks Roster is even in the top 50 in AHL scoring. RFAs you might want to bring back include Reinhart, Olofsson, Montour, and Ulmark. A lot of room to work with this offseason.
  16. I don't make this move all all unless it was a super basement bargain price. (Which means other teams will make it before the Sabres). Why? This team has bigger problems than a lot of us want to think. Kane on this team (especially if you have to trade functioning parts from the current roster) isn't going to make it THAT Much better. You are not going to become a yearly contender to move deep in the playoffs with him. You aren't going to add him to this team and win a cup. So, Whats the point? If adding him is a temporary fix..to win a few more games and MAYBE make the playoffs but not even be considered a top contender, I don't want that. I get we ALL are sick of not making the playoffs. We all are sick of having a below average team at best. But that is the issue. They screwed up the tank (at least the results), I get it...but that doesn't mean to start taking shortcuts again. Do what you need to do to get this team to be a top-10 team year after year after year. If that means taking a chance on hitting on ANOTHER top 10 pick, so be it. The last thing I want is band-aids where 5 years from now the team is in the same spot with MAYBE a playoff appearance and not much to look forward to in the future.
  17. Playoff team on a regular basis...the issue we have been discussing here all year though is how do they get there? By just about every comprehensive metric...eye test, standings, goal differential, we are about half way through the season and this team is in the 20th-25th best in the league range. Not going to get it done. We have to really hope that Dahlin grows into a mega-stud D-man over the next year or two...and they find an Olofsson type player somewhere and maybe Mittelstadt or Cozens develops quickly into a star.
  18. This topic was brought up a few times on Toronto Radio today (590), pretty much started this morning when Brian Burke said that...at the moment, Eichel was the best player in the league. I listen in on that station quite a bit, and a few times throughout the rest of the day the various hosts brought up some kind related topic...saying 'who is the MVP' and the first guy was falling over himself to Say McDavid over Eichel. Who has the best shot between Eichel and Matthews...and both (or all 3, I forgot how many were on) said Matthews over Eichel. I love hockey, I like Toronto as a city, and in general I like Canada...but it seems like if someone is FROM Canada, ANY conversation must start and end with a Canadian being the winner of any contest, the only exception being of that non-canadian is a star of their team. Over the years (not much recently) I have heard MANY conversation on that station about the 'best goalie of the modern Era' between Roy, Brodeur, and Hasek, and almost every one of them has Hasek rated third to the other two Canadians.
  19. I thought about this also. It might not be a 'prima donna' thing at all. Maybe they told him as the season goes on, he will be rotating in and out of the lineup (for whatever reason, to get the young guys more time...or maybe the Sabres are more afraid of a heavy workload getting him injured again than he is).....and it could have been a very amicable conversation between him and JBots...where at the end of the conversation he simply could have said something like "I'm in a contract year...maybe leading up to my last contract, so I'm OK with a trade". Then again, it could have been a hard-core demand, not an ask...the point is we really don't know yet, we need more information to make that judgement. Personally, I like Bogo here, he can have some very good games, and he is very useful as your primary (if not 2nd) penalty killer.
  20. 49 games left...he needs 54 points to get there. That is basically 1.1 points per game. He is at 1.39 PPG so far this year. Last year he was at 1.06 Looks good to hit 100 this year. A better puck-moving D-corp might be just the thing this year to get him those extra points compared to last year.
  21. For me it wasn't an 'event', but what I remember most about it were things I saw, heard, and could smell... -the cylinder shaped things hanging from the ceiling, and how they would always be swaying side by side a bit in motion -the sound you could hear when you were in the ramps going to the upper levels..and as a little kid running down those ramps and jumping at the bottom of them and hearing the 'thud' it made echo -the smell, right when you got through the turnstiles at the front entrance? Was it popcorn? Other concessions? A mixture of everything that everyone spilled that dried to the floor? Not sure, but it was distinct. -Near the entrance, there was always a bulletin-board type sign that showed who was leading in the '3 star' points. 3 points for a first star, 2 for a second, 1 for a third...and they kept a running record. Not sure if they even do that at the new Arena, but I remember it posted right near the entrance of the Aud and looked at it every game I went to there. If I have to think of ONE memory...it was a game between the Amerks and someone else...before the game started there was a pretty vicious fight (both teams) on the ice..and with no refs or coaches there to break it up for a while...it went on for a while. The name "Andy Ristau" seems to be one I remember from that night/fight.
  22. For me, being "Elite" requires you to be at a very high level for a few years, not just 40-80 games. The start of the 2018-2019 season is the minimum I would go to judge someone as 'elite' statistically, and would probably want a longer time frame than that. But to use the time frame you brought up (start of 2018-2019) Eichel is 10th in points...and 19th in goals...13th in points per game played...and no playoff appearances. Right now, this MIGHT be the point where he is 'entering' the elite category, but I need a lot more time for him to sustain this years level/pace before I can declare that.
  23. Why not just make it anyone...if they are unused seats? The die hards/regular ticket buyers aren't going to make sitting in the upper deck corners a habit...so its not like you are going to lose sales from them. Get people in the seats anyway possible...offer that deal to everyone.
  24. -Give Hutton about 2 weeks without a game. Play Linus 5-6 games in a row. See how Hutton comes back after a lot of time off. -Have Dahlin comes back strong and plays better and you can give him close to 20 minutes per game. Not much else I can think of that might work well.
  25. I used to go to a lot of Sabres games, and had Season tickets to the Bills a long time ago, but I basically have stopped going to all games the last few years.. Its not just how good/bad the team is playing, it is a lot of other things. -Price of tickets and the entire gameday experience. I don't have to go over it in great detail, but add the price of the tickets, parking, something to drink or a snack..and what does it come to? OR....watching it at home on a big screen high-def TV, climate controlled living room choice of food/drinks and comfortable chair. Oh, and don't have to leave the house early/come home late. -Value for what you get. Even if I DID decide the above point still made me want to go to some games instead of watching at home...there is the entertainment value for the money equation. Very rarely do I "enjoy" a game if my team loses...and there are even the occasional boring-clunkers when they win. So when I do go to the game...there is usually less than a 50% chance I come away happy/feel I got my moneys worth. Or, for a fraction of the price I can go to a movie which is 'fake and scripted' for no other reason than to be enjoyable...not left up to the chance of competition. If the games were a LOT cheaper to attend.....or if there was one or two things that blew me away there (the best/most magnificent arena in the league, or a team the competed for the presidents trophy and was a top scoring team), then that might draw me there....but I guess as I get older...I just think that watching the game at home gives me 90% of what I want when seeing the game (sometimes more than the in-arena experience) at a fraction of not only the cost, but of the time also. A new Stadium or Arena would get me to attend some games...why? Because I can be a fan of the team at home already for free...to draw me out to the game and buy a ticket, I need to have something that I can't get at home AND something that is different/newer/better than I have experienced in the past when buying a ticket. I know the people who attend the games do not feel the same way as I do....but for those who don't go to games anymore (or as much), I have to think that it is not 100% the success/failure of the team...but maybe some of the other issues above that contribute to that decision.
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