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  1. Okposo, of course, is tough to deal with regarding his contract. If you could get someone else to take it great....but if not....what do you do with him? Here is the reality....he is above average on the power play (compared to most others on this team). Is he great? No. Is he a liability even strength? Probably. But he isn't going to drag down the first powerplay unit if he is on it...and might actually be an asset on the 2nd powerplay unit. So, maybe he is the guy that is in your lineup....but gets the occasional 'day off' when you want to slot in a young guy. That gives him 65-70 games played.....and when he is playing..he gets his PP time...and you try to limit his even strength ice time to about 10 minutes per game.
  2. I read a lot about Risto getting too much ice time and if you cut it down by a few minutes a game, he'll be fine. But in reality, how do you cut his ice time down that much? A lot of his mistakes/weakness comes in even strength play...but his even strength ice time is not THAT much higher than everyone else. Last year, in his time with the Sabres Montour actually got more even strength ice time than Risto. Bogo averaged only about 1 minute less and Dahlin was only about 1.5 minutes less. If you really want to get Risto down near or under 20 minutes per game, you have to significantly reduce his special team ice time. On the PK, only Bogo had more ice time per game than Risto...and on the PP, Risto was WAY out in front of everyone else (actually, Dahlin was close behind Risto, but then Risto was double anyone else.) Personally, if he is still here, I'd get him off the PK totally.....limit him to 2nd team on the PP....and make sure Dahlin and his partner get more even strength ice time. That should about do it. If after that he STILL has the worst +/- on the team and can't get the puck out of his own zone after another half season...then trade him for the bag of pucks.
  3. Ok, I am not a huge analytics guy, I don't know much about breaking down the film, and don't know where players are supposed to be all the time. But as for the 'hate' for the guy, I can explain that from my point of view. Over the last 2 years (mostly), I have just seen TOO many times where a goal was scored against the Sabres that was directly a result of his play. A dumb/bad pass out of his own zone sometimes...him 'chasing' down another player and looking the other way when the eventual goal scorer was taking a shot...or him vacating a spot in front of the net a second or less before the goal was scored from that exact spot. It happens to most of the D-core on this team, but to my eyes, it seems to happen a LOT more to him than to most of the other players combined. Sure, he hits, he skates well, he has great 'talent', but I just personally see him looking like it was his mistake or him being 'out of position' more than anyone else when goals are scored against the team with him on the ice. Maybe a new coach changes that? I don't know, but at this point I won't be sad to see him gone.
  4. Can't give in on Tom Brady. He was part of a Pats team that cheated. It is VERY likely that a couple of his Superbowls would not be there without cheating, his stats would likely be a lot less also. Take away some of those SBs and lower his stats a bit and he is not the greatest ever. Now, there are a lot of 'likely's in there...but in my book....the person (or team) that cheats loses the benefit of the doubt on those 'likely' and 'maybe' qualifiers.
  5. I agree. I loved the black and red, and loved that logo. I wish the Sabres would use them as a 3rd jersey on a regular basis.
  6. I don't follow analytics...I never coached hockey....I can't break down film and see anything of much value...when I watch the game, I'm just following the puck 90% of the time....so obviously I'm not the best person to know a players true value........but what I do know with Risto is this: -too many times last year (and the year or two before) I see the Sabres have a goal scored against them, and Risto has his back (or side) turned to the play...or seems to be skating away from the goal scorer or is just looking at the play while not moving. Now, is some of that schematic where another player made a mistake? Maybe, but it happens WAY too much to Risto compared to other Sabres D-men for me to say he is a great...or even good D-man who is just unlucky. I don't think he is a truly awful player...but I think he is someone that has good skills and gets over-rated by a lot of people because of his 'athletic skills' and not by his actual play.
  7. I am a casual follower of the NBA. Watch a handful of games (not even full games), but I like to keep up on the standings and the news online. One thing I'll say...this might be the season I am the most interested in of any major sports league in memory (besides strictly Buffalo teams). At least going into this year...the possibilities for who is going to be good, who is going to contend for the title....almost endless. There are probably 6 teams in the west that have a legit shot of coming out of there as champs...and in the east...Mil and Philly legit shots...but you can't rule out Boston or Toronto pending injuries to Mil and Philly. Wide open. So many teams with a 'big 2 star players' that there should be a ton of close, entertaining matchups through the entire season. A dream for someone who just wants to follow the standings.
  8. I agree with your sentiment, but it actually does not have to be that complicated. Just make the compensation a bit less.
  9. Over the last 2 seasons combined, he has 1 less even strength goal than Reinhart, and did that in 4 less games (and also with less ice time per game at even strength) He has less PP goals than Reinhart, but the rangers also gave him about 1/2 the pp ice time Sam got. Vesey would appear to have a lot less upside than Reinhart...but with an extra minute or two ice time per game...and a regular spot on the PP.....it wouldn't be out of the question to see him put up 20-25 goals based on past performance.
  10. I agree with that exactly....that that alone is the difference between him as a player being a "top-5 in the league superstar" (which we want and many expected when he was drafted), compared what he is and has been...a 'top 20-25 player in the league star'. What many people wanted out of him was a half-step behind McDavid...so far he has instead been a 20th-25th best player in the league....mostly because of inconsistency.
  11. I guess I'm there also. I am/was at the point where I was OK with him walking for this amount. Would I take what would come with that....no big time scorer on the Sabres...Skinner probably on a better team and getting farther in the playoffs next year....etc. Yes, I'd be OK with it if he was getting paid that much. However, its done so I'll enjoy watching him play for the team. Hopefully, the cash is front loaded (even though the cap hit will be the same, a front loaded contract would be easier to dump in later years IF NEEDED), hopefully he'll be a guy who keeps producing well into his early and mid-thirties...and hopefully it does not have a full no-trade clause (sorry if these details are out, I have not had a chance to read every post in this thread so far)
  12. I think I'm with you on this, but its a good thing we can look forward to watching him this year again. In the past, my biggest criticisms of him were he didn't produce many goals/points at even strength, and he didn't bring much else to the game unless he was putting up points. This past season, he did a LOT better even strength. I still don't think hes a good player in the D-zone..or in transition...or someone the other team has to gameplan around..BUT..if he can put up the same (or slightly better) even strength numbers this year as he did last year..I'd be open to a long term deal around $7m because of his age.
  13. So far from what I have seen of Nylander....he is not worth what he is getting paid. He has skill, and when you put a player with skill on a top line with another great player, they will put up numbers. I'd like to see Nylander for a full year on a team where he is 'the man', I don't think he'd fare too well. As far as Reinhart, up until this year I wasn't impressed with him as much as many others on this forum....he seemed like he could only produce on the Powerplay. This year though was the first time in his career he significantly raised his production even strength.
  14. I'm at no on resigning him then. I like the player. alot. I am not a fan of tough, heavy hockey, I like up and down type hockey, but it doesn't make sense to me for where the Sabres are at. Sign him for 8 years..it is likey you get 3-4 elite years...2 decent years..and 2 years of regret. IF the Sabres were at the point now where you were looking at deep playoff runs right now and through those 4 'elite' years..then I'd go for it. But it is likely at least the first 2 of those years you aren't going to be in that position. Right player, Right position, Right money....wrong time for where the Sabres are in their progression. Last thing I want is for this team to be really good and a top 10 team in the NHL a few years down the road...and at that point THIS being the contract that causes them to need more help and not be able to get it.
  15. Most seasons are too long. Football (NFL) I could use more of...give me the 18 game regular season there. Golf I think is good, esp this year where they spread the majors out a bit. I could do without the playoffs/fedex cup though or whatever they call it. But NHL? Too long. Regular season should be at least 10 games less..maybe more...and the reg season should end 3-4 weeks earlier (start it a week earlier if you must also) NBA? Same as NHL above MLB? I used to be a big fan but haven't watched a full game in a few years and hardly even follow the standings anymore, but the season could be cut by 20-30 games at least. Nascar? Wow. like MLB, I used to follow it a lot but hardly anymore (although I still watch a few races). Other than Daytona, no track should have more than 1 race, that would get rid of what...6-8 races a year? Ditch the playoff system there too.
  16. I'm not eager to push Girgensons off the roster. If you get him on a really low-cost contract and there is no-one CLEARLY better, then I'd like to see him stay. As others have said...if there is another option available that is clearly better then go that route (not 'might' be better, not 'hopefully' better).
  17. I'm not sure if this topic is of interest to anyone else..but this came up last weekend for me... I'm going to be attending my niece's graduation (4 year degree). She already has started a full time job and is living on her own out-of-state, and will be getting married soon. It got me thinking....the last time the Sabres WON a playoff series was against the Rangers in the 2006-2007 season....during that series, I had to babysit that same niece one night while watching the game on TV....she was 9 years old and I think in 4th grade.
  18. Reijo Routsalainen (Same last name) was a pretty good player for the Rangers in the 1980's and I think the early 1990's.....I'm sure RJ did quite a few radio calls of games between the Sabres and Rangers getting practice with that name.
  19. We weren't going to see it, but we ended up breaking down and seeing it..just because it is the 'ending' to a saga we have seen most of the other parts to. I thought it was OK...not great. I didn't like how they handled Thor either. Also, it was way too long. I like movies that are 2 hours in length..any more than that and I'd like them to find a way to tell the story better. Also, I know most people don't like sequels as much as the first movies in a franchise..but for me personally that goes double for 'superhero' movies. Origin stories are great...you deal more with how someone becomes who they are...and the heros (and villians) usually aren't so overpowered that it becomes comical. As you get later and later into the franchise...you lose a little of the 'human' story (not all, but some) and the action gets too big and too loud and everyone is 'too overpowered'. I think we got that here. Some people like that....but the over-the-top action and powers/abilities are not for me.
  20. If the teams are making a lot of money...and after expenses the players are getting something as small as 25% of the profits, then I'm all for them saying what they said and doing this. On the other hand....if they want higher salaries by way of the NHL throwing money at the league to support it...and some of that money going to their salaries despite not making a profit....I'm against it. I'd be happy to see a middle ground. Have the players, and some of the representation (whatever form that may be) work with the league with some unique ways to have it become more profitable, and then have a metric in place where the players share in a large amount of that new/upcoming revenue. As others have said though..I'm not sure how to get the numbers to add up to anything substantial. I'm sure most of us want to see women's hockey succeed....but its just that...it has to 'succeed', not just 'exist' and whatever cost.
  21. I actually disagree that they are more entertaining. First, I find powerplays entertaining. Second (and most important), when they put away the whistles, most calls that are not made are the obstruction type...holding ,hooking, slashing happen all the time. Personally, I WANT them calling tripping and hooking and holding all the time....when the refs let that go, the game gets a lot more boring to me.
  22. The game changes. Players change. Any 'experience' that is more than 10 years in the past (maybe even less than that) might not mean much, as today's game is much different. Show me someone's credentials in the past 5 years...MAYBE take into consideration what they have done for the 5 years previous to that....beyond that I don't care much.
  23. I wanted Vegas to win, and I think they did kinda get hosed on the call. But, as I have read a few other places this morning in a message to all Vegas fans....."You got screwed by a call in the playoffs...Welcome to the NHL, you are now truly 'officaly' a member of the NHL."
  24. I'll pass on him also. He's not a first pair quality guy...and you need to give some of the younger guys a shot at those bottom 4 spots. Don't want/need Myers.
  25. I do and I hate it. A lot of people say "let them play"....and my favorite "don't let the officials decide the game" by calling a penalty late in a playoff game. Don't let them decide it? The argument works the other way around also...but NOT calling a penalty on something that might deserve it..the officials ARE helping to decide the game in the other direction by allowing a player to do something illegal to 'change the play' and get away with it. Not calling a 'close' penalty in OT or a close game vs calling that penalty and causing a powerplay....either one is the officials helping to decide the game just as much.
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