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  1. I think this is a great pick up for the Leafs given that they need to push for winning now. Surprised they were able to make the salary work. Minnesota only gets a 4th for picking up a 1/4 of his salary (seems low to me).
  2. I always find it funny when he openly talks about how bad Green Lantern was.
  3. Yes I agree that each player is an individual case. With any investment you want to sell high. Not all our top prospects will play for the Sabres. Some will and some will fill key future roles. Each year after they are drafted you get a better picture of the player they will become. So when we consider a trade for say Chychrun, are we trading a top line winger in Rosen or a third liner or a career AHL player? I'm sure that the team is constantly evaluating. I think as fans we get into loving prospects for where they were drafted and the potential at the time and not wanting to trade a prospect until we know they won't work out (but by then value has dropped).
  4. With the trade deadline coming and talk of potential trades it started me thinking about when a pick, prospect or player reaches their highest value. We have drafted lots of talent and some of those players or prospects will eventually be traded for other needs. The picks, prospects, and players that have yet to reach their potential are investments for the team. Some will eventually take spots on the roster to keep salaries reasonable (below the Cap), some will be traded, some will not reach their potential. When I hear what Arizona wants for Chychrun, I would say he’s at his highest value since he was drafted. So he’s worth more today than the original draft pick (he’s grown as an investment for Arizona to what he’s worth on the trade market). I summarized the Sabre players in the PDF attachment for draft years +1, +2, +3, +4. Not as a comparison but it helps to remember the highs and lows of their development. Started with 2016 (with our Nylander pick).Sabre Draft Picks Value.pdf It’s interesting to consider when the pick or the player reaches their highest value. Obviously draft year, draft spot play a role, as well as the player’s development (some players take more time), (injuries can slow development), (opportunity – room on the roster), etc. · Nylander was a pick that we eventually turned into Jokiharju. The highest value was most likely the #8 pick itself before the player was taken. · I would argue that Mittelstadt’s trade value was highest after his D1 (draft +1) season. So his value peaked and has come down. · Dahlin, Samuelson, Cozens are all more valuable today than where they were picked as they continue to improve towards their peak years. · Krebs trade value peaked after his D2 season. He’s still a great young player and I’m not suggesting dumping him in a trade but I do question if he will reach the level that was predicted for him. · Johnson’s trade value peaked after his D3 season. He hasn’t signed with the Sabres (yet) but his value has now dropped because of that. · Quinn, Peterka, Power, trade value has improved and is still rising. · Östlund, Kulich’s trade value has improved since their draft position. · Savoie’s trade value may be the same as where he was drafted last season (8OA). · 2023 draft pick (position still to be determined). How does the value of this pick compare to the players above? · To me a player that has been drafted and is further along in his development provides more certainty (and value) for a GM in a trade than a 1st round pick (where the draft position is still to be determined by the standings and playoff results – unless you think the team will crash and burn and the pick will be a top 10 pick).
  5. A bit of a lesson for Zegras from Crosby.
  6. Not giving us much. How about St.Louis being in the mix for him? They are looking to shake things up a bit.
  7. Good thing you got him away from the ledge before the game started.
  8. After the break off the coaches need to find a way to get the team ready to play again. Failed. Next.
  9. After a long break I'm not sure what to expect. I'm thinking they will either come out strong and dominate or totally flat. Hoping for a great win today (5-3). I really missed Sabres hockey.
  10. So he resigned as "Secretary of Labour" or "Labor Secretary"?
  11. I would love to see him signed for $10M x 8 but I'm not sure what to expect with this next contract for Dahlin. Anywhere from $9M to $11M. Wasn't there pressure by the Players Union when Doughty and Karlsson signed their deals in 2018 and 2019? Maybe not official but at the end of the day I think they want to keep driving salaries higher and not go for the team friendly deals with the top stars in the league. Maybe this isn't an influence for Dahlin but I do remember Doughty's comments from back at that time. Thoughts? Reference story: https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/drew-doughty-plans-ask-erik-karlsson-contract-negotiation-tactics/
  12. Always late with my comments but it's a nice surprise coming home from work late. I read through the thread though and lots of good comments and thoughts. Cozens has taken the steps to improve this season that we were all hoping for. I remember there was some debate in the off season if Cozens or Mittlestadt would step up this season to take the 2nd line center spot. Cozens did and he has so much potential still which is the exciting part. Good kid with great character and developing leadership skills. Sticks up for his teammates and is tough enough to do it (especially when he fills more). I'm glad we have him signed for 7 more years. I wonder what the cost was for 8?
  13. The Islanders and Horvat will get a mental boost from his addition to the team and long term contract. Not sure that it will be enough to get them into the playoffs. The Sabres need to keep playing consistently and they will get the wins they need.
  14. This video probably doesn't fit in this thread but thought it was relevant with Doug MacLean telling stories about coaching in the all-star game with Lindy Ruff and benching Roman Hamrlik and Craig MacTavish to win the game for $10K (winning coach). Pretty funny story.
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