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  1. Robertson is a restricted free agent. I imagine that he will eventually sign with Dallas if they don't get a trade proposal that they love. The Sabres could most likely get him if they wanted to but some of the proposals are Tim Murray worthy (no thanks, let's wait for this season).
  2. Why don't you think he can play wing? We've always been told that young centers have an easier time breaking into the NHL at wing and then transitioning to center when their defensive game improves.
  3. So which one is it? I kind of assumed you meant center for the first post but many were saying he can't play wing?
  4. Digger


    Glad to hear your update and that you're doing okay. The pictures have shown a huge amount of damage in some areas and I can't imagine the work that it will take to get things functional again.
  5. Do you know if he'll get the whole game or split with Subban?
  6. That's not what I said. My point when looking at the expected lineups this season is that many fans just take Girgensons, Asplund, Okposo and throw them together on a line. My point is that I think Granato will play Okposo with one of the young centers. It will be interesting.
  7. So it's a trick question?..........................Zemgus Girgensons
  8. A good list. Makes you think on some of them for sure.
  9. He'll play this season but there seems to be some nice depth pushing for spots which is great. I had the feeling that he was better offensively than his stats indicate. In 73 games, 1 G, 9A, 10Pts.
  10. I suspect Okposo will be playing with Cozens or Krebs or Mittelstadt depending who's at center on the 2nd and 3rd lines. That's not my choice but I do expect Granato to give him more than 4th line minutes and line-mates especially if he's named Captain.
  11. Digger


    I hope that you're doing okay with the preparations for this storm @Sabres Fan in NS. You have my thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated when you can.
  12. Since you used the term "shakes out" this was the first image that came to my mind............Fragile, do not shake, handle with care. If Anderson and Comrie stay healthy then we'll be okay but I do have concerns about that.
  13. But it's a trick question in my opinion (I pictured signing a deal with the devil) 😏. A perennial playoff team obviously wins more regular season games so is more enjoyable for the fans. But a perennial playoff team could lose in the first round every year or never win a playoff game. I agree that playoffs are obviously the first step but yearly improvement towards winning the Stanley Cup is the ultimate goal. So I'll change Pi's statement to: "build a perennial playoff team with year over year improvements ultimately with the Sabres winning the Stanley Cup".
  14. I would say no. Obviously we need to get into the playoffs as a first step forward but it's hard to forget all the 1st round losses the Sabres have had over the years. It's still too soon for me to see a ceiling but we should be able to get to the playoffs this or next season.
  15. Yes I agree that it's nice to see. He was a healthy scratch for some of the playoff games last season so I'm sure that got his attention.
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