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  1. Agreed but I believe that the size is not because of durability (being able to take a hit) but more because of the amount of net they cover with being a bigger goalie.
  2. I remember that he had a good interview when he came here. Seems to have a great personality which can't be said about all players during interviews. But he wasn't taking anyone's spot in the Sabres lineup. The life of a player not quite good enough to break into the NHL. I wish him well.
  3. Yes I agree. We would all be REALLY upset if he had signed an 8 year contract in the off season. He's on a reasonable 3 year bridge deal. It's in our best interests to see how he develops this season and into next season. If he is still struggling at the end of next season then you consider a trade. We saw with Ristolainen that teams blamed the Sabres organization for his struggles and that the trade value was high. Dahlin will keep his value too, stay patient and get him playing with a strong mentor and let's see him develop.
  4. That's a bit of a shock to me given the points that Hughes has put up so far. This is entirely all potential. I guess the same could be said about Eichel and other young stars that have signed the big 8 year deals. This is what happens when the financial decision (because he could cost more if and when he breaks through) takes the priority over the hockey decision (it's a gamble).
  5. Typical for Sabres fans in November starting to dream about next season. 😒
  6. So only one SHG, looks like he still has some work to do. 😏 I'm happy to see him doing well. Hope that he keeps playing at this level and that JJP and Krebs come up with him next season bringing a fresh confidence to the Sabres.
  7. That's quite the fall for Bergevin from a year ago. Not a huge surprise though since Montreal fans don't tolerate losing. It will be interesting to see how they try to rebuild their team. I'm happy to see them suffer a bit.
  8. I assume that Granato kept R2 out because he did not want to change the lineup after the win (he's not hurt). I understand hockey superstitions and even wanting to reward the players that played for the win by not taking anyone out but to me inserting a fresh R2 after the win over Hayden would make sense to me.
  9. I would hope to see him on Sweden's WJC team this year and I expect that he will impress playing against similar aged talent. We will see.
  10. Maybe we can get Anderson back. We don't get much info (reliable anyway) of when anyone will be back.
  11. We have not been good in the month of November for a long time now it seems. Let's hope that playing Montreal, Detroit, and Seattle help get us back in the win column.
  12. Thanks but I never left. I have a new job and starting working some longer hours. Still trying to catch up as much as I can.
  13. But a 5-6 defenceman is still playing regular minutes in the NHL. Where will he be next season with Dahlin and Power and Bryson? Most likely a 5-6 spot. Someone maybe will move to the right side? I'm a big believer in developing the guys in Rochester for as long as we can this season but with Samuelsson I think he should start his NHL experience soon. Maybe they plan to see where everyone is at the trade deadline and then bring guys up. Injuries happen too. Patience.
  14. I stated in the off season that I wanted Samuelsson playing for the Sabres this year. I think that he's ready and it would be great to have him prove himself this season. I'm not ready to put him on the top pair though. He needs to earn his time and make the most of his time when he gets it. It's a great year for him to play prior to Power making the team next season (or at the end of the year). It will be difficult to manage too many rookies next season but we'll see.
  15. As I recall a lot of the fans had given up on Andreychuk to score in the playoffs. Of course he turned that around once he left town. You didn't state this in your post but I'm sure it's part of your point in that the biggest issue was when we traded for Fuhr (Muckler favorite) we had an unproven, unconventional goalie named Hasek sitting on the bench waiting for a chance. We didn't need to make the trade at all.
  16. There's been some good interviews on the show and interesting content. I enjoy listening to them but I liked the Instigators show too. I'm happy that they are still very pro-Sabres when they talk about the team even though not sponsored any more. Roenick interviews have been good too. The podcast is easy to fast forward if they get on a tangent you don't want to listen to. No downside for me.
  17. I'd rather have it in the 3rd as the game winner but okay............
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