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  1. Tampa remembered that they are the reigning Cup champions in the series with the Leafs. They just keep showing that they know how to win. Tough loss for the Panthers though with the late goal. Game 3 should be good.
  2. Great win. Love to see them believe that they can win. Lots of great experience for the boys expecting to push their way onto the Sabres next season.
  3. A missed opportunity but it's good to recognize that they can play much better. Next game we'll see what they have.
  4. I'd be happy to see him go out west. Hated playing the Islanders while he was coaching although they say Lane Lambert is the same style of coach.
  5. I like the thought of Cozens in a Drury type role (from back in the day) but those teams did have some pretty good shut down support in Hecht, Mair, Gaustadt, and Grier. I cringe when I see fans putting Cozens on the "4th line" with Girgensons as a checking line center. I believe the kid still has a great deal of upside and it would not surprise me at all for him to take a big step next season. I liked Okposo in a 3rd line role this past season and his offence was respectable (along with his leadership). I see next seasons team with 3 capable scoring lines. I see Krebs on the wing with spot duty as center as he continues his development (playing with Cozens or Mittelstadt). Where do Quinn and Peterka fit if they make the team? There's lots of potential combinations and it's easy to switch players between lines (nice to have some depth). Skinner Thompson Tuch Olofsson Mittelstadt Quinn Krebs Cozens Okposo Asplund Girgensons XXX
  6. Good points, but since it is playoff time do you think he may have an injury that is slowing down his production (mobility or shot)? I know this type of info won't come out until after the playoffs but it makes me wonder if injury is a contributing factor.
  7. Yes I agree. He was given the opportunity to take the #1 spot and failed to meet the challenge.
  8. So @DarthEbriate missed his cue on this one?
  9. For a song you say. Malcolm Subban sings.😏
  10. Besides the performance of the team, I assume end of season interviews with players are taken into account with this decision. If some of the top players on the team (Barzal, Nelson, Lee, etc.) have grown tired of the style of play with Trotz (along with a down year) it's likely easy to give the coach a shove out the door. My assumptions only. I was thinking the last time we played the Islanders that a guy like Barzal would love to be playing under Granato and the style the Sabres were playing at the end of the season.
  11. https://www.tsn.ca/winnipeg-jets-sign-oskari-salminen-two-year-entry-level-contract-1.1796107 WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Jets have signed goaltender Oskari Salminen to a two-year, entry-level contract with an average annual value of US$925,000 at the NHL level. Maybe this is the Jets new guy for the rebuild? Most likely a couple of seasons away from NHL though. I still think they would be wanting a goalie back in a trade with us that can play right away. Regardless we're all hoping Adams can pull off some sort of decent solution for goal next season.
  12. What's up with Connor Hellebuyck being available? Is he really available? Winnipeg doesn't seem to have a decent alternative. That being said, I would love to have him on the Sabres depending on the price.
  13. I've said this before about Ryan Johnson but I think the fans thoughts that there's no spot on the roster (or in the next couple of years) are short sighted. He's a top Sabres prospect that will need to spend some time in the AHL developing. Sign him and let him develop. When he's ready he'll push for a NHL spot. Who knows where we'll be at when that time comes (possibly going into the playoffs with an injury to one of our established LHD and need him). If there's no spot on the Sabres and he's clearly ready for the NHL he becomes tradeable (with the expectation of getting some value in return). Today I think his trade value is low (at least until he's signed to a contract). This team needs depth and signing quality prospects that are waiver exempt are a necessity. Like the others Levi and Portillo I wish that he would sign this off season and start with Rochester in the fall but if not we'll have to be patient. He'll be fine, patience.
  14. In general I'm really impressed with the higher scoring statistics this past season. It seems to me that it's been some time since we had so many in the 100+ point category (8 and was close to 10 if Miller and Marner had made it). The defense stats are impressive too. It's been a good year for the NHL in that sense. I thought it was worth discussing while waiting for the playoffs to start.. Scoring Leaders (points) · Connor McDavid 123 · Jonathan Huberdeau 115 · Johnny Gaudreau 115 · Leon Draisaitl 110 · Kirill Kaprizov 108 · Auston Matthews 106 · Steven Stamkos 106 · Matthew Tkachuk 104 · J.T. Miller 99 · Mitchell Marner 97 Defence (points) · Roman Josi 96 · Cale Makar 86 · Victor Hedman 85 · Adam Fox 74 · John Carlson 71 · Quinn Hughes 68 · Kris Letang 68 · Morgan Rielly 68 · Aaron Ekblad 57 · Devon Toews 57
  15. I'm glad that they pulled out the win tonight. Nice way to end the season. There's definitely hope (with real substance not just hopium) going into this off season. I also don't expect any shocking words from the locker clean out interviews (which is truly joyful for Sabres fans everywhere).
  16. I caught an interview with Erik Gudbranson on HNIC and he was saying that he really hopes that he can stay in Calgary because his wife is tired of all the moving. Not saying to pass on him (would love to have him as a 5/6 pair) but he does sound really motivated to offer a discount to stay put in Calgary.
  17. Yes, I can't argue with that. I wanted to see Rochester in the playoffs but we decided to keep the other eligible prospects with the Sabres. It would have been nice to see him play a few more games with the Sabres with the overall improved team play. I still think we need a number 1 going into next season.
  18. How about Slava Kozlov in the Hasek trade to Detroit. Talk about a player that didn't want to be here.
  19. I mentioned this in the comparison thread with Eichel. He has one year left at $1.4M and then is a RFA with arbitration rights. Is it better to sign him this off season or wait and to see if he can repeat again next year? I'm not sure, but for the right amount I'd sign him, $5M x 5 great, $6M x 5 years good, $6.5M x 5 years okay but if he wants more than that? (then let's wait and see if he can repeat his performance.............remember the Skinner contract (not the same I know but still a contract that is difficult to trade). I would also add the Adams has to predict the full core players salaries as they get good and need bigger contracts to see how they may project. Fun job. I'd love to listen in to those conversations.
  20. I guess that I can't get past the salary. With the salaries they both make Tage Thompson is the clear winner for value. Will we be trying to sign Tage to an early extension this off season? He has one year left at $1.4M and then is a RFA with arbitration rights. Is it better to sign him this off season or wait and to see if he can repeat again next year? What's he worth to sign this off season for a 5 year extension?
  21. I listened to the Adams interview and didn't feel that he shared anything new (at least from what I had been hearing). This has been debated pretty well now. It is what it is, and hopefully next year we have them all signed and ready to start playing in Rochester in hopes that they'll be Sabres someday. I would like to hear an honest interview with all 3 (Portillo, Levi, Johnson) but I know most of what is said is pretty guarded and most likely coached by their advisors. In contrast, if you look at the prospects playing in the CHL you don't see many of them turning down NHL contracts for that last chance to win the Memorial Cup as an over-age player. They take the opportunity when it comes. That can be a good thing and a bad thing of course. Good for the NHL team if they develop and make the NHL but maybe not so much for the player if they don't make the NHL (but they still get the life experience).
  22. Maybe you're right. My point was that this was really a season of opportunity for many players to step up and Tage has made the most of it (Eichel, Reinhart moved, Mittelstadt hurt). You might recall that even Hasek needed to get his chance as a number 1 before he cemented the spot. Yes I agree on the "thought experiment" comment.......typical Sabres fan always wondering what could have happened.
  23. I'll give Granato the credit for moving Tage to center but I do wonder if the move would have happened if Mittelstadt had stayed healthy and if Reinhart had stayed with the team this season and playing center as he had at the end of last season. Cozens also. The conditions were right. It just goes to show that all players have to take advantage of the opportunity when it comes up. Granato looks brilliant on the move regardless and we are much deeper at center than we thought at the beginning of the 2021-22 season.
  24. In other news the Jack Eichel Voodoo dolls are selling quickly to former Eichel fans..................
  25. Dahlin interview, he's changed his go to statement from "super excited" to "super happy".
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