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  1. It would be wild if the goalie was the answer lol. But I think it might be Armia?
  2. I’m sitting up in heaven where the stage used to be. I’m amazed at the ticket buying response to this playoff run. It gives me some hope that AHL hockey and the Americans are still important to Rochesterians. Exciting!
  3. But there is a rule and Tim Connolly was a long time ago. Save your whatever for the garage league that is the NHL and/or Bettman. Also, this is an opinion column, but it’s got the info. 17 teams exceeded the cap that year with LTIR. https://www.thestar.com/amp/sports/hockey/opinion/2021/07/10/the-tampa-bay-lightning-didnt-cheat-their-way-to-the-stanley-cup-get-over-the-salary-cap-thing.html
  4. Respectfully, I don’t agree at all with this. They didn’t skirt or circumvent anything. People hate the rule and I get it, but Tampa didn’t invent the rules.
  5. This is the sixth time in the last eight years the Bolts have gone to the Eastern Conference Finals. Hard to believe in the salary cap era.
  6. This was rumored to be the downfall of the Bills super bowl game against the Giants. Those Tampa strip clubs will getcha.
  7. They moved venues because they were fourth in the order for scheduling and almost never got Saturday home game.
  8. Well the 13 win streak team was also their playoff team. The Comets were decimated by call ups the majority of the season.
  9. We agree that Dell is not a good goalie at the AHL level. I’ve been watching this playoff run closely. The only game(s) that I thought Dell “stole,” or more appropriately, played well/very well in, was 1) Belleville game one (stole), & 2) Utica at ROC game three (very good). All other games he was pretty average. Plugged in Amerks fans don’t have a lot of confidence in him. At the same time, there’s an exhaustion with UPL in his underperformance relative to his billing/prospect status. And he has been injured every year. My gut says they’ll roll with Dell and hope he gets hot. And only turn to UPL if ROC has their backs against the wall in this best of five series v Laval.
  10. Crazy stat: Bowness has coached more NHL games than anyone else in league history, either as an assistant or as a head coach.
  11. It appears it was a turnstile down the tunnel for the Lightning today due to blocking shots. Perry, Cernak, Stamkos, Hagel, and maybe more. They’ll get the credit for the bumps and bruises because they won, but they also deserve it.
  12. He had one SOG in the third, and it was a HEAVY wrist shot. You can’t teach people to shoot like that. It’s no wonder why he was drafted in the first round. He’s pretty involved in the play when he’s out there. Hopefully his puck luck turns around.
  13. Seeing assistant coaches Michael Peca and Mike Weber egg on the Amerks fans hanging on the glass when they headed toward the locker room after handshakes drew a big smile on my face.
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