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  1. I bet Meatballs is just as compelling, but without all the curse words. I like DG’s style better in that way.
  2. Well that’ll knock the off-season rust off a guy.
  3. Dunleavy doing tv PBP on the radio is nothing new for him. It’s also been that way with RJ for many, many years. Things may have changed, but the Sabres were literally the only NHL franchise prior to Covid to have one PBP team for both tv and radio. And it stinks.
  4. I got concerned about hitching my ride to the Browns with the trio of Chubb, Cooper, and Njoku…only went with Cooper and Chubb. My mistake. All of them scored tonight. Still an uphill battle for @North Buffalo!
  5. Yes, this is true. But the root of my complaint is how the for-profit entities of experian, equifax, and transunion are not consumer-centric. Why is consumer credit in the hands of money making operations? What happens when there’s a data breach (equifax breached almost half of the US adult population—thanks for the no cost to you credit monitoring for 12 months)? Where is the accountability? Nothing but headaches for the consumers. Why isn’t next-level credit authorization/verification the standard operating procedure? Why should it cost consumers their own money for FICO models ($63 a pop in the mortgage game)? Imagine being a less informed consumer like the majority of the US? I’m all for personal accountability, but the education around credit is so limited that it impacts the least affluent the most.
  6. It’s because the credit industry is a for-profit enterprise. That would be expensive and time consuming to roll out for 300 million people. But you ask a great question. It’s time that the credit industry gets regulated.
  7. I love the Embedded series and I hope the Sabres continue to churn out episodes. With that said, am I really supposed to believe that Comrie & Lyubushkin were their primary intended targets all along?? That just seems pretty far-fetched.
  8. I support this. I had a sneaking suspicion that he might move upstairs to a role of President of Hockey Ops at some point due to the complications with Kim’s health…and this extension doesn’t preclude that. But, to me it shows that KA wants to be the GM and I’m onboard.
  9. Would be nice to see Knox more involved today. If McKenzie and his speed is on the outside in place of Gabe, that’ll give Dawson a lot of room to operate.
  10. Totally agree. The thing I have noticed is how infrequently a QB will throw for the distance needed. If it’s 3rd and 10, most QB’s are throwing air yards for seven and asking the WR to make a play. The Bills/Josh throws for the line to gain the majority of the time. It’s so refreshing to see Buffalo roll out an aggressive offense. I still shake my head in wonderment that this is my favorite team 😀
  11. The deal could age well given the expected increase in salary cap by the midpoint of this deal. I think that was part of KA’s thinking to lock Tage up now.
  12. That flaming mullet would look so perfect
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