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GDT: Sabres at Panthers Dec 2, 2021. 7PM MSG


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12 minutes ago, KC Scouts said:

I agree.... but I just don't understand why they felt they had to go with absolute garbage for goaltending. Ullmark would have been just good enough to make the season palatable without qualifying for the playoffs, in other words FANS with A**es in Seats.

Well I do think they were dumb enough to think their offer to Ullmark would be the best one he got by far and he would sign and thus hold the place for the future kids but maybe not. Maybe it was just a clever tank. 

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12 minutes ago, Pimlach said:

I want to see more wins.  Especially when I turn on the tube and see a 3-0 lead after one period.  Then I expect to see a win.  

I’m tired of losing. I can’t make peace with it.  Never could. 

NEVER play to lose. 

Don't want losses either but they are inevitable. There will be no progress until next year unfortunately.

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1 hour ago, Pimlach said:

I seriously cannot think of a worse goalie in Sabres history than Dell.  If not Dell then it’s Tokarski, or Houser last year. 

Kevin Adams trades for Subban.  Not sure that is going to help much other than keep UPL in Rochester longer.  

It is amazing that the goaltending is this bad.  It’s a shame because the rest of this team is working.   It starts to feel hopeless. 


Did you forget about a guy named Patrick Lalime?

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41 minutes ago, Pimlach said:

Really?  That is what you saw?   I saw the Sabres play a terrible 2nd and cling to a lead.  They did dig deeper in the 3rd period.  I saw them outshoot Florida 18-10 in the third period and control play for a good amount of time.  I saw Florida’s rookie goalie come off the bench and make saves.  I saw Dell let in two more cheesy goals in the 3rd and blow a 4-3 lead.   Sure Florida is good, our defense is not, and Dell had a lot a shots on him.  Maybe he could cover the puck more?  Maybe he could control rebounds better?  

This team is breaking down because of poor goaltending.  The roster is already marginal.  They need a goalie to help them stay in games and they are not getting that.  How many games do you score 4 goals and lose because your goalie let’s in bad goals in bunches?  

We played bad enough to lose but also good enough to win.  

Fair enough… Watching was the wrong word… We did pick it up in the 3rd, but most of the period shot differential was on the PPs… We were badly outworked 5-5 the last half of the game as I saw it… Most of it was our weaker roster and dismal defense in our zone, but Granato can’t get them to play aggressive for 60 minutes… No excuses for that… 

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5 hours ago, SwampD said:

I didn’t find anything wrong with Dahlin tonight.

Even though he played a good game, Okposo’s pass on that last PP to seal the deal was brutal.

I  believe the Panthers third goal Dahlin was up at our blue line heading out with three panther players still in the zone. Knowing when too jump in the rush is very difficult and the elite Dmen do it the best. NOT Dahlin….Panthers scored!

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I went to bed thinking, hope they don't a comeback like versus the caps.

Anyway I don't mind this at all, the kids are growing, well Dahlin having issues.    But next year we add, Krebs, Quinn, Peterka, Samuelsson, Power + a top 3 pick.   Edit also Tuch 🙂

Just need to find a half capable goalie to get into the playoffs.

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