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  1. ah well, drink some water, and hope hangover not so bad tomorrow 🙂
  2. Team nailed it tonight on all fronts. The goathead should be a 3rd forever.
  3. Just happy we escaped 1st half not down 3-1 - Jesus we stunk 😄
  4. Might have heard me yell at start of game when idiot coach started Thielemans again. He is a luxury player, good on attack but defensive a liability, Onana brought so much more on both sides. De bruyne was gassed 2nd half I think , but his passes didn't connect all game. Trossard came in good, thought Hazard played better than I thought and might grow still in the tournament but lacking game speed.
  5. JJP - Cozens - Quinn should never be broken up for the rest of the year.
  6. Just remembered that there was a player that would do some rope skipping before every game, think it was Datsyuk.
  7. Well im not an expert, but I can imagine it would losen up some muscles. But maybe there are better ways of doing this than skating.
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