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  1. Its that good huh ? I read something about this in the paper here about hollywood loving the show so thought I wouldn't give it a shot. But now I will have to lol.
  2. 45 million I think, basically ended WWI. I think population was around 1.5 billion back then and world travel not going so fast I think in todays standard if that hit us it would be like 500 million for sure.
  3. I'm still busy working every day and I'm glad for it 🙂
  4. I think they would just do playoffs if it ever starts up again, but I'm afraid with the late measures taken season is over yes. I'm counting since first reported case that everyday they waited to do a lockdown, I'm adding an extra 3 days of lockdown.
  5. You are good man, but I don't think if this breaks out in Africa anything can be done about it. The west is in no position to help those countries out. The only one that will is China.
  6. Still going to work everyday - Passenger side of airport is closed but cargo side still running like usual minus the passenger flights. Might even have more cargo flights coming but we'll see what if that actually happens. Its bound to dry up sooner than later with the entire industry down.
  7. Don't know him is he supposed to be somewhate decent ? 😛
  8. The only thing my country did right is Isolate the elderly really fast, still 50% of people in hospital are under the age 50 at the moment. Can you Imagine like in Italy have to take old people of the respirators to save the young ones. Everyone severely sick over 60, they don't even bother anymore. They just hope they pull out of it but all treatment goes to young people with better survival chances.
  9. Over here more believe the Virus would have been released in China to cripple their economy and not vice versa. 😛
  10. That might end up being the case if you look at Italy.
  11. Well with Mariota going to the Raiders, Carr probably will still be traded to the Patriots.
  12. Ah some of you know more about this than me, but do find it strange South-Korea got their ***** together so fast. Now Montenegro has leadership I can appreciate, closed borders 2 weeks in advance of the rest of Europe. Everyone coming from certain risk countries like Italy / Switzerland / slovenia got put in Quarantine back then. 0 infections there so far.
  13. not really true, both SARS and MERS are both in the Corona family and test kits based on those are being used in Asia. Also the reason why they believe Chloroquine that was used against malaria in the day will help against Covid-19. Was already found to be useful against SARS in a lab here in Belgium in 2004. The Chinese got informed about that and started using it though was never tested outside of a lab.
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