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  1. Well I'm not so much surprised, I remember few years ago I saw a game where they put Girgorenko, Zemgus and angry larry on one line. I loved how they clicked.
  2. Never thought about this but the Krueger effect might be in play here.
  3. If its a sign and trade I'd go Mittelstadt + Ristolainen.
  4. Injured too much, and really hasn't been decent because of it in years. Can put Jenner in his spot though. Cozens will be our 2C next year.
  5. I would say: Do not hit the reset button TP, or we are looking at an ever longer rebuild.
  6. Yeah think I'll go out and get drunk 😄
  7. That team plays for each other, the way brown blocked for Allen on his rushing TD. Beasley and Brown work well with Josh Allen, now if they can draft a nice rookie WR they really are set for a nice run.
  8. This is where I get confused, I know you got a cushion but why punt it and give it back to dallas , wouldn't you want your Defense to rest ?
  9. The one where he made the kid eat his own parents , South park can be so nasty haha
  10. I doubt that, he has done a lot of trades for this season already, just couldn't do one getting us one more top 6 forward. I don't get this perception of him some of you have.
  11. Larsson with a 4 point night, he is finally going to look good with a decent winger 😛
  12. We should hire peters, some of our players can use a good ass kicking 😄
  13. I think botterill has more slack than some of us realize.
  14. That Lamar Jackson certainly making a lot of scouts look foolish. Both him and Allen had growing pains but to me are the only two QB's in this draft actually making progress. Lamar Jackson is on another lever than Allen but that is ok, I think you need to be lucky to find a gem like that.
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