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  1. Back is killing me and its my own fault. Stupid me and always waiting as long as possible to go see doctor. Probably made it worse just thank god its not a hernia.
  2. they should add lindy ruff as well 😛
  3. Maybe we can see if Lehner wants to come back, JBOTT was really solid with helping him out.
  4. It smells more like we are up against the cap and need to wait for others to make moves.
  5. Yup i'm there - going to call this La terre pour lafreniere 😄
  6. That is debatable , never been a fan of him. I think Joker made him look good.
  7. was a bit funny how they tried to take that puck away from Jack. Its actually like the league is starting to get scared of him.
  8. Frolik might work on that line when Skinner returns, bit of a big body on the forecheck for skinner and mojo.
  9. Well not really the GM's fault when the owner puts him with his back against the wall.
  10. and when you trade away young players like compher who would help round out our team.
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