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  1. Its enjoyable, a bit below vikings but I like it too. Also not completely historically accurate because the main character was the biggest backstabber of its time for both vikings and saxons in northumbria. But I like the storyline and the acting isn't to bad.
  2. Jets knew he wouldn't stay with them, but he also made it worse by stating he would only go to the Rangers because he wanted to be in New York for his girlfriend. A d man that usually would have gotten at least two first rounders and a prospect. I don't think you can compare him or subban for a possible risto return. personally I would want a top 6 NHL player coming back + a 1st round pick.
  3. I personally like them too, actually a better jersey than the winter classic one.
  4. https://50thcollection.canucks.com
  5. at least they didn't screw it up like the canucks 😛
  6. Only way I trade for him if they take Okposo back straight up.
  7. dude looks fast, think he'll grab a spot ? seems pretty crowded at RB.
  8. problem is I'm a heavy drinker , I need 20 beers to even start feeling drunk. Our alcohol % is even higher then those watered down foreign ones 😛
  9. Ryanair is going to have a lot of issues , I'd avoid booking anything with them seeing all the strikes that will happen. before the game / during the game / after the game. Bring your own flask , alcohol is very expensive over there 😛
  10. Not really putting him up for success though. I'm expecting more something like this. Skinner - Eichel - Vessey Johansson - Mitts - Reinhart VO - Erod - Thompson Girgs - Larsson - Okposo Sheary
  11. True, but in the beginning of the season I did like his defense from time to time. But he still remains a 3C they will look to use as 2C.
  12. Come back next year, this year he never had much cap space after signing Skinner.
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