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  1. ***** it I'm drunk, and 13th forward and up good signing at 800k.
  2. If they sign him, then all the internal salary cap rumours were ***** 🙂 . also better make room and trade risto and montour then.
  3. Well you do need to space for Dhalins big contract.
  4. The instigators interview with friedman is on youtube, he talks about the 70 mill internal cap. It will be a special UFA/RFA season. When I see Krug stating, he bet on himself long enough, his value is high and he will not take hometown discount I chuckle a bit. no AHL season, I bet at least 20 teams with internal caps. the UFA/RFA clock has been put back 10 years at least for the next 3 seasons. Brodin just signed a 7x6 contract, last year that dude should have signed up to 7.5 a year at least.
  5. https://www.capfriendly.com/armchair-gm/team/1931127 well I made an attempt maybe @Ducky can say what he would want in return for Ehlers with Ristolainen going the other way. 73.500.000 internal cap , which is still high of 70.000.000 reported by friedman. Also don't want to handcuff this team with Dhalin needing a huge extension soon which will most likely be in the Eichel contract range. Only thing I don't like is our LHD. But Hjalmarsson can move to 2LHD with Joker, and we move Miller next to Dhalin. Also made me realize it will be freeking hard to go after pietrangelo and give him 8 mill, not only for the internal cap this year, but also for Dhalins extension that needs to happen. Did buy out Okposo because I want more speed , but not an Ideal year to do it, his buy out is best suited in two years sadly. Still counts 4 mil to the cap this year and 5 mill the next one, after that it gets better.
  6. For now I'm just under the assumption there will be no AHL season, that combined with internal salary caps alot of borderline young players will get a shot faster next year.
  7. Also with a possible internal salary cap of 70 million. Be prepared that our 8OA (Holtz / Rossi / lundell ) + Cozens + Ruotsolainen will all be in the line up.
  8. Danault really isn't that good ....
  9. I think Mitts is trade bait this year already.
  10. Player I would look into, if the coyotes are dumping Hjalmarsson. How about Montour + mittelstadt for Hjalmarsson + connor garland.
  11. Personally I'm thinking more like this now. But also depends on what we do with our 8OA - I'm really hoping Holtz drops to us and we fix our RW hole. VO - Eichel - Samson Skinner - Staal - Thompson Kahun - Cozens - Craig smith / ufa
  12. 3rd line is easy. You put the best prospect not in the NHL that is Cozens as 3 C and get him a UFA winger. Thompson - Cozens - craig smith. But all depends on what kind of ufa RW we can get. Kahun will slide to 3rd line where he should be if we sign dadonov or hoffman.
  13. Yeah I know they aren't, just stating the holes we have without larsson and zemgus.
  14. VO - Eichel - Samson Skinner - Staal - 8OA holtz / cozens Kahun - 8OA lundell/rossi / cozens- Tage Casey - Asplund - Okposo Guess that could be our team as of now, would really like Larsson back as 4C but he'll get nice offers elsewhere I'm sure. If he wanted to be back he would have signed already. Maybe his next move is Ristolainen straight up for monahan 😄
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