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  1. Only thing I find annoying is how much the refs let the flyers grab our sticks. Should have been 1 - 2 penalties for that alone.
  2. Risto been good when nasty, but still dumb penalty. Not really good to start the 3rd down a man though when you are down 1-0. Worst case we get hemmed into our zone for 8 minutes. I'm entertained, I'm loving these sabres, but the scoring needs to be better yeah 🙂
  3. Yeah I get you want to establish yourself in the zone, but we got guys with great shots they should use it more. And if a flyer blocks it make it hurt 🙂
  4. I think we will be seeing a fight or two in the 2nd period.
  5. Samson is glued to Jack for rest of season now. As for our goalie, don't think there are plenty options out there that make me confident they are better than hutton. Worst case we call up 6K from the AHL.
  6. They didn't shoot the puck, 10 passes in a row , loose puck. only the 3rd PP they couldn't set up in the offensive zone. The other 4 were fine except the fact they did not shoot.
  7. Its rough, but I'll keep watching , in the end its the only hockey team I want to see win.
  8. Eichel is not looking to good , at this point I'd switch up my lines a lot as coach. Hall - Cozens - Samson Skinner - Eichel - olofson Eakin- staal - thompson. Asplund - Lazar - Quin
  9. They are just not shooting the puck, VO and Eichel have great shots, just try your luck already, its nothing but pass pass pass.
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