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  1. Great as long as it doesn't involve our 1st rounder next year, I expect us to be a bottom 10 team again and I want a shot at lafreniere.
  2. When it comes to centers that is the only way forward, unless you can get Maklkin at a reasonable price. But that still won't help us much and we would still be a lottery team. We need one more year sadly.
  3. Ah its all good, just the names might be of a bit. Auto correct keeps most drunk messages rather good 😛
  4. Seems they wanted him, had him come over to do some pre-draft testing.
  5. Its what I expected Jbots to do, he had so many late round picks, package them for guys you really want.
  6. There are a few more last two years that have my hopes up. UPL, Laaksonen, Byson and Weissbach. (spelling might not be right, I'm a bit durnk )
  7. Just watched season 1, my expectations were low but it got me hooked.
  8. chances are we are still going to be able to pick one of the 4 forwards mentioned in this thread earlier.
  9. McCABE + Okposo then ? only thing that could make me happy if we trade him to nashville 5 minutes later after the trade 😛
  10. Thing about Jbott is, he keeps things tight, nothing might happen but he always surprises us at least once every deadline.
  11. I think Yzerman will abuse his Tampa connection and make a nice blockbuster with them.
  12. tank for lafreniere 😛 Yeah I'd tried to be as realistic as possible, don't expect much this time around.
  13. I think if you waive him to AHL, might see him bolt to Europe. Would try that for sure.
  14. Nylander - Eichel - Oloffson Skinner - Samson - Zuccarello Erod - Mittlestadt - Perry ( 2 year deal) Girgensons - Larsson - Okposo Dhalin - Montour McCabe - Ristolainen Pilut - Bogosian Hutton Ullmark (I do expect UPL in here by november if the other two keep performing badly)
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