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  1. I think 3 deaths is way to low, need to be at least 5.
  2. I think Missandei and grey worm was like a final goodbye episode. Jorah will probably get a heroes death trying to save his niece. Turmond and brienne die most likely, I can see Jamie having to take over the leadership of the left flank. Bran and theon die and jon takes revenge somehow. I think dany survives, but goes powerhungry for the iron throne and tries to kill jon an episode later. (one of the first episodes she had a vision walking towards the iron throne and it was snowing all around) With Jorah, grey worm and missandei gone, she will probably have tyrion killed. Jamie, I don't see his storyline ending, he is going to be needed to have the lannister army turn side in the end.
  3. Actually owned by Duvel-moortgat which is from Belgium, and the name itself is Belgian so I got confused.
  4. Beer any good? think I read it being done by a smaller Belgian brewery. yup ommegang. https://www.ommegang.com/
  5. This is what I like the most, athletes that do charity but don' t advertize about it on social media. No one likes Cristiano ronaldo but compared to messi he does a lot more for charity.
  6. RJ might just quit his job if we sign him.
  7. Won't know, because unlike butcher he stayed with the team that drafted him.
  8. Ruff - Epic beard swede ass his assistant.
  9. We will have to wait a while longer anyway, Botts is with team Canada now. Suppose he has some candidates he can spend time with in Ruff and AV.
  10. Just watched it, never expected much but it was a nice set up. People that think they will all just come together and fight as one might be disappointed, It gave for some intrigue.
  11. Of to bed, going to watch it in the morning 🙂
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