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  1. Rumours are when Housley got fired, he wanted to come back to buffalo and asked rangers for permission which he got. Always wanted him back, don't think there would have been a much better fit than him to get fire back on this team.
  2. To be honest I haven't followed much of the prospects this year, didn't feel like it but I will take your word for it 😛
  3. Cozens has outgrown the WHL, he will be with the big team playing 2RW/3C. But I think he'll play center pretty fast seeing our need for 2C/3C. I actually think his playing style will match skinners but I want a RW that can throw his body around for him on that line.
  4. Was in news paper that at least 26 NHL players tested positive...
  5. They should do the HUB cities in Canada if they want a shot at a hockey season.
  6. I don't know , never been a fan of strome, not enough speed and lack of defense.
  7. Detroit bad no, Buffalo bad yes with some good young guys. Starting the hockey season next year will be rough already, never minding finishing this one. NBA already has like 15 confirmed covid cases, did they start testing NHL players yet ? I said it before, cancelling this season would have been the only logical choice, this effort they make is just to make sure they don't lose out on TV deals. Also I believe in jack a lot, this kid can carry a team to anything.
  8. I'm not talking about next years cap, a lot of pro teams are still in lalalala land, same same as housing market. People talk about second covid-19 wave coming, no clue at all no one, but worst case everyone shrinks down and economy too.
  9. I'm being realistic, Cozens is a much more advanced than Mittelstadt and with the new parity coming up.... I really have no reason to believe than any team in any pro league wouldn't need to downsize in the current economic climate.
  10. Seriously though I think we need to start considering a reduced salary cap next two years. It certainly won't go up and we'll need cheap players on their ELC. You will see a lot of young players being pushed into the league because of it too along with there might not being an AHL season. Our top 6 next year might very well be Oloffson - Eichel - Reinhart Skinner - Cozens - Holtz ??? Don't really know how close Holtz is to being NHL ready, but if its only one year and no AHL I can see him getting a shot, still wonder what mike hoffman would ask though.
  11. Maybe lafreniere will fake a career ending knee injury and text KA to draft him at 8 😛
  12. Starting to think I might pick Askarov or trade the pick to NYR for Georgiev.
  13. At this point Holtz is my pick at 8. But I'm very intrigued by askarov.
  14. Just glad Adams appears to have some sort of plan.
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