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  1. KA deserves sometime to implement his plan and guarantee he gets at least two more seasons. Isn’t there a smidget of change in team culture going on before our eyes as we write?
  2. I believe the Panthers third goal Dahlin was up at our blue line heading out with three panther players still in the zone. Knowing when too jump in the rush is very difficult and the elite Dmen do it the best. NOT Dahlin….Panthers scored!
  3. Something has to happen with him. He makes mistakes my DIII kid doesn’t make. Game after game. I know it will hurt everyone’s ego, dahlias, Sabres, scouts, etc but it’s time he went down to Rochester to fix his game.
  4. Dahlin might not be good enough to play for an ECHL team right now. He is just brutal!
  5. Zionsville Indiana, suburb north of Indianapolis for 30 yrs. Born and raised in Cheektowaga, NY.
  6. Is there anybody on this board who can honestly say they want cancer? Maybe if you have a death wish. John is a form of Cancer. I for one am glad we exercised this cancer from the organization. All the money in the world right now is not making this self centered athlete happy. Hope he rots on the vine while counting his Benjamin's
  7. Maybe getting rid of John Eichel we can actually start some team building
  8. John is a rare talent but I feel he has proven he doesn’t fit the Team first concept that is needed to win. He isn’t Crosby or McKinnon. I would take a player on the Sabres with 10% less talent and the team first attitude, that is humble and has a work ethic like Josh Allen has any day. A bad Sabres team or not, John could have had this town eating out of his hand for life aka Jim Kelly, Ryan Miller, Gilbert, Josh Allen. I would pay to see the product put on display tonight with out that rare talented player! I love hockey it’s the ultimate Team sport
  9. I am pleading ignorance here. I didn’t get the peeling banana insult. Please explain and thanks.
  10. Is it even possible that Lehner remembers where the rink is for Cripes sake. Between his fragile mental faculties and weekly benders while on the team I firmly believe he is filling in the blanks about his time here, the organization or where Buffalo is on the map for goodness sakes. This guy needs some more therapy. Someone other than Biz to talk to.
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