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  1. All good better be the toughest teams, when come play off time we are ready 🙂
  2. Looking at our schedule it really will be tough. I think we play 25/33 games against playoff teams.
  3. Sometimes I do feel that upl for a big guy leaves the top of the net open to much.
  4. They are actually making me work tonight, so im not watching much ðŸĪŠ
  5. Come on boys, grab that playoff spot. Lets get there first, and beat the leafs 😛
  6. Bryson + 2nd round pick for McCabe I would do.
  7. I think Jost will be happy to stay at 1.5 mill, he was a waiver pick up. He basically got a 2nd chance with us should give us some loyalty both ways 🙂
  8. Still does not seem like a good move for us when it comes to cap and pieces you would have to trade back. Our first rounder (top 3 protected) I can live with / CM or Oloffson / Peterka/Quinn/Kulich should not be going other way though. There is a reason sharks want to trade him, any gm will have his back against the wall with that Qualifying offer.
  9. All the explanation you need, Some are more open about their problems others like to do the battle in private.
  10. I am, his qualifying offer is 10 million , basically his next team will be forced to overpay for him. Why would we do that ? Edit: see you already commented on the same later on 😄
  11. People also tend to forget, Comrie played when half of our D was occupied by AHL players.
  12. It starts with okposo this one, I don't get why he just not passes it to other side, but gets pinned down in our own zone.
  13. Just incase you can't get enough 🙂
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