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  1. No but I don' t see how we will get a more competent goalie next year. Teams aren't just handing them away. There are at least 10 other teams with goalie problems.
  2. Our next years goalie tandem Tokarski - Houser and I wouldn't even be mad about it 😛
  3. Just another record for the bills to break on Sunday 😛
  4. Maybe, but we got a nice haul for risto 😛
  5. Watch the flyers only get a 2nd rounder for Risto at the trade deadline 😛
  6. completely misread, for some reason I thought this game started 1 am my time again , could have watched 😆
  7. They are bringing them in slow, I don't mind having the kids grow in Rochester for a year. Starting to think even if Wright needs another year to build some muscle I would keep him in the OHL.
  8. Going to be a tough year to get into the superbowl still though.
  9. Well yeah, but who of these 4 you put on the wing ? Maybe Casey even makes the most sense? Krebs seems to be good at taking faceoffs.
  10. I'm thinking more along the lines of next year, but we got Thompson - Casey - Cozens - Krebs. The last 3 should always be in our top 6.
  11. With Casey back, Krebs and Cozens might become wingers. Thought I really like Cozens at center.
  12. Going to be an epic 84 yard throw in the superbowl for him then 😛
  13. Losing Cal Petersson back in the day is really hurting us right now 😞
  14. We will need to spend one of our late firsts to get a goalie I think. also 😛
  15. I might not have been a fan as long as some of you, but this season is the most upbeat I have been in years. Which I never expected after seeing Reinhart and also Eichel traded. I'm liking the direction we are going in and I think we will be a powerhouse team in 2 years if the kids pan out.
  16. Lol not happening, Bills will be gone before the sabres ever do. Next year the place will be full every night again with Wright or Savoie on the team. And in 2 years a big UFA signing will happen as well. Also don't underestimate what covid is doing to attendance. I would think twice before risking even sitting in a half full house in a closed building.
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