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  1. Fiala as a trade is about as even as you can get. Forward RFA that can not be signed by his team due to cap restrictions. Fiala got traded for Brock Faber and a 2022 19th overal pick !! Send them Östlund and top 10 protected first rounder. <-- and I like Östlund a lot.
  2. Was also in the youtube sabres embedded I saw few days ago. Kevyn called up UPL after signing comrie, saying they want him to play games and still believe he will be an NHL starter someday.
  3. Roy Kean was a real ***** though, tough love kinda captain. Everyone walked in line under him though.
  4. yeah keep him, unless some crazy offer but I'm not trading a corner stone leader.
  5. Guess most of them been in buffalo since 1st week of september and the first game is usually filled with ahl guys and prospects anyway.
  6. Yeah that looked really bad, completely snapped his neck back.
  7. I'd say portillo because he has some friends on the sabres team. But likely both are not signing.
  8. Actually its worth nothing, because it can't be traded, any value in the economy over there is a fairy tale. Razor actually made a smart remark.
  9. Also Detroits goalie situation has as much question marks as ours. Yzerman is doing what Adams will probably do in our situation, gamble on goalies until one sticks. Last years didn't pay off so now Husso gets a shot.
  10. They have Seider and hopefully that Swedish rookie that they need to be in the top 4. Its a lot to expect from a rookie. I think our rebuild is going a lot better.
  11. Detroit not really, Copp = Girgensons, making him your 2C after 1 good season is questionable. Perron is a 40 point RW, Kubalik needs to bounce back. Detroit have as much question marks as us. I do see Ottawa playoff bound though with some luck. I see this year as how the 2004 sabres would have looked like if no lockout.
  12. Presidential elections come on top of normal elections for parliament and prime minister.
  13. Meh i do not mind royalty, also the wages been diminished a lot here. As foor footing the bill, politicians do a lot worse things with our money.
  14. That is what a president in my country would be , a figurehead. Prime minister and parliament have all the power. No use in changing that and stirring up more ***** among politcal parties.
  15. Leafs didn't want to lose him actually, was their best defender according to fans.
  16. Its mandatory and always on a Sunday, at least its not hours waiting like 20 years ago, when I started voting we switched to electronic voting. Made thing go much smoother.
  17. I think they will put him next to Power, and he will excel in his defensive role. Added benefit will be that he will protect our rookie when needed. 1 goal 15 assists 🙂
  18. Besides rather have her signing laws in few years. smart , educated and both feet grounded. Our royal family isn't much on big show. Our own Elisabeth 😛
  19. The prime minister is elected by the parties with the most votes in parliament. Yes prime minister is the equivalent of a US president. King or President basically have ***** all power anyway in deciding things. No one here wants to spend time on another Sunday deciding on a lazy nitwit from a political faction that wants to cash in, rather have a king then. A president would not be decided by parliament, just like in France it would be a direct voting system. But you risk at him being from a politcal faction that doesn't have a majority in parliament, rather have a neutral king. Really not see the point in switching , will only bring more issues.
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