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  1. This is what they look like (actual screen shot). Then I have to log in, see what the violation is, make corrective action, and request a review.
  2. Just a note about the images… A couple things for the future: 1. people read the stuff at work and some of those were NSFW. 2. Google - our overlords who actually fund the server, gets ticked (and I get nastygrams) when they detect what they determine are sexually explicit images on pages that have Adsense ads. So, I’m hoping to avoid this in future topics. Thanks.
  3. Cringe. Had Jason Pominville shown the ability to be a coach at any level?
  4. You are free to change your display name and your avatar. There are no restrictions there other than you get one name change every six months I believe.
  5. I don’t follow the rest of the league all that closely. Has there been a trade or three of any significance this season?
  6. So I was unaware of the reference so I had to look it up… Maybe last year’s winner photo has to be displayed in the next year’s winners home for a year and then they change the picture?
  7. Would it be Bills, generic football, or Sabres based? I’m open to ideas.
  8. If someone can locate the perfect trophy topper - say a player figurine, either serious or in jest - I can start there.
  9. It would be retroactive. I like ones where you can put the name and year on it.
  10. Thanks @Derrico any thoughts about having a trophy to ship around every year? I’m sure there is something ridiculous we could come up with.
  11. This is a decent summary of what people support when they support him: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/06/trump-racism-comments/588067/
  12. This president? Yes. His "bad" is what he is. He's not even a politician for crying out loud. He's a guy who wants to make a buck any which way he can and he will attack ANYONE - you included, who he thinks is against him. Women, children, vets, evangelicals, widows, whomever... It doesn't matter if David Duke supported gun rights and lower marginal tax rates. To support Duke is to support the Klan. It doesn't matter if Louis Farrakhan supports family values and strong black families. To support Farrakhan is to support antisemitism. There comes a time when certain traits cannot be dismissed in favor of others. We don't ask women to take the occasional smack across the face because hubby is really good at car maintenance. Certain traits ultimately define you. Supporting Trump is supporting those traits. There is no single issue that justifies what he does everyday. At some point, we all have to look beyond ourselves. Unless your issue is the right to assault women, I'm fairly confident Mike Pence will carry your single issue water.
  13. on election day 2016? No. On 12/20/19? They are inseparable. Feel free to prove me wrong... Keeping in mind that just this week he called a fellow American female a "slob", berated two separate security details for not manhandling women protesters, said a World War II vet is probably in hell, complained that he should ask for his money back from Democrat politicians he supported in the past that are supporting impeachment... and let's not forget today's attack on Christianity Today. This happens nearly every day if you pay any attention at all. There has been a lifetime of evidence of who he is and three years of a presidency if there was any doubt. To support Donald Trump today, means you willingly support all those behaviors with it.
  14. So, they are in a tough spot as this is what the party has devolved into. Normally, the populace leads the politicians when opinions change. Trump wasn't elected because he convinced people that bigotry and predatory tactics were the path forward - he was elected because that is what the base was looking for. Someone just like him to reflect people like themselves. This party ain't your daddy's GOP anymore. That page has turned and it ain't going back.
  15. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-administration-says-food-stamps-need-reform-advocates-say-millions-will-suffer/
  16. If he decides to react as he is prone to do, this could get mildly interesting.
  17. Or the whole bearing false witness... Or wanting to cut benefits from food insecure families...
  18. This is a sobering list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Republicans_who_opposed_the_2016_Donald_Trump_presidential_campaign
  19. From the New Yorker (only for pulling some of these quotes together... ) "There was a time, not so long ago, when Lindsey Graham recognized, and said publicly, that Trump was “unfit for office”—and when Mitch McConnell, Marco Rubio, Susan Collins, Cory Gardner, and so many other Republicans in Congress recognized Trump for the moral vacuum that he is. Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s acting chief of staff, once called Trump “a terrible human being.” Rick Perry, his Secretary of Energy, saw him as a “barking carnival act” and deemed his candidacy “a cancer on conservatism.” Ted Cruz called him a “pathological liar” and “utterly immoral.” They used to care. But things have changed." This was the opportunity to right a wrong... for party leaders to save their party. To mend wounds and work towards respectability again. To reject a man whom during his impeachment attacked a WWII vet, called yet another woman a "slob", and berated for the 2nd time this week - a security guard for not manhandling a woman protester. But instead they bend the knee, while privately admitting (per Mike Murphy) they would vote him out if the votes were anonymous. ***** them. But... Republican talking points...
  20. I ain't gonna lie. The straight parroting of Republican talking points is highly disappointing. "Unprecedented" could be title of the biography of this administration and the subsequent actions of the Republican party.
  21. What a bizarre take. So, basically... I'm so innocent and I have so much exculpatory evidence that I'm going to force you to go to court for months to prove how innocent I am.... I'll show you how perfect that phone call was - as soon as you take this to the Supreme Court - you bet your bippy I'll prove how perfect it was!
  22. Just. Awful. Or maybe we all just give a young HC and GM a ***** moment to gather themselves as they start their new careers and not expect perfect decisions from day one. Jesus, you are comparing Sean’s first couple months on the job to Andy Reid. That’s patently ridiculous.
  23. I imagine the emphasis on turnovers was huge. The Steelers aren’t just a run of the mill defensive unit. That unit wins games for them. Despite the fact that I think CC is a knucklehead, the point about beating yourself was true and despite their clear efforts to avoid doing just that - they still almost did it.
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