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  1. Seriously? OK. Go ahead and start at number one because I’m sure there’s a lot of discussion on who would be number one. I’m sure that would be a wonderful debate. You got me. Who is the first person you would draft from 2015 after seven years of evidence?
  2. Please don’t derail my thread. I’m desperately trying to keep this on topic.
  3. This was not supposed to be Eichel specific. I’m just curious how that draft class played out.
  4. I’m not asking anyone to dive into alternate universes. Just look at the players’ seven year careers and slot them accordingly. Does anyone want to offer a full list of 10?
  5. So after everything you’ve seen, you still take him number two? Right now, I’m trying to decide if Marner, Barzal, or Connor should be number two.
  6. with everything that has happened, individual performances, injuries, etc. How would you re-pick the top 10 of the 2015 draft? 1. McDavid 2-10?
  7. And what if a disgraced person decides they aren’t going to resign?
  8. I think it was tongue in cheek.
  9. Jesus. Will someone close the damn door around here?
  10. Eichel's number was an artifact of dyslexia.
  11. It was a really weird place to try and throw a check at the best skater in the NHL. Calgary paid the price.
  12. Every single game of every day boils down to one single comment: the losing team wasn’t physical enough. It’s beyond tedious. I’m sure his reply to this will be some anecdote from 1988.
  13. I watched the third period. What I saw was the Rangers trying to play some cliché form of playoff hockey where they were trying to hit anything, and was completely ineffectual every time. 50% of the time they were missing their checks, 100% of the time the canes couldn’t care less and their much faster and more skillful team exited their defensive zone with ease. The Rangers now have one goal in two games against the faster more talented team. I’m sure someone’s going to show up and say they only need to hit more. 🙄 maybe the Rangers can call their buds from the Preds and ask them how to get it done.
  14. I haven’t seen physicality over Florida be a factor at all. They’re just not scoring.
  15. I don’t see them winning four out of six even if they give them the eighth game.
  16. I’ve searched for Peter‘s name and scrolled through pages and pages and pages of tweets. I’ve looked for any sign of any journalist in my Twitter feed about any comment regarding his firing and Jack. Nothing. I see comments from fans. If you don’t know how to post a link maybe just give us the name of the blu-check reporter and I would be happy to go search for it.
  17. Why don’t you go ahead and link to these articles written by actual journalists in respectable publications.
  18. I didn’t realize you added Eichel’s face. Nicely done.
  19. Dude. Posted 30 minutes ago.
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