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    So, I’ve been an amateur nutritionist/exercise reader for decades. Lots of information I haven’t really used since 90s. If only I did the things I literally read about every day for years upon years I’d be Rambo. However, an arm-numbing disc herniation in my neck and an unexpected bout of vertigo in March really shook me. Without going into details, I sulked heavily for a couple weeks after going to the hospital, but then one day I woke up on April 7th and I just told myself I’m going to figure out this health thing. I was 185 and I should be 145 if I’m ~12% body fat. BP was moving up to 135/90... 👎 So, after decades of reading I decided to pull what I thought was useful to me regarding how I live, how I think, what motivates me, and what was sustainable. What I came up with is that 16/8 intermittent fasting was a plan that addressed my issues. I was a late night binger for decades. That had to be the first to go. IF gave me the mental structure and discipline to avoid eating after 7pm. I couldn’t just not eat. I had to be actively be not eating because I was telling myself I had to revamp my relationship with food in a structured way. After IF was settled upon then I knew I just couldn’t eat the garbage I was doing before during my eight hours. So, I calculated my maintenance calories, tracked calories using MyFitness Pal, and established a 500 cal/day eating deficit. 1600 was my limit. That seemed enough to eat without starving and being sustainable. After that, I took a hard look at my heart health. BP and walking/resting pulse rate. I knew if I continued down my path that was going to be my weak link. So, I decided to address that with walking. Walking is sustainable. I walked 3-4 miles most days of the week until this last month (it got too hot). This had cascading benefits. I built stamina I was losing. I burnt 100 cal/mile. It was hopefully addressing BP. So, now I set myself up to eat 500 cal below maintenance a day AND walk off another 300-400. Once I got started, I was losing 1.75 lbs per week like clockwork. My graph from 185 to 161 is a virtual straight line. I measured my weight every morning (I crave feedback and results), along with waist and BP. My 1600 calories forced me to tweak my diet, with mainly eating oatmeal and eggs for breakfast every morning at 11am and to eat salad with my dinner every night. Both sustainable. I hit my first plateau at 161 and I’ve been fighting through it. I’m at 157.5 now but there is a stick in my spokes somewhere. 160 was my initial goal. Then I thought 150 was attainable. Now I have my sights set at 145 which is where I graduated high school and just at upper end of my healthy BMI range. I have no clothes to wear. I’m in the process of buying a couple items in case I have to go somewhere. Problem is I’m hoping this isn’t bottom. We will see. So, I picked and chose things that I knew addressed me and weak points and what I thought would be sustainable for me in the future. So far so good. I miss eating at night, but if I can continue to kick that habit I should be in better shape in the future.
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    I am down 26 pounds, down 10 points on systolic, down four points on diastolic, down 5 inches on my waist. Doing my part!
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  4. What if Adams was the one who did not want him aboard?
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    Trust me. He’s not using that figure in any meaningful way. But I would like to know what possibly use that figure could be.
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    I have a high school friend who lives in Florida who routinely talks about the death rate being less than 0.1%. He barely passed high school and came up with that number by dividing the number of deaths in Florida by the total number of people in Florida.
  8. This is garbage. Be better.
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    That's probably unnecessarily aggressive when it appears someone is just trying to be diplomatic (while also recognizing it will be true when the science proves it to be true and not relying on anecdotal evidence).
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    I have seen many people who have done a cough, sneeze, talk, breathe hard experiment with and without masks. The culture of the plates and show the difference. Is that a faulty experiment? because whenever they do it the difference between the mask plate and without the mask Clay is like night and day.
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    The new Core

    This isn’t that type of community. We are happy to have you here but we need to keep our level of discourse at a good level. Thanks.
  12. Why would you remember this? Freak. 🙂
  13. Second wave? First wave has not stopped.
  14. Perhaps there may be some benefit from seeing the organization go through multiple general manager and coaching changes.
  15. There’s a lot a hyperbole at times. And I would also say that no one actually knows the detail behind what KA was told. People are filling in the void of information with their own biases.
  16. You fail to mention the other half of that quote. Friedman also said this is not like the old days when franchise values were low and owners stayed out. He said with the escalating values that of course the owners want to be involved these days as opposed to the past. I think he might have even said they should be. Don’t quite recall if that was said though.
  17. Let's be reasonable about any accusations. A leaner organization doesn't mean Rochester goes without a coach. Someone has to be there. So, maybe they let them go because no coaching was going to be done for many moons, but that hasn't been said. Kevyn the GM said they were going to go in a direction more closely aligned with their views. Isn't that the way it is supposed to happen?
  18. all very reasonable and it doesn't rely on someone being Mr./Mrs. Magoo or Arya Stark.
  19. But this morning Kevyn said the staff in Rochester wasn’t in line with the things they wanted to do.
  20. If you listen to Elliot Friedman‘s podcast you’ll hear the review of the organization happened over the winter long before all of this happened regarding the virus. This is definitely overall performance based in general and fueled by financials specifically. it’s also a reason why they told multiple people they feel burned by NHL know it all’s telling them who the good hires are.
  21. I split this off because this actually was a very good listen from hockey people who don’t come from Buffalo. Please comment on the substance of the podcast and leave the other stuff out. Thanks.
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