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  1. I’m guessing that in the context of this conversation, that defensive forwards are just as useless as offensive defensemen.
  2. Members of this board seem to think Reinhart fits the bolded opposing what was said.
  3. There’s a baseball team in Buffalo? I thought that stadium was just for the yearly Wing Fest - which I’m assuming is also cancelled like everything else that’s fun.
  4. In this scenario, I think it’s more likely we would still see Risto and Montour in the lineup, with Joki and Borgen gone. I don’t see TBL or VAN taking on one of our D contracts when they are trying to shed payroll, instead they’d likely be targeting prospects. How we would get everyone under cap, idk, unless we trade Risto somewhere to try and help replenish some of the prospects we gave up to bring in Cirelli and Boeser.
  5. I actually like this idea, if we were dealing with a normal year. If the current craziness going on has created an unusual situation where we may be able to obtain a young 2C and a young top 6 W, while resigning certain players for less than they would’ve gotten - it is something that should be heavily considered.
  6. The Buffalo Sabres have the longest active playoff appearance drought (9 seasons). The longest playoff droughts in history were by the Panthers and Edmonton Oilers at 10 seasons, which ended in 2012 and 2017 respectively.
  7. I’d be completely fine with losing Z and Larry. Asplund and Lazar can replace them. I’m also fine with losing a Risto/Montour/Miller if it means improving our top 2 forward lines.
  8. That’s fine. Then any points scored in the play-in round are not playoff points. They are play-in points, and in a separate category.
  9. Skinner - Eichel - Reinhart Olofsson - Cirelli - Boeser Johansson - Cozens - Kahun 😍
  10. Basically, they can only afford 2 of Petterson, Hughes, and Boeser. The other attractive/costly players on their team are unmovable. This makes BB the odd man out.
  11. It should, due to what I stated. The 8 additional teams are now playoff teams - unless those 8 teams are somehow exempt from winning the Cup, which they aren’t.
  12. If players play games in the qualifying round, and they get counted in their stats as playoff games played...then they are playing in playoff games. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Nucks are trying to create salary cap room. How would this help them with that?
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