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  1. Kevin Stevens was great for a few seasons too, my fave Pen back then. It’s too bad what the prescription drugs did to him after they had to repair his face.
  2. I think in the 80’s, he was butchering Euro names on purpose. I think today, he’s just old and too excitable, because I hear him butchering everyone’s names. How does that quote go? “Canada has two official languages, English and French, and Cherry is the biggest Canadian star who can’t speak either one.”
  3. In Krueger’s intro presser, he pronounced Miroslav Satan in a way that I don’t believe I’d ever heard it before.
  4. “I’d rather play less minutes and make the playoffs.” Interesting quote from Risto.
  5. Is “mini-Domi” the father or son? 😂
  6. I love the “fuller” version of the story where JS says they had a rookie coach that was telling him to get off the ice, and JS refused. I hope JS keeps putting up more of these stories.
  7. Thought this could be fun. List your 3 favorite Sabres of all-time, your 3 favorite non-Sabres of all-time, and your 3 least favorite NHL players of all-time... Favorite Sabres of all-time: 1. Hasek 2. Stuuuuuuuu 3. Rayzor Favorite non-Sabres of all-time: 1. Joe Sakic 2. Cam Neely 3. Ovi Least favorite NHL players of all-time: 1. Claude Lemieux 2. Brad Marchand 3. Sean Avery
  8. I’m aware. It was an attempt at sarcasm. 🤷‍♂️
  9. I watched Nylander many times with the Amerks. Unless a change of scenery drastically changes him, he’s not Dylan Strome 2.0
  10. That’s what my ex used to call it. You’re with her now?
  11. The guys name is Henri? There has never been any players named Henri in hockey history that have been any good. BUST!!!
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