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  1. Any hockey player who takes a bite out of a cheeseburger thrown onto the ice is well worth this contract. I believe it’s called “character.”
  2. Doesn’t seem like many SabreSpacers are watching.
  3. I’m in favor of this idea. Lots of rivalry to be bred and developed in this concept. 63-70 game season, with 9-10 games against each of the Leafs, Bruins, Canadiens, etc...could be fun.
  4. You are definitely not welcome on Team Stormcloud. 😂
  5. I think Miller/Montour/Risto are all more replaceable than you think, and I believe the idea of trading 2 of the 3 is to improve the Sabres offense. The potential replacements MAY be a step below that trio, but at the cost of improving the Sabres offense, I think it’s worth it. We don’t need 27 puck moving D on our roster. I’d rather have “cheaper” players that actually just play D. Dahlin and Joki and whoever is left of the trio are enough puck movers. Let the other 3 provide balance.
  6. 1. Is Belichick wearing his mask upside down? 2. Pats look pretty overrated.
  7. Josh Allen joins Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Patrick Mahomes as the only players in history to open the first 2 games of a season with 700 or more yardS passing, 6 or more TD tosses, and zero picks.
  8. Is a billionaire owner seriously quibbling over $5-$10million dollars for his pet Sabres team? Doesnt seem to be an issue with the Bills.
  9. At this point, no. I DO think Asplund at minimum will be a solid NHL 4th liner, and will make an excellent 4th line with Pekar someday. Mitts I don’t see panning out with us. At all.
  10. The additional plus side, is that if the Sabres are out of a race next season, Staal will have deadline value.
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