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  1. As if nobody has ever made a false accusation to police or lied in court and gotten away with it.
  2. I’m sorry to hear about this situation. 😢
  3. The 12 prospects on the roster last season wasn’t enough for you?
  4. What if smoked, but didn’t inhale?
  5. The work week is over. So, it’s a good day.
  6. I’d still love to see them sign PK. I think he would be great for the young D, as well as the locker room.
  7. No. MF Grimm is worth a spin, particularly his Hunt For The Gingerbread Man album.
  8. I wouldn’t want to be in on Kadri, but it seems I’m in the minority here.
  9. None of the listed names. There’s no reason to trade any of them yet, unless it is for someone in the same age range, who happens to be better than one of them, that suddenly becomes available.
  10. It’s his initials. Not as cool as MF, though.
  11. I’ll likely go, just depends on the date.
  12. You forget. It’s the NHL. Not M&T Bank. A league where a fictitious player was once drafted.
  13. Just like how the Sabres traded Eichel to LVGK as a favor? 😂
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