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  1. NHL really doing wonders for their already questionable reliability when it comes to rules and officiating.
  2. Milbury should seriously be banned from working any NBC broadcasts that have the Bruins on them. The homerism is unbelievably annoying.
  3. Yeah, not working for me.
  4. There will be another bracket challenge, if someone wants to set one up at the conclusion of Round One!
  5. So, out of curiosity, if Ruff had coached any other NHL team for 15 seasons and never gotten them a Cup, you’d still take him over anyone else?
  6. ROR is in the playoffs...Tage, Sobotka, Montour, etc are not. The banter has nothing to do with the playoffs, and I’d have to assume there’s a thread for the trade debate somewhere.
  7. Why is there a ROR trade debate going on in this thread?
  8. No entrants selected CBJ. 5/9 had TBL for the Cup.
  9. It is a good article, I had pulled quotes from it early on in this thread 😎
  10. Getting closer and closer to Gronborg.
  11. I wonder if Vegas will let Gusev play in the playoffs.
  12. Since it’s a only a wish-list... 1. Coach? - Scotty Bowman in his prime, with a young Don Cherry as an assistant 2. #2 center, how obtained? - We trade away Bogo, Scandella, Sobotka, Larsson, and Okposo to EDM for Connor McJesus 3. Jeff Skinner resigned? - Yes, 6 x 7 4. Risto back or traded? - Traded to TBL for Point and Hedman 5. Biggest UFA signing? - Bobrovsky
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