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  1. There needs to be a mini-spinoff all about Saff.
  2. Hopefully I’ll get called up from Roch someday and get my shot.
  3. Is this a commercial break right after an icing?
  4. Why does RJ sound so young? What has the last decade done to him?
  5. It’s 4-1, they’re not making the playoffs, last game of the season, and they’re still busting their butts. Pretty criminal that they didn’t show all of the ceremonies after the game ended.
  6. https://nypost.com/2020/03/17/ottawa-senators-player-may-be-nhls-first-coronavirus-case/
  7. The Oilers are absolutely smoking the Flyers in this ‘85 Game 5 Stanley Cup final. 6-1 and it’s only the 2nd period. 7-1 now on a goal by Gretzky.
  8. Amerks were playing pretty badly for most of the period, but picked it up at the end with a PP goal by Leier. 2-1 Devils, shots now 23-21 Devils after 2.
  9. Play opening up more here in the 2nd. JJ made a nice stop on a 2 on 1, but the trailer came in and potted the garbage. 1-0 Devils.
  10. 0-0 after 1. Amerks 0-2 on the power play. Leading in shots 8-5. Neither team is dominant thus far. JJ in the nets.
  11. I’d agree with this, but also add a 2nd line winger as well. That would be my wishlist. Olaf/Skinner-Jack-Samson/1W Olaf/Skinner-2C-Samson/2W MaJo-Whoever-Whoever 4th line Ullmark-New G
  12. I’m with Weave regarding Mitts. Have you actually seen him play with the Amerks, or are you just basing your thoughts on some stats? Mitts isn’t even in the same stratosphere as Jack and Rasmus. Based on what I’ve seen in Rochester, it would be wise to move on from Mitts if the right deal comes along. Sure, he’s doing okay in the A stat-wise, but I’m not seeing an impactful NHL future for him at this point.
  13. Could’ve swore he called him Marrone
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