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  1. Thank you. I’ve tried to tell posters that Olof wasn’t just a PP scorer when I watched him with the Amerks. He has a 5v5 game as well. He just happened to score a ton of PP goals in his 1st season and got painted as only a specialist. There’s more there.
  2. I had to listen to the first half of the game during a car ride, and he reminded me of what I used to fall asleep listening to as a kid. Great job today by RJ.
  3. Whoever the Bruins homer announcer is was loving it. He was salivating over Lazar and Hall (both had goals) and was down talking the Sabres.
  4. I wasn’t completely sure if I had read an actual article about it or not, but it sounds likely fairly accurate even if it was only hypothesized somewhere else.
  5. How is he on the fly? Does he have some bite on his shot? How is he when he’s knocking on the doorstep? Does his game have any reflection of other players?
  6. Drake Caligula sounds like a savvy, yet modern, vampire.
  7. I believe it came out somewhere that essentially Tails was viewed as a threat by RK, due to things that happened while Tails was temporarily up on the bench with the Sabres. Thusly, Tails was axed when Kyvon was named 1A and RK named 1B.
  8. I’m not “keeping track.” I’m watching the Bruins-Isles game. This is the “Around the NHL” thread, isn’t it? 😂😂🤦‍♂️
  9. He’s a great guy, who is smart but wasn’t smart enough to apply his best. Many intellectuals are their own worst enemy. Hopefully he writes a book about it that is only in German.
  10. I wouldn’t have said this 2 weeks ago, but maybe Donny G is the man. He seems to have a pulse on the players he has, he seems to game plan for each team, and he seems confident in his mixes and when he alters them. There’s still a handful of games left, mostly against the hated Bruins, but I’ve liked what I have seen thus far.
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