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  1. That’s because he keeps his lucky underwear on the left side of his head. He has mentioned it in various interviews.
  2. Yes, but we have also been down this road before. Didn’t he say the Sabres had the top prospect pool like 5 years ago, around the Bailey and Baptiste time? Or the Grigorenko and Zadorov time? Rasmus and Zemgus, then Samson and John?
  3. Are we talking about the players, or the coaching and everyone above them?
  4. Having to watch John’s childish celebrations because DG would not adjust to what was happening in the game.
  5. The constant monster rebounds Comrie was giving up were not helping.
  6. I always love me some Ol Dirty Bastard. 👐 Wu-Tang is for the children.
  7. Skinner scores on that breakaway, probably a very different game result.
  8. The Bills look scary, and yet somehow, I still can’t get too excited about it.
  9. So, you all want to get rid of a player with 6 goals in 8 games, and 3rd on the team in scoring? Go ahead and take away the 2 EN goals, and it’s still a player on pace for a 40 goal season. Also, who cares if half of his career goals are power play goals? Someone needs to score. Nobody is saying he’s a one trick pony because half of his goals have been 5v5.
  10. The Kraken feed is surprisingly bearable, unlike most other teams. They poignantly pointed out “too many passes” by the Sabres at that one opportunity that they blew, and it was refreshing not to hear some homer ish.
  11. It’s not all about goals, it’s also about the experience getting there.
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