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  1. The hardest working team in hockey, version 2.0
  2. If the team keeps playing with this effort through the first 20 games, I’d see no reason not to make him the C in game 21.
  3. Gritty was interesting for about a week. Then it got old fast. Get Sabretooth rappelling from the ceiling again, and they’re into something. No need to move away from things that were working fine.
  4. Who is on what teams? People keep posting final scores, but I don’t know who the relative players are.
  5. MODO did leave the forum a few months ago. He was unhappy with the way the Sabres handled Ullmark. Im not sure if he became a B’s fan over it, but I would assume so if he was following the player more than the team, and was a fan of the team because of the player being on it.
  6. Chris Taylor was an excellent coach for the Amerks, and was a “good soldier” as a player for many years prior for the Sabres franchise. People who have wrote off his dismissal, probably weren’t paying much actual attention to the Amerks. Despite the 1st round exits, he was developing players very well. The idea is that Taylor was axed by Botts on that Bloody Tuesday because Tails clashed with Ralph while filling in for Donnie Meatballs, and now Ralph is gone. What a ridiculous loss over someone who was gone less than a year later. The excuse that Taylor was let go because he had high-priced AHLers on his teams is a joke, because he wasn’t in charge of signing them, and the current Amerks still have a handful of 6 figure players that were recently signed. According to CapFriendly, the Amerks will have 15 players on the roster making $750k or more. That’s an expensive roster for an AHL team.
  7. Debbie Harry and Blondie and The Clash all deserve credit for putting Sugarhill on. All 3 emcees/groups you named were seminal figures in the hip-hop lexicon, but had choppy flows in comparison to what later emcees did in perfecting flows in the craft
  8. What words in the post are questionable to you? Even Lemmy appreciated hip-hop.
  9. There is no shortage of emcees that had a flow as good, or better, than Biggie. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Nas, Tonedeff, Inspektah Deck, Eyedea, Pun, Rakim, Big L, Meth, and Lord Finesse all immediately come to mind. Additonally, Guru was great with jazz joints, as well as Q-Tip. Biggie via Puff was groundbreaking in that they found a way to break through to the mainstream with street songs with having a couple commercial tracks mixed into the album. Wu-Tang partially carved this path for them with the “Method Man” single.
  10. It’s bad pizza, but you are absolutely correct. For $1, these will satisfy in a pinch at their price point.
  11. I’m ashamed for the posters saying that RJ has “lost it” and is “sad now.” RJ in his current state is still far better than any of his potential replacements that I’ve heard in the last few seasons. And still better than most announcers around the NHL. The team may suck, and has sucked for a long time, but that doesn’t mean RJ does now too. Appreciate what they have, because it will be gone soon, and never seen again, just like Hasek.
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