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  1. It’s 2024. Why are you watching hockey on a radio?
  2. I’ve been here for 13 years now.
  3. And what is the point of doing that? Who is teaching them or telling them to do that?
  4. I care so little at this point, that I didn’t even know the Sabres had a game going on. Tuned in to see they had their goalie pulled with 6 minutes left, and 1 goal on 45 shots against a goalie 56th in the league in save percentage. This team is a joke. And nobody is going to make any changes.
  5. So, you think UPL has sucked at the pro level while playing behind a team that’s learning to play defense still? Makes sense.
  6. Came to check for the UPL hatred, but don’t feel like going through all 19 pages for it.
  7. I religiously drove from Rochester to Buffalo for around half of the Sabres games, every season, for many years. Around 8 years ago, I stopped doing that. I can count on one hand how many games I’ve been to in person since then. The reasons go beyond the team being bad. I can go watch them lose and still enjoy myself, if there are other factors. Those other factors started vanishing more after the new ownership took over. Even if tickets were only $10 I’d question whether it would even be a fun time to attend regardless if the team is bad or not. How’s the music? How’s the arena? How’s the parking? Is there a giveaway? How’s the food? How’s the atmosphere? What are they doing during intermissions to entertain people? They said they did all the work into improving the food at least - so, for those who have went, is it any better?
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