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  1. This board hates UPL, but sure seems to be okay with him after his good games.
  2. So, you think UPL has sucked at the pro level while playing behind a team that’s learning to play defense still? Makes sense.
  3. Came to check for the UPL hatred, but don’t feel like going through all 19 pages for it.
  4. I religiously drove from Rochester to Buffalo for around half of the Sabres games, every season, for many years. Around 8 years ago, I stopped doing that. I can count on one hand how many games I’ve been to in person since then. The reasons go beyond the team being bad. I can go watch them lose and still enjoy myself, if there are other factors. Those other factors started vanishing more after the new ownership took over. Even if tickets were only $10 I’d question whether it would even be a fun time to attend regardless if the team is bad or not. How’s the music? How’s the arena? How’s the parking? Is there a giveaway? How’s the food? How’s the atmosphere? What are they doing during intermissions to entertain people? They said they did all the work into improving the food at least - so, for those who have went, is it any better?
  5. I mean, there was the season he set the Sudbury Wolves franchise record for most wins in a regular season, led the Ontario Hockey League in wins, save percentage, and shutouts, and won the Red Tilson Trophy as the league's most outstanding player. 🤷‍♂️
  6. It’s all good, you did what you could. I just don’t check the board often when hockey isn’t in season.
  7. Wish I had known about the draft. Oh well, bad luck to everyone!
  8. With a pee wee hockey looking cage helmet like that??? Probably not.
  9. Haven’t been following much hockey since the Amerks got eliminated. Ras @ 10 x 8 is fantastic news.
  10. I won’t sit here and pretend to know anything about NFL salary caps or contracts. All I know is that I read articles a few days ago saying that the Bills had no cap room for Hopkins. Then, I read that they signed some new LB and gave Oliver a raise and extension. Color me confused.
  11. Reading these comments just made me glad I’m not watching.
  12. No, Marvin is correct here. It’s like when Spacers complain about KA not getting a new goalie. The question then becomes, well, who do you want him to target that is reasonably available and would want to play for Buffalo? Could Buffalo balance out their F and D pipeline better? Sure. If they moved Rosen, who or what do you want to see them fetch in return? Your response is like when a girlfriend says she is hungry and you say okay let’s go to Bar Bill, and she replies “no I don’t want to go there,” but then can’t tell you where she wants to go at all. That’s truly a colossal waste of time.
  13. That empty netter was a nice touch. *chefs kiss*
  14. It’s just maddening, because this could be a really fun series. The Amerks are clearly faster and more skilled, the Bears are clearly bigger with better D and G. The Bears being more physical is fine. Letting them to get away with a penalty or 2, sure, it’s the playoffs. Allowing them to just egregiously commit blatant penalties all game over and over and over - inexplicable. An Amerk was skating up the ice with the puck and a Bears player just wrapped his arms around him and stopped him. Nothing. Couldn’t believe it. A literal bear hug.
  15. I was at the game tonight. The lack of officiating was a complete embarrassment to the game of hockey. Hershey players were flat out tackling Amerks, and not a whistle was to be found. That doesn’t even include when a Hershey player shot a puck right over the glass. The 4 blind mice had a huddle about it and somehow concluded it was deflected out.
  16. I have had non-stop oil issues with my Equinox. I’ve had to have the timing chain replaced twice in the last year because of it.
  17. See y’all there tomorrow!
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