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  1. I know some do not like Regier but he made great trades
  2. he'll never accept a 1 year deal...no coach will Sorry Blue...didn't see your post
  3. we also need better players
  4. I don't know him as a person but something was obviously wrong his coaching. It's a completely different team. Still need better players but there seems to be a little more hope now .
  5. I know it has been discussed...but what the hell was Krueger doing to this team?
  6. I had a piece of disc hitting my nerve. Severe leg pain...held off as long as I could
  7. Good call. Less invasive and shorter recovery time but depends how bad the disc is
  8. if it's removed they will replace with a synthetic one and bone will grow over time and fuse together. At least that's what happened with mine
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