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  1. Plus the fact he was an awful GM https://thehockeywriters.com/top-10-worst-mike-milbury-trades-contracts-and-transactions/
  2. not be killed just because they are black?
  3. by not extending McDermott and Beane soon
  4. nucci


    can you imagine if the protesters in Michigan were black with guns?
  5. according to the LT Gov of Texas.....there are more important things than living
  6. Not sure how that would work with following season starting in October
  7. Playoff hockey in an empty arena would be weird. Part of the excitement of playoff hockey is the crowd noise. Imagine an OT winner and no noise
  8. but the Rigas' are criminals. They went to prison
  9. How many mistakes are you allowed to make? Admitting mistakes doesn't make things better . They saved money by trading O'Reilly before his bonus was due.
  10. it is devastating initially...but after some time passes....
  11. nucci


    do you see the irony as a Sabre fan?
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