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  1. who wouldn't on this team? i'm sure Eichel isn't bouncing around all excited
  2. I'd like to see a better goalie....maybe 2
  3. I don't get this contract...for a 4th liner that plays 10 minutes...why 3 years
  4. The 1st Analrapist you blowhard
  5. nucci


    everyone needs a dog in their lives
  6. He was traded where he didn't want to go and it's far from home.....and it's the Sabres not every veteran player is a mentor. That term gets tossed around all the time. Has he mentored before?
  7. I'll take any positive news about this team you can give me.
  8. The problem was the poor decisions made...not as much as wasting money. I don't have confidence in them to make the right decisions whether they spend money or don't
  9. https://buffalonews.com/sports/sabres/sabres-coach-ralph-krueger-staff-declined-second-voluntary-pay-reduction/article_ba6b35ce-f3be-11ea-9fdb-2b14620f4cc1.html
  10. if goaltending is not a top priority then I don't know what to think....well i do but it's frustrating
  11. They hadn't played for almost 5 months
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