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  1. So when should we expect this organization to be all in for the playoffs?
  2. If he was considered a future star I'm guessing Rangers would have kept him
  3. Yahoo is a very good site. You'll enjoy it. Draft room is nice
  4. is your league filled up? I'm in 2 yahoo leagues right now
  5. The pee breaks are difficult. We use yahoo....they have a great setup. Once you do an auction draft you will never go back to snake It's better than picking 1st then watching the next 20 players go off the board
  6. Auction is more fun. You should look in to it
  7. Just added more gold? Hate that type of presentation. Just show the damn uniform
  8. Now if we can just make the playoffs
  9. we have the same goalies
  10. we are a very soft team and yes, toughness is needed to win in the playoffs
  11. ok good points...how about then that those players are better than ours?
  12. and very small....look at the playoffs this year and how the good teams had big, strong fast forwards all this forth and back and we're still a last place team
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