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  1. and constantly screen the goalie like he used to
  2. Hopefully we get a good one and don't trade him
  3. Everyone is concerned about what pick we'll get....we still don't have a coach
  4. which is proving to be extremely difficult....but you're right about just getting in.....playoffs are such a big step up from regular season...really miss going to those games
  5. Rene Robert and Danny Gare are always at the Ride for Roswell
  6. this is what I miss about Sabres not playing...you get rivalries and hate teams again. We have none of this
  7. Rich flashed around a blank check saying whatever it costs....then realized he had to fill it in and sign it
  8. Or McLellan told him he didn't want the job
  9. O'Reilly was one on my favorite Sabres....Lehner played horribly here
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