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  1. Lindy Ruff stayed on the bench ...wanted the play reviewed but refs ignored him
  2. you missed a lot of good commercials...there was some ok football between the ads too
  3. or you can watch a playoff football or one of the worst teams in hockey. I've heard those jokes before about the action. A big part of football is also the anticipation. Enjoy boring hockey. I'll watch football
  4. How do they play like crap for a long time then beat the hottest team in the league on the road with 8th string goalie?
  5. better talent would mean more consistency...if your players are not that good lack of consistency is inevitable
  6. agree, I'm just really tired of losing and not as optimistic as some on here
  7. Appreciate your optimism but I just don't have it right now. Also going from this team to a powerhouse in 2 years is extremely optimistic.
  8. The Aud used to be packed in worse weather conditions
  9. Just yell...SCOOOOORE when there's a goal, please
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