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  1. nucci

    Skinner Contract Watch

    They got nothing for O'Reilly and Kane...they won't get much for Skinner
  2. nucci

    Trade: Ryan O'Reilly to St Louis Blues

    Kane and O'Reilly playing well for 2 very good teams but they were cancers here....maybe they weren't the problem.
  3. nucci

    Skinner Contract Watch

    and we'll waste it with no playoffs
  4. nucci

    Skinner Contract Watch

    agree but it's also the 4th time he's hit 30 in a season
  5. nucci

    Skinner Contract Watch

    of course...
  6. nucci

    Skinner Contract Watch

    Skinner has produced his entire career before coming here.
  7. why is it odd when he plays well during a win?
  8. what a ridiculous idea...trade your top goal scorer while 2 points back of a playoff spot with 28 games left....and if you trade him, do you really think he'd come back here?
  9. so nothing is done at the deadline to improve the team....and just because you trade for players doesn't make them "rentals"...
  10. I agree we don't seem like a playoff team right now but you can't tell me expectations weren't there at the beginning of the season.
  11. Adding Skinner along with other moves and most were not expecting playoffs? Why not and when do you expect to make the playoffs.....over 8 seasons now...
  12. but this is Buffalo sports where draft picks and cap space are more important
  13. ok, so when are we supposed to make the playoffs...next year...2-3 years from now or do we want to try and match the Bills 17 year streak?