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  1. It's fine...but I'm guessing every team is telling their fans this. I just find it funny
  2. "but it could change"...brilliant reporting
  3. You guys know more than me but there are some good write ups on Cozens
  4. another draft with potential....don't we hear this every year?
  5. I don't follow it either but it seems they are more aggressive in trying to build a championship team. Could be a few more years before Sabres are close does it matter how you win a championship? There's no set way. The goal is to win one
  6. ok...do you need my address or should I just pick them up?
  7. Doesn't your quote show something is wrong? Shouldn't a 3rd round pick have a better chance of making the league? I know this isn't the NFL but it seems to make the draft kinda useless. Just thinking...not criticizing your post
  8. I do both...pissed about the team and hoping it gets better
  9. I'm not saying they retire....Just help produce winning teams
  10. Yes he can but just interesting that previous Sabre owners and Ralph Wilson were constantly blasted on how they ran the teams.....for some reason Pegula's get a pass regardless of how bad the teams perform.
  11. I believe this....which is another strike against him as an owner. "The only reason for the Sabres existence is to win a Cup"
  12. You're going to have to convince me why the playoff MVP , Cup winner and best defensive forward in the league had to go
  13. They screwed up a decent Bills team by hiring Ryan....they may have finally hired the right people and hopefully stay out of the way. The Sabres have been the worst team in the league since they arrived. We have seen 1 playoff game since they bought both franchises and most likely made the decision to trade away the NHL playoff MVP and best defensive forward in the league.You seem sure they will get it right withe the Sabres and build beautiful facilities.....why? I'm not going to praise them just because they have money.
  14. I like the logo..jerseys could have been bit better overall
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