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  1. they weren't great with them either.....y'all
  2. yeah, that sounds like a great way to fix this team
  3. so, who makes the final call on player moves? you don't need a president of operations....you need a good GM
  4. he needs to go...games are unwatchable as it is but I have to mute when he tries to speak
  5. tank right or wrong...we still suck and are not close to being a playoff team
  6. I was gonna mention Ray's comments. ....Such an idiot
  7. maybe he shouldn't have traded the one they had
  8. how is it a boost to get those 2 back when the team wasn't playing well when they were in the lineup? It will definitely help based on their talent but I don't see a playoff push because of them
  9. nucci

    Sabres Move?

    The owners are from Buffalo...they would move only if sold
  10. Same comments every year...it's always next year when they plan on winning
  11. but we'll still suck. Why is this important?
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