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Ray Shero, President of Hockey Operations??

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The last time we tried that we had layers of management without clear RAA (responsibility, accountability, authority). 

Adding a VP of Hockey to an existing organization could be tricky.  Starting with one, and having that person hire and define the roles below him is a better approach. 

If you added Shero he would take some work from JBot and maybe from Kim. 

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58 minutes ago, Cascade Youth said:

I would do it if only to add pressure to Botterill - sharing an office with your potential replacement tends to increase performance.

In my experience sharing and office with a potential replacement tends to lead to wanting to gtfo.

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12 minutes ago, Brawndo said:

This is from a Penguins Blogger regarding Shero, the final three items sound very familiar.

He also believes that Pegula meddles in both teams, so he will have at least one fan on here. 

Ray or the blogger? I need to know who to send the Edible Arrangement to .

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15 minutes ago, Eleven said:

The guy did worse in the Taylor Hall deal than Botterill did in the O'Reilly deal, too.

I'll bite.....how is that possible?  He received  solid prospects, and a first and a third that could become a first if they re-sign Hall...........and no cap dump in return.   All this for a player that is a UFA with no intention of signing there in July. 

That said, not a fan.   Highly questionable picks in 2015 and 2016.   Bogus argument to say their first overalls did not have a franchise type player.   

But he won that trade, and also won the one acquiring Hall in the first place. 

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