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  1. Jeremy White from WGR is apparently having quadruplets. What a life changer that has to be, haha
  2. I'm going to Disney World this fall, and this is the thing I'm most excited about by far. Glad to hear a good review.
  3. Plus all those tire marks on the roof.
  4. I recognize it. I just don't recognize it as a real extant thing.
  5. *googles "breezers"* ah *Quick photoshop attempt* ....maybe not you might be able to make it work, honestly. But what I just did makes it look like they're wearing an apron.
  6. Its not realistic! Unlike white buffalos. Or red buffalos. Or blue buffalos. Or blue maple leafs. Or green sharks. Or whatever this thing is:
  7. Thank you for reminding me of my worst draft moment. My dad and I were so stoked for Orakpo when he fell to us.
  8. I'm glad they went blue pants instead of white. I'm all about the contrasting top and bottom colors. All one color tends to look like pajamas.
  9. True, true, but let me make this counter point: No one gets in their own way quite like the NHL.
  10. yeah, in the EPL teams literally get entirely new kits every year. Home, Away, and Third. It lets them go crazy with the thirds, too colorwise. I don't know if I want stuff to change THAT much, but it seems dumb that they restrict it as much as they do.
  11. Give me that level of detail in the crest next year too. Looks so cool. Might not play well in white, though, I suppose.
  12. You're making a lot of hay with this announcement, Wild.😜
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