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  1. Oh I agree with retirement, but Schefter is making it sound like he's going to a different team. I just can't see that happening. I also don't think he's retiring, but at least it would make sense.
  2. Why would Brady leave? Honestly. I mean, retire, sure, but unless he's going to be forced out why not stay there and keep winning? Belechick and that team show no signs of slowing down.
  3. I was so excited when the Jets hired him from Miami. How anyone over there thought it was a good idea I'll never know.
  4. I know absolutely nothing about hockey equipment and this was super interesting to me.
  5. Scots are Brits since like 1700, but they're not English, who are the worst.
  6. I didn't even listen to most of the games last year because they were so bad. Sad to hear I'm not a fan any more, but those are the rules.
  7. Personally I think ERod is a huge upgrade to the top-6 over Sobotka, but what do I know.
  8. Call me a pessimist, but I'm just a man who's been hurt too much before. I'll buy if they're still playing like this in January. Not necessarily dominating every game, but being good and winning most games, all while playing this up tempo sort of game. Until I see some sustained success I'll assume its all still a mirage.
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