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  1. Haven't seen this mentioned here, but we might be getting a USL team in Buffalo: https://www.wgrz.com/article/news/local/professional-soccer-team-could-be-heading-to-buffalo/71-1c73b33b-c1de-4765-81f9-858eed1a34b7 Thats one division below the MLS. Its where the Rochester Rhinos play (played? will play?). use to play, when they come back they'll be one division lower.
  2. *woosh* definitely goes back to at least the early 2000's, because I remember using it on AIM.
  3. I'm convinced they're going to lose to the Dolphins in two weeks. Honestly at this point the only win I'd put money on is the Jets who are a tire fire.
  4. The Bills haven't won 10 games in a year since 1999 and I think they miss it again this year. I'd put money on three more wins. Might still be enough for playoffs.
  5. I want to formally say that I am 100% fine with that.
  6. Love that its TOTALLY NOT BOBA FETT, and also TOTALLY NOT IG-88, and probably TOTALLY NOT BOSSK but they all end up randomly in the same place anyways.
  7. Listen, if Buffalo GM's aren't constently trying to fill holes they created in the first place what would they even DO?
  8. yeah, that was a really big hit for them.
  9. To be fair they weren't great when he was there either. But that was straight embarrassing. Leicester isn't even really considered a top club.
  10. Can't wait to trade a 1st for a RB
  11. From this: Jokiharju Henri (joh-kee-HARH-yoo, HEHN-ree) J - soft G as in general
  12. Reddit seems to think it was McCabe but I don't really know, haha
  13. Didn't catch this one during the game https://streamable.com/3elvp
  14. Oh I agree with retirement, but Schefter is making it sound like he's going to a different team. I just can't see that happening. I also don't think he's retiring, but at least it would make sense.
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