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  1. sabills

    Buffalo Bills 2019-2020

    Ah, they're attempting a Manning again, but with a less talented QB and with a worse defense.
  2. popped up on the Sabres reddit this morning, thought it would be appreciated here.
  3. Here's your power play strategy: MORE ATTITUDE
  4. sabills

    GDT: Sabres vs. Wild, 7PM EST, 2019-02-05

    Just popping into this thread to say that I love Linus Ullmark
  5. sabills

    GDT: Blackhawks @ Sabres 2/1/2019, 7PM EST

    I would, but then I stayed up to watch the Men's curling finals in the last Olympics that started at like 2 AM.
  6. sabills

    English Premier League 2018-2019

    Fair. Though you should be happy, because this'll make Everton's stock go up. I'm not THAT heartless.
  7. sabills

    The Home-ownership Thread

    Yeah, it is good exercise, but make sure you give yourself breaks. Shoveling wet snow is one of the most heart strenuous things you can do. And I'll cop to being bad about sidewalks a few years ago. Its not like I never did them, but I'm much more diligent now. It changed when I got a dog and had to start walking through people's un-shoveled sidewalks every day. Snow removal is totally a part of home-ownership! I didn't have to shovel when I was renting.
  8. sabills

    The Home-ownership Thread

    I hurt my back doing it last week and its still stiff today, so I'll save my old broken body for the future.
  9. sabills

    The Home-ownership Thread

    This is the storm that finally did it. I'm going to buy a damn snowblower. Seems silly because my driveway is about 8x10, but I'm on a corner in the city so I have about 150-200 feet of sidewalk to deal with, too. I might wait until spring and see if I can find a deal, but this is my last winter of shovels only.
  10. sabills

    English Premier League 2018-2019

    *starts rooting for Chelsea* *Chelsea loses 4-0 to Bournemouth*
  11. sabills


    thats awesome
  12. sabills


    There are days where I miss doing electrical work as my job, but today is not one of them. 12 years ago I was installing sconces outside in weather not that different from right now (about as cold, but less wind). Twisting ***** stranded wire while your fingers are so cold they no longer move was not super fun. Hell, when its this cold even being inside wasn't much better, seeing as most of the buildings didn't have windows or insulation yet. Ah, the good old days.
  13. sabills

    English Premier League 2018-2019

    Chelsea v ManU in the FA cup next round. Should be fun
  14. sabills


    UPDATE: lol