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  1. its not really up to them, they're owned by Entercom, who owns Radio.com.
  2. yeah, I know on the Bills broadcast Sal has been doing his bit from home, and I'm pretty sure John Murphy is doing the same. I'm sure they can get him a setup.
  3. You could just feel Hero Ball Josh a brewin' there. He was getting frustrated by the defense and they were about to be down heading into the half. That pick-six gave him enough breathing room to settle himself again at just the right time. Allen has been amazingly better this year. Even with all my qualms about him in the long term, any time he has the ball this year I just assume they'll score. That's a hell of a feeling for someone who's grown up in the drought years.
  4. This and the wideouts are my one remaining concern. If Allen can only succeed when he has the perfect system for him and 3 wide outs who each have a 100ft catch radius, that doesn't equal long term success. Injuries happen, coaches leave, free agency and retirement are a thing. But this year is fun, so I'm trying to just enjoy it. And he's easily surpassed any expectations I ever had for him.
  5. I feel like my "Allen isn't very good" island is getting lonelier. But I'm not getting off yet!
  6. Sounds like a great way to make me hate playing video games.
  7. I think mine can also be partly be pinned on depression at the time, which really is the perfect emotion to associate with that jersey.
  8. I bought a full price Paul Gaustadt white slug, on credit, with money I didn't have, because I was an idiot child.
  9. just making the shoulder yoke royal blue instead of navy actually makes the original turdburger 100% more palatable. Its still terrible (two different yellows?!), but its something.
  10. "You guys said you wanted the Black and Red as thirds, and we heard you loud and clear!"
  11. Not for nothing, but my grandfather stopped watching baseball saying similar things like, 40 years ago.
  12. MiLB already cancelled their season, I wouldn't be surprised if the AHL does the same.
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