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  1. US totally outmatched Sweden yesterday. Score wise it wasn't amazing, but Sweden was never in it. The depth for the US side is incredible when you can have Press and Lloyd coming off the bench.
  2. Gotta get our second rounder back from Carolina, too Never mind, its all firsts at that level
  3. this is dumb, but thats the new jags logo, I bet his shirt has the old on in the original.
  4. Add Corey Perry to the list: https://twitter.com/frank_seravalli/status/1141368385868988417
  5. I think Risto is JP Losman. Has all the look and feel of a starter and should be very good if never great, but can't seem to make it work. Whats the culprit? Something between the ears? Organizational ineptitude? Noone will ever be sure, and people will continue to argue years later about whether he was good or not. Will eventually win a championship after he leaves the N(F/H)L with the (Las Vegas/ Yaroslavl) Locamotive.
  6. If I'm the Sabres I might look at a Trouba trade and think "I don't know if I want to go through Skinner again". Which is maybe short sighted, but I kinda get it.
  7. Some rumors on the tweetbox today about mccabe being a piece in a trade going somewhere this week.
  8. I think the Pens are pretty set on not trading Kessel at this point. I think he has like a "8 teams I'll accept being traded to" list and its not compatible with who they could/would want to trade him to. He wasn't willing to budge. Sold.
  9. I just want the team to be a little better so I can stomach more than 3 minutes of watching a game. I missed all of his rookie year after the streak because I was so disgusted with them
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