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  1. I think we should be optimistic about the RK hire. The problem is Botteril has put together a horrendous roster and I don't expect substantial talent acquisition any time soon. It will be hard to judge RK with this poor roster but I expect an improvement from last year.
  2. The tank was not the problem it is the incompetent GMs and coaches that have lead us here. Unfortunately Botteril is still here. I expect RK to do a great job but if Bots doesn't get him quaity players it won't matter. I also expect RK to move up to either GM or director of hockey ops in the near future.
  3. Even if the Sabres by some miracle made the playoffs, we would lose 4 straight. We play a wimpy non physical game that is ill suited to playoff hockey. We don’t have players who finish checks. We would be manhandled by any team. The scary thing is I think we’re going to trade away Risto, our most physical player.
  4. I think if Tampa loses this series they will make some big changes in the offseason. There were rumors they were interested in Risto.
  5. In all likelihood whoever we take is not playing in buffalo next year
  6. Actually I’d prefer Okposo get the Moulson treatment and be exiled to the ECHL
  7. If I ever see Okposo on the power play again I want the coach immediately fired
  8. I think they will fire Botteril after he wins the lottery on Tuesday night. The lottery is his area of expertise.
  9. Why is Botteril’s job security not in question?
  10. Currently Botts deserves a lot of the blame assuming he hired Housley. He traded away two top 6 forwards which has killed us and obviously hiring an inexperienced coach was a terrible decision. I listened to Mke Schoop go on an analytics rant yesterday and I think it makes sense. Our next GM and coach need to be highly geared toward analytics
  11. We're not trading Jack unless its for Mcdavid. Lets stop with this narrative. We have had some terrible talent terrible GMs and bad coaches. We need an experienced competent GM and an experienced competent Coach.
  12. Botteril should be fired for wasting 2 years of Middlestadts ELC
  13. I think we need to bring back Ron Ralston
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