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  1. His expectations were similar. We traded up in the first to draft him to fill a similar role in a similar scheme as Luke, but he has had nowhere near that type of impact.
  2. The problem is that he will always be compared to Luke Kuechley. Luke was a stud as a rookie and improved from there.
  3. I’m assuming this was posted in an alcohol induced stupor in post Bills depression
  4. NFW. That’s a big long term contract. Now if they’ll take Skinner straight up then it’s a deal.
  5. No way I’m going with an inexperienced head coach. It’s bad enough we have a GM who doesn’t know what he’s doing.
  6. Do people think Staal has been effective? So far he doesn’t look like the answer at 2C to me.
  7. No kidding, I wish we had Torts or Mike Keenan as our coach.
  8. I'm hoping he offered up Skinner and and an add and salary reention for PLD.
  9. Well GAIU, I'm sensing a bit of negativity. Unfortunately, Mitts, R2, Quinn and Cozens all need more time to develop. They could all use a full year in Rochester. Botteril rushed Mitts to the Sabres way before he was ready and the consequences were dire. Losing Kahun was a critical error by KA and not improving the goaltending. I am optimistic we will be improved but RK must figure out a way to get some production out of Skinner.
  10. I didn’t think it was possible, but Skinner got demoted. Maybe he ends up on taxi squad.
  11. I remember him discussing Staal as being highly preferred to Strome before others we’re really considering Staal as a realistic option to come here.
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