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  1. I could see him moving Oloffson, Ryan Johnson and/or Portillo or protected 1st round pick.
  2. I just watched it on YouTube tv. Episodes are short but pretty good.
  3. Is the Bills game tomorrow broadcast on TV in Toronto? I’m staying at my moms who has cable but I’m hoping I can watch it.
  4. Krebs is developing into Tim Connolly. He’s just not there yet. Connolly is a much better comparable than Briere or Roy.
  5. Portillo is staying at Michigan one more year regardless to get his undergraduate business degree from Ross. Ross is one of the most prestigious business schools in the country. He will have a top quality degree to fall back if his pro hockey career doesn’t pan out.
  6. Am I only one with technical difficulties
  7. I think Gibson has a NMC. So that may be unlikely.
  8. Me. It’s pure speculation without any sources or inside info.
  9. I think Ryan Johnson is getting moved today for either a 2nd round pick or a RD prospect.
  10. The Havelid twins are quite small. Size matters.
  11. She’s the Cynthia Frelund of the NHL
  12. I’m a Meghan fan now. 😊
  13. Emily Kaplan is the bomb. Bills win super bowl
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