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  1. After the Mitts disaster hopefully Botteril has learned his lesson
  2. Agreed but the return will be Roslovic and garbage
  3. I like Pronman and this is cause for optimism. I haven't seen any predictions where the sabres are not a bottom 4 team
  4. I disagree with your assessment of Laine. He is a proven sniper and would help us tremendously, even if we played him on 2nd line. Joker is unproven and one GM has already given up on him. We are also loaded at RD and trading from a position of strength is necessary.
  5. Ehlers and Laine are top line players. You have to give up value to get value.
  6. I have no interest in Roslovic. He is a 3rd liner which is not what we need
  7. Do you think the jets will trade Ehlers straight up for risto? That would never happen.
  8. There is no way Botteril is trading Mitts. Trading him would be further evidence of Botterils incompetence. I could see Botteril trading Risto and Joker to get Ehlers or Laine. The Jets are desperate for right shot defensemen.
  9. Wow, maybe the Jets will offer us something substantial for Risto
  10. Isn’t Laine the addicted gamer? I read something about this a while back
  11. JB says no. The number 1 pick will be in top 4
  12. If you think the bills will only win six games I can’t imagine what you think of the Sabres record.
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