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  1. Signed to a 5 year extension. Time to break out the champagne. 🤮
  2. The question is whether it’s time to unload Mitts now like we did with Nylander before his value falls any further. I wonder what his value would be. Maybe a late 1st?
  3. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Kirk has a bit more inside info than the rest of us. https://www.mlive.com/sports/2020/03/espns-kirk-herbstreit-would-be-shocked-if-college-football-happens-this-fall.html
  4. I wish you were correct. For NCAA I predict out of conference schedule gets canceled and conference games played without fans early on. For NFL preseason gets cancelled and opening weekend games might get moved to bye week before playoffs. Also early season games will be played without fans.
  5. I’m really starting to wonder if the Pegula’s are facing a liquidity crunch. Large NFL contracts, losing money on the Sabres, natural gas market in the toilet, stock market depressed, and paying out contracts to fired employees no longer on the team. They also have invested a lot in downtown and need money to replace both Key Bank and New Era. It’s also pretty clear that government assistance is not coming for stadium/arena renovation or construction. Maybe they are no longer quite as well off as they used to be.
  6. I truly believe you are Botteril’s agent.
  7. just curious what is your particular issue with the moderation on this board?
  8. UPL and Mitts have proven nothing. UPL is just as likely to end up as a Carter Hutton as he is a Hasek. Neither has dominated in AHL or even looked very good. Hopefully they both have great years in Rochester next year. Montour is a. mediocre defenseman not worth a first round pick. Skinner is the worst contract in the league. Cozens could be great or another Mitts, we don’t know. Botteril deserves no credit for VO but I am intrigued by Kahun. Kahun has looked good in the short period I’ve seen him. JBOT should be fired but I think due to shortened season he is kept for another year to wreck further havoc on the organization. I just hope he is not permitted to give out long term big money contracts or trade away key pieces.
  9. https://leaderpost.com/sports/hockey/nhl/cult-of-hockey/james-neal-milan-lucic-jeff-skinner-p-k-subban-which-nhlers-might-face-compliance-buy-out/wcm/4df8ce1c-697a-4a62-8f7e-f8db68de9a8c/?src=rss This article discusses the worst contracts in the league and Skinner and Okposo are on the list. I highly doubt Botteril would use a buyout on his prized acquisition Skinner, but Okposo is a possibility.
  10. Unfortunately corona has saved Botteril from being fired. The last thing Terry remembers is a great win over avery good Capitals team....Kill me now. I can't bear another season and the long term ramifications of Botterils incompetence.
  11. The worst part is that Pegula’s last memory of the season was a great win over Washington. I hope it doesn’t cloud their judgement with regards to firing Botteril.
  12. Wasting 3 years of Casey Middlestadts entry level contract was unforgivable.
  13. Let’s hope. We can potentially overtake everyone except the Red Wings in the race to the bottom. Firing Botteril and drafting Lafreniere would restore hope to the fans.
  14. I would give anything to have Bergevin as our GM. He is so far ahead of Botteril in terms of roster construction and team building knowledge. While Bergevin is not perfect, he would be an enormous upgrade.
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