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  1. I think Montour is the asset that has to be moved in order to acquire a #2 C. No one else has the value. I doubt a young #2 C gets moved at the deadline. This is more of an offseason move.
  2. Montour is mediocre and a waste of a first round pick. He is another mistake of Botterils.
  3. If we think this guy is a good GM we should hire him to replace Botteril.
  4. I agree with just about everything but Hutton can’t be moved other than to Rochester or ECHL. Either way we’re stuck wit his salary.
  5. There is no chance for playoffs next year. As far as bad contracts the Skinner contract will end up being worse than the Okposo contract. No one is claiming Hutton off waivers. That was another atrocious signing by Botteril. Botteril has driven this team into the ground. The Colin Miller trade appears to be another dreadful move as well. Meanwhile Evander Kane will score 30 goals again. Mojo is not a C he is a 3rd line winger on a good team. We are so far away from contention it’s absurd. We have no forward prospects other than Cozens. Pekar is another 4th liner. We have plenty of those.
  6. Hutton gives up another big fat rebound which leads to a goal
  7. Blaming the tank is absurd. Botteril arrived here long after the tank ended and proceeded to make a series of disastrous moves that set the franchise back five years. Had he been an experienced astute GM we would have been in the playoffs by now.
  8. Our only hope is to win the lottery and get a superstar in the draft. We also have to pray that Cozens can become an impact player and not another Mittlestadt. If those things don’t happen we will continue to be a bottom 5 team.
  9. The worst part is that Botteril will not be fired for a long time despite his incompetence. The owners are tired of firing people and will keep him till his contract expires.
  10. Unfortunately I’m afraid you are correct.
  11. It’s about time the Botteril apologists saw the light. Welcome to reality. Unfortunately it’s not pretty. Mitts is a disaster and may never be an NHL player. Who would be the best experienced GM to hire now if we could fire Botteril?
  12. So who takes VOs spot on the line with Jack? Erod? If Jack can continue to score with Okposo and Erod he deseves the Hart trophy
  13. "Fire Botteril Now". I'm begging the fans that attend the games to start chanting this loudly. Its our only hope. This year we are in the lottery again and if Botteril is back we will be in the lottery again.
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