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  1. Vegas would have to add an asset or retain some salary. Huttons contract is only one year while MAF is for 2 years.
  2. I think there will be very few teams that spend up to to the cap. Toronto. Rangers, Montreal, Boston, Chicago, Vegas, Tampa Those are the ones off the top of my head. I expect most teams to drastically cut overhead like the Pegulas have done and have an internal cap. I think most trades will be contract dollars in for contract dollars out trades. UFA and RFA are not going to find the pot of gold they were hoping for.
  3. Does that mean they have an internal cap like the Sabres or that they will spend to the max?
  4. Hopefully not Simmonds. I think we are stuck with current goaltending since no one will take Huttons contract. I think we keep #8 and Cozens and Tage start. Probably 2 of the RD are traded to acquire a 2C. Sam is the biggest issue. He will want big money. I hope they don’t trade him.
  5. Botteril was the worst GM In NHL history. Lehner will soon win the Conn Smythe and Botteril will look even more incompetent than he already does.
  6. You are not very educated and obviously don’t understand the financial ramifications the NHL teams face without fan attendance. The Pegulas made a huge mistake hiring Botteril but we are fortunate to have them as our owners.
  7. My point is if we don't address goaltending whereby we acquire a legitimate #1 goalie and Ullmark is the backup, than we are sure to be back in the lottery again. Hutton does not belong in the NHL.
  8. What's also worrisome is that Corey Pronman is not that high on UPL as a goaltending prospect as others are. Some people on the board have coronated him the next Hasek. UPL has proven nothing in the AHL. Lets hope he dominates in Rochester this year and there is reason for optimism.
  9. There was an article in the Athletic a few days ago that quoted sources high up in sabres organization that goaltending was not a priority this offseason. 2C was the priority. I hope Adams is not relying on some quack to fix Hutton's "vision" problems. Hutton sucks but they are stuck paying him.
  10. The author of the article lacks credibility. His proposal of a second line of MOJO-Granlund-Skinner is absurd. Skinner is not a RW and MOJO belongs on the 3rd line. I have no interest in Granlund unless we can get him for dirt cheap as I see him as a 3rd line player.
  11. There is no Center on that line. Johansson is a 3LW. Moving him to a position he’s not suited for does him a disservice. If we ever hope to contend we need to play players at their correct positions and slot them appropriately.
  12. Kahun isn’t playing LW. MOJO is more likely to be 3 LW.
  13. freester

    So #8

    Has this rumor ever been proven? I think this has become sabres folklore that is passed on from fan to fan but may not have any validity whatsoever.
  14. How much money are these mods raking in? It must be a ton to put up with this nonsense.
  15. Rutherford is incompetent. There’s not much else to say.
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