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  1. freester

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes 3-16-19 7 PM

    Schopp is also a firm believer in hockey advanced stats. Since most people don’t understand them it’s makes the discussion trivial in Schoops eyes. He hates Risto due to advanced stats. I don’t claim to understand advanced stats or know how reliable they are and what predictive value they have. If Risto is traded to Tampa and plays 19 minutes a night on second pair with a consistent good partner, will his stats remain the same? Schopp never addresses issues like that, he just feels we need to get rid of Risto.
  2. freester

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes 3-16-19 7 PM

    Schopp while extremely arrogant is fairly intelligent but his liberal bias is so obvious in any discussion. It’s always anti management pro player. He also brings race into issues where it doesn’t belong.
  3. freester

    GDT: Sabres @ Hurricanes 3-16-19 7 PM

    Bots needs to accept responsibility for the goaltending mess. Our goaltending is just as bad as last year. Bots moves at the position have failed.
  4. freester

    GDT: Blues @ Sabres 3-17-19. 5PM

    What are thay saying specifically? Is it related to talent acquisition or salary cap management?
  5. freester

    GDT: Blues @ Sabres 3-17-19. 5PM

    My dream scenario ROR scores a hat trick and we get blown out 6-0. Both Bots and Housley are fired after the game. An experienced respected GM is hired who hires an experienced respected coach and the Sabres lose the rest of the games win the lottery draft Hughes and go deep into the playoffs next year. A guy can dream. Why not?
  6. Ok let’s hear 5 worse trades in Sabres history. I’m not sure it’s fair to count Hasek and trades done because the owner didn’t want to spend money
  7. We seem too have a lot of 5th and 6th line players. Too bad we don’t have second line players. Problem solved 🙄
  8. I’d settle for good players instead of trash. We have so much garbage on our lineup it’s absurd. Sobotka and Okposo are just as bad as Moulson. Thompson also plays a lot of minutes. He belongs in the AHL.
  9. It’s obvious that ROR recognized that we had incompetent coaching and GM. That’s why he wanted out. He wants to win. Unfortunately the future looks bleak here.
  10. If JBOT was a competent GM he would never have acquiesced to ROR trade demands. He would have improved the team around him and hired a competent coach to make ROR happy and produce a winner.
  11. freester

    Nylander called up

    I’m excited to see what he can do. It will be interesting to see who his line mates are.
  12. You know LSD is still illegal. How are we getting the 2nd overall pick? No way is Kakko ready to start on the top line. Bogo as a top pair??? Better than average goaltending-Is the Dominator coming out of retirement??? Who is the LW we are getting for Ristolainen?
  13. I don't see any help coming from Rochester for next year. Some fans are expecting Olofsson to come in and light it up. I think that is unrealistic. Unless Botts makes a huge trade or an impact free agent signing, I don't see any way we are a contender. GASabresfan who is the new #2 center you are hoping for for next year?
  14. I’m not optimistic even assuming we resign Skinner. I expect Dahlin, Mitts and Montour to improve and Pominville to be gone. I don’t see us competing for a playoff spot.
  15. freester

    GDT - Sabres @ Colorado - March 9, 2019 - 3:00 PM - ALT; MSG-B

    A lot has been added Dahlin, Bogo Mitts McCabe playing most of season. Botts has been atrocious and will grossly overpay Skinner now to save his job.