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  1. We essentially have no one who is capable of scoring away from Jack.
  2. Those contracts were all signed with the expectation of a rising cap for the foreseeable future. We now know that is not happening.
  3. I think they should put VO on the second line. Without Eichel we will see his true value which many will be disappointed with. He is likely to suffer the same fate as Skinner did this year. We should not inflate his future contract by playing VO with Eichel, but rather put Skinner back on the top line since he is already grossly overpaid.
  4. I graduated high school in 81 but I didn’t attend elementary school in williamsville. It’s quite possible you are correct. I never appreciated the lack of diversity. I currently live in in atlanta and 2 of my closest friends are huge bills/Sabres fans from buffalo both Indians although they are 10 years younger than me.
  5. You were the first non Caucasian in the entire Williamsville school district? I attended Mill Middle and Williamsville East and I’m older than you. When I attended high school there were some Indians among my close friends.
  6. We should only be trading our defensemen not our top forwards. Under no circumstances is Cozens to be traded.
  7. with a stagnant cap and many teams spending under the cap, I expect Larsson's value to be depressed. Hopefully we can retain him for less like 3 years 6 million.
  8. Being the 13th forward is not acceptable for his development. I believe if he has to be in the NHL he will be slotted in as a bottom 6 starter. The days of buyouts and spending to the cap are over. The Sabres like many other teams will be entering a period of austerity.
  9. Have we established that Thompson can play in AHL without passing waivers?
  10. Young 2C don’t come cheap. Mitts may never be an NHL player, Johnson was drafted lower than Mark Pysyk and may not amount to much. Hopefully the 1st round pick will be a late pick. Tampa is a much better run organization and I’m sure they will figure out a way to keep Cirelli. Good organizations don’t let players like ROR or Cirelli leave.
  11. We better not trade our 2021 unprotected 1st. Its looking like a top 3 pick under the new braintrust.
  12. We may have to overpay him contract wise, but given the uncertain financial future in the NHL he may take it, and it’s close to home.
  13. I suspect it would be something like 2021 unprotected 1st, Mitts, Ryan Johnson
  14. Lundell projects to Zemgus Girgensons
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