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  1. On a good team they are 4th liners
  2. I hope you’re aware there is a Duffs in Newnan
  3. Mitts is mediocre and only Cozens projects as top 6. We have plenty of 4th line players already. If we get rid of Okposo Girgensons, Larson then we’ll have room for more garbage
  4. BTW they are opening an Anchor Bar in Kenesaw near you. 😊
  5. Tavares wasn’t the mistake, Nylander was a huge mistake. He should have traded him for a good D
  6. It doesn’t but we need forwards in the pipeline
  7. Samuelson needs to be traded for a good forward prospect
  8. We should hire him as director of hockey ops
  9. I think both Scandella and Bogo get traded to contenders for draft picks. The draft picks could be used as an add on in a trade for a forward. But since it’s the incompetent Botteril I’m sure nothing will happen. 😡
  10. I went to my first Sabres game in years a few weeks ago as I live in Atlanta. Of course we lost but we were shutout by the Islanders. The highlight was seeing the old players from the 1970s
  11. We can only hope our savior Sobotka returns soon
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