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  1. This is clearly wrong. KA was being criticized on NHL network this AM for all of these incompetent moves. He could have told Hall “this is where you’re going or you can sit in press box”. As KA has no experience the agent and Bruins took him to the woodshed.
  2. this is exactly what Skinner did and Botteril grossly overpaid. KA will grossly overpay
  3. Not trading Ullmark and getting value. They didn’t retain salary on Montour and consequently took a lesser return so they could retain on Ullmark. Now they have lost all leverage with Ullmark and I expect them to grossly overpay him.
  4. I see 8 years 72 million dollars for Linus. Sabres will grossly overpay.
  5. Yep we’re retaining on Hall and Ullmark to Toronto for a first and a top prospect.
  6. Yes, maybe he will bring the Hurricanes coach with him
  7. Yeah let's hire an assistant GM from the Penguins, that worked out so well the last time. 😬 Why can't we do what Pittsburg did and hire an experienced successful GM like Hextall or Burke?
  8. Nope. Power is considered consensus top pick. He plays for Michigan with Portillo
  9. Just something to get excited about, a big physical skilled LHD to replace McCabe. I think Bettman feels sorry for what the Sabres have become so he wills us the 1st pick in the lottery.
  10. I hear Adams is putting out a call to the Hanson brothers on the Charlestown Chiefs.
  11. Hiring Adams as GM is proving to be a train wreck of a decision.
  12. He’s a smoother sophisticated Rex Ryan
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