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  1. What could we realistically expect as a return if we we’re to trade Dahlin? He’s very young so we should be patient but we do have a bunch of LD already and we could certainly use another impact forward.
  2. The attendance is really depressing. This team is much improved and exciting to watch. Hopefully fans will return.
  3. While I like Power, Michigan’s talent superiority is ridiculous. When he comes to the Sabres he’s in for a rude awakening.
  4. I’m very disappointed in the picture quality of ESPN plus. I’m watching oilers rangers and it’s like non HD. ZIbanejad is playing great.
  5. We are being outshot. Pysyck with a great defensive play
  6. I think it’s far more likely that Flores and the GM get fired after this season.
  7. Ecklund says Eichel to St Louis. FWIW 😂😂😂
  8. How many more wins until Eichel says he wants to remain a Sabre ?
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