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  1. He'll be out awhile. Goalies don't hop right back into the net following dual hip surgeries.
  2. He had style? He was like a sphinx with a perpetual grin.
  3. Six solid periods in a row to start the season; what more can you ask for.
  4. Anyone concerned about ice time in that very telling game either didn't see it or doesn't fully appreciate what was accomplished. We appear to have a well coached, dedicated team for the first time in eons. The fresh air should be enjoyed as it's finally accessible.
  5. You saw a good, well coached hockey team, for a change. It's refreshing as hell.
  6. Hutton is a good goalie who often looked bad last year because he was called on, night after night, to attempt to carry the team defensively. It wore on him big time. We were always being outshot and took huge chunks of time (periods) off much more often than we did anything effectively. "Thank you" Phil Housley. Krueger has already shown you up big time.
  7. How long has it been since we played a solid 60 minutes? We looked like a good hockey team for a change.
  8. What a pleasant experience seeing a Sabres team play three solid periods of aggressive hockey. The lines are extremely well balanced and the defense was rock solid. Above all, if this team forechecks all season as aggressively and effectively as they did tonight, we're going places. It's been years since we've had anything resembling an effective forecheck, which is a critical and often overlooked requirement for success (I'm addressing this to you, Housley).
  9. Sabres were also on hiatus during that stretch. We'd like to welcome them back as well.
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