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  1. Jack's costly penalty exemplified why he shouldn't be double shifting as much as is (despite the injuries). He was so winded when he got to the box, he gave the impression he relished the break, even there. Also, playing when your "dead on your feet" puts you at risk for picking up dumb, costly penalties (which is what occurred) or getting injured.
  2. He was slow the entire game and also made some bad decisions with the puck.
  3. Ullmark was brilliant. Lost the game because of two bad penalties in the third.
  4. Having a one man team is embarrassing to say the least.
  5. St. Louis likes what he's doing.
  6. Mitts has talent. But when does it come out of hiding?
  7. I'd rather have O'Reilly on one of our lines!
  8. "All I want for Christmas is two guys who can score (besides Jack), two guys who can score, two guys who can score. All I want for Christmas is two guys who can score, and that will be a merry Christmas."
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