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  1. What bothers me most about Risto is his comment late last season about how hard it STILL is to figure out how to play defense in the NHL. That from a rookie is okay; from a vet like him it says a lot.
  2. This team badly needs grit and a pest or two.
  3. Krueger indicated that a primary focus of his is defense. Works for me. And he apparently has Bot's ear. But Risto has to go. As long as he's been in the league, to state, as he did last season, that it's still difficult to figure out what he should be doing defensively, says it all. Also, we may discover we have decent goaltending once the defense is clearly fixed, which includes forwards helping out. Being outshot every game tends to wear, no matter who the goalie is. And good defense starts with the forecheck. We've neglected good, effective forechecking for years.
  4. The guy's played on winning NHL teams. That in itself is a plus.
  5. Who comes out of an Ivy League school and is still known as Jimmy, unless it's on the birth certificate?
  6. Rangers must have really had it in for Vesey, sending him to his "I'm out of here destination." Who's next, Peterson?
  7. Many did. Could never make the final step successfully. But he's still young. Rochester should like him in any case.
  8. What will we want/get for Risto? Now you're talking defense. One can only hope.
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