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  1. 1) We already made a critical move; got someone who apparently can coach. His assistants need to be top flight. 2) Trade the St. Louis pick for a solid player with some years on his contract. 3) Get some much needed grit on this team. 4) Resign ERod and McCabe. 5) Pray hard that young guys like Nylander and Mits truly develop. 6) Come up with an effective power play and forecheck. 7) Shake the Buffalo sports curse, please.
  2. Rarely see a losing team as stunned as the Bruins were; toughie like Marchand in tears.
  3. Despite what Binnington did tonight, it's a false analogy. The kid's been very shaky much of the series.
  4. One penalty all game thus far. First game with some discipline, especially by Blues.
  5. Bruins need to go high on Binnington; he's always on his knees or down.
  6. Marchand went brain dead, going off the ice and leaving his man cruise in.
  7. Binnington would not be my pick for a game 7 goalie. Kinda reminds me of frozen custard.
  8. I hope Krueger emphasizes the forecheck. DeBrusk showed what it's all about leading to the second goal. I was commenting on that to my son when Carlo scored.
  9. I don't particularly care who wins the Cup at this point. But it's interesting that in the pregame, the NBC announcers appear to be all in on the Blues. What about the major story about the big chip the Bruins have on their shoulder? I expect they'll be all over Binnington early. BTW, the ref that blew the call last game is likely in deep dirt with the league.
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