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  1. And what happened to the last 5'7" phenom we had?
  2. Watching the Caps/Canes games in Raleigh is like being caught in an ongoing electrical storm. The excitement and sounds are, yes, electric. Then there's the Sabres.
  3. Woods may have won the Masters but he's still a loser.
  4. Caps/Carolina game tonight is textbook example of how to totally dominate a team. Caps had total of 3 shots on goal in second and third periods combined. Rod B. can coach.
  5. Good new coach, good new players, discipline, and pleasant surprises. Too much to ask?
  6. Buffalo proved to not be Rich enough.
  7. That's perhaps a separate thread. The Bisons truly deserve a banner, if there isn't one already, as they provided year upon year of productive, entertaining hockey and players. Many of the latter became NHL stars, such as Jacques Plante, Moose Vasko, Pierre Pilote, and Dickie Moore. Bobby Hull (if memory serves me right) even played for them briefly.
  8. He likely won't be available at 7.
  9. Hockey News rates Dach #4 prospect in draft.
  10. 168 pounds. Not ideal in NHL, no matter what the talent level.
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