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  1. He has heart problems. His horse undoubtedly has back problems.
  2. I'd rather discuss teams that have expired prematurely.
  3. Eichel - not even close at this point. As as a letter to the editor of the Hockey News stated recently: "Without Eichel, the Sabres would have practically no scoring." Dahlin needs to continue tightening up his game at the defensive end.
  4. Agreed. Plus, Perreault caught periodic heat for taking nights off. Lafontaine was perpetually solid when healthy.
  5. It's on the east coast of Canada.
  6. May be good for this year but it's still not good. The most effective power plays have quick puck movement and lots of shots. Sabres are too tentative and generally give the opposition time to defend most shots they take.
  7. Ullmark continues to progress. That's a major plus. Now all we have to do is figure out how to score more often. We had multiple good chances against the Caps that went awry. But it was a good game and win.
  8. Drew Stafford drove me nuts with his pathetic shootout attempts. Eichel appears to be his clone.
  9. Hope Ullmark got first star. The shootout effort by Jack was pathetic.
  10. As usual, too tentative on the power play. Move the damn puck!
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