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  1. The television revenue accounts for approximately 50% of HRR. With many of the RSN going bankrupt as cord cutting expands, the NHL needs to monetize its streaming product better. ESPN is hurting financially and losing money on the NHL with its ESPN PLUS service. It would not surprise me if the salary cap didn’t rise as much as hoped for 2024-25. The NHL network is hardly available in streaming unless you have fubu.
  2. Do you use the same user name? Why or why not? I post rarely, under same user name. I like the trade rumors forums so you can argue/discuss with fans of other teams.
  3. Maybe we need to convert this board to a video message board. That would be interesting 🤨
  4. Yep he suffered a major stroke with aphasia. Very sad as is Kim Pegula’s fate but hers is worse as she was younger.
  5. I kind of like the hockey guy because he’s such a nerd. However his videos provide no new information and little insight.
  6. Hellybuck isn’t signing a short term extension. He’s going to wait to be a ufa when the cap goes up and he will go wherever he gets long term money.
  7. I feel like his contract demands will substantially lower his trade value. He’s definitely only a rental.
  8. Big News! Ecklund aye we are “very in” on Hellybuck and have the best offer to date. I know it’s Ecklund, but I can dream 😊
  9. With Quinn’s injury they might just keep him.
  10. Are there any home bills/Sabres or road bills /Sabres?
  11. I’m not so certain. I think Comrie can be decent. I also think UPL has upside that another team will covet.
  12. I was implying that trading UPL or Comrie could happen without acquiring a veteran goalie.
  13. It would not shock me if UPL or Comrie got moved in a trade or as part of a larger trade. I think UPL probably would bring back a late 2nd or 3rd
  14. Hanifan would be a beer fit if he was right shot. Peace is looking for 8 years 52 million. I think that’s too long a term given his age and injury history.
  15. I think his high contract demands will lower his trade value.
  16. I think it’s Krebs at Center with Mitts and Greenway.
  17. Savioe gets 9 games in NHL and then a conditioning visit to Rochester then back to juniors
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