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  1. Portillo is staying at Michigan one more year regardless to get his undergraduate business degree from Ross. Ross is one of the most prestigious business schools in the country. He will have a top quality degree to fall back if his pro hockey career doesn’t pan out.
  2. Am I only one with technical difficulties
  3. I think Gibson has a NMC. So that may be unlikely.
  4. Me. It’s pure speculation without any sources or inside info.
  5. I think Ryan Johnson is getting moved today for either a 2nd round pick or a RD prospect.
  6. The Havelid twins are quite small. Size matters.
  7. She’s the Cynthia Frelund of the NHL
  8. I’m a Meghan fan now. 😊
  9. Emily Kaplan is the bomb. Bills win super bowl
  10. How do you know he’s not already here?
  11. Bogo just made a great play with an assist.
  12. I think the Pegulas will spend to the cap. They just don’t want to waste money on bad UFA signings like Leino etc. MAF is exactly what we need.
  13. MAF won’t turn down 2 years 22 million
  14. I think he will give a big money 2 year deal to MAF.
  15. Gallant is a great coach. VGK were foolish for firing him. Rangers look very good and Shesterkin is amazing.
  16. It’s all about the Goaltending!!! We need to fix that. Our forwards are fine and I’m OK with resigning Vinnie. If we have to trade VO to get a quality G that’s ok.
  17. What would it cost to acquire PLD and what is the contract?
  18. I thought Husso was just OK tonight.
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