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  1. Deer Valley is my favorite although it’s quite expensive. Also there are no snow boarders allowed. It’s quick and easy from SLC airport.
  2. I’m not convinced Ullmark would be doing any better this year with our injury ravaged defense. We need to trade a forward or forward prospect for a RD or RD prospect. We don’t have defenseman in the pipeline and Ryan Johnson may not sign here.
  3. Bucci is great at play by play. He adds so much excitement.
  4. I tried to go to bar to watch the game, but most sports bars don’t have ESPN PLUS. It definitely limits the NHL visibility.
  5. That was the longest delayed penalty I’ve ever seen
  7. Well that’s not good. This could get ugly.
  8. I’m going to see Celebration if David Bowie on Thursday in Atlanta. Reviews of the tour have been great.
  9. I think Okposo needs to be removed from the power play. He seems to have lost a step.
  10. I'm quite sure we will have a forward injury soon. Then both Krebs and Quinn will play.
  11. Matisyahu was amazing. Small venue was packed. A mix of reggae and rap.
  12. Unfortunately we don’t have anyone who can throw down like Evander.
  13. Awesome. I’m going to see Matisyahu tonight for the first time. His music is a combo of Eminem and Bob Marley.
  14. Key Bank looks fairly empty. I was hoping for better attendance.
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